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25 May 2015 00:13:55
Los Angeles Kings Acquire:
(D) Dion Phaneuf – Cap Retained: 2 Million

Toronto Maple Leafs Acquire:
(C) Mike Richards
(RW) Adrian Kempe
Los Angeles Kings 2015 2nd Round Pick

New York Islanders Acquire:
(RW) Phil Kessel – Cap Retained: 1 Million
(C) Tyler Bozak

Toronto Maple Leafs Acquire:
(C) Brock Nelson (Rights)
(RW) Michael Grabner
(LW) Cal Clutterbuck
(D) Ryan Pulock
New York Islanders 2016 2nd Round Pick

Buffalo Sabres Acquire:
(G) Jonathan Bernier (Rights)
(D) Roman Polak

Toronto Maple Leafs Acquire:
(C) Cody Hodgson
(G) Matt Hackett
(C) Mikhail Grigorenko
Buffalo Sabres 2015 4th Round Pick

Detroit Red Wings Acquire:
(LW) Joffrey Lupul

Toronto Maple Leafs Acquire:
(C) Stephen Weiss
(RW) Teemu Pulkkinen (Rights)
Detroit Red Wings 2015 5th Round Pick

25 May 2015 09:08:50
horrible all around for toronto, they are taking on the worst contracts in the league and still retaining large amounts of salary over long periods of time. bad post toronto is not stupid enough to do this

25 May 2015 09:10:07
do not think the BUF-trade will happen; Sabres will stay with their young core.

25 May 2015 14:01:07
Only people liking this proposal are non-leafs fans

25 May 2015 15:05:00
@noclueabouthockey absolutely (your name belies your knowledge). First, Grigorenko is not going anywhere for a while. I am not comparing him to Joe Thornton, but just look at Joe's stats after the same number of NHL games. Big players take longer to develop. Second, the rights to a player normally are traded for a 4th (Christian Ehrhoff twice within 2 days, Halak). Third, I would hope that Murray gives Hodgson at least another year before giving up on him. So the rights to Bernier = 4th and Polak the Sabres have many younger better defense-men. So Jordiebenn try again.

25 May 2015 20:36:24
Its Berniers RFA rights so i'd say they're worth a bit more than a 4th?

25 May 2015 21:08:09
Trolls are real lmao

24 May 2015 21:54:37
Arizona: Doan
Winnipeg: kitchon + 2nd?

Los Angeles: Richards
Florida: Hayes + 3rd?

Edmonton: Yakupov
Montreal: bournival (think that's how you spell it) + Tinordi + fucale?

Washington: Carrick + Brouwer + Orlov + 2nd
Chicago: sharp + Bickell + 4th

25 May 2015 01:38:22
Got to be honest here I like to put yakupov with galchenyuk
But Now I just think that draisatil is the player ythat could replace yakupov in that trade who can only play wing!

Cause here why I think that drais can bring more upside to a much needed center talent in montreal!

Option a put galchenyuk first center then put drais at the position that chuky is here Now

Option b: then inverse the role and hope that fris could be a number one center in the nhl not only a number 2

The dream is to have : those two devlop into good center on the two first Line

25 May 2015 04:11:42
Have you heard of the Salary Cap? Because that Wsh-Chi trade obviously didn't consider it. Wsh takes on massive salary, overpays in decent NHL-ready prospects, and gets a sub-par return. Brouwer-Bickell is nearly a wash, the rest is too much for Sharp.

25 May 2015 05:19:05
Sharp is worth more. If Perron can land a mid 1st round pick and Vermette could get a 1st as well while being a FA, I would think Sharp could at least get that +

25 May 2015 10:17:47
Lets just put it this way, Montreal has nothing Edmonton would go after, besides Price which we all know they wouldn't even call about becasue they know he isn't available. you aren't getting Eberle, Hall Yak or Leon for Fucale, Tinordi, Bournival. nothing, leave it alone. Lol You can have Purcell for Fucale, how about that.

25 May 2015 16:37:31
Sharp is worth more? Perron is 7yrs younger than Sharp and makes 2/3 of Sharp's salary. Vermette, while a similar player, was a deadline acquisition (when prices are dramatically higher) and even he makes 2/3 of Sharp's salary. Like it or not Chi has a Salary Cap issue and Sharp is a major part of it. I doubt any team is going to give full value for a 33yr old ~45pt player poised for a steep decline without salary retention or a cap-dump going to Chi.

14 May 2015 23:42:29
letang and scuderi for yakupov

sutter for 2nd round pick 2015 and prokhorkin

kunitz and bennett for 2015 2nd and 3rd round pick 2015

sign franson or sekera 5y/5m and frolik 3/3m

frolik crosby hornqvist
perron malkin yakupov
dupuis spaling kapanen
wilson sundqvist megna/rust

maatta franson/sekera
pouliot lovejoy
dumoulin cole


in:yakupov,prokhorkin,2nd pick,2nd pick,3rd pick,frolik,sekera/franson (12 M)
out:letang,scuderi,kunitz,bennett (15 M)

15 May 2015 09:00:16
yak is not worth letang and pittsburgh would be stupid to let go of leatang when he was injured the pens struugled to make to the postseason

14 May 2015 20:21:00
The problem the Kings had last year was scoring goals the problem the Leafs had last year was preventing goals how about a swap?
TML - Kessel, Reilly
LA - Doughty

14 May 2015 21:11:34
Ahahah hell no plus the king were just tired

14 May 2015 22:21:05

No, no, no, no

17 May 2015 16:04:19
0% chance of leafs trading Morgan Reilly, their future franchise defender.

19 Apr 2015 03:29:17
Edmonton - 1st overall (McDavid) , Taylor Hall
LA Kings - Drew Doughty, J Quick

19 Apr 2015 08:30:56
and let the 2 months of EDM trading the 1st oa pick begin. sigh.

they're not moving it, even though I wish they would for some random package of players that end up being of no use, like the thornton deal lol. anyways, I guess you can see that I genuinelly hate that edmonton won the lottery, and I think I speak for most people when I say that you (not you specifically; all people thinking about it) shouldn't waste everyones time with these "trades."

14 Mar 2015 02:27:33
Dont panic Habs fan! Scherback is the top 6 forward that we will have!
Lets be real habs suck. But cary price is a god and a mvp and is Now clear number 2 or 1 of what he bring to his team of 2005 draft with Crosby

Pacioretty damn This guy is Now a superstar bether then kessel he play with average.

Now the problems: is not only no offense but its also flyn and Mitchell two joke that bring that loser mentality from bufallo what a waste of pick!

Since we got those guy were losing.

Petry is a good player but Beaulieu did the job before he came and Now he suck! Gonchar don't like playing less minute and its petry fault!

Smith fat pelly is a joke also! If sekac was here he would be a part of the solution!

So if habs are losing its Bergevin fault! There a old saying that's we don't fix something that is not Broke

There no way that habs win the cup so I rather be in buffalo situation cause at least there going to win something!

At the deadline Berg should have trade This
Pryce, gallagher and a first for
Kings: quick( injury prone), kopitar, toffoli

Now with This trade kings win big time cause short therm even without kopitar, king are a bether team then the habs, and toffoli is equal to gallagher and don't Forget pryce is a god and a game changer with that the kings would have win the cup! It would be the same thing for the blues!
Bergevin is scare of making big moves
Finaly the fact that habs don't have mcdonnaght its a big lost also!
i think that galchenuyk is kind of a disapointement he has to become one the best of the 2012 draft or a superstar at the least! The only 2 guys that can have a bether career then him is Murray and yakupov!

14 Mar 2015 11:49:04
So baisically you're saying that the only reason why the habs are first its because they have price and then you trade him?

14 Mar 2015 13:20:54
Ha You can't trade "god", he has a no trade

14 Mar 2015 17:18:12
Cdi yes cause like we could correct the real problem we cannot win lord Stanley with a average team and a amazing goalie

14 Mar 2015 17:20:24
This trade is absolutely terrible lol

25 Mar 2015 15:50:17
Lol, Scherbak is barley a top 6 forward in the CHL, let alone in the Nhl.

01 Mar 2015 19:04:51
I expect Nashville to be relatively quiet at tomorrows deadline, but a small trade is likely to be expected. I think they will acquire one small piece for the offense.

To: Nashville
F Justin Williams

To: Los Angeles
F Colton Scissons
2016 5th Round Pick

Me would fit in to the 2nd line or 3rd Line very well, and is a nice addoyon for a team looking to win the cup

Don't think LA trades Williams. There a team that's going to make a cup run so IMO they trade any top players

La would want more for Williams he is a proven playoff performer. Also I wouldn't considered this a small trade if this went down it would probably big the biggest trade of the deadline.

Even though williams is pending ufa, kings are very much in the hunt, and I don't see them trading any important assets

01 Mar 2015 20:09:56
"small trade" xD

Lol "small trade" eh

Lol. I guess that isn't "small" but compared to the Yandle, Fans on AMD other deals this trade season its kind of small I guess.

28 Feb 2015 16:29:35
To Los Angeles: Jokinen
To Toronto: 7th Round Pick 2015

You must be Jokinen, right? He's all yours to keep.

You've been waiting all week for that proposal haven't you?

Jokinen will move, not sure if it's to LA though

25 Feb 2015 22:39:10

Via bob Mckenzie -

La kings are very close to acquiring Andrej Sekera from the canes. Hearing a prospect (Roland Mckewon) & 2015 LA 1st going back to the canes

Kings trade 1st & Mckewon
Hurricanes trade Sekera

Sorry for spelling of kings player

What an over payment really. Wow. And I thought Winnik was overpayed.

25 Feb 2015 18:48:02
To kings: stajan bollig 3rd
To cgy : Richards

How much retained?

Hope so

25 Feb 2015 13:03:25
Down To the Wire

NYI: Bailey, Leggio, 4th and 6th rounders 2015
EDM: Eberle

Picks for the Oilers and a good young prospect for their ongoing rebuild, and an immediate offensive impact for the Isles. Changes need to happen in Edmonton.

BUF: Stewart
BOS: Paille, Ferlin, 4th rounder 2015

More scoring grit for the Bruins, and Buffalo can benefit from the deeper bench.

LA: McBain, Andreoff, 1st rounder 2015
ARI: Yandle

Is Yandle worth the dismissal of young talent and a 1st rounder? The Kings definitely don't mind, and the Coyotes would appreciate the prospects and decent slotted draft pick.

ARI: Vermette
MTL: De La Rose, Bournival, 4th rounder 2015

Sticking with Arizona, more young talent and potential for the likely to not resign Vermette. Not to mention the Habs get their much coveted french player.

TOR: Winnik
CHI: Rundblad, 3rd rounder 2015

With Kane sidelined for the next little while, the Blackhawks will need at least an affordable power forward. Winnik is a good choice, and Chicago won't mind throwing the Leafs the above.

CAR: Sekara
DAL: Ritchie, 3rd rounder 2015
TB: Connolly, 3rd rounder 2015

I still feel Sekara will be in Pittsburgh after the deadline comes and goes, but Dallas and Tampa Bay could be other decent fits for Sekara.


CBJ: Wisniewski
DET: Helm, Andersson, 5th rounder 2015

Wisniewski is an invaluable asset that the red Wings would love to acquire, however Columbus would need a good return to part ways at this time. The Blue Jackets are keeping their intentions with Wisniewski hush-hush, but Detroit NEEDS another defenceman if they want to be competitive for the remainder of the season and into the playoffs.

SJ: Niemi
VAN: Markstrom, Dorsett

With Miller out until at least the playoffs, The Canucks might be in the market for a seasoned tender to help carry the load with Lack. Niemi has been rumored to be getting shopped around as the Sharks will most likely pass on resigning him if he stays for another failed playoff run.


SJ: Thornton or Marleau
CGY: Ramo, Glencross, Granlund, 2nd rounder 2015
NYI: Bailey, Mouillierat, Strait, 4th rounder 2015
OTT: Neil, Chiasson, 2nd and 4th rounders 2015

I'd like to see either Thornton or Marleau, or even both, moved at the deadline. Get some prospects in return for players long rumored to be on the move. Flames, Isles (pending Eberle trade becomes a reality) and Sens could all benefit from having one of the two Shark players. Calgary would be the better fit of these three teams, plenty of cap space and a good young pool of talent that Thornton or Marleau could help take to the next level.

The sharks could like the Calgary one but the others wouldn't interest them. And I doubt they waive for Calgary. Also a 4th liner and AHL/backup for Niemi?

I'd rather have Markstrom and Dorsett, Lack can hold down the fort till Miller gets back

Habs should send the Sabres Thomas & return 2nd rounder from the Gorges deal for Stewart & Mitchel

Bournival is french too

@Boris Bagel, it does not look as Thomas will ever be a great NHL player, but why not, Stewart and Mitchell for a 2nd and Thomas.

Thomas sucks, habs can keep him.

21 Feb 2015 14:31:52
Trade 1.
Edmonton- Taylor hall , Martin marincin, 3rd Rd pick 2016

Boston- Milan Lucic, Denis seidenberg

Trade 2.
Edmonton- petry,

Detroit - Darren helm,

Trade 3.
Edmonton- Anton slepychev, Laurent Broissiot, 2015 2nd Rd, and a 2015 3rd rd ( Ottawa's from the hemsky trade)

Tampa - vasilevskiy, Connolly

Trade 4.
Edmonton - 1st Rd pick 2016, Martin gernet, Anton lander

Chicago- Brent seabrook,

Side bitches.
Buy out nikitin and Purcell

Line 1) Pouliot Hopkins Eberle
Line 2) Lucic Eichel/roy Yakupov
Line 3) Helm Drasaitl Connolly
Line 4) Hendricks Gordon klinkham/Gazdic
Call ups) Pakarinen, Fraser, Hamilton,

Seidenberg Seabrook
Klefbom Schultz
Ference Fayne
Nurse Aulie


I know this is all talk and bs cause these moves will likely never happen. But Edmonton has so much prospects, high draft picks and roster players that can trade and make there team a playoff team by next fall. It's most likely not dead on with the trade value but most of those trades are pretty close to all being in the ball park. Even if Edmonton pulled off any of those 2 trades, they would be a playoff team. Doesn't necessarily have to be the same players but the same type of playing style and grit and determination and work ethic that those players have. it's sad cause Edmonton management is got to be one of the worst I've ever seen in any franchise. Oilers management is to afraid to trade players but they don't realize that it's got to be done. Every team has to trade away players that they wish they didn't have to. Look what happened with kings when they had to trade away jack Johnson for Jeff carter just to get to the next step. They never ever thought they would trade Johnson but if it's going to take u to the next step then it's got to be done. I think Edmonton will make the playoffs next year under Todd Nelson and I really think the player we draft will be a impact player and will help us get to the next step. hall an yakupov need to be a 30-40 goal man, Hopkins eberle has to be a 60/80 point man. i'm a heart and soul guy for the Edmonton Oilers. There's nothing I want more then to make the right moves for present and the future but it's got to happen now. Teams are breaking down and need to rebuild and some in cap space probs. this is oilers chance to snatch a couple of players that will help u win NOW.
Edmonton has prolly the top 10 best depth forwards. About 28 the place on defence. 30th in goal. 27th at centre ice (17th in 2015/2016 season). If you can get any of those to top 20 then I think we have a legitimate chance because our offence will be bombing on teams cause of the speed we have and the transition game we play.

No complaining here cause complained line is close. But if you have anything to add OR take away then feel free.

Chicago can get a much better return for Seabrook. One of Edmonton's top D prospects like Nurse would have to come back with that first rounder. Lander is a fringe player and Gernat may never play in the NHL. If Edmonton turned around and made a playoff run next year, Bowman would look like an idiot for trading an elite right shot experienced dman for two mediocre players and a late 1st.

That TB goalie one is so bad

Oilers lose that Boston trade bad. If Hall were to be traded Hamilton will be included, I don't think he will or should be. I get that you want players with grit but you don't give up a ppg player for that.

Rather sign Petry or trade for picks. Plus we'll have Nuge, Draisaitl, maybe McEichel, Roy, Gordon down the middle. No need for Helm.

Probably far off for vasilevskiy. The oilers do have some good prospects and picks in there but no sense for Tampa to do it.

Probably have to add for seabrook. But could actually see that happening. Maybe add a roster d for him

For the top goalie prospect in the world and a young top 9 potentially top 6 on a rebuilding team forward you'll have to give something of actual value.

Tampa says no easily there not even close to what it would take to get that kind of package.

21 Feb 2015 20:46:20
So future #1 goalie and future top6 guy get TB a 2nd a 3rd and 2 meh meh prospects? Sure.


Not a chance Connolly is a top 6 forward. He was drafted high but hasn't shown anything to prove that he will play 2nd line minutes

Regardless though the trade is still brutal.

22 Feb 2015 02:53:04
Trade 1 is garbage
Trade 2 the return for Petry will be hogher than helm - perhaps helm and a 4th? But I suspect it will be a 2nd and a prospect, maybe not Detroit.
Trade 3 - Maybe the worst of the biunch. Tampa Bay will not make a goaltending move until after next year. And then it will most likely be Bishop who is moved.
Trade 4 - Seabrook may be moved, I doubt it, he's a core player and I see others moved instead (sharp+) - but I don't think he wants Edmonton and if he's not resigning then the first isn't happening.

22 Feb 2015 09:32:02
@Stammer: We've already had that a couple of times on this site.
Connolly was and is stuck behind other great forwards. He's currently playing fourth line minutes with Boyle and Morrow. Not exactly guys that get you much points.
As a proof for his skill, he's top 30 in even strength goals scored per 60 mins. Although he doesn't play on a scoring line.
Sure shows his potential and he'd easily be top 6 on at least 10 teams in the league right now.

18 Feb 2015 20:54:49
Simple trade. change of scenery type of move

Toronto: Polak, Clarkson and a 2nd

LA: M.Richards, B.McNabb

Based on a post from a sports website stating Kings have interest in Polak and Richards is now demoted to the farm.

Polaks the next captain of the leafs IMO wouldn't do this if I was the leafs

I would rather see phaneuf and the 1st from Nashville to l.a for Richards and toffoli

19 Feb 2015 04:09:51
how does this help toronto?

Send Polak to LA for picks.

18 Feb 2015 04:34:16
Kings: toffoli

Mon: eller, emelin , 2015 1st or 2016 1st

Kings are a good team but they lack at defense
With voynov and some injuries. Plus eller can play at the wing Also

Mon: pleckaneck,fucale or andrigetho ,1st or a 2nd2015, emelin

Avs: duchenne

Avs: get a good vet defensive center , fucale a potential starting goalie or andrigetho a guy that Avs know well and emelin that help there poor defense! Duchenne has talent but you have mackinon and with plecky he could focus more on is offense

Kings need to add

Not even close for duchene

18 Feb 2015 07:58:05
Actually one of your better posts. don't think either is too far off. Avalanche would prolly want Galchenyuk, tho

18 Feb 2015 08:16:10
U did trade emelin twice

Its not like duchenne is torching the league he has 37 points in 57 game but ok let's put fucale and andrigetho

No way that gets you Duchene just because he's having a bad season doesn't mean there going to give him away for nothing. He's young, he's an Olympian and he's gotten 70 or 80 points before so its going to take a lot to get him.

Fair trade

Ok then you can trade Galchenyuk for a bunch of garbage players.

16 Feb 2015 20:49:18
Leafs - Kings

Justin Williams, Valentin Zykov, Tanner Pearson
Dion Phaneuf, Sam Carrick, 4th

Leafs - Penguins

Daniel Winnik, Olli Jokinen (1 million retained)
2nd, 2016 2nd

Leafs - Islanders

Justin Williams,4th for 1st

Leafs - Panthers

Aleksandar Barkov, Jonathon Huberdeau, Gudbranson, 2nd
Phil Kessel, Tyler Bozak




Leafs drop to top 3 pick

Panthers GM just said earlier today they won't move Huberdeau, Ekblad nor Barkov. Don't see them doing that trade for Kessel

All of these trades are ridiculously in favour of the Leafs. No to all of them.

Umm wow sooo Ya, let's start with for the 193rd time on this site NYI don't gave their first rounder!!! Omg if u don't know hockey don't post! Then stop with the Toronto trades everything they gave for all the best young players on an up and coming team, why would Florida a team on its way to the playoffs trade it's entire core to a team that is sucking for its players who are under performing? This make ZERO sense and finally stop with the one sided Toronto trades, this is why people on here rant about so many leafs fans because of posters like you! There a regret logical leafs posters who suffer because of others stupidity

17 Feb 2015 02:53:51
Like all except last one

If LA is taking on Phaneufs contract, they have to ship out a long term contract as well.

I think 2 2nds is too much for Winnik/Jokinen. Jokinen does not add much value. And winnik getting a 2nd and a 3rd like Lebrun said will most likely come down a bit.

So a second and a decent prospect or a 4th/5th could be realistic

Then people wonder why chirp says the things he does

17 Feb 2015 10:34:49
Was about to say the exact same thing, hab.

^ I think part of the problem is that you can read 4 or 5 trades you think are bad (and believe me there are some bad ones, but it's still your own opinion and bias that are informing that view) on this page and then make a statement like this "all leaf fans are deluded and overvalue their players".

I have no problem carving someone up for making a poor trade proposal. I don't even have a problem with someone saying there are a lot of bad trade proposals from a certain fan base, BUT the generalized statements (which seems counter to things I hear from fans on the radio and other fan boards) is where I have the issue.

16 Feb 2015 19:51:49
I thought of a trade idea.

To TOR Richards

To LA Clarkson

Both players have literly no value and are buy candidates at the end of the year so it won't hurt to eat least try and swap them maybe change of scenery will make them play like they did two years ago when they were in their prime. They are the same age roughly as well similar contracts LA has a depth at centre and toronto doesn't Richards has an extra year and a little more cap so the Kings through in a low pick but as the leafs I would do it anyway 1 for 1 can't hurt right?

LA adds roster players and TOR adds picks.

I'm fairly certain that Richards contract is 5m/yr and Clarkson at 7m/yr. With LA hurting for cap space, they add 2M in players and TOR adds picks.

Either that or Toronto retains.

This makes no sense.
Clarkson has 4.5m
Richards has 8.5m

Clarkson is at 5.75/year for 5 more years, Richards is at 5.75 for 5 more years. Interesting idea, could work for both sides

You guys don't know your facts clarkson is 5.25 Richards 5.75

U both don't know what your talking about Richards would be 4.8 or 5.7 if his salary goes back to what it was before he went to ahl and Clarkson is 5.25 so where do u get Richards at 8.5 and Clarkson at 7 this is directed at the first two comments

16 Feb 2015 21:56:48
what are you guys saying about these salaries lol

richards cap hit for the next 6 years: 5.75 mil

clarkson cap hit for the next 5 years: 5.25

clarkson makes more money in actual dollars by a fair amount due to his huge bonuses coming up though.

either way, I doubt a deal like that gets done, could be part of a larger deal maybe but even that's quite unlikely.

16 Feb 2015 11:53:23
As a Pens fan, The Pens need to make a couple moves at the deadline.

Trade #1: It's time for Martin to go before we lose him for nothing this offseason. I wouldn't mind seeing Martin for Williams from LA Kings.

Trade #2: Sutter is just not playing to his potential here and needs a team to center the second line for. I can't think of any teams in need of a second line center. Unless packaged

Trade #3: Beau Bennett can fetch a decent return due to his potential.

Trade #4: I think I'm the only one that feels more comfortable having Zatkoff as back up over Greiss. Besides, Murray needs more professional minor league experiance playing everyday. No one is really in the market for a so-so back up goalie. Unless packaged

Tought #1. Harrington or Doumoulin should probably get added to a package deal.

Moves #1-2: Its time to end the Downie experiment. Unless some how the coaches can give through to him to stop taking penalities. We have two solid lines (5 on 5) but can't play them when we are contantly killing off penalities. Finally, its also time to see Adams hang up the skates. He should not be taking shift on the top 2 lines ever in a game.

So, Pens trade Martin to LA Kings for Williams and 4th round DP.

Sutter, Bennett, Griess, Domoulin/Harrington and 4th-5th round draft picks for help to provide playoff experience for the Pens.

Take Williams out of the LA deal.

Even though the kings are looking for some blueline depth I think they would rather trade a prospect opposed to a roster player.

If kings are near a playoff position at the deadline, williams stays bc they are contenders once they make the playoffs. Sutter should be the second line center on pit. someone needs to wake up and see that malkin needs to go if they're going to win a cup any time soon

Your saying Sutter>Malkin? haha

That comparsion is like Kessel is worth 5 1st round drafts, 3 top prospects, 5 mid-level prospects, and 2 top 6 young wingers.

I hope Sutter gets traded and becomes the next center thought to be a 2nd liner and disappoints like Jordan Staal.

15 Feb 2015 23:51:51
The Kings and Leafs are constantly connected so I thought this deal made a lot of sense and helped both teams

Tor: 1st in 2015, Pearson, Nolan, Richards(50% retained), Regehr(salary dump)

La: Phanuef, Lupul (50% retained), Winnik

No team is going to trade a player and retain 50% of his salary

Toffoli needs to be in that deal for it to work.

even then, the leafs will be stuch with Richards-Clarkson

Most expensive 4th line in the NHL

15 Feb 2015 17:11:22
Leafs - Kings

Phaneuf, Winnik (50%)


Richards,1st 2015, Jordan Weal + salary dump expiring contract

Yeah, I read that article too (re: Weal).
This trade won't happen tho.

No. Makes zero sense. Bringing in Richards is a bad idea

12 Feb 2015 18:10:37
Pens make two trades.
Trade 1
Pens get
Tlusty-50% salary retained
Sekera-50% salary retained

Canes get
Pens 2nd 2015
Pens 4th 2015

Trade 2
Pens gets

Kings gets

Edmonton gets
Kings 2nd 2015

All teams would be cap compliant.

12 Feb 2015 19:41:05
I like the first trade but that 4th would have to be higher IMO. A 3rd maybe but probably another 2nd.

Pens add on the first trade

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