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19 Dec 2014 05:35:02
Oilers: hall

Blues: lethera + shakenkirk
Preds: forsberg + josi
Kings: toffoli + Pearson
Jackets: Johannsen +?
Flyers: couterier + Simmonds +?
Islanders: Nelson + hamonic or Reinhart or hickey
Lightning: Killorn + drouin
rangers: brassard + girardi
Bruins: Hamilton + krejci
Jets: byfulgein + scheifele
Avs: ROR + barrie (oilers add)

What do you think? Good or bad? Why?

edm oil

19 Dec 2014 08:37:02
in my opinion hall is the only untouchable player on the oilers roster, stillz if I had to choose a trade partner within your trades proposal I would make a deal with the the jackets. I would ask jackets to add david savard to johanssen stillz I don't see the jackets moving johanssen.


Bruins trade is insulting


Some of these trades are really bad.
Blues say no Lehtera is on the best line in hockey and shattenkirk is very valuable to their defence
Preds say no
kings say no easily
jackets say no if they have to add
bruins say no easily
Avs say no easily and never talk to edmonton again if that's what they are asking for


If the Oilers want Byfulgein + Scheifele…wait…there’s no way that the Jets are trading either one of them for Hall. Winnipeg would counter with something like Kane + Comrie + Postma or Clitsome. Hall is solid (NHL.com has him rated as the 5th best LW / Kane 13th, and TSN.ca has him 5th as well / Kane 11th) but all of the proposals favor Edmonton. I can’t see any of them happening. The Oilers are not dealing from a position of strength so no team will overpay - which is what is being proposed here.


THe blues are not going to trade the following.

Petro, Shatty, Tarasenko, Lehtra, Swartz, Allen, Fabbri, Barbashev, Jaybo, Backes, or Statsny. They are completely off the table.

The following blues will not be traded unless it made the blues better.
Oshie, Steen, Berglund, Ratti, Jaskin, Elliot, Linbohm, COle.

That leaves very few that could be traded just to drop cap or to shake it up. In no way would the blues make a trade that is not in their favor at this point in time. They do not need to make cap room, they do not have a player asking to be traded, or do they have a bad seed in the locker room. So face the facts you can whish in one had and sh!t n the other and see which hand gets full quicker. Whishfull thinking or turds.

russian tank

I needed a laugh. Thanks






17 Dec 2014 13:09:15
Edmonton Trades
2nd Round Pick 2015

Toronto Trades

Before anyone says Fasth and Reimer are even you need to look at the numbers, forget about Wins and Losses because any Goaltender on Edmonton will loose more then they win.

Games Played
Fasth 13
Reimer 11

Goals Against Avg
Fasth 3.29
Reimer 3.25

Save %
Fasth .891
Reimer .909

The Save % is huge when it comes to Goaltenders, and with Fasth a UFA after this Season and Reimer has another Year under contract a 2nd Round Pick has to be added by Edmonton to make this a fair deal.

Why this Trade happens is easy to explain
Edmonton will look at Reimer as there #1 and I believe with the pressure of Toronto gone Reimer will be a true #1 maybe not the best in the league but good enough for the Oilers to run with him.
The Leafs would rather have a more backup type Goaltender with JBernier playing most of the time and Fasth is more a backup type Goaltender, getting a 2nd Round Pick 2015 that they Traded to the Kings is why the Leafs do the Deal.



17 Dec 2014 21:42:24
2nd 2015? SInce that will be between 31st and 35th overall in a super deep draft, you're saying Fasth (who might be slighty worse than Reimer, but not a lot) and basically a late 1st for Reimer? No, I don't think so.


Hiw is this unbelievable


17 Dec 2014 22:33:22
reimer is better than fasth, but the difference isn't what would end up being a pretty decent prospect.


^ Given where Edmonton is at right now, this trade doesn't really make sense. The team is sunk, Reimer is a UFA at years end, moving assets for a marginal improvement seems illogical.

@Drais it's a bit of a misnomer to call this a "deep draft" as it related to the 31st-35th pick. Once you're out of the top half of the 1st round in any draft, it's a guessing game.

Now, that is not to suggest that there won't be quality players in the high-end of the 2nd or that Edmonton should make this trade, in fact, if anything I would make the pick conditional and/or a 2016 2nd.

However, as I pointed out above, it's illogical to make this trade.


18 Dec 2014 17:21:32
First of all, I'd make it a 6th maybe. tops.




16 Dec 2014 03:40:50
Since Williams will be a UFA at the end of the season and the Kings will most likely not be able to keep him, they should trade him now while they can still get something for him.

To Los Angeles: Connolly, Koekkoek, 1st Round Pick 2015
To Tampa Bay: Williams

LA gets some good young prospects while Tampa Bay adds a veteran leader for the playoffs.


16 Dec 2014 04:54:21
lol a 2nd line forward is worth nowhere near that much, ven under contract for another few years.

either way, LA won't be trading williams as he'll help them win a cup this year more than anythign they'd get for him.


16 Dec 2014 06:49:42
You're heavily overvaluing Williams.


16 Dec 2014 13:41:56
One of the worst I've ever seen
1. LA won't trade Williams
2. How do you get a future top6 winger, a future top4 defenseman and a 1st pick in a super deep draft for 33yr old aging UFA?
Plain ridiculous.




06 Dec 2014 11:58:13
Some more trade ideas from me:

EDM trades: F Jordan Eberle, G Ben Scrivens
BOS trades: G Niklas Svedberg, F Chris Kelly, D Joe Morrow, 2015 3rd

Explanation: Boston is looking for a scoring winger, which they get in Eberle. Scrivens has done good in front of the solid Kings D and should be a capable backup for Rask in front of a solid Boston D. Svedberg has starters potential IMO and should get a shot at being exactly that in EDM. Edmontons season is gone anyways, so giving Svedberg the starts should hurt anybody, he won't be worse than Fasth/Scrivens, but has definitely more potential. Kelly might not be a perfect fit for the Oilers #2C slot, but I think he's an upgrade over Arcobello, Gordon or - I have to admit - myself. I'm just not ready yet, lol. Morrow is an edmonton native prospect, who could play a good role in the Oilers D corps, where he should get more responsibility than in Boston. Pick equals out the talent exchange.

DAL trades: F Ales Hemsky, D Julius Honka, 2016 3rd
OTT trades: D Marc Methot, D Jared Cowen, F Alex Chiasson

Explanation: DAL has an obvious need for some defensive help. I think Methot and Cowen are two solid second pairing defenders that could fit in well with the Stars. Hemsky has done good in his Ottawa stint and Chiasson was good in DAL. These two forwards switch their jerseys. Honka is a very talented D, probably a couple years away from the NHL. But just imagine Karlsson and Honka running the Senators PP in 2-3 years, I think that could be deadly.
I think DAL makes this sacriface, they are not doing too well thus far but I think they are in win-now mode. Just need a D upgrade. Spezza isn't getting any younger and you need a good second C in the west to do anything.

COL trades: F Ryan O'Reilly
ARI trades: D Keith Yandle

Explanation: Both solve obvious problems of their respectitive new teams. They are both signed for the current and the next season. I think you could find argument for either team adding a pick or a mid-prospect, so I'll just leave it at this straight up swap and let you discuss who adds. Good, old hockey trade, haha.

WPG trades: F Evander Kane, F Nic Petan
MIN trades: F Mikael Granlund, D Matt Dumba, 2016 3rd

Explanation: don't think we need to talk about that a different scenario might be good for Kane. Granlund isn't exactly blossoming in MIN either, so both get a fresh start. Dumba can't come through in the loaded MIN defense. Winnipeg's defense is good as well Bogosian is an intangible and after this season, 4 Jets current NHL-defenseman will be FA. MIN adds the third, because Petan is a good offensive talent as well.

So, again: open for constructive criticism. If unbeliebable to you, I'd love if you take the time to explain why.

Thanks for reading.


All of them are good except the first trade, the oilers lose that one bad.


All of them are good except the first trade, the oilers lose that one bad.


Ottawa one is terrible too


The First,
and the Ottawa one make no sense.
Dallas traded Chiasson for a reason.
And Chiasson is getting more playing time then he did in Dallas.

Ales Hemsky back to Ottawa? Ottawa didn't resign him for a reason.

Why trade a prospect that just got drafted in the first round?

Who knows, you might get way more for Honka then Cowen.


First and Second Trades are bad, the Third trade is right on, and the fourth trade is pretty good


Svedberg is not a starter.


Ottawa gets screwed in the Ottawa/Dallas trade.


07 Dec 2014 03:38:47
K, I'l just go and try to defend and justify, lol.
You really think the Oilers lose it bad? I think Svedberg is a very good prospect and they're desperate for sth in goal. Morrow is a good D prospect and Kelly a solid center, plus the pick. Oilers are in a weak position right now, I feel like they won't get much more than that for Ebs.
I do think that makes a lot of sense for both teams. Fits either teams needs very well, IMO.

@NHLFunFacts: They traded Chiasso for the sake of Spezza, not because he sucked. And I feel like DAL could use a scoring winger right now, Hemsky is more of a playmaker.
I explained why to trade Honka. Because they need defensive help which they are getting in Methot and Cowen. Both solid in their own zone, I think.
So one person is saying its terrible for OTT and you are saying DAL could get more for Honka. So if you guys are not even d'accord on who loses it "terribly" it can't be that bad :P haha


07 Dec 2014 12:09:34
@NHLFunFacts: As I said. He isn't a starter yet, but I think he definitely has the potential to be. What do the Oilers have to lose? They won't make the playoffs, so why not give Svedberg the chance to prove he can be their No.1 going forward? don't think he'd do worse than Scrivens or Fasth.
And if it doesn't turn out, it at least increases their chances at McDavid and Eichel.


@Draisaitl_94 Because we already have a good goalie. That is, Scrivens. Adding a young goalie with barely any experience won't help us go to the playoffs. The goalie is not a problem in Edmonton. Its lack of good defenseman.

@Draisaitl_94 I never said the Chiasson sucked. Chris Kelly is not a 2nd line center. If your going to give up that, you can get a solid #2 defenseman

Im not on Dallas' side. i'm saying that its bad for both teams none will benefit from it.

And I honestly don't know why, you would trade a 1st rounder half a year after he was drafted.

Kelly IMO is not a 2nd line center. He barely scores, and barely assists.
Honestly, I don't know about you. But I would rather have Arcobello as a 2nd liner.




28 Nov 2014 15:14:30
2 Trade Proposals

1st Trade
LaKings Trade

Toronto Trades
2nd Round Pick 2016

2nd Trade
Arizona Trades

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2015

If the Leafs Management wants to take that step to be a Top 10 Team in the NHL these are 2 Trades that address the Centre and Defence problems.
LaKings are deep at Centre and won't lose much as JCarter and Lupul played great together in Philadelphia plus they get another 2nd Round Pick from the Leafs.
Arizona is Trading there best Player but after next Season Yandle probably walks as a UFA, Gardiner is younger, locked up long term Contract wise, and still has a lot of upside and could be everything Yandle is now in the future, adding a 1st Round Pick 2015 with a Team rebuilding this Trade is a step in the right direction.



The only trade I would consider for Mike Richards,

TOR: Richards

LAK: Clarkson


First trade seems fair for both teams
Second trade makes no sense for Toronto,if they already have a yandle type player in Gardner , why give him away in the first place and a 1st to do it. I would trade Gardiner and bring up percey.just trade Gardner for a pick and make cap space for trade deadline


Moving Gardiner would be a mistake (unless it's a package for a big upgrade).


The people on here are to much
I have heard how Gardiner is a give away machine etc. Now he is in the same class as Yandle. I give up.


28 Nov 2014 21:39:06
Have to agree there Pinball.
Although I insist on him being a turnover machine.
Concerning the trade: I think it is would ARZ would want for Yandle, but I it might not be clever to do it.


Although the value is there in the yandel trade it docent make sense for phoenix if they don't get offensive upgrade


These kind of trades would be terrible for toronto. Mike richards is a good hockey player on a horrible contract, yandle is a soon to be free agent so there's a chance he does not resign. Toronto has a history of giving up on prospects and trading high draft picks they are finally getting better on not doing that. These trades are not good enough to give up such high draft picks and young talent even if he is a 'turn over machine'.Toronto needs to make straight hockey deals and stay the course when it comes to using their own high draft choices.




27 Nov 2014 15:01:26
Leafs Trade

Kings Trade

Both Players have to waive there NTC but it makes sense for both Teams.





15 Nov 2014 21:48:20
LAK trades Mike Richards to BUF for Drew Stafford (retain 50%). Kings need to shed salary and need a RW. Buffalo gets a REAL center only 9 months older than Stafford. Who needs to add to make this a possible trade?


Equal deal, but Richards isn't going to Buffalo.


@thejazz97 thanks for the feedback. IMO LAKs get the better end of the deal, not that Stafford is better than Richards, but they need a RW, need to shed salary and they have too many centers so Richards is extra. YTD Stafford has outperformed Richards. But I would love to see Richards between Moulson and Stewart, that may actually give Buffalo a true #1 line with Ennis between Hodgson and Gionta as the #2 line. Last, you never know about where people will go. His ego may get the best of him and he may decide to go with a team that is rebuilding so he can be part of the turnaround.


@stanleycup2019 yeah, I see what you're saying. But I just can't see "Richards" on the back of a Sabres jersey. I have no doubt that the Kings would consider this trade to a great deal (and yeah, he would look great between Moulson and Stewart), but I just don't think Buffalo is where he ends up.




14 Nov 2014 13:43:09

2016 2nd rounder


I like the idea of Richards coming home, but not at the expence of Frolik. LA is dealing at a point of weakness and Wpg would not have to offer much

el troubadour



12 Nov 2014 20:26:41
To New York Rangers:
Andrej Sekera

To Carolina:
Marek Hrivik
Danny Kristo
2015 2nd(Tampa Bay's pick)
2016 3rd
2016 5th

To New York Rangers:
Martin Jones
Jake Muzzin
Jordan Nolan
Trevor Lewis

To Los Angeles:
Marc Staal
Cam Talbot
J.T. Miller
2018 2nd

New York's Lineup
Nash-Stepan-St. Louis



Los Angeles' lineup
Clifford-Stoll-Miller/AHL player

McNabb-McBain/Voynov(when back)



This is one of the most lop sided trades ever purposed, seriously if you are serious about this purposal you have no idea what hockey is about.


@OILGUY, lol, have you seen this guy's other trades? There's no way he knows what he's talking about. He's making Sather out to be some mastermind that can pull any trade off. People need to do at least a little research before posting something on here, I'm tired of the ridiculousness




12 Nov 2014 20:02:39
When Laich is healthy,

To Los Angeles: Laich
To Washington: Richards

Washington finally gets their second line centre while the Kings get rid of Richards contract


13 Nov 2014 04:18:20
If LA trades Richards I think they'll be trading for a legit bottom six C with a low cap hit and better blue line depth. Won't be a player like Laich because he's got a pretty high cap hit and Richards is straight up better than Laich everywhere on the ice.




11 Nov 2014 20:41:44
To Los Angeles:
Z. Chara
B. Marchand
2015 3rd
2015 5th
2017 2nd
2016 3rd

To Boston:
Jeff Carter
Jake Muzzin
Tyler Toffoli


Your joking right?


La doesn't need to do this.

giving up toffoli is stuiped as well, if they were smart they would lock him up. he's a prototypical 2nd line winger.

chara will retire a bruin


LA might consider this if Chara was like 10 years younger lol

Captain Nutjob





23 Oct 2014 19:34:36
Alright folks, let's rebuild the LA Kings!

EDM: Kopitar
LA: Eberle, Draisaitl

NAS: Carter, Toffoli, 2nd round pick
LA: Weber

TOR: Doughty, Nolan, 6th round pick
LA: Gardiner, Lupul, Kadri, 2nd round pick

MTL: Martinez, Williams, Pearson
LA: Galchenyuk

WIN: Quick, 1st round pick
LA: Pavalec, Kane, Scheiffele

MIN: Brown
LA: Coyle, 2nd round pick


24 Oct 2014 08:48:52
1. All of them are pretty bad, but - of course - the leafs (and maybe preds) proposal is the most one-sided.
2. Almost a cool name, bro ;)


Just all-round dumb

Boris Bagel

25 Oct 2014 12:08:41
Why does LA need to rebuild?




22 Oct 2014 02:21:41


Send Draisatal back to junior

Hall Nugent-Hopkins Eriksson
Yakupov Arcobello Perron
Pouliot Richards Purcell
Joensuu Gordon Hendricks

Fayne Schultz
Niktan Ference
Marincin Petry



No way that gets you Richards. Yes he is over-paid but still a quality player. And would be the Oilers #2 center


Richards would likely cost Lander + Klefbom or Marincin.


Realistically Lander and Aulie will be AHL players. And may never crack their line-up

3rd Round for Richards? Haha no way


23 Oct 2014 14:48:32
Bruins trade: Drop the first.




20 Sep 2014 21:43:43
Kings are looking for an insurance goalie in case quick isn't 100% by October

Mtl: tokarski
L.A: Clifford


Martin Jones is as good or better then Tokarski


Yeah but Quick was just injured (again) I believe

Charles Xavier



08 Sep 2014 23:53:56
According to a source Thornton will only accept a trade to a cup-contending team. These teams were stated as Los Angeles, Chicago, Anaheim, and St.Louis. Might have been one more team. Only western teams though, he wants to keep his family down south.

The only real fit within these clubs would be Chicago, but the trade would be interesting with Chicago's cap space.

Personally Thornton is staying put, due to the high cap hit, and lack of trade partners.

Marleau is the more likely to be traded. Boston looks like a fit, along with Montreal, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Vancouver, Tampa Bay and possibly the Maple Leafs. Marleau has many more possible destinations other than the ones I listed. Comment possible trade for Marleau?? Thanks guys


09 Sep 2014 17:38:12
for his production thornton doesn't have a big controct at all, its actually pretty good value. anyways, I hthink if one goes both will end up leaving, not to the same team, but in the same time period.


09 Sep 2014 19:56:31
Marleau to Van for Burrows, Shinkuruck, Markstrom and a 3rd.


Mtl- Eller 2nd pick2015 Moen

SJ- MArleau 35 with a 6. 666 3 year contract who choke in playoff

Eller can be a good 3rd line centerwith a potential of 40 to 50pts a years
And he clutch in playoff




06 Sep 2014 04:24:58
I saw a post about Detroit's top players getting older. I cannot agree more. Except with the trade. The trade makes no sense with the text. They are trading all of their young guns, for one. Who knows, some of them might turn out as good or better.

For Example: Eberle is good, but he is also small and doesn't hit.

After you read this, Detroit is going to have a completely different roster.

To Edmonton: Stephen Weiss, 2015 2nd/3rd
To Detroit: Jeff Petry

To Ottawa: Johan Franzen, 2016 3rd
To Detroit: Bobby Ryan

(Pretending no such thing as a salary cap)
To Boston: Henrik Zetterberg,
To Detroit: Reilly Smith,Torey Krug,Joe Morrow 2015 2nd/3rd

To Buffalo: 2016 1st (Can add a 2nd/3rd if needed)
To Detroit: Tyler Myers

Trade: David Krejci for Datsyuk and a 2017 2nd/3rd

Reason for trade number 1: Stephen Weiss is being injured left and right. And with his salary and that he does not play many teams don't want to take him. But, since Edmonton MIGHT need a 2nd line center. He would fit the job if he doesn't get injured. And Oilers want to get rid of Jeff Petry.

Reason for trade number 2: Franzen is getting old not younger. Instead of the points rising, their going to go down every year. Ottawa is looking for a guy like Franzen to replace Spezza (Not saying they are the same value) By that, I mean leadership, and being physical. Franzen fights for the puck, and usually stands up for teammates.

Reason for trade number 3: Same story with Zetterberg, but he will slow down slowly, or not at all. Teemu Selanne was old and played great. In return Detroit gets young players that got good potential.

Reason for trade number 4: Myers is young and big. Could be a good fit for Detroit. In exchange Buffalo gets a 1st which is going to be 10-25.

Reason for trade number 5: David Krejci is a great center to have. And is in 18th place on the NHL Player rankings (center). Datsyuk has more talent. But more cap and he is also older. But he still has a good 5-7 years in him

Thank you for reading all this text. Please do put your opinions, don't think about being rude. Just tell me and it will help me in the future as i'm new to the NHL.

Thank you.


06 Sep 2014 09:55:52
I think trade 1 is quite reasonable.
Trade 2: don't think you get Ryan for that. I just think OTT would get better offers from teams like PHI who could offer young talent instead of a declining Franzen who sure won't help OTT rebuilding.
Trade 3: don't think DET would ever trade ZET to BOS, but just theoretically, value might be okay considering age and stuff.
Trade 4: IMO the Sabres would want more than a 1st in 2016 for Myers. Add a good prospect and a mid pick.
Trade 5: Newly signed players rarely get traded. I think they signed him for so long for a reason. Sure, Datsyuk has more potential than Krejci, but Krejci fits the Bruins still of play perfetly IMO, so no real need for that change.


I assume you're talking about my post, I defiantly agree it's a better move to keep the younger talent and move the veterans out but the thought behind the post was to make Detroit win. The east is up for grabs and if Detroit makes a move for either a right handed D or Top 6 foeard they could contend once again


@Draisaitl_94 Thanks for the feedback!


Trade 1: Looks ok to me
Trade 2: Getting Bobby Ryan would be exactly what Detroit needs in the Top 6 forward with a physical guy who can shoot and be more consistent then Franzen. However, I don't know if that's enough.
Trade 3: I like what were getting but we are taking RFAs with some risk. Also trading Z-Berg in the division or in the conference wouldn't be very smart.
Trade 4: I would love Myers but wouldn't be enough, I don't know if adding Petry to that deal would help but regardless we would be better going for Mike Green.
Trade 5: I don't like trading within our division unless we get a stellar return. I personally rather keep Datsyuk then get Krejci. Kreijci is good but not what I am hoping for. I feel we would be better Trading Datsyuk to Columbus to maybe get Johansen plus.




30 Aug 2014 15:52:30
Read an article on this. Found it very intriguing. What if the Boston Bruins decided to trade Zdeno Chara? He's aging, but wouldn't get a bigger return for him then right now. They are trying to clear some cap space, which would be accomplished with this deal. Plus they could easily upgrade their top-six forwards with trading him. Now IMO I don't think Boston will trade him as long as they are a cup contender. BUT if the right deal came along, I think they would consider.

That deal would probably look like.

Top-six right winger, top 4 defender, 1st round pick. (Depending on value, could add a decent prospect or other pick)

So which teams would be interested?

Not as many as you'd think but, I believe Los Angeles, New York Rangers, Montreal, Tampa Bay, and Detroit would be most interested.

Keep in mind, the Bruins might want to get younger, clear cap space, and possibly deal a defender that is slowing down.

The potential trades:
NYR: Chara
BOS: Zucarello, Girardi, 1st 2017

TBL: Chara
BOS: Palat, Carle, 1st 2015, 2nd 2016

I'm having a hard time placing value. Ignore the fact that you don't think Chara will get traded, just give your 2 cents on what they would get in return? Thanks for reading


I agree boston should trade him he is totally slowing down.but if they did, which they won't cause they are not smart enough. they would trade him to a western team.


Tough one. I just can't see them moving him.chara for yakupov lol


30 Aug 2014 17:24:46
Boy, I don't know where to start in saying how bad that is for every team not named Boston.
First of all, why the hell would LA be interested? They (and maybe STL) have the best D corps in the NHL.

Second, Chara is already declining, he's 37 and has one, MAYBE two good seasons left. Sure, he's still a very good dmen, but he isn't worth all that.
NYR: Girardi isn't much worse, but way younger and has a way better contract, which makes his trade value AT LEAST even to Chara's, rather higher. Still add Zuccarallo and a 1st? No thanks.
TB: WHY? TB has just added Stralman and Garrison to their D, their fine with it now, no need.
Besides that, value is so far off.
Carle may be a bit overpayed, but he's a solid top 4 guy. Palat was a calder finalist and is IMO untouchable for TB, I'm pretty sure he is a future Selke nominee, if not winner. Plus a 1st in the McDavid draft and another 2nd? that's insane.
I'm pretty sure most people disagree on what I'll say now, but i'm pretty sure Yzerman wouldn't trade Palat straight up for Chara.
Think 10-15 more years of a promising young forward, with great two way play VS 1 or MAX 2 years of an already declining Dmen, that TB doesn't really need.


30 Aug 2014 17:27:43
To answer your question:
Tbh I think Chara could fetch a good-paid top 4 dmen (for the cap, if other team is close to cap, too) and a prospect/mid pick.
Or a very good D prospect like (not saying PIT needs him or whatever, just an example) Maatta and a 5th or so


Wow draisaitl you're becoming more of a douche. How bout you give you're opinion on charas value rather than telling everyone their wrong.thats easy and of no use. So tell us what's fair value for chara oh wise one


30 Aug 2014 19:25:12
those packages you're putting together would be for a 30 year old chara, not a 37 year old one. he's worth nowhere near that and last year really showed some signs of declining.


Idk about all that. Tampa got 2 firsts along with Callahan for (then) 37 year old St. Louis. Not saying it's believable, but something similar happened only half a year ago.
Boston needs to just give him lless minutes.


I agree, why would a team trade away youth and picks for 1 or 2 years from an aging, albeit good dman? I don't see it happening. His career will almost certainly end in boston


Chara has a lot of value and he's still a very effective player. Every team that wants to compete this year would be interested to some degree in trading for big z. Correct me if I'm wrong but he would still be better than 4 too 7 dmen on any team. He finally slowed down a touch, but he is still a beast.
Coyotes get chara
Bruins get connor Murphy,Lucas lessio,4th rd pick if big z wanted to play there


Chara isn't worth much at all now. He looks slow.


31 Aug 2014 06:43:42
@drgonzo: As you see, I did just that.
How about YOU giving an assessment here or elsewhere instead of only always saying that I am a douche or whatever?
I'm at least talking hockey. You're talking me, lol.


31 Aug 2014 06:48:15
Shankar ist exactly right, that's for a 30yr old Chara.
The St.Louis comparison is a bit wrong IMO, Marty did show no signs at all of slowing down, he scored 4 goals vs SJ, won the Art Ross a year ago and averaged like 1.1 PPG the last 5 years.
Plus, the Rangers knew that Callahan would prolly leave either way in FA since they couldn't agree on a new contract.
Also, Callahan is not old at 29, but oldER than Palat at 23, who hasn't reached his full potential yet, so that's a difference, too.
Plus Rangers were/are in a desperate win-now-mode, which TB isnt. At least not desperate, since we got SY.


Everyone here is wrong chara is worth nowhere near these deals but if they find the right team and add in other players like kelly plus prospects and maybe 1st or 2nd pick they could get a top 4 d man plus top six right winger to a team that's going for the cup this year


I gave my opinion on the post.i then gave my opinion on you being a douche after reading you're comment.clearly I'm not the only one who has a problem with you based on the amount of clicks as we'll as hockeygodsgift and mrenlightened and others both telling you to shut up and post an idea if you're so smart rather than just dumping on peoples ideas.


01 Sep 2014 18:07:22
Lol, you three have a problem with me because you don't like that I keep telling people they overvalue their players (especially TOR and MON), but it's just the truth.
And 90% of the time, I get more agree's than disagrees, which is pretty good, considering this site is super TOR and MON heavy, lol.


You still don't get it do you.
-You overvalue you're players too.
-you don't know more than the 3 of us if that's all it is.
-the amount of agrees/disagrees you get with words count.its not a clicking contest


This conversation has been comical to follow. Seems to be a lot of pent up angst finally coming out.


Lol the gr81. I have a low tolerance for stupidity




25 Aug 2014 05:33:12
Oilers sign Andrei Loktionov for 2 years/1.2m.

Useful depth, can play on the 4th line. Still a young player. Loktionov put up 22 points in 68 games with the Hurricanes and New Jersey Devils in 2013-14 despite seeing less than 13 minutes of ice time per game.

To Tampa: Jeff Petry, 2016 3rd
To EDM: Matt Carle

Nice Offensive defenseman that can put up points.
And clears cap space for Tampa Bay.

To LA: 2015 4th round pick, 2016 6th
To EDM: Jeff Schultz
As big as he is, he usually plays in the AHL. He can be the Oiler's top 4. Also gives Brayden McNabb a chance to play. Even though he signed a one-way deal, although so was Schultz's last contract and that didn't stop Los Angeles from buying him in the minors for most of the 2013-14 campaign.

At best, Schultz will be a seventh defenseman with the Kings at the start of the season. According to:
Might work. Dunno.


Why would you want that giant pylon in you're top 4.i think he's a bottom pairing dman on a good day


Again, never had the proper chance in L.A. @Drgonzo I was watching him play in Washington, because I used to live there. Jeff Schultz is a good top 4. If you did not see him play, then don't comment. EDM needs a physical d-man with a strong shot.


I'm only commenting cause I've seen him play and he's not a top 4 dman on a good team.if edmontons goal is to continue drafting in the top 5 then good post.


I guess Washington didn't give him a proper chance too,wait they paid him to leave he's so darn good hahaha


I agree that Jeff schultz should not be in anyones top 4. But jeez @ Drgonzo, you call chirp a douche?


Have a seat oilers blue , Dr takes this one


26 Aug 2014 02:08:13
2 j.schultz. that would be confusing


No comments about the trade, you call me on calling Schultz a top four. This is a trade website. Not a depth chart website.


Lmao I gave my opinion and asked a question.if that makes me a douche fine.i think you're too sensitive. Lmao


I might be a douche^however to say I am a douche because of what I said above is laughable,someone get these poor oiler fans a tampon


Lmao now you have a reason to call me a douche yw




22 Aug 2014 04:23:52
Oilers: Perron + Petry
Preds: Wilson + josi (preds have many centres)
Kings: toffoli + muzzin (kings have many centres)
Bruins: soderberg + boychuk + Campbell (bruins need a winger + a slight cap relief + oilers add 3rd rd pk)
Blue jackets: anisomov + Johnson
Detroit: helm + Quincey or kindl + + abdelkader (wings need right hand dman + oilers add prospect such as pitlick, lander, musil or gernat)

edm oil

Kings say no.
Toffoli will or already is better then Perron and muzzin was great in the playoffs


22 Aug 2014 08:37:41
Im sorry, but IMO nearly all trades favor your Oilers, Preds sure decline because of Josi, Kings say no way, so do the Jackets, Bruins and especially DET trades are the most realistic ones, I think EDM loses the DET trade.




17 Aug 2014 06:06:15
Cgy trades: 2015 third 2016 2nd
LA Trades: Adrian Kempe
The flames need more good prospect wingers and the kings could use the picks to trade or keep to get some assets for the future
This is my first one how did I do?


17 Aug 2014 07:27:28
Value might be okay, but I don't know why LA would give someone up who's most likely ready sooner than the players they can pick with the picks they get.
And if they want trade assets, they could just use the picks they have or Kempe himself.


Kempe is Kings Future


I think Calgary is better off holding onto their draft picks. It's going to be a rough year for Calgary with or without him so keep the picks and let you're scouting staff do their job.


Give it another try dude




19 Jul 2014 16:56:59
Just to get this straight: Edmonton is NOT trading Yakupov! What for? He is not fully developed. I say wait until he is around 25-30 then if he doesn't have the numbers to stay, we trade him THEN not now. No point of trading Yakupov now, we will not get a lot for him, if we DO want to trade him, like I said what until he is 25-30. Because 25-30 are the best years to put up points. The player has the maturity, and the experience in the NHL. And will also start leading the young guys by example. So everybody got my point -NO TRADING YAKUPOV
Okay, moving on to the trade:

To Colorado: 2016 6th round draft pick, Jesse Joensuu, Craig Graeme, (If he plays more then 20 games in the AHL Colorado gets a 2015 5th round)

To Edmonton: Cody Corbett

Cody Corbett- Cody has played for the Edmonton Oil Kings in the WHL. As I watched him play, he develops a lot by a year. He also made some great plays in the Memorial Cup tournament. I he is 21, and should play for the AHL. He finished checks, and easily steal the puck from the strikers like a professional. I think he will do good in the Oilers/Barons jersey, and make some great plays. On the other side, Colorado gets a 6th round draft pick that is going to be early, cause we all know that the Oilers are not going anywhere this season and will end up around last 6 in the league. They also get a tall finish 4th/3rd liner and a big Defensive prospect. If this trade does go, it will be a future trade, we will not see Cody Corbett playing for the Oilers in about 2-5 years.


19 Jul 2014 20:04:07
sorry o break it, but no one, not even EDM, will wait until yak is 25 to see of he is something or not.

this year will have a huge impact on the projection of his career.


One more fizzled year and KHL for Yak, 8mil per year tax free with no body checking. Oil need to move Yak for a D-Man before he's worthless a-la' Radulov.




14 Jul 2014 02:47:38
Mon sign Subban and pleck for doughty l.a
Mon price and bourque and Minnesota 2016 2nd round pickfor kopitar and Martin Jones And tofolli
But why would kings need another goals you say?
Well at the camp kings choose the best between them and trade The other one for another impact player!kabooom
Montreal: get a 1 Line center, get a prospect too devlop in toffoli and doughty who is not by far a bether defensemen then subban but with doughty we get a captain! And a ok goalie who could play starter
Kings: get subban almost has good has doughty, pleckanec one of The best defensive center in the league and Bourque a guy who get you on a good team 25 goal to 30 goal, he Will change is attitude just like gaborik did! That 2nd can get a nhl player too! And price wether you keep him or Quick can get you a great 1 Line player or a great prospect!


14 Jul 2014 06:54:24
or LA could just keep thier potential dynasty in tact and not ruin it by throwing away their #1 cebtre,

man some of the stuff you post is just nonsensical.


Well you can see it that way or see it that if you keep the same element every year team Will adjust too that!


Plus I think that if you trade then price or Quick you can replace the first Line center


Price is going nowhere neither is kopitar. doughty. nor probably toffoli


14 Jul 2014 20:54:16
but it has been proven, through appoximately 4/5 years of great success by LA with essentially the same team except for gaborik that the league isn't adjusting to them and that they can if fact have continued success with that squad.




05 Jul 2014 17:02:21
My "Proposal"

Leafs Send Cody Franson, Peter Holland
To The LA Kings and agree to terms with M.Richards
The Kings Buy Him Out and the leafs sign him to a 4 million dollar/year contract for 4 years


05 Jul 2014 18:04:00
Sure, because the 2 things LA needs back are a Dmen and a center


Do you realize that this is what you're proposing:

To LA - Franson, Holland
To TOR - nothing.

Kings then buyout Richards and Toronto signs him (provided, of course, he doesn't sign elsewhere because there are no guarantees).

This is absolutely absurd.


Kings don't need to buy him out if leafs traded for him??


"Best Leaf post ever"




05 Jul 2014 02:52:53
What if oilers trade lander and 2nd rd pk for mike Richards LA kings?
Oilers if needed could use buyout and resign him.

edm oil

You can't buy out a player and then re-sign him. Not allowed. I'm hoping the Oilers trade for Berglund out of STL if its feasible. I wouldn't like the suggested trade of Petry for Berglund because that solves one problem and creates another, but if STL were to accept something like Lander and a pick (not a 1st) then I'd be all for it. Otherwise, I'd be a-ok with taking on Peter Mueller for a year or two. He should be cheap to sign since he's been out of the NHL for a bit, and he would likely be ok with signing short-term to build up his value to sign a bigger contract down the road, whether it's with the Oilers or someone else. Oilers get a decent 2nd line C and can then take pressure off Draisaitl by playing him on the 3rd line instead.

Less desirable but still helpful scenario: sign Ribeiro. He's got game, but apparently a poor attitude so not sure I'd want that in the dressing room. Still likely better than a gaping hole at 2nd line C and/or rushing Draisaitl.


IMO the Oilers should just wait and see what they got in their hands right now. I mean they're obviously not Stanley Cup material, but you have so many great pieces to work with. If I was the GM I would sign some depth players to take the pressure off of the young guns.




25 Jun 2014 06:55:16
My Penguins Offseason Plans

Rutherfurd has announced a few untouchables:

The main goal for me would be to give Crosby that first line RW to play with and strengthen our bottom six. They are saying that the Pens will have the busiest offseason!

In order to do that, we must resign:
Sutter 5yrs/20mil (4mil cap)
Goc 2yrs/4mil (2mil cap)
Gibbons 2yrs/1.8mil (900k cap)
Megna 2yrs/1.8mil (900k cap)

Although I like Glass, he is an old dog and will not be needed. Adams will be an extra (one year left on his contract).

Trade 1: For Grit
To LA: Scuderi, 2nd 2016
To Pens: Clifford
With the Gaborik deal closing in, Clifford playing 4th line in the last month of the regular season and all of the playoffs, and a need for a bottom six defenceman. This is perfect for the LA kings. They also pick up a second round pick in 2016!

Trade 2: For Geno
To WPG: Neal
To PENS: Kane

Pens get a great player to replace Jokinen on the second line LW. WPG gets a player who goes all out every game and is a 30-40 goal scorer.

Trade 3: For Sid
To EDM: Martin, Bennett, 22nd ovr,
To Pens: Yakupov

More than enough for Yak. They get an instant replacement in Bennett (who's ceiling isn't as high), a top 2 dman, and a 22nd overall.

Other Resigns:
Depres 3yrs/4mil (1.33mil cap)

Kulemin 3yrs/10.5mil (3.5mil cap)
Meszaros 3yrs/12mil (4mil cap)
Brodeur 1yr/1mil w/ bonuses (he has had a GREAT career, why not end it with a cup. He is good friends with sid and doesn't seem like the kind of guy to care about salary in his final season. he wants a cup, not a cheque)

Scott Harrington (Coming off of a GREAT season with WBS, he was one of the best defenseman with over 40 points. Great stay at home Dman)

Derrick Pouliot (Offensive threat. CHL defenseman of the year. He is our BEST prospect and is now NHL ready)

Simone Depres (6 foot 4 who didn't get along with Bylsma, do not be surprised to see him play a big role)

Opening Night vs Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks:



Defence is young but they are ready.

Bottom six looks solid

Sid playing with a fairly high potential RW and I love kunitz.

Malkin playing with friend Kulemin and a great player in Kane.

9 million in cap space. AWESOME. I should be the new GM. Rutherfurd can't even pick a coach!

Im AqUaMaN

25 Jun 2014 13:46:14
In no world is there still 9 mil cap space.


I may be a bit of a homer but, I rather have Kane than Neal, Probably because of his age, but the value is good

el troubadour

I'm not sure why you want Yak so bad. Every post you're trading for him. He's talented but doesn't play a team game, like Semin. And WAY to much for Mezaros. term and $




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