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25 Jan 2015 22:45:38
Ottawa Senators:
Colin Greening
Erik Condra

San Jose:
Tyler Kennedy

Ottawa Senators:
Milan Michalek

Boston Bruins:
Daniel Paille
Alexander Khoklhchev

Ottawa Senators:
David Legwand
Chris Phillips
3rd round draft pick

Dallas Stars:
Shawn Horcoff
Jack Campbell

Ottawa Senators:
Marc Methot
Daniel Paille

LA Kings:
Nick Shore
5th Round draft pick


26 Jan 2015 06:27:21
Telling you now that offer won't ever get u Jack Campbell






25 Jan 2015 18:20:45
To Los Angeles: Franson
To Toronto: Kempe, 2nd Round Pick 2016


25 Jan 2015 20:28:46
would like it as a leaf fan, but I doubt LA offers that much.




22 Jan 2015 20:30:19
Lombardi and Murray seem to be developing a relationship so:
LAK trade Valentin Zykov & Mike Richards to BUF for Tyler Ennis (retain 25%) & Daniel Catenacci
LAK get a speedy LW (I know Ennis is diminutive but with the other behemoths on the Kings he should be well protected) and move Richards. BUF gets the top LAK prospect in return (possible linemate for Grigorenko). I understand that it is unlikely that Ennis will get traded, I am curious if this is a fair trade.


It might be worth for LA bc they unload Richards contract.


So is that trade unbelievable because the Sabres are giving up too much? Or because Murray would not want to take on the contract? A player as Richards is valuable because he adds that Stanley cup experience, even more than Gorges or Gionta can add, because he did it already, twice. If it is an overpayment so what, it is a small overpayment especially if he is the player needed to turn the Sabres around.




22 Jan 2015 06:35:56
Chi: Sharp
Mtl: Plekanec, Andregetto, 2nd

Kings: 2nd
Mtl: Emelin





22 Jan 2015 07:06:57
I'm pretty sure LA would do that trade in a heartbeat. But it doesn't make sense for Montreal.


22 Jan 2015 07:41:29
Mtl would never get rid of Plekanec who is their best C


Re: Chicago trade, big no from Habs, Pleks is their number 2 scorer and most consistent C.
Re: Kings trade: Habs would take this in a minute except Kings couldn't fit his albatross of a contract under their cap. Plus Emelin has a no trade clause and is playing horribly. Habs might be able to get rid of him but only with his permission and they'll have to keep some of his salary or take on another team's bad contract.




20 Jan 2015 21:15:23
If the Leafs are starting over the first move they should make is a simple one, trade Bernier, every really bad team is a hot goalie away from being mediocre, if you're going to tank for McDavid- tank right:

To kill 2 birds with 1 stone:


Leafs get Yakupov, Petry, Penguins 1st

Oilers get Bernier, Polak

Oilers get the goalie then sorely need and a gritty veteran d man to make them better now and in the near future, Leafs get worse



Leafs get Richards, Greene, McNabb, Forbert

Kings get Phaneuf, Smith, Holzer

Kings get minute eating d man for second pairing, cap relief in terms of amount Richards and Greene are playing, Leafs get worse



Leafs get ROR, Wilson

Aves get Bozak, Franson

Aves get d help they are looking for plus useful asset in Bozak, get rid of Wilson's contract, Leafs get worse

Next (saw this rumor and liked it)


Leafs get Bogosian

Jets get Lupul, Gardiner, Granberg or a 3rd

Jets get offensive depth on forward and d for playoff run plus a prospect or pick, Leafs get worse

Next ( this is the big one)


Leafs get H. Samuelson, P. Samuelson, Coyotes 1st

Coyotes get Kessel

Coyotes get star offensive player they need, Leafs get worse


JVR. O'Reilly Santorelli
Komorov Kadri Yakupov
Winnik Richards Clarkson
Leivo/Booth Carrick Kozun/Bodie
Reilly Bogosian
Petry. Greene
Robidas Wilson
Pearcy, Samuelson



20 Jan 2015 21:45:30
just stop, the leafscant tank for mcdavid. any reasonable deal wouldn't ake them bad enough to allow EDM and buffalo to make up 16 points, and since they're alredy ad enough to be in the lottery why make the team significantly worse to only improve their draft lottery chances a couple percent?


20 Jan 2015 23:04:49
Even if they don't get 1st overall, they would be in a position to realistically have 2 of the top 6 picks in the Draft Lottery (their own and Arizona) as well as a late 1st (from Edmonton) and many prospects as well as cap space to build with. It's a matter of turning problems into positive assets. Kessel, Phaneuf, Bozak, etc will never be able to get a fair shake in TO no matter how well they play (not that they are playing well), Kessel gets 30 goals a year, finishes top ten in scoring, makes Bozak and JVR better, but he doesn't back check hard enough and has a cheeseburger now and then and looks uncomfortable on camera, so the media and fans crucify him. Let's just move on, it isn't working, and with this current group of players it never will


21 Jan 2015 02:34:27
you can honestly believe kessel is a problem, can you? i'm not even going to argue you on that cause if you honestly do then there's nothign left to say.


21 Jan 2015 05:19:07
I'm saying the media and fans have turned on Kessel and this team, he is in a no win situation here, he could lead the league in goals, assists, +/- , toi, and corsi rating, and he would still be called one dimensional and out of shape. He is obviously uncomfortable with the media in this market and it is unfair to ask him to be something he is not, he is an offensive all star that is being derided for doing what he is supposed to do, let him go somewhere he will be appreciated for being him. Kessel is not Toronto's problem, but Toronto is Kessel's problem, if you can get a fair return move him on and try to improve the situation instead of repeatedly applying band aids to an obviously diseased limb


IF Kessel is traded to Ari, Domi is involved


21 Jan 2015 15:46:55
You are probably right about Domi, and it would be a huge mistake. He's 5'9 180 lbs and from Toronto, the expectations on him to suddenly grow 6 inches and turn into a "prototypical" #1 centre would be mind blowing. He reminds me a lot of Kadri (only smaller) in both play and confidence and "fans" have been trying to run Kadri out of town since he got here




19 Jan 2015 21:30:33
To Toronto: M. Richards, 4th round

To Los Angeles: D. Phaneuf


This is so bad, anyone who thinks the leafs need Mike Richards is a joke. he's basically David Clarkson but on a worse contract.

Also there is no big vetren defenceman on the market right now, Phaneuf would be easy to unload. Philly, EDM, LA, Ottawa, Flordia. would all take him in a heart beat. Not a hard contract to move by any means, Cap is going up as well which means his cap % hit goes down, 7 million will become the new 6 million. Simple economics.

Toronto can't make a quick fix right now without completely screwing themselves over. They will wait until the offseason to blow up this roster.

Right around the time Nonis gets fired and Babcock gets hired. It will be a similar situation to Roy in Colorado. Toronto should not and will not be trading Phaneuf, Kessel, JVR during this season.

If they continue to crash Realistic moves are: Lupul, Franson (UFA), Gardiner, Reimer.

Remember this is the same Team that lost 9-2 and went on a 10 game winning streak. They are a streaky, inconsistant team and will probably go one another big winning streak and another losing streak before seasons end.


20 Jan 2015 21:26:29
Lines would be




Richards will be #1C

Bob b bobson



19 Jan 2015 12:45:53
LAKings Trade
2nd Round Pick 2015

Toronto Trades



McNabb seems to me like the better prospect so at least drop the second


That's the equivalent of trading jay bowmister for david Clarkson.

Richards is an impossible contract to move without LA paying a team to take him.

A more realistic move is
Richards, 1st
For a UFA in 2015

This is why the NHL got rid of long term deals


^ I agree with the idea of LA paying someone to take him, much like TO with Clarkson.


Anything to free up 7Million in cap space and a pylon named Phanuef. I'm all in




19 Jan 2015 07:34:56
To Los Angeles: P. Kessel, D. Phaneuf, S. Robidas

To Toronto: M. Ritchards, J. Williams 1st round 2015, 2nd round 2016


Not the worst trade on here, but I can't see L.A doing this they have cap issues and are trying to get rid of salary!


$9.4 million leaves LA, $18 million comes in.

I think they may be in violation of the salary cap


19 Jan 2015 16:25:12
not only will LA go wayy over cap, but LA's version of clarkson, an older pending ufa, late 1st and late 2nd will not get you kessel, nevermind adding phaneuf.


Nonis would be FIRED. Kessel going to LA for 2 players over 30 and a late first. Not saying that Richards and Williams are bad (completely the opposite actually), but the Leafs need to become younger and brighter if they decide to trade their best and most valuable player.


Currently LA pick is 13th overall


Listen to Shankar.

lol like what is wrong with you people to make you think that the Leafs want to give away kessel?


@stickboi and @Shankar where you yesterday when I was trying to defend the value of Kessel and Phaneuf? I got lambasted by people with whom I almost always agree. You can read my tombs in NHL rumors 2. BTW I agree with you about this trade, the Leafs lose big time and the cap does not work for LA, and as you can see, I am not a TML fan.


This is a terrible trade for LA.




19 Jan 2015 03:17:09
Time to Rebuild the Leafs:
Dion Phaneuf
Phil Kessel
Jake Gardiner
Stephane Robidas
Joffrey Lupul
David Booth
David Clarkson
Tyler Bozak

That leaves you in the off-season with lines of



The Leafs resign:
-Cody Franson to a 5yr/25.5million (5.1 AAV)
-Mike Santorelli to a 2yr/5.2million (2.6 AAV)
-Richard Panik to a 1yr/1million
-Jonathan Bernier to a 6yr/31.5million(5.25 AAV)
-Daniel Winnik to a 2yr/3million (1.5 AAV)

Now Regarding those trades for the Players mentioned earlier:
David Booth leaves as UFA
Dion Phaneuf Traded to Los Angeles for Mike Richards
Phil Kessel, Tyler Bozak and Jake Gardiner to Colorado for Ryan O'Reilly, Tyson Barrie, 1st Round Pick 2016, 2nd Round Pick 2015
Joffrey Lupul, 3rd Round Pick 2015, Stephane Robidas to Boston Bruins for Dennis Seidenburg, 5th Round Pick 2016
David Clarkson, 1st Round Pick 2016(Colorado), Stuart Percy to Winnipeg for Blake Wheeler
As for Free Agents:
Johnny Oduya to a 2yr/7million (3.5 AAV)
Derek Dorsett to a 1yr/1.9million
Now I assume after the 2014-2015 season, and after watching that horrific Western Road Trip by the Leafs, the will finish in the Bottom 8 like last year, and will draft either Lawson Crouse or Dylan Strome. (They will return to Junior for another year of Development).

As for the Coaching: I see the Leafs hiring Mike Babcock, Todd McLellan or Dan Bylsma

And now here are the 2015-2016 Toronto Maple Leafs




Not sure if col would wanna get rid of Barrie but that's a big package coming back so maybe. Boston might do it and that's not even close for wheeler. And Reilly, Barrie is a better first line d if you ask me


19 Jan 2015 10:30:57
I don't see why any of the other teams would be interested in those deals.


LA won't take on Phaneuf's contract.

COL trade is interesting. But COL needs D, not more FWD help.

WIN trade isn't good, but if Toronto is willing to move Percy and a 1st to get rid of Clarkson, I think there is a team out there willing to make that trade.

I like the #s for the people who are re-signed, especially Santorelli and Winnik.


Bernier would fetch more than 5.1 mil I think




19 Jan 2015 00:53:13
Elliotte Friedman mentioned a possible Phaneuf for Richards deal that got some criticism from fans. How about if LA adds Muzzin?

To Los Angeles: Phaneuf
To Toronto: Richards, Muzzin


Martinez more likely than muzzin


Id love this as a leafs fan, but I doubt the kings toss in muzzin in this trade. they need another dman, so losing a good one like muzzin is counter-productive


19 Jan 2015 05:50:52
Phaneuf is just as overrated as the fact that mike Richards is not playing well atm. But Toronto adds not L.A. Maybe a 3rd pick or something around there


Ill put this one to bed as L.A would not add in Muzzin maybe we are able to get guys like Kyle Clifford, Trevor Lewis or Dwight King but not Muzzin. Plus they literally just resigned him so it wouldn't make much sense.


19 Jan 2015 10:31:47
I tell you something: LA would not trade Muzzin straight up for Phaneuf.
Younger, better contract, already their #2 defenseman.
No way from the Kings.


Richards, 3rd


As Draisaitl said, no chance Muzzin goes to Toronto in a Phaneuf/Richards deal.


People weren't getting the point of the criticism. The issue is Phaneuf's contract, not what LA was giving up. On LA, Phaneuf is on the 2nd pairing making him a 3/4 D NOT a top pairing (1/2) and his contract is too high for that. If TOR eats some of his contract, Phaneuf for Richards makes a lot of sense.


@JUICE61 Phaneuf for Richards makes a lot of sense for LAK, You very well may be correct about where Phaneuf would play for LAK but the Richards is playing 3rd line minutes and Phaneuf is playing 1st line minutes. Not a fair trade at all. BTW the cap does not work for LAK at all.




18 Jan 2015 00:11:44
Arizona Coyotes:
Keith Yandle $5. 25
Lauri Korpikoski $2. 5
3rd Round draft pick

Colorado Avalanche:
Ryan O'Reilly $6. 0
Max Talbot $1. 75

Arizona Coyotes:
Antoine Vermette $3. 75
Zbynek Michalek $4. 0
Kyle Chipchura $. 875

LA Kings:
Mike Richards $5. 75
Dwight King $1. 95

Boedker - O'Reilly - Erat
Gagner - Richards - Doan
King - Hanzal - Talbot
Lessio - Vitale - Moss

Ekman-Larsson - Stone
Gormley - Murphy
Summers - Samuelsson

Smith - Lee




15 Jan 2015 20:19:51
Los Angeles Kings:
F Tyler Toffoli
F Tanner Pearson
D Alec Martinez

F Taylor Hall

Philadelphia Flyers:
F Sean Couturier
F Matt Read
D Samuel Morin
D Andrew MacDonald
2016 First Round Pick


L.A laughs and hangs up.

Philly says no. You can't trade that many players for one guy and hope to contend. If philly did this they wouldn't just lack depth now but also going into the future.




14 Jan 2015 07:52:46
Methot, prince, 2nd



14 Jan 2015 15:07:56
Thanks, no. Ottawa needs a lot more than Richards for that to work. Right now, you wouldn't get Methot for Richards, straight up.




14 Jan 2015 07:18:13
Heard a rumor today that the Kings are interested in Methot. And I heard a rumor yesterday that the Kings are looking at getting rid of M. Richards.

To Ottawa: M. Richards

To L.A.: Methot, Greening (salary dump) and a conditional 3rd round pick (becomes a 2nd if methot resigns)


This trade would hunt the Sens for years. no from Ottawa.


@Sensfan69, the LAK are shopping richards to cut their cap, the trade you mention does not achieve that goal, especially when you add Greening as a salary dump.




12 Jan 2015 02:12:44
Leafs should consider making a trade with the LA Kings as they have cap issues. Fleeced them once, why not again?

To LA - Gardiner, Clarkson

To TOR - Mike Richards, Justin Williams

Obviously would probably have to add more, maybe Bozak or players currently with the Marlies?


L.A says no easily they don't need contracts like that they are in need of cap space.


LA is having cap problems. Martinez and Muzzin contracts are kicking in next season. so why take on Gardiner?

Mike Richards and Clarkson have effectively the same contract. So it's not exactly a "fleecing". On that point though, let's assume LA can't move Richards. Maybe both teams would entertain a bad contract swap (assuming Clarkson could help LA and Richards could help TO - and I am not saying they could).


Mike Richards contract is worse than Clarksons so no from Toronto.

No way LA trades Williams they are going to make another cup run this year, Its worth the risk of losing him in FA.

LA will not be able to dump Richards contract. The decision not to buy him out was one of the very rare, poor management decisions of the past 5 years.




07 Jan 2015 22:09:54
OTT: DALs 2015 2nd rd pick, Erik Gryba, prospects Shane Prince & Buddy Robinson
ARI: Michael Stone Prospect Henrik Samuelsson (played with Lazar in EDM Oil Kings)

TRADE Legwand for pick
Don't sign Condra, Greening, Phillips

OTT future line up 2016ish

Hoffman - Turris - Ryan (line 1)
MacArthur - Zibanejad - Stone (line 2a)
Paul - Lazar - Samuelsson (line 2b)
Michalek - Pageau - Chiasson (line 3)

Methot - Karlsson
Cowen - Ceci
Stone - Wiercioch

scratches: Borowiecki, Smith

It'll be a young group but give it experience and it can develop into atleast a playoff lock team in the east




04 Jan 2015 23:16:59
To Los Angeles: Green, Schmidt, Conditional 3rd Round Pick 2016 (If Green re-signs)
To Washington: Richards




02 Jan 2015 18:12:41
EDM: Hall, Scrivens, Eberle
BUF: Myers, Hodgson, Neuvirth, Pysyk, BUF 1st & 2nd Pick 2015
EDM would have 2 of the 1st 4, and 4 of the 1st 34 picks in this draft, Myers would be EDM #1 D-man, Hodgson would be #2 C, Neuvirth had been a #1 GK with WAS, leading them to the playoffs in 2011-2012, Pysyk would be an upgrade over any of EDM bottom 3 D-men (Ference, Nikitin or Petry). BUF gets a #1 L & RW and maybe Scrivins could return to his level of play he exhibited with the Kings. As usual, I love hearing feedback, it helps me from overvaluing the Sabre players. I would imagine if MacTavish wanted to Murray would accept Nikitin as a salary dump.


Why unbelievable? Who needs to add or subtract?


This trade below received 9 agree & 5 diagree:

Buffalo: Hall, Scrivens, Musil
Edmonton: Myers, Hodgson, Nueverth, Pysyk, NYI 1st Pick 2015

I dropped Musil (a C+ defensive prospect) from EDM and NYI 1st from BUF then added Eberle from EDM and BUF 1st & 2nd.

Eberle = BUF 1st
Myers, Hodgson, Nueverth, Pysyk, BUF 2nd = Hall
Srivens = salary dump

Thanks for any feedback.


You think that equals Hall? Lmao no

Captain Nutjob

@Captain Nutjob Myers + Hodgson + Neuvirth + Prospect + Islanders 2015 1st round pick
are the pieces that Chad DeDominicis, (http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/buf141218.html) believed would be sufficient for the Sabres to obtain Hall (and Fasth). Thanks for your feedback. I am not totally sold that Murray should or will trade Myers.




30 Dec 2014 20:00:53
The Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames and Los Angeles Kings are all believed to have shown interest with Chris Stewart. Only Calgary NEEDS a RW so, I am re-posting a trade proposed by another contributor.
CAL: David Jones & Sven Beartchi
BUF: Chris Stewart, (50% retained) Nick Baptiste & 2016-2nd
Jones is included to balance the salary. IMO Stewart with Juri Hudler and John Gaudreau would be an awesome top line. This trade originally received mostly believable. I am curious what the results will be now. Thanks for any feedback.


I doubt that Calgary would part with beartschi for a rental (stewar)


Stewart isn't worth a top prospect like Baertschi. He's having a terrible year and will be a UFA after this season. IMO, Stewart is quickly reaching Setoguchi territory. Also, there would be absolutely no need for BUF to retain salary as CGY has loads of cap space. I'd consider Jones for Stewart straight up and that's about it.




28 Dec 2014 13:51:54
Kings Trade
(Kings retain $500.000 in Salary)

Leafs Trade



Gardiner won't get much playing time in LA. Toronto will have a hole in their defense. Jeff Schultz is definitely NOT
going to fill the top 2/4.




26 Dec 2014 13:13:52
Arizonia Trades

Toronto Trades
2nd Round Pick 2015

The Leafs then would Trade Gardiner for a Forward to replace Lupul, maybe MRichards from the Kings?





19 Dec 2014 05:35:02
Oilers: hall

Blues: lethera + shakenkirk
Preds: forsberg + josi
Kings: toffoli + Pearson
Jackets: Johannsen +?
Flyers: couterier + Simmonds +?
Islanders: Nelson + hamonic or Reinhart or hickey
Lightning: Killorn + drouin
rangers: brassard + girardi
Bruins: Hamilton + krejci
Jets: byfulgein + scheifele
Avs: ROR + barrie (oilers add)

What do you think? Good or bad? Why?

edm oil

19 Dec 2014 08:37:02
in my opinion hall is the only untouchable player on the oilers roster, stillz if I had to choose a trade partner within your trades proposal I would make a deal with the the jackets. I would ask jackets to add david savard to johanssen stillz I don't see the jackets moving johanssen.


Bruins trade is insulting


Some of these trades are really bad.
Blues say no Lehtera is on the best line in hockey and shattenkirk is very valuable to their defence
Preds say no
kings say no easily
jackets say no if they have to add
bruins say no easily
Avs say no easily and never talk to edmonton again if that's what they are asking for


If the Oilers want Byfulgein + Scheifele…wait…there’s no way that the Jets are trading either one of them for Hall. Winnipeg would counter with something like Kane + Comrie + Postma or Clitsome. Hall is solid (NHL.com has him rated as the 5th best LW / Kane 13th, and TSN.ca has him 5th as well / Kane 11th) but all of the proposals favor Edmonton. I can’t see any of them happening. The Oilers are not dealing from a position of strength so no team will overpay - which is what is being proposed here.


THe blues are not going to trade the following.

Petro, Shatty, Tarasenko, Lehtra, Swartz, Allen, Fabbri, Barbashev, Jaybo, Backes, or Statsny. They are completely off the table.

The following blues will not be traded unless it made the blues better.
Oshie, Steen, Berglund, Ratti, Jaskin, Elliot, Linbohm, COle.

That leaves very few that could be traded just to drop cap or to shake it up. In no way would the blues make a trade that is not in their favor at this point in time. They do not need to make cap room, they do not have a player asking to be traded, or do they have a bad seed in the locker room. So face the facts you can whish in one had and sh!t n the other and see which hand gets full quicker. Whishfull thinking or turds.

russian tank

I needed a laugh. Thanks




17 Dec 2014 13:09:15
Edmonton Trades
2nd Round Pick 2015

Toronto Trades

Before anyone says Fasth and Reimer are even you need to look at the numbers, forget about Wins and Losses because any Goaltender on Edmonton will loose more then they win.

Games Played
Fasth 13
Reimer 11

Goals Against Avg
Fasth 3.29
Reimer 3.25

Save %
Fasth .891
Reimer .909

The Save % is huge when it comes to Goaltenders, and with Fasth a UFA after this Season and Reimer has another Year under contract a 2nd Round Pick has to be added by Edmonton to make this a fair deal.

Why this Trade happens is easy to explain
Edmonton will look at Reimer as there #1 and I believe with the pressure of Toronto gone Reimer will be a true #1 maybe not the best in the league but good enough for the Oilers to run with him.
The Leafs would rather have a more backup type Goaltender with JBernier playing most of the time and Fasth is more a backup type Goaltender, getting a 2nd Round Pick 2015 that they Traded to the Kings is why the Leafs do the Deal.



17 Dec 2014 21:42:24
2nd 2015? SInce that will be between 31st and 35th overall in a super deep draft, you're saying Fasth (who might be slighty worse than Reimer, but not a lot) and basically a late 1st for Reimer? No, I don't think so.


Hiw is this unbelievable


17 Dec 2014 22:33:22
reimer is better than fasth, but the difference isn't what would end up being a pretty decent prospect.


^ Given where Edmonton is at right now, this trade doesn't really make sense. The team is sunk, Reimer is a UFA at years end, moving assets for a marginal improvement seems illogical.

@Drais it's a bit of a misnomer to call this a "deep draft" as it related to the 31st-35th pick. Once you're out of the top half of the 1st round in any draft, it's a guessing game.

Now, that is not to suggest that there won't be quality players in the high-end of the 2nd or that Edmonton should make this trade, in fact, if anything I would make the pick conditional and/or a 2016 2nd.

However, as I pointed out above, it's illogical to make this trade.


18 Dec 2014 17:21:32
First of all, I'd make it a 6th maybe. tops.




16 Dec 2014 03:40:50
Since Williams will be a UFA at the end of the season and the Kings will most likely not be able to keep him, they should trade him now while they can still get something for him.

To Los Angeles: Connolly, Koekkoek, 1st Round Pick 2015
To Tampa Bay: Williams

LA gets some good young prospects while Tampa Bay adds a veteran leader for the playoffs.


16 Dec 2014 04:54:21
lol a 2nd line forward is worth nowhere near that much, ven under contract for another few years.

either way, LA won't be trading williams as he'll help them win a cup this year more than anythign they'd get for him.


16 Dec 2014 06:49:42
You're heavily overvaluing Williams.


16 Dec 2014 13:41:56
One of the worst I've ever seen
1. LA won't trade Williams
2. How do you get a future top6 winger, a future top4 defenseman and a 1st pick in a super deep draft for 33yr old aging UFA?
Plain ridiculous.




06 Dec 2014 11:58:13
Some more trade ideas from me:

EDM trades: F Jordan Eberle, G Ben Scrivens
BOS trades: G Niklas Svedberg, F Chris Kelly, D Joe Morrow, 2015 3rd

Explanation: Boston is looking for a scoring winger, which they get in Eberle. Scrivens has done good in front of the solid Kings D and should be a capable backup for Rask in front of a solid Boston D. Svedberg has starters potential IMO and should get a shot at being exactly that in EDM. Edmontons season is gone anyways, so giving Svedberg the starts should hurt anybody, he won't be worse than Fasth/Scrivens, but has definitely more potential. Kelly might not be a perfect fit for the Oilers #2C slot, but I think he's an upgrade over Arcobello, Gordon or - I have to admit - myself. I'm just not ready yet, lol. Morrow is an edmonton native prospect, who could play a good role in the Oilers D corps, where he should get more responsibility than in Boston. Pick equals out the talent exchange.

DAL trades: F Ales Hemsky, D Julius Honka, 2016 3rd
OTT trades: D Marc Methot, D Jared Cowen, F Alex Chiasson

Explanation: DAL has an obvious need for some defensive help. I think Methot and Cowen are two solid second pairing defenders that could fit in well with the Stars. Hemsky has done good in his Ottawa stint and Chiasson was good in DAL. These two forwards switch their jerseys. Honka is a very talented D, probably a couple years away from the NHL. But just imagine Karlsson and Honka running the Senators PP in 2-3 years, I think that could be deadly.
I think DAL makes this sacriface, they are not doing too well thus far but I think they are in win-now mode. Just need a D upgrade. Spezza isn't getting any younger and you need a good second C in the west to do anything.

COL trades: F Ryan O'Reilly
ARI trades: D Keith Yandle

Explanation: Both solve obvious problems of their respectitive new teams. They are both signed for the current and the next season. I think you could find argument for either team adding a pick or a mid-prospect, so I'll just leave it at this straight up swap and let you discuss who adds. Good, old hockey trade, haha.

WPG trades: F Evander Kane, F Nic Petan
MIN trades: F Mikael Granlund, D Matt Dumba, 2016 3rd

Explanation: don't think we need to talk about that a different scenario might be good for Kane. Granlund isn't exactly blossoming in MIN either, so both get a fresh start. Dumba can't come through in the loaded MIN defense. Winnipeg's defense is good as well Bogosian is an intangible and after this season, 4 Jets current NHL-defenseman will be FA. MIN adds the third, because Petan is a good offensive talent as well.

So, again: open for constructive criticism. If unbeliebable to you, I'd love if you take the time to explain why.

Thanks for reading.


All of them are good except the first trade, the oilers lose that one bad.


All of them are good except the first trade, the oilers lose that one bad.


Ottawa one is terrible too


The First,
and the Ottawa one make no sense.
Dallas traded Chiasson for a reason.
And Chiasson is getting more playing time then he did in Dallas.

Ales Hemsky back to Ottawa? Ottawa didn't resign him for a reason.

Why trade a prospect that just got drafted in the first round?

Who knows, you might get way more for Honka then Cowen.


First and Second Trades are bad, the Third trade is right on, and the fourth trade is pretty good


Svedberg is not a starter.


Ottawa gets screwed in the Ottawa/Dallas trade.


07 Dec 2014 03:38:47
K, I'l just go and try to defend and justify, lol.
You really think the Oilers lose it bad? I think Svedberg is a very good prospect and they're desperate for sth in goal. Morrow is a good D prospect and Kelly a solid center, plus the pick. Oilers are in a weak position right now, I feel like they won't get much more than that for Ebs.
I do think that makes a lot of sense for both teams. Fits either teams needs very well, IMO.

@NHLFunFacts: They traded Chiasso for the sake of Spezza, not because he sucked. And I feel like DAL could use a scoring winger right now, Hemsky is more of a playmaker.
I explained why to trade Honka. Because they need defensive help which they are getting in Methot and Cowen. Both solid in their own zone, I think.
So one person is saying its terrible for OTT and you are saying DAL could get more for Honka. So if you guys are not even d'accord on who loses it "terribly" it can't be that bad :P haha


07 Dec 2014 12:09:34
@NHLFunFacts: As I said. He isn't a starter yet, but I think he definitely has the potential to be. What do the Oilers have to lose? They won't make the playoffs, so why not give Svedberg the chance to prove he can be their No.1 going forward? don't think he'd do worse than Scrivens or Fasth.
And if it doesn't turn out, it at least increases their chances at McDavid and Eichel.


@Draisaitl_94 Because we already have a good goalie. That is, Scrivens. Adding a young goalie with barely any experience won't help us go to the playoffs. The goalie is not a problem in Edmonton. Its lack of good defenseman.

@Draisaitl_94 I never said the Chiasson sucked. Chris Kelly is not a 2nd line center. If your going to give up that, you can get a solid #2 defenseman

Im not on Dallas' side. i'm saying that its bad for both teams none will benefit from it.

And I honestly don't know why, you would trade a 1st rounder half a year after he was drafted.

Kelly IMO is not a 2nd line center. He barely scores, and barely assists.
Honestly, I don't know about you. But I would rather have Arcobello as a 2nd liner.




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