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05 Jul 2019 03:06:22
Three way trade

VGK to WPG: Reaves
WPG to FLA: Perrault
FLA to VGK: 3rd Round Pick 2020

05 Jul 2019 21:16:38
good for jets imo.

06 Jul 2019 23:31:13
personally would rather have reaves then perrault.

27 Jun 2019 21:58:58

Mitch Marner


Aaron Ekblad.

27 Jun 2019 22:22:20
Huge no from Toronto and the Panthers should just keep their core and sign Paniran/ Bob anyway.

28 Jun 2019 01:44:34
Yeah that’s awful for the leafs.

28 Jun 2019 07:11:01
FLA would have to add but doesn't make sense for them either, since their F corps is already way better than their D.

28 Jun 2019 07:17:44
@habby2 i wouldn't say awful for leafs but definitely a no from them

28 Jun 2019 12:52:02
Ohh it’s awful Eklblad isn’t even elite on the other hand Marner is a top 20 player in the NHL. Eklblad isn’t even a top 20 dman. If you want to debut that I’ll make a list of 20 better dman.

28 Jun 2019 13:39:29
Ekblad is elite vb. I already know you judge defencemen by their point totals. 6’4 220lbs right hand shot defenceman. I bet you don't think Marc-Eduard Vlasic was elite in his prime.

28 Jun 2019 16:40:52
I think Slavin is a top 5 dman that should answer your question

1. Doughty
2. Burns
3. Hedman
4. Karlsson
5. Slavin
6. Girodano
7. Josi
8. Petrangelo
9. Rielly
10. OEL
11. Letang
12. Suter
13. Buffuglyn
14. Dahlin
15. Subban
16. Klingburg
17. Paryanko
18. McAvoy
19. Lindholm
20. Forgot about Weber/ Jones/ Carlson.

28 Jun 2019 16:50:15
Ekblad is ahead of half those guys on this list.

28 Jun 2019 17:09:52
Half of those guys? Half? He’s a solid 2 way dman and a great number 2 to a player like Rielly but he’s not a championship caliber number 1.

28 Jun 2019 17:12:02
What has dahlin done in his career to be top 20 already like maybe down the road but not even close to top 20 yet.

28 Jun 2019 17:55:27
Ekblad wouldn't be on my top 20 list either.

28 Jun 2019 19:00:57
Dahlin out produced Eklblads career highs as a Rookie with less TOI.

28 Jun 2019 21:14:30
For the second damn time, it’s not about point totals or goals for defencemen. Ekblad excellent defensively, and Dahlin struggled at times with his decision making. As of right now, I’d rather take Ekblad on my team than Dahlin.

28 Jun 2019 22:04:02
Dahlin is probably at least equal to Ekblad defensively right now and he was showing improvement as the season went on and I think everyone would agree he's going to improve even more. unlike Ekblad who hasn’t really got any better since his rookie year. Ekblad is one of the most overrated players in the league to take him over Dahlin I’d say you would have to be crazy.

28 Jun 2019 22:58:12
Agree with Habby Dahlin will probably start out the season way better then he was the season prior he’s on track to be the best deffensman in the game by a good margin.

29 Jun 2019 07:37:11
Can't believe I'm agreeing with VB, but there is no way Ekblad is a top 20 D man. Just because he got drafted first overall, doesn't mean he's automatically that good. Let's give him Top 40 D man and I think that's gracious. He's neither elite offensively and pretty much all underlying numbers suggest he's about average at best in his own end.

29 Jun 2019 12:43:33
Um, Giordano just win the Norris for being the best defenseman. by a landslide. Or you talking best to build around? If not he is easily the best last couple years.

25 Jun 2019 19:42:58
FLA- matheson,sheahan, 3rd round pick

TOR- nylander, 2nd round pick

* Florida signs panarin

Projected top 6:

26 Jun 2019 00:13:24
Matheson is a beast and Nylander is a god in Dubas’s mind. Both teams decline.

25 Jun 2019 23:31:11
I believe sheahan is free agent?

Florida adds, and Toronto takes out the 2nd.

26 Jun 2019 01:32:32
and panarin would likely decide to sign elsewhere rather than playing second line to Nylander on your depth chart, if that's the way you see it.

25 Jun 2019 00:05:39
Calgary - Florida
Neal for reimer
Easy peasy

25 Jun 2019 04:28:14
No from Florida and i think a no from Calgary aswell

24 Jun 2019 16:05:38
Toronto and Florida talking trade.

FL: Marner, Brown and Zaitsev

TOR: Ekblad and Hoffman

24 Jun 2019 16:23:16
Marner is 22yr old elite player.
Teams only trade that if an elite player is coming back in a trade.
Hoffman or Ekblad are not elite players.

24 Jun 2019 17:14:52
Ekblad is a 23 year old, 40 point elite dman, you could argue that his value is equal to Marner, however, even if you wanted to say Marner has more value then him, looking at the other pieces of the trade than I think it works out as Hoffman>>Brown+Zaitsev. I’d say the Leafs would even have to add something small like a 2nd. I don’t think Leafs fans really understand how bad Zaitsev’s SIX YEARS remaining are.

24 Jun 2019 17:27:52
I agree. This actually looks like a fairly even deal.

24 Jun 2019 17:50:18
I would worry about making this trade from Toronto's point of view because Ekblad has had serious concussion issues.

24 Jun 2019 18:12:58
Serious concussion issues? You realize he hasn’t missed a game in his last two seasons right? I think you guys need to drop this while concussion bs as it’s clearly not an issue anymore.

24 Jun 2019 18:45:05
Pinball it cost to get a young right shot top pairing dman.

24 Jun 2019 18:53:06
Vetius would you Trade Pettersson for that package?

Marner>>Pettersson although Pettersson is fun to watch.

24 Jun 2019 21:20:12
I don't think this is that bad. This fixes a lot of things in Toronto.

24 Jun 2019 22:18:59
Why is marner better vbbb? Peterson had a better rookie year then marner did It could be argued that Pettersson rookie year was better then marners 2nd year.

24 Jun 2019 23:06:19
Elias Pettersson was given a lot more PP time and minutes in his rookie season also played with better linemates then Bozak and JVR in Boeser + who ever else while only scoring 5 points less. Pettersson isn’t even a PPG player yet he’s more comparable to Nylander then Marner. While Pettersson is obviously a lot better but Marner is someone you hope Pettersson can be.

25 Jun 2019 00:13:22

Marner is better because he’s a Leaf and Pettersson is a Canuck, it doesn’t matter if he had a better rookie season.

25 Jun 2019 00:52:54
I would say more like ekblad, huberdeau and a 2nd or 3rd for brown marner and Zaitsev. Leafs then get a top pairing dman a left winger while panthers get the best player in the deal (arguably I guess) and a 4/ 5 dman who isn’t bad just overpaid and a solid 3rd line winger.

25 Jun 2019 01:14:26
Marner wasn't close to a ppg player in his first 2 seasons. I see how this is it only works when comparing marner to kucherov lol.

25 Jun 2019 07:44:07
Double standard deteceted lol.

25 Jun 2019 10:33:11
Vertius Marner had more assists this season then Pettersson has points in his career.

25 Jun 2019 10:34:59
Comparing Marner to Pettersson is like Comparing Evander Kane to Milian Lucic.

25 Jun 2019 10:36:13
Ekblad for Marner is fair straight up. Especially throwing in a cap dump and a fringe bottom 6 player while Florida adds a top 6 player. No from Florida. Marner just a tad overvalued here

25 Jun 2019 13:20:56
How is Eklblad for Marner fair? Eklblads career Point total is close to Marner.

25 Jun 2019 16:42:32
Petterson has only played one season obvisouly Marner has more points than his whole career. Your saying obvious things to try and win this argument. And now your comparing a good two way D to a forward in points?

23 Jun 2019 22:18:08
In my last post I showed how the leafs could potentially fit Marner in and improve their defence. But if the leafs decide to let Marner go this is what I'd like to see.

Obviously Marner is extremely valuable and is a top 5 U23 player in the game. 94 points as a 22 year old. Kucherov didn't come close to that at his 22 year old season there is no reason to believe by the time he's 25 he won't be as good as Kucherov I personally believe he'll be better and I'm sure I'm not the only one. It'll take a lot to pry him away.

Teams I'd match an offer sheet that have the cap space are- New Jersey, Florida, Montreal, Islanders And Colorado

Teams I'd take the compensation of 4 1st round picks from- Arizona, Columbus, Detroit and Ottawa

A trade I'd personally take

Toronto- Mitch Marner And Nikita Zaitsev

New York- Noah Dobson, Joshua Ho Sang, Ryan Pulock and 1st 2020

This trade drastically improves the leafs defence and cap situation while New York gets a star who will have multiple 100 point seasons.

24 Jun 2019 00:05:11
Vbbb, do you really like Ho Sang that much, that you would want him as part of a deal for Marner?

If the Islanders know you’re trading Marner because you can’t afford him, I doubt you’d get all 4 of those pieces. I think the max you would get is 2 of the 4. Considering the Islanders also have to pay Marner 11 million. You would also need to keep Zaitsev as I don’t think the Islanders would take on that contract knowing what they’ll have to pay Marner.

If you want to say the Islanders are dealing in good faith and just really want Marner, I think the max you would get is 3 of the 4 pieces. I just don’t see the Islanders giving up both Pullock and Dobson in the same deal and you would need to still keep Zaitsev.

24 Jun 2019 01:31:59
I'd say no from Isles.

24 Jun 2019 02:32:01
Of the team's you would let Marner sign an offersheet with, I don't think any of them will submit one because they will be lottery picks ( Columbus is the only one who might take that risk)

Also, Marner has to sign the offersheet to go to those teams. He may want nothing to do with Sens, Jackets, Coyotes or Wings.

In terms of that trade, I don't think Isles do it because Defense is still an area they need depth on.

24 Jun 2019 02:34:41
On a Red Wings note, we won't be sending an offer sheet for Marner.

I don't expect us to send an offer sheet at all.

However if we do, we will be targetting Trouba or Point. We need C and D more than a winger.

24 Jun 2019 02:44:56
I wouldn't trade Marner. Would trade Nylander/Matthews before Marner

24 Jun 2019 06:32:49
Alright, I'll sit here and wait for Marner to get 130+ pts by age 25. You're insane, VB. THe age 22 comparison is bs and several people already explained this to you on this website - if you'd listen, you'd know.

24 Jun 2019 13:03:49
Kucherov is amazing but he’s better imo I think he’ll be known as top 3 player in the game when he’s 25 I’m not sure why you don’t see that he’s more dynamic then Mathews it’s really not a controversial statement. Some debut to it I guess but it’s obtainable for him if he dosent score 130 by 3 years into the NHL I’ll apologize.

Also for me Dobson would be the sticking point for me in this trade I’d demand him. I think this trade makes the Islanders a better team.

Also Datsyuk_13 that’s the point if one of those teams are stupid enough to send an offer sheet I would not match.

24 Jun 2019 14:31:06
Marner is a star, no denying that. He also played a minute and a half a game more than Kucherov during their respective age 22 seasons, 5 extra shifts a game, and had a superstar on his line in Tavares while Kucherov had Johnson and Palat. Could Marner be better than Kucherov? Maybe but in my opinion its far from the guarantee you think it is. I don't know how realistic it is to expect someone to get more than the 1.56 ppg Kucherov did this year. They are on a very similar development path but i'm not sure Marner is going to see the same development here on out without really having any extra opportunity to move in to, he's already playing 20 min a game, with PP time and has a superstar center. Not saying he will plateu, but at the same age Kucherov still had room to improve in TOI, linemates, and PP time and took advantage of it.

24 Jun 2019 15:39:51
Also, looks like Kucherov could be 1.5-2M less in cap space which means a lot these days.

24 Jun 2019 15:41:21
Very good points made by jbs32.
Also I 100% agree on Marner being better than Matthews. That's why the AM contract is so bad for TOR. That's the contract Marner should've gotten, if anyone.
"You think he (Marner) will be known as a top 3 player by the age of 25?" Well guess what, Kucherov IS known as a top 3 player at age 25.
We'll see whether that will be the case with Marner, personally, I doubt it. Rather top 20, which is still elite, obv, no one is denying that.

24 Jun 2019 15:52:56
You can't compare marner to kuch they style of play is completely different.

24 Jun 2019 16:29:56
valid points not a lot can be argued aside from Natural growth and Maturity of Marner. Also Marner is also a better defensive player then Kucherov I don’t think I’ve seen Kucherov on the PK before where as Marner is the best PKer on the leafs aside from Hyman. Also the leafs PP this year was trash they have the Talent for a top 3 PP and if the PP were better he could’ve easily hit the 110 mark for points this Season 16 more PP points aren’t unrealistic imo.

Also not comparing their styles just overall impact in hockey Marner is more comparable to Patrick Kane.

24 Jun 2019 16:35:45
Gotta be honest you guys comparing Matthews and his contract to Marner are really doing a disservice to your perceived hockey IQ. Matthews at centre is far more difficult and a far more important position than a winger, and the pay should reflect that. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Might as well compare Marner’s upcoming contract to Freddy Andersen’s as it makes about as much sense.

19 Jun 2019 15:14:51
Columbus Changes:


Riley Nash

4th Round Pick 2021


Drake Caggiula



Oliver Bjorkstrand

Nick Foligno (20% retained)

4th Round Pick 2020


Mike Hoffman

6th Round Pick 2019

Panarin (10mil)

Duchene (7.8mil)

Dzingel (4.8mil)

Werenski (5.8mil)

Murray (4.0mil)

Panarin - Duchene - Atkinson

Hoffman - Dubois - Dzingel

Jenner - Wennberg - Anderson

Milano - Texier - Caggiula.

19 Jun 2019 20:49:17
Values might be fine, but why would Florida give up Hoffman? He fits into their system perfectly and they have probably one of the best 2 lines in hockey right now.

Also, Dzingel plays on the left side not right.
I also see Dzingel getting around 5.5-6m per season with the way forwards are getting paid now.

Chicago doesn't need more centre depth. They have plenty on their AHL team with John Hayden, Anthony Louis, Kruger etc.

19 Jun 2019 00:55:10
Pittsburgh Penguins:

•) Evgeny Malkin

Florida Panthers:

•) Aaron Ekblad

•) Vincent Trocheck


Guentzel - Crosby - McCann

Hornqvist - Trocheck - Kessel

Rust - Bjugstad - Kahun

ZAR - Blueger - Simon

Letang - Schultz

Ekblad - Dumoulin

Pettersson - Johnson.

19 Jun 2019 04:54:35
Florida laughs.

19 Jun 2019 07:10:50
Gotta agree with VB for once.

17 Jun 2019 08:10:34
Ottawa Senators:

•) 19th Pick

•) 42nd Pick

Florida Panthers:

•) 13th Pick.

16 Jun 2019 05:32:21
Leafs: Patrick Marleau

Panthers: James Reimer

This might work after July 1st if Sergei Bobrovsky signs with Florida. The leafs could potentially throw in Sparks if the Panthers want a goalie back. If Sparks is included I think the panthers would have to retain a bit of money (because of the salary and length, Marleau signing bonus being paid, and Panthers overabundance of goalies). Could work for both teams. The Marleau family might like it more than Toronto and it's closer to LA (I know its still far but its better than Toronto) and with their roster he still has a legitimate shot at a cup. Reimer comes back to TO where he had success and could/would be a solid backup option.


16 Jun 2019 06:28:19
From what's out there, it seems like FLA wants to add big in FA (Panarin, Bob, maybe more) . Why would they take on Marleaus contract then? There's a cap, you know.

17 Jun 2019 05:24:57
That's why I said after July 1st. This would happen only if Panarin signs somewhere else. It's unlikely but I think it's got potential. Especially given the fact that Florida could use him as a "big name" (Even though he isn't that big anymore) to please fans.

15 Jun 2019 14:24:47
Jets Ekblad

Panthers trouba signed

Sounds like trouba wants 8-8.5 million per. Ekblads cap hit 7.5 million per season. Could help the jets save $500,000 per season and let myers walk

15 Jun 2019 16:12:14
So Winnipeg Upgrade to a younger and better cheaper player? Why does Florida do this again?

15 Jun 2019 16:20:15
Ekblab has an alarming concussion history so even though it's a fair trade the Jets would be rolling the dice on Ek. He is on hit away from the end of his career.

15 Jun 2019 16:27:41
This would be in the running. Florida may need to add due to Ekblad's concussion history and because Trouba is much better.

15 Jun 2019 16:28:38
Kind of a sideways trade to me, similar players.

15 Jun 2019 17:19:35
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha just no from Florida.

15 Jun 2019 18:50:48
Because ‘Trouba is much better’
Lmao, dfkm. Florida ain't downgrading to Trouba for a higher price. Gtfoh. You aren’t getting Crosby + McDavid + Gretzky + Mario + Parayko + 17 1sts. Just stop. Teams woukd rather offer sheet Trouba and WPG wouldn’t be able to match.

15 Jun 2019 20:08:42
Can you offersheet Trouba? I don’t think you can but it would be a good move for a team to make.

15 Jun 2019 23:34:54
Ebsolutely The Jets would just match any offer. If Trouba does want to leave Winnipeg he would be the Jets property for the length of the offer sheet he signs. So he most likely won't sign one.

15 Jun 2019 04:14:42
Leafs:sparks, 5th

Panthers; Reimer 7th

15 Jun 2019 09:06:41
thought reimer's time in toronto failed?

15 Jun 2019 13:04:17
Reimer was a great backup in Toronto.

14 Jun 2019 21:25:59
Oilers: Kris Russell

Panthers: James Reimer

15 Jun 2019 03:04:20
Solid trade.

15 Jun 2019 09:20:10
sounds good.

15 Jun 2019 15:38:52
Would rather trade Russel and a 2nd / 3rd and dump his contract than too add another bad contract.

14 Jun 2019 14:57:52



11TH Overall
3rd rounder

13th overall


14 Jun 2019 17:19:35
Ghost is another lefty. thought it would take more than that to get him but i think Toronto would target someone for the right hand side.

07 Jun 2019 16:39:57
Chicago: Keith
ottawa: Pageau + 2nd round pick

Chicago sheds some salary. Ottawa gains some salary to get to cap floor and gets another veteran presence to help mentor "the kids"

Chicago: Anisimov
Florida: 3rd round pick

Chicago sheds a bit of salary, florida gets a serviceable 3rd line center that could improve with a change of scenery.

07 Jun 2019 23:30:03
Keith to Ottawa makes zero sense he’s still a solid #3 dman.

08 Jun 2019 19:50:58
agree with vb, maybe there's a taker for keith but it wouldn't be ottawa. with chabot, brannstrom, jbd, wolanin I can't imagine plugging up a spot on defence for the future would be a good move.

07 Jun 2019 06:54:56
Florida Panthers:

Jonathan Huberdeau

Michael Matheson

6th Round Pick 2019

Pittsburgh Penguins:

Phil Kessel

Olli Maatta

5th Round Pick 2020.

07 Jun 2019 12:32:31
Florida gives up the two most valuable pieces.

07 Jun 2019 16:32:51
maybe a higher pick from pittsburgh or a prospect might make it closer but as written here, florida would say no.

01 Jun 2019 06:21:08
Panthers trade: trocheck

Jets trade: Trouba

Panthers trade: Hoffman

Oilers trade: Nuge

Sign bob, panarin, donskoi

Panarin Barkov Dadonov
Huberdeau Nuge Donskoi
Vatrano Borgstrom Scevior

Yandle trouba
Matheson Ekblad


01 Jun 2019 14:35:06
Not enough for Trouba as the Panthers are starved for a defender and would have to add.

01 Jun 2019 15:31:54
Jets are starved for a 2c, panthers do not add. I guess you don’t see the glaring holes on your own team.

29 May 2019 23:38:32
Mtl- lekhonen-fleury-2nd pick 2020

Fla- mathesson-luongo

Habs gets 2 missing parts they needs and florida free almost 10M on the cap




30 May 2019 05:22:25
Lehkonen fleury and a 2nd would probably be plenty for Matheson but shouldn't we get a discount for taking luongo?

30 May 2019 20:33:23
montreal has a fleury?

31 May 2019 00:14:02
Ya facelift. Cale Fluery., younger brother of the Carolina Fluery.

31 May 2019 14:08:01
I think Luongo has a sweet buyout package that first Vancouver a lot more than whoever's buys him out. Florida might just do that.

01 Jun 2019 00:06:15
thank you sosa.

22 May 2019 04:23:45
WPG: Trouba (resigned)
FLA: Ekblad

Straight up trade. Ekblad gets a new start and behind Buff. Trouba gets his shot as the #1RHD in the US.

22 May 2019 05:18:41
Nope from Florida. Trouba ain't worth nearly as much as Ekblad

22 May 2019 13:54:00
Add Ehlers atleast.

22 May 2019 14:20:54
It could be something to work around. Florida would need to add due to Ekblad's concussion history and because Trouba is much better.

22 May 2019 15:10:26
I like the deal as its a good hockey trade but I agree with Memarcusjoe the Jets could be getting a player that however good is one hit to the head away from never playing again which lowers his value.

22 May 2019 18:25:37
Player for player I think this is a good trade, only thing I see is Winnipeg is cheap and wouldn't want to take on Eckblad's big dollar contract.

23 May 2019 00:19:42
does sidney crosby's concussion history hurt his value too?

23 May 2019 03:42:48
Oh haha. Ekblad’s history of injury makes his value lower but the Trouba’s history of injury does not affect his value? All players are one hit away from having their career over.

Ekblad is so very much better than the Trouba. Of that I am sure. But do not take my word for it, no. Just read the analysts rankings, yes. You will see. Ekblad is so very much better than the Trouba.

23 May 2019 06:37:16
Ekblad is a way better player, maybe concussions have lowered his value but still worth a lot more than trouba alone, jets add a high pick and draft pick.

21 May 2019 23:57:32
Toronto Trades

Ottawa Trades
ANilsson (UFA)
2nd Round Pick 2019 (Florida's Pick)

Ottawa then buys out Marleau and Marleau resigns in Toronto for a 1 million one year deal, similar trade Washington did Trading Orpik to Colorado and his buyout and resign in Washington.
Clears Cap Space for the Leafs and gives Ottawa some assets.
ANilsson would also be a perfect backup to FAndersen but they will need to resign him being a UFA.

Thoughts ?

22 May 2019 00:40:59
pretty sure they fixed that loophole after the orpik trade happened? and i'd imagine ottawa would just use marleau to get to cap floor and have him as mentor to the kids.

22 May 2019 02:01:27
The loophole has been fixed and Marleau won’t waive for Ottawa. He’ll 100% be a Leaf next year with his full salary counting against the cap.

22 May 2019 04:17:26
Marleau has a no mouvement clause he won't waive for ottawa.

22 May 2019 10:26:47
Lol, zaitsev is a huge dump on top you add Marleau. Hahaha. And want a second in return for that crap.

22 May 2019 18:26:09
Marleau will nix this trade.

23 May 2019 03:50:28
Two cap dumps, a fourth line center who is not very good, and a backup goalie who is not very good, for a 2nd round draft pick and a backup goalie who is better than the crappy backup goalie named Sparks? I do not think this is a good trade for Ottawa. No, they will not accept this trade. Toronto can keep all those guys that do nothing to make Ottawa a better team.

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