22 Jan 2019 15:27:33
Read from an article.

Oil: Talbot

Leafs: Connor Brown

Leafs get more experienced back up if Anderson goes down, Oilers get a forward they need (they need any nhl quality forwards lmao) .
But yeah read from article. Thought it was interesting. Leafs also have enough cap space for Talbot.

1.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 15:34:04
what if sparks was sent back with a pick or prospect for talbot, so oilers can get a more qualified back up to be behind kosk instead of montoya? i'd love if we could get brown though.

2.) 22 Jan 2019
22 Jan 2019 17:27:51
I think if oilers could get back sparks or brown as a returnfor Talbot it would be a win for Oilers. So that would be ideal to get at least one of them back.

3.) 25 Jan 2019
25 Jan 2019 02:09:08
The Leafs are unfortunately going to trade Brown. But there is no way in hell Toronto would bring Talbot back. Sparks is good, fans just don't like him because he replaced McElhinney. If you want Brown picks or a Defenceman are coming back. With that being said, I think if it was Brown and Zaitsev for Talbot and a decent pick it might work (say a 2nd or a couple of thirds).