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18 Mar 2018 04:09:31
lets say montreal continues loosing and they end up winning the lottery and they pick Dalhin.

Mtl trades: pacioretty, 2 2nds (mtl)(chi).

could they get a pick in the region of 4-7 for it???

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18 Mar 2018 04:32:58
Not in this draft.

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18 Mar 2018 11:38:13
Not sure they could and I think it would be risky to only get one unproven player in return.

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18 Mar 2018 16:21:59
Actual trade value wise, I think they could. But the way the hawks are built, it’s probably more important for them to have a really good young player that will be cheap for years to come than patches right now.

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18 Mar 2018 16:30:20
Nah this is a too good draft
More like a 10th - 15 overall pick.

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17 Mar 2018 19:38:19
Philipp Grubauer

Michael Dal Colle
Conditional pick 2019

For the Isles, it's clear. They get a young 1B goalie who can challenge his countryman Greiss for the starter's job.

Caps get a LW prospect who seems to be a bust but still can turn it around if given a chance to play with skilled players. The conditional pick will depend on games played by MDC in 2018-19. If he plays less than 40 NHL games, Caps also get CGY's 2nd in 2019. If he plays 41+ games, there's no pick from the Isles (similar to Drouin-Sergachev trade).

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17 Mar 2018 20:13:44
Lol going to take a much better goalie.

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18 Mar 2018 12:47:07
Honestly, not too bad.

Problem is, Isles have tried too many 'iffy' goalies (Greiss, Berube, Halak, Gibson, etc. ) and I feel that Grub may fall into the same boat, considering he doesn't have any seasons as a 'starter' under his belt. I could see them going after a guy like Anttii Raanta, or even a guy like Craig Anderson due to their experience.

But the proposed trade is pretty fair imo.

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17 Mar 2018 12:44:13
Canuck tanev baertschi 3 rd pick

Oiler seakra 1 rd pick

Rnh mcdavid puljujärvi
baertschi draisaitl yam
Lucic ? Strome


Tkachuk horvat boeser
Petterson gaudette virtanen
Lepsic gagner lind
Erikson sutter grunland

Dahlin guddy
Edler stecher
juolevi hutton / poulliot

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17 Mar 2018 13:17:54
Lol you think you can get both Tkachuk and Dahlin
And Oilers is 1 top 5 pick from winning the cup
Jeeez man.

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17 Mar 2018 18:01:55
Your Vancouver Bias is Showing.

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17 Mar 2018 01:33:24
It's doubtful if Philadelphia can afford Wayne Simmonds' ($3.975MM UFA in 2019) next contract. He's a consistent high 20's-low 30's goal scorer, great on the power play, and has many intangibles. If Hextall opts to trade him before the draft, I'd propose:

Arizona: Simmonds
Philadelphia: Nick Merkeley, 2018 2nd, Conditional 2019 3rd (if Arizona re-signs Simmonds and he scores 20+ goals in 2018-19)

Arizona's power play is awful, they need veteran leadership, and goals - all of which Simmonds can bring. They also have the cap space to re-sign him.

Anaheim: Simmonds (25% retained)
Philadelphia: Sam Steel or Max Jones, 2018 1st, Conditional 2019 3rd (if Anaheim re-signs Simmonds and he scores 20+ goals in 2018-19)

Anaheim is less likely to re-sign given their cap situation is tighter. Anaheim's power play is also bad and he'd be a great addition to their third line and can easily play up the roster if necessary. Anaheim is a borderline playoff team this year, but they've had abysmal injuries and will likely be better next year.

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17 Mar 2018 12:29:43
I think the Arizona one is bad. The ducks one is closer. Think of the forwards that moved this year at the deadline, like statsny as a rental (1st, prospect) Kane as a rental (cond. 1st, 4th ans prospect), Tatar with some term left (1st, 2nd ans 3rd) and Hartman (1st, 4th and prospect) . Simmonds with a year left, especially in the one you have Philly retaining off his already great cap hit is worth more. Merkeley and a 2nd isn’t close. They would just keep him for a playoff run and let him walk if that’s the return.

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17 Mar 2018 13:19:15
Arizona are still in rebuild mode
And Ducks ain’t giving top prospect + 1rd pick lmao.

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17 Mar 2018 13:33:25
Unbiased Jim:

I tried to design both trades as though the return was even ie Steel or Jones/ Ducks 1st = Merkeley/ Arizona 2nd given the conditional picks are near the same where both teams would finish in next year's standings. The salary retention evens it out a bit more but Anaheim needs it more than Arizona. Simmonds will likely walk for Anaheim but Arizona is where he can get paid. Given your rental return, I think I may be undervaluing Simmonds (I'm a Flyers fan btw) ; I just didn't want to be the prototypical homer on here ie Simmonds for Dahlin+.


I don't think the Coyotes are actually in rebuild mode. They got rid of Tippett last year and traded a high 1st (7 OA if my memory is correct) and Deangelo for Rantaa and Stepan. I think they want to move talent into the present to become respectable again. I think this fits.

I put in Merkeley because he seems to be a Hextall type player: great hockey IQ, centre who can play wing, not afraid to get into the dirty areas, great vision and playmaking. He's Travis Konecny 2.0.

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17 Mar 2018 15:27:24
Yeah. Your reasoning makes sense. I think that when a player like Simmonds becamomes available, a lot of teams will bid. And when a player like him that makes less than $4 mill is available, just about every team is able to make that cap number work in an offseason deal. Having 20+ teams interested is going to get the price up.

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16 Mar 2018 01:16:33
EDM:RNH+Kris Russell
OTT:Erik Karlsson

EDM:Matt Benning+2nd round 2018
NYR:Chris Kreider

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16 Mar 2018 02:13:41
Lool like Ottawa doesn’t have enough bad contracts.

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16 Mar 2018 06:00:54
Oh god these are bad are you serious lmao.

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16 Mar 2018 12:20:33
Easy easy no from sens and rangers lol both are trying to get picks and prospects to build. So value and team wants aren’t close for either.

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14 Mar 2018 21:20:25
Carolina: Noah Hanifin
Edmonton: Leon Draisaitl

Montreal: Brendan Gallagher
Edmonton: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Ottawa: Mark Stone, Mike Hoffman
Edmonton: Kailer Yamamoto, Jesse Puljujärvi, Tyler Benson, 1st Round Pick

Arizona: Max Domi
Edmonton: Andrej Sekera, Ryan Strome

Toronto: Tyler Bozak, Connor Carrick
Edmonton: Oscar Klefbom, Pontus Aberg

Hoffman - McDavid - Stone
Domi - Bozak - Gallagher
Lucic - Cagguila - Cammalleri

Hanifin - Larsson
Nurse - Carrick
Russell - Bear / Benning

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14 Mar 2018 22:20:13
No from Edmonton
No from Edmonton
No from Arizona
No from Edmonton.

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14 Mar 2018 23:44:59
Oh god these are bad.
No from Edmonton on every trade except Arizona.
Only one interesting is the Ottawa trade and that’s going to be a no from Edmonton, would be nice to get both those players be realistically only Hoffman should be targeted.

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15 Mar 2018 00:35:30
I don’t think domi has a ton of value, just don’t think that’s the kind of return they would want. They would want young and skilled coming back.

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15 Mar 2018 05:18:02
I’m not sure how a UFA and Carrick gets you Klefbom, let alone Aburg but I’ll take it.

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15 Mar 2018 12:26:09
Lol yeah. That leaf one is rediculous. If oilers were in the playoffs and desperately needed centre help it wouldn’t be a good trade still, but when they’re out and his contract is up, it’s one of the worst I’ve seen.

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15 Mar 2018 12:26:20
Interesting . EDM fans don't like that trade and i can't believe any Sens fan would want that trade . that's what's called a lose lose . Stone isn't going anywhere. He's been our best player this year . and We didn't trade Hoffman because he's tearing it up with Duchene. As good as Puljujarvi and Moto are, You would literally lose every single Sens fan in the world if you trade those two for prospects. Dorion was said to have rejected a "future driven offer" for hoff already so i can only imagine he wants immediate help.

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15 Mar 2018 18:59:43
Hoff, when a team enters a full rebuild (as your owner already stated) the idea is to trade your older players for younger pkayers, not looking for immediate help at this moment.

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16 Mar 2018 00:32:57
Maybe quantity equals quality there, I’m not sure. I still wouldn’t trade either of Stone or Hoffman unless an offer blows them away. If Karlsson is traded, the players coming back could put them right back into the playoffs. If Karlsson stays they will have a pretty good core with Duchene, Stone, Hoffman, Karlsson, Chabot and I’m sure I’m missing a couple.

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16 Mar 2018 02:12:38
Leafs 17 your just an absolute breath of fresh air on here man. One of the best I've seen. how can a habs fan agree with everything a leaf fan says.? It doesn't happen all the time I can tell you that lol.

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16 Mar 2018 13:53:08
Lool. McJesus . Stone is 24. that's not "old" at all. He's is not going Anywhere. and Hoff is 27. just entering his prime.

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16 Mar 2018 14:15:56
Stone is 26 not 24. But I agree he’s not someone that needs to go to get younger and better. He’s a great player and does everything including being a leader. If they trade Karlsson I see it kinda becoming stones team.

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16 Mar 2018 16:46:11
And @mcjesus leafs did their rebuild and definitely had to get rid of core players like phaneuf and kessel, along with bad contracts like Clarkson and dealt with lupul in a more creative way to say the least lol but they still kept a cpl guys in their mid 20s that they identified as being good examples during the build and still good enough when the team is better to contribute. Guys like Kadri, JVR and Bozak are now 27, 29 and 31 or 32 and playing important roles on a good team. For the right offer, anyone should be available, but it’s more than possible to build for the future while keeping a guy like Stone in the mix.

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16 Mar 2018 17:09:19
All I was saying was a rebuild is when you trade players for younger players, that’s the point of a rebuild. So when he said Dorion rejected a future driven offer that’s strange.
I didn’t say anything about actually trading Hoffman or stone I only commented on what Dorion supposedly said.

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16 Mar 2018 18:24:09
Yeah. I would think the offer would have to have been low not to move Hoffman. For sure rebuild should be future driven pieces coming tho. If those aren’t the offers he wanted, don’t nnow why he would say rebuild at all lol.

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14 Mar 2018 20:48:50
Jesse Puljujärvi + Kailer Yamamoto + 1st Round Pick + Ryan Strome for Mark Stone + Mike Hoffman

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins for Brendan Gallagher

Mike Hoffman - Connor McDavid - Mark Stone
Pontus Aberg - Leon Draisaitl - Brendan Gallagher
Milan Lucic - Drake Cagguila - Mike Cammalleri
Liro Pakarinen - Jujhar Khaira - Zack Kassian

Oscar Klefbom - Adam Larsson
Andrej Sekera - Ethan Bear / Russell
Darnell Nurse - Matt Benning

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14 Mar 2018 19:53:22
CGY: Mark Jankowski + Jusso Valimaki + Brett Gawdin + Matthew Phillips + Ty Parsons

OTT: Mark Stone + Mike Hoffman

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14 Mar 2018 22:07:57
Not enough.

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14 Mar 2018 23:48:05
Lol Brett Gawdin? It’s Glenn.

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15 Mar 2018 00:28:41
So apperantly:

Jankowski + Valimaki + Gawdin + Phillips + Parsons = Yamamoto + Pulj + top 10 pick in a stacked draft + Strome.


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15 Mar 2018 12:27:17
Good god. get out . plz.

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14 Mar 2018 05:38:19
CGY - Ty Parsons + Mark Jankowski + Michael Frolik + 6th Round Pick

PHI - Wayne Simmonds + Brandon Manning

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14 Mar 2018 05:56:34
Why tf would philly do that wtf lol.

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14 Mar 2018 12:04:25
Awful for flyers.

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13 Mar 2018 18:21:48
Oilers : Strome
Habs: Drouin, 2nd

Habs retains $1M and add the pick for the big gap.

Had way too much fun on the last one so I'll do my best impression here.
Been entertaining

Strome has 1 more goal, only 3 less points in 4 more games played.
Strome -2. Drouin -24.
Fairly equal actually. 😂😂🙈🙈🙈🍻🍻.

Believable16 Unbelievable16

13 Mar 2018 19:35:24
How about karl alzner for adam Larrson they both have about the same ppg. These are fun yup we should do more of these.

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13 Mar 2018 20:23:39
I like it
Cools down the Drouin / RNH comparison tensions.

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13 Mar 2018 20:24:44
Also I'm the gap.

Agree1 Disagree1

13 Mar 2018 19:45:27
Then ill take darnell nurse and a 2019 1st for petry

Petry 69 games 33points
Nurse 68games 20ponts

Edmonton adds a first unprotected
😂😂😂😂😂 yup you have no life just making troll posts what do u evem do in life.

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13 Mar 2018 19:59:12
Hudon for puljujarvi? Edm adds something though cause hudon has way more points lol.

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13 Mar 2018 20:24:28
Oh Edm def adds.
But you guys have Weber and Petry on the right side. Why do you need to trade an all star for another righty? Doesn't make much sense to me 🤔.

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13 Mar 2018 20:53:11
See how dumb I sound?
Just trying my best impression here. Pretty good, huh.

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13 Mar 2018 22:12:14
U don’t sound dumb at all .
So do we.

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13 Mar 2018 22:58:10
Tampa deals Sergachev and a 2nd for Ryan Strome. Peter Chiarelli puts Yzerman's number on speed dial.

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