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22 Aug 2014 04:23:52
Oilers: Perron + Petry
Preds: Wilson + josi (preds have many centres)
Kings: toffoli + muzzin (kings have many centres)
Bruins: soderberg + boychuk + Campbell (bruins need a winger + a slight cap relief + oilers add 3rd rd pk)
Blue jackets: anisomov + Johnson
Detroit: helm + Quincey or kindl + + abdelkader (wings need right hand dman + oilers add prospect such as pitlick, lander, musil or gernat)

edm oil

Kings say no.
Toffoli will or already is better then Perron and muzzin was great in the playoffs


22 Aug 2014 08:37:41
Im sorry, but IMO nearly all trades favor your Oilers, Preds sure decline because of Josi, Kings say no way, so do the Jackets, Bruins and especially DET trades are the most realistic ones, I think EDM loses the DET trade.






17 Aug 2014 06:06:15
Cgy trades: 2015 third 2016 2nd
LA Trades: Adrian Kempe
The flames need more good prospect wingers and the kings could use the picks to trade or keep to get some assets for the future
This is my first one how did I do?


17 Aug 2014 07:27:28
Value might be okay, but I don't know why LA would give someone up who's most likely ready sooner than the players they can pick with the picks they get.
And if they want trade assets, they could just use the picks they have or Kempe himself.


Kempe is Kings Future


I think Calgary is better off holding onto their draft picks. It's going to be a rough year for Calgary with or without him so keep the picks and let you're scouting staff do their job.


Give it another try dude




19 Jul 2014 16:56:59
Just to get this straight: Edmonton is NOT trading Yakupov! What for? He is not fully developed. I say wait until he is around 25-30 then if he doesn't have the numbers to stay, we trade him THEN not now. No point of trading Yakupov now, we will not get a lot for him, if we DO want to trade him, like I said what until he is 25-30. Because 25-30 are the best years to put up points. The player has the maturity, and the experience in the NHL. And will also start leading the young guys by example. So everybody got my point -NO TRADING YAKUPOV
Okay, moving on to the trade:

To Colorado: 2016 6th round draft pick, Jesse Joensuu, Craig Graeme, (If he plays more then 20 games in the AHL Colorado gets a 2015 5th round)

To Edmonton: Cody Corbett

Cody Corbett- Cody has played for the Edmonton Oil Kings in the WHL. As I watched him play, he develops a lot by a year. He also made some great plays in the Memorial Cup tournament. I he is 21, and should play for the AHL. He finished checks, and easily steal the puck from the strikers like a professional. I think he will do good in the Oilers/Barons jersey, and make some great plays. On the other side, Colorado gets a 6th round draft pick that is going to be early, cause we all know that the Oilers are not going anywhere this season and will end up around last 6 in the league. They also get a tall finish 4th/3rd liner and a big Defensive prospect. If this trade does go, it will be a future trade, we will not see Cody Corbett playing for the Oilers in about 2-5 years.


19 Jul 2014 20:04:07
sorry o break it, but no one, not even EDM, will wait until yak is 25 to see of he is something or not.

this year will have a huge impact on the projection of his career.


One more fizzled year and KHL for Yak, 8mil per year tax free with no body checking. Oil need to move Yak for a D-Man before he's worthless a-la' Radulov.




14 Jul 2014 02:47:38
Mon sign Subban and pleck for doughty l.a
Mon price and bourque and Minnesota 2016 2nd round pickfor kopitar and Martin Jones And tofolli
But why would kings need another goals you say?
Well at the camp kings choose the best between them and trade The other one for another impact player!kabooom
Montreal: get a 1 Line center, get a prospect too devlop in toffoli and doughty who is not by far a bether defensemen then subban but with doughty we get a captain! And a ok goalie who could play starter
Kings: get subban almost has good has doughty, pleckanec one of The best defensive center in the league and Bourque a guy who get you on a good team 25 goal to 30 goal, he Will change is attitude just like gaborik did! That 2nd can get a nhl player too! And price wether you keep him or Quick can get you a great 1 Line player or a great prospect!


14 Jul 2014 06:54:24
or LA could just keep thier potential dynasty in tact and not ruin it by throwing away their #1 cebtre,

man some of the stuff you post is just nonsensical.


Well you can see it that way or see it that if you keep the same element every year team Will adjust too that!


Plus I think that if you trade then price or Quick you can replace the first Line center


Price is going nowhere neither is kopitar. doughty. nor probably toffoli


14 Jul 2014 20:54:16
but it has been proven, through appoximately 4/5 years of great success by LA with essentially the same team except for gaborik that the league isn't adjusting to them and that they can if fact have continued success with that squad.




05 Jul 2014 17:02:21
My "Proposal"

Leafs Send Cody Franson, Peter Holland
To The LA Kings and agree to terms with M.Richards
The Kings Buy Him Out and the leafs sign him to a 4 million dollar/year contract for 4 years


05 Jul 2014 18:04:00
Sure, because the 2 things LA needs back are a Dmen and a center


Do you realize that this is what you're proposing:

To LA - Franson, Holland
To TOR - nothing.

Kings then buyout Richards and Toronto signs him (provided, of course, he doesn't sign elsewhere because there are no guarantees).

This is absolutely absurd.


Kings don't need to buy him out if leafs traded for him??


"Best Leaf post ever"




05 Jul 2014 02:52:53
What if oilers trade lander and 2nd rd pk for mike Richards LA kings?
Oilers if needed could use buyout and resign him.

edm oil

You can't buy out a player and then re-sign him. Not allowed. I'm hoping the Oilers trade for Berglund out of STL if its feasible. I wouldn't like the suggested trade of Petry for Berglund because that solves one problem and creates another, but if STL were to accept something like Lander and a pick (not a 1st) then I'd be all for it. Otherwise, I'd be a-ok with taking on Peter Mueller for a year or two. He should be cheap to sign since he's been out of the NHL for a bit, and he would likely be ok with signing short-term to build up his value to sign a bigger contract down the road, whether it's with the Oilers or someone else. Oilers get a decent 2nd line C and can then take pressure off Draisaitl by playing him on the 3rd line instead.

Less desirable but still helpful scenario: sign Ribeiro. He's got game, but apparently a poor attitude so not sure I'd want that in the dressing room. Still likely better than a gaping hole at 2nd line C and/or rushing Draisaitl.


IMO the Oilers should just wait and see what they got in their hands right now. I mean they're obviously not Stanley Cup material, but you have so many great pieces to work with. If I was the GM I would sign some depth players to take the pressure off of the young guns.




25 Jun 2014 06:55:16
My Penguins Offseason Plans

Rutherfurd has announced a few untouchables:

The main goal for me would be to give Crosby that first line RW to play with and strengthen our bottom six. They are saying that the Pens will have the busiest offseason!

In order to do that, we must resign:
Sutter 5yrs/20mil (4mil cap)
Goc 2yrs/4mil (2mil cap)
Gibbons 2yrs/1.8mil (900k cap)
Megna 2yrs/1.8mil (900k cap)

Although I like Glass, he is an old dog and will not be needed. Adams will be an extra (one year left on his contract).

Trade 1: For Grit
To LA: Scuderi, 2nd 2016
To Pens: Clifford
With the Gaborik deal closing in, Clifford playing 4th line in the last month of the regular season and all of the playoffs, and a need for a bottom six defenceman. This is perfect for the LA kings. They also pick up a second round pick in 2016!

Trade 2: For Geno
To WPG: Neal
To PENS: Kane

Pens get a great player to replace Jokinen on the second line LW. WPG gets a player who goes all out every game and is a 30-40 goal scorer.

Trade 3: For Sid
To EDM: Martin, Bennett, 22nd ovr,
To Pens: Yakupov

More than enough for Yak. They get an instant replacement in Bennett (who's ceiling isn't as high), a top 2 dman, and a 22nd overall.

Other Resigns:
Depres 3yrs/4mil (1.33mil cap)

Kulemin 3yrs/10.5mil (3.5mil cap)
Meszaros 3yrs/12mil (4mil cap)
Brodeur 1yr/1mil w/ bonuses (he has had a GREAT career, why not end it with a cup. He is good friends with sid and doesn't seem like the kind of guy to care about salary in his final season. he wants a cup, not a cheque)

Scott Harrington (Coming off of a GREAT season with WBS, he was one of the best defenseman with over 40 points. Great stay at home Dman)

Derrick Pouliot (Offensive threat. CHL defenseman of the year. He is our BEST prospect and is now NHL ready)

Simone Depres (6 foot 4 who didn't get along with Bylsma, do not be surprised to see him play a big role)

Opening Night vs Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks:



Defence is young but they are ready.

Bottom six looks solid

Sid playing with a fairly high potential RW and I love kunitz.

Malkin playing with friend Kulemin and a great player in Kane.

9 million in cap space. AWESOME. I should be the new GM. Rutherfurd can't even pick a coach!

Im AqUaMaN

25 Jun 2014 13:46:14
In no world is there still 9 mil cap space.


I may be a bit of a homer but, I rather have Kane than Neal, Probably because of his age, but the value is good

el troubadour

I'm not sure why you want Yak so bad. Every post you're trading for him. He's talented but doesn't play a team game, like Semin. And WAY to much for Mezaros. term and $




20 Jun 2014 19:27:14
Brad Richards have been Bought out Top Teams interested and that he would be interested in goes like this:








Why would kings or flyers be interested in him and why would he be interested in the leafs or sens? Flyers and kimgs very deep in the middle and he'd wanna go to a winner since he's almost done so that takes sens out. Toronto would pursue him to be a top line guy which he isn't and he would be under a lot of media scrutiny and pressure

Brad Richards "has" been bought out.

He wants to go to a winner so that takes the sens out? Should take out the leafs philly and the stars ten as well because they aren't close either

He wants to go to a winner so exclude the Leafs, Flyers and Senators. The Kings and Blues don't need him so that leaves the Ducks.

Phillis a D or 2 away

NO interest at all from philly. Give your head a shake

^ I'm sure you could make the "he wants to go to a winner" argument for every player In the world, yet every year FA don't all flock to one or two teams. With this said, Anaheim makes sense. I wouldn't count Toronto out, they wanted him bad before - may push now

Richards won't go to Anaheim

Why would tor want him he didn't want come last time

B schenn
Who's shaking who's head

What are you guys talking about? The flyers are a winner. Maybe not the stanley cup but they have been in the playoffs 17 of the last 19 years. And yea the flyers would have no interest in him. They already have enough centers

He wants another cup so that eliminates the Leafs and Sens. He stated before he has no interest in the leafs.


Tb is also up there




18 Jun 2014 02:17:49
Sharks Roster 2014-2015 Season

Sharp - Kesler - Pavelski
Hertl - Couture - Stafford
Nieto - Wingels - Kennedy
Torres - Sheppard - Brown

Vlasic - Burns
Stuart - Demers
Oduya - Braun
Extra: Mueller


RESIGN: Jason Demers (D), Tommy Wingels (C), James Sheppard (C), Ryan Miller (G)

� Joe Thornton (C), Matt Irwin (D) to CHI for Patrick Sharp (LW) and Johnny Oduya (D)
� Patrick Marleau (LW) to STL for Rights to Patrik Berglund (C), Ian Cole (D) and Rights to Ryan Miller (G)
� THEN, Rights to Patrik Berglund (C), Ian Cole (D), Antti Niemi (G) and a 4th round pick in 2015 to VAN for Ryan Kesler (C)
� Adam Burish (RW) to NYI for a 3rd round pick in 2014
� Martin Havlat (RW) and a 3rd round pick in 2015 to BUF for Drew Stafford (RW)

I hope my Sharks won't choke with this realistic, cup contending team. First, Sharks need a goalie who can win them a game every so often. Ryan Miller indicated he wanted to play in the West Coast so this is perfect. Sharks need to move Thornton, Marleau and Niemi. I like the deal I made with Chicago because Jumbo will actually wave his NTC to play for a cup contender like the Blackhawks. Sharks get back a good winger, Patrick Sharp and Johnny Oduya, who's on his last year of contract. This moves benefits both sides because Hawks free up some cap room and get the perfect number 2 center that they need and they get a top 6 D that fills in for Oduya. Win-win deal for both sides. Next, the three way deal. It took me some time to put this all together, but in the end, all three teams benefit. Part 1), Blues need snipers, scorers, whatever you want to call them. They're built with too many grinders. So, they can get Patrick Marleau, who will fit great in the Blues defensive system, similar to Gaborik playing in Los Angeles. Sharks get back the Rights to a big #2/3 center, Patrik Berglund, top 6 D Ian Cole and Ryan Miller's Rights. Sharks take Berglund and Cole for Part 2), only thing they keep are Miller's rights, which is good for them as I said before. Miller can really help this Sharks team that is close to a cup. Win-win deal once again. Now Part 2), Vancouver indicated they want a NHL ready centerman back in the deal for Ryan Kesler, so here's how I see it. Canucks get their NHL ready center, Berglund, who can play 2nd line with Swedish friend Hansen. They also get Cole, a top six defenseman to help out the young goaltenders. Last, Canucks should really consider loaning Antti Niemi for a season (his contract expires next year). Canucks need a veteran goalie to split the games with Lack (Markstrom should be in minors) so that Canucks can actually have a chance to do something next year. I tossed in a 4th to even out the value. This is a good deal for Canucks and Sharks, Sharks get another top 2 centerman to rotate with Couture. I believe Kesler would wave his NTC to come to San Jose because they are cup conternders and he can play with American buddy Joe Pavelski. Another win-win deal. Burish doesn't fit in on San Jose's team, so I set up a trade to Islanders because they need more grit in the bottom six, especially since I think they will be a playoff team next season. Last trade, Havlat and a 3rd for Stafford. Sabres can afford Havlat for one season, maybe he gets them 15-20 goals as a stretch. Sharks get Stafford, who can be really effective with Couture and the Sharks on the 2nd line, or 1B line.

I know I wrote a whole novel, but it's what I have to do so people can understand what I'm doing what I am. If there's any slight value unfairness let me know. This is VERY reasonable. Nothing unrealistic. I made deals where both teams benefit. Please give me some feedback.


Anaheim will offer better for kesler

Kesler is not a top center

Rights won't get you Kesler

Nice essay.

I think he is trying to say that the sharks will have a good season with these "even" trades!

I didn't read it, just predicting :)

Highly unlikely

Makes sense, good deals for those all teams involved, just too much to go through as a gm, this just won't happen way too much stuff going on. Ducks can give better for Kesler like someone mentioned.

Probably took this guy 5 min to write that. At least it all makes sense, I like how someone is actually trying to make deals that benefit both teams involved.

I'm sorry to say this, but I love the Blackhawks trade. As a Hawks fan we need a 2 line center for Kane. Reports I read in Chicago papers is Kane wants 2nd line center that's legit or he goes and walks after next season. Shaw is a perfect 3rd line center

The guy prob writes an essay so that all the dummies can get why he's doing what he is. If it's NHL 14 This happens, if General managers had guts this would happen

As a Blackhawks fan, I am praying that this happens!!

Kesler isn't a top C.

You are absolutely correct about BUF taking on salaries and Tim Murray has indicated that he is VERY interested with executing this concept. So BUF helps SJS greatly reduce their cap space, get younger, tougher and better. SJS trades 1st & 3rd 2015; Brad Stuart (34 yo, 11 pts, $3. 6MM); Martin Havlat (33 yo, 22 pts, $5MM); Tyler Kennedy (27 yo, 17 pts, $2, 350M/1 yr) to BUF for; DL Mike Weber (25 yo, 9 pts, $1. 7MM); FL-Cory Conacher (23 yo, 26 pts $. 9MM); & FL Marcus Foligno (22 yo, 19 pts, $. 9MM). Weber> Brad Stuart’s ($2MM savings); Conacher>> Havlat ($4MM savings); and Foligno >> Kennedy ($1. 5MM savings). Sharks improve at 3 positions, and reduce the cap by over $7. 5MM which just about what the Sharks would need to sign Miller. BUF gets to build for the future with a couple of picks (BUF takes Havlat, Stuart & Kennedy ONLY to help reduce SJS cap hit, help BUF reach the cap floor and provide three place holders
Someone indicated they could not read the trade with all of the brackets. SJS trades 1st & 3rd 2015; Brad Stuart; Martin Havlat; Tyler Kennedy to BUF for; DL Mike Weber; FL-Cory Conacher; & FL Marcus Foligno. As always, I appreciated feedback.

How can you disagree with my Kane leaves if we don't get a legit 2nd line center like I've read.

1) guy who said "as a blackhawks fan, I am praying this happens!" is it an overpayment by sharks or do you just like that u get thornton?

2) I totally agree with "kane walks if they don't get a second center" shaw isn't a second center let's be honest, and if kane isn't going to be playing with toews that he should go to a new team

3) guy with the buffalo comment : do you really think buffalo takes on all those guys? I like stuart cause he's tough so I wouldn't dump him, but havlat, kennedy, niemi and burish are all wasted salaries. I like marcus floigno on this sharks team but I don't like conacher. too small to play in the west, especially pacific division




18 Jun 2014 00:07:46
Sens Roster 2014-2015 Season

Ryan Richards Michalek
MacArthur Turris Zibanejad
Hoffmann Smith Stone
Prince Pageau Neil

Methot Karlsson
Cowen Shattenkirk
Phillips Ceci
Extras: Gryba

Anderson/Lehner (whoever is on a hot streak plays. )

RESIGN: Mike Hoffmann (LW), Robin Lehner (G), Milan Michalek (RW), Eric Gryba (D)

� Jason Spezza (C) and Patrick Wiercioch (D) to STL for Kevin Shattenkirk and Ty Rattie
� Erik Condra (RW), Matt Puempel (LW, Prospect) and 2015 2nd Round pick to LAK for Mike Richards (C)

� Michalek signs for max of 2 years 7 million or 3 years 10 million

This Sens team cracks a playoff position next season, in my opinion. Blues get their offensive number 1 center in Spezza and an offensive asset in the back end in Wiercioch. Sens get back a top four two way D in Shattenkirk, who will help with Sens' defensive issues. Sens also get good scoring prospect Ty Rattie. In the second deal, Kings get a fourth line RW that is a PK specialist, will help add on do the Kings' depth, which is already insane. They also get a good scoring prospect in Matt Puempel, along with a second round pick in 2015. Sens get an underrated centerman in Mike Richards, who was hidden on the fourth line on the Kings' powerhouse lineup. He is better than most think. His defensive game would help out the Sens, and they get him for a low price, since LA has to move him. Potentially make the 2nd into a 1st, depending on what people think. I think Puempel, Condra and a 2nd is enough value personally, but if there's any issues, swap it for a first and it's a done deal. Let me know what you think.


Wow ottawa says no way on the Richards deal. They aren't a cup contender so shouldn't be moving good prospects like peumpel or high draft picks, especially in such a deep draft.


@ct. But we have Rattie, Prince, Lazar and others. sens can be contenders in two, three years with this team and their prospects. Which other center up for grabs can sens realistically get that's actually good?


Spezza is going to st. louis for Berglund, Polak and Rattie. If Murray and negotiate a 2nd and 3rd rd pick from Armstrong then that might be added but those are the pieces that are moving. Polak or Ian Cole armstrong ain't disecting his core for a 2nd line centre on his club

Switch puemple for Prince maybe?

He is not trading Rattie

All do respect to David Backes and St. Louis, but if they do acquire Spezza he'd be there # 1 center and offensive catalyst in the forward position. That's what the Blues lacked big time in the playoffs. David Backes is an exceptional player, but his offensive skill set isn't what he can do in the offensive game, what makes him a good player is his 200ft game and his grittiness and toughness. He is a very good second line player, maybe one of the best. But he cannot but a team on his back and lead the way offensively. By having Spezza there the opposition will undoubtably match there best defensive pairing against Spezza not Backes.



17 Jun 2014 01:51:16
Let's have some fun!
Montreal Canadiens Off-Season (2014)

Trade the day before draft:
G - Dustin Tokarski
LW - Rene Bourque
C - Danny Briere
3rd Round Pick (2014)

RW - Kyle Okposo
LW - Eric Boulton

Why is this believable nay-sayers?
Simple, all teams/players involved address their concerns.

For NYI it addresses 2 concerns. First, goaltending. Tokarski in the mix, they have a back-up that can challenge Halak. Nilsson is in the KHL and Poulin has been disappointing. Tokarski should get 25 games; Halak the rest.

Secondly, a veteran dressing room. The Islanders are one of the youngest teams in the NHL. Excluding Visnovsky and Boyle, a lot of youth with marginal leadership and playoff experience. In one trade, they acquire two veterans in Bourque and Briere that address the issue. Bourque on the 2nd line with Bailey and Grabner; Briere on the third line with Strome and Clutterbuck.

For MTL it addresses 5 concerns.
First, and most importantly, the Habs acquire a potential 30-goal scorer. The Habs biggest problem is not their size or their defense (just ask Lucic and the cry baby Bruins); the correct answer is scoring. Only Pacioretty had more than 30 goals. Having Okposo on the 2nd line with Plekanec should produce 2 more 30-goal scorers.

Secondly, a little thing called a goalie controversy. Anyone who thinks Habs should keep Tokarski should pound sand. He deserves an opportunity to earn his stripes on another team. But most importantly, it maintains the Price-Budaj dynamic that make the goalie situation in Montreal so strong.
Just ask Halak in 2010.

Third, Trade Value. Tokarski and Bourques trade value is exceptionally high right now after this recent playoff run. With their trade value so high, there's no requirement to afford the Isles with a 1st round pick. Dead Serious.

Fourth, the Economics. The Habs save 4 mill in cap space. Need to sign Subban, Markov, Gionta, Weaver, etc. etc.

5th, the Enforcer. Parros out/Boulton in. Habs save 300k and a whole lot of moustache cream.

For the players involved, the only hurdle are Bourque and Brieres No Movement Clauses. But it's a simple sell. If they stay in MTL, they will continue to be healthy scratches. They would want to play 82 games at Barclay Centre vs. 60-65 games in the Bell Centre.
For Okposo and Boulton, a chance to win a Cup.
For Tokarski, a chance to earn a starting job.
For Halak, the motivation to play better.

Montreal will draft in 1st round, 4th Round, 5th Round and 6th Round. Isles have 2nd and 3rd Round Picks (Vanek and Okposo trade)

Off-Season UFA signings:
RW - Paul Stastny (5yr - 35 mil)

Why Paul Stastny? Simple, another 30 goal scorer. Put him on the 1st line with Pacioretty and now you have 4 30-goal scorers. Oh by the way, Pacioretty and Stastny played together for Team USA in the Olympics.

Gionta (2yr - 8 mil)
Markov (1yr - 5.5 mil)
Weaver (2yr - 2.8 mil)

Off-season RFA signings:
Subban (8yr - 60 mil)

My gut tells me that Subbans camp and Bergevins camp are a million dollars a year apart on talks. If I could take my Delorean back to 2012, I would have tore up that 'bridge' contract and given Subban what he wanted (8yr - 40 mil). Would you like fries with that?
Bergevin could easily compare Subban to Doughty (7mil a yr), Subban wants 8 mil a year; now that's silly.
They'll meet in the middle. I hope.

Eller (3yr - 6. 75 mil)
Weise (3yr - 3 mil)
White (1yr - 700k)

UFA departures, adios boys:
Vanek, Parros, Murray, Boullion

Line Combinations for (2014/15)
Pacioretty - Desharnais - Stastny
Gallagher - Plekanec - Okposo
Prust - Gionta - Galchenyuk
Moen - Eller - Weise
(Boulton) - (Bournival) - (White)

Subban - Markov
Gorges - Emelin
Weaver - Beaulieu
(Tinordi) - (Pateryn)

Price - Budaj

Estimate Team Salary - 69.4 million

Four 30-goal scorers along with a Vezina and Jack Adams Trophy winner for 2014/15.
Now that's a team that would make it to the Cup finals and lose to the Kings or Hawks in 5 games

Give me your thoughts?
Let's have some fun. Go HABS Go

Okposo is not getting moved, especially for the junk you are proposing.

I wish as a hab fan. But Marc Bergevin will never do this.

Eller and Subban both get paid more. Some teams may pay more for statsny. You want a first line winger for two cap dumps and goalie prospect? Nope that doesn't happen either. Now your cap doesn't work so basically it all doesn't work. A back up can be signed this offseason or obtained from a different team for a much lower price tag.

Keep dreaming. That's something we would pull off in NHL 14.

They should let Gionta walk.

I gave u an agree for your effort to put all that up

Try hugs, not drugs. Bourque's value is exceptionally high yet he'll be a healthy scratch if he stays in Montreal? So every team wants him but he's not good enough for the habs? Is he too tall? Stastny is a natural center, if he played wing in the Olympics it's because there were too many centers. The 4 guys you're referring to as 30 goal scorers is a stretch. That was your chance to win a cup, it's gone now. Beating the Bruins sure went straight to the head

So how about we say
Clarkson, Holland, Rynnas

Quantity doesn't equal quality

So it address's 5 Mtl concerns and only 1 NYI. They have leadership

Unbelievable, all the player leaving Montreal are garbage players, please keep your garbage players nobody wants them not even you guys.

^^difference is teams would rather have Briere, Bourque and draft pics than get stuck with Clarkson and two AHLers.

Haha nobody wants Briere and bourque not even you guys.

Nope. You can't trade scraps for okposo.



12 Jun 2014 01:32:35
I know this may not happen but is this reasonable:

Detroit Trades:
Weiss, 3rd 2014

Los Angeles Trades:
Mike Richards

This is just a base. I think this benefits Detroit in getting the 2nd line center who can fit in the system with experience and some two-way play. L. A dumps some Cap and can use Weiss as a reasonable fourth line C or higher at their choosing. Maybe use Weiss as a wing and Detroit adds Andersson to give kings a 4th line C. I believe Detroit could use a guy like Richards to be the filler of the Fillipula gap.

Then after this is done:
Detroit Trades:
Helm, Kindl, 2nd 2014

Pittsburgh Trades:
Rights to Niskanen
Scott Harrington
Conditional 4th (6th if Niskanen doesn't re-sign)

In this deal Detroit, gets a right-handed D, clears forward glut and adds to defensive prospect which is where Pittsburgh has extra. Pittsburgh gets a solid two way center with speed and a reliable young D and a higher 2nd round pick.

Detroit signs Niskanen 3 years (5 million with bonuses)

Detroit's new line-up:
Zetterberg-M. Richards-Nyquist
Ex. Pulikkinen

Ex. Harrington, Ouelltte, Sproul


Gives young guys a chance while filling needs. Detroit still keeps their first. I know these deals may not happen but this would be a good line-up to make them at least playoff contenders. What will it take to make it work?

Does it cost more to get Richards?
Does it cost more for Wings in Pens Trade?

Who needs to add? Comment please

You know that ain't half bad, I think mayb e that the Pittsburgh one is a little shaky but the Richards deal isn't half bad. I feel like that deal is missing something though

I think the Kings will rather buy out Mike Richards than take another bad contract in Weiss. That's more counter productive.

-Realistic Leafs fan

Helm is not going anywhere. He is to important to the wings with his speed.

Not a chance that Detroit parts ways with Helm.



09 Jun 2014 23:18:44
A markov sign to a good three year deal with a good salary for tyler toffoli and a 2015 late second round pick for los angeles!

i think that markov can still be a solid number 2 d man

IF this deal involved the same players it would be: Toffoli for Markov++++.
35 y o d-man for a young tearing it up? Plus a 2nd?! Especially considering LA needs offence not defence?! Bad all around, smh


^ you clearly don't know hockey, 35 or not he is still a top talent d man which all teams want. Edm offered a crazy package for him for Habs to turn down as well kings offered tofflie and muzin or Clifford for him. Stop being just a lil hater and understand good players and understand the game, but I your case I wouldn't even try cause you seem hopeless

L. A have lots of old fart d. Greene, Mitchell, Regher

Would take a ton more then markov to get that kid he's looking real good




09 Jun 2014 21:45:07
to Dallas: Richards retained to 4m/y
to Los Angeles: Patrick Nemeth and Brett Ritchie




09 Jun 2014 19:18:54
Flyers Offseason Plans:

1. ) Trade Scott Hartnell, Braydon Coburn, 2014 2nd Rd Pick, 2014 4th Rd Pick to Anaheim for Luca Sbisa.

Analysis: If I had my druthers, I'd much rather see the Flyers land Lindholm, but I don't believe the Ducks are willing to part with him. With that said, this deal makes sense for both sides. The Flyers are in need of a young, energetic, puck moving defender, and Sbisa fits that mold. On the other hand, the Ducks need a big-bodied presence on the wing. The only big body they have is Getzlaf. While Hartnell is and older player with some serious wear and tear. Coburn is a solid defender, and should fit in nicely with the Ducks system. I feel that the 2nd and 4th rd picks in this year's draft will make up for any gaps between talent.

2. ) Trade Vinny Lecavailer to Nashville for 2014 3rd Rd Pick

Analysis: Vinny can still play, there's just no room for him in Philly. Lavy went to bat and brought him into Philly. It would only make sense for Lavy to go bat for him again.

3. ) Trade 2015 Cond. 3rd Rd Pick to Pittsburgh for rights to Matt Niskanen (3rd becomes 2nd if Flyers make ECF)

Analysis: Simply put. Pittsburgh can't afford to lost Niskanen for nothing. The Pens would be getting a decent draft pick for a guy that may not have re-signed with them anyways.

4. ) Trade Matt Read to Los Angeles for Kyle Clifford, 2014 4th Rd Pick

Analysis: Matt Read reminds me a lot of Jeff Carter. Talented, yet unable to perform in a structured system. Carter didn't begin to thrive until he hit LA and started playing in their Run N Gun system. I feel Read would break very similarly to Carter. Clifford is one of those players that is vital to building a cup winning team. He can do everything. score, dish the puck, get dirty and fight for the puck in the corner, etc. You name it, he can do it. Granted, his scoring isn't as often as the likes of Read. but, he has heart, passion, and will leave everything on the ice just to win. The Fyers need a player like that
Re-Signings: (Roughly $27. 8 Million Available)

1) Brayden Schenn- 4 Years, $15. 5 Million
2) Tye McGinn- 3 Years, $4 Million
3) Jason Akeson- 5 Years, $7 Million
4) Marc-Andre Bourdon- 1 Year, $700k

1. ) Matt Niskanen- 5 Years, $30 Million
2. ) Matt Moulson- 4 Years, $18 Million
3. ) Thomas Greiss- 2 Years, $1. 8 Million
4. ) Adam Hall- 3 Years, $4 Million
5. ) Danny Cleary- 2 Years, $2. 75 Million

1. ) Tye McGinn
2. ) Jason Akeson
3. ) Marc-Andre Bourdon
4. ) Oliver Lauridsen


L. Schenn-Grossmann


Left over cap room: Roughly $5 Million

Solid proposal, no rubbishtin´no overvalueing. And some of them could happen. Congrats from a Pens-fan.

Moulson and Greiss will get more than 4. 5 and 0. 9 per
Run n Gun? because they score so many goals huh, lol
Kings are a D first team


Thats a lot going to Anaheim for 1 player. Bourdon has post concussion symptoms and cleary clearly didn't want to play for the flyers last season. sign moulson for 4 years 20 mil

And one last thing switch grossman and Macdonald on your lines



09 Jun 2014 01:27:22
montreal: tomas plecanek for
detroit: Anthony mantha

AND CHOOSE between the 2 :they sign markov after
for a good deal of 3 years

so that we trade him for los angeles tyler toffoli

or instead
montreal trade georges to Edmonton for darnel nurse

Pleky won't get you mantha, nor will gorges get you nurse.


Nurse will be a stud. They wouldn't trade him for Gorges.

No way u get either for that need to add on both


09 Jun 2014 03:39:45
Vancouver: Franzen Lashoff and a third round pick.
Detroit: Kesler Elder and a fifth round pick and a conditional pick in 2015.

Nashville: Franzen
Detroit: Hornqvist

Detroit should make offers on
Vanek - $6. 25 million for 3-4 yrs
Stastny -$5 million for 5 years
Niskanen - $ 5.5 million for 3 yrs
Markov - $4 million for 2 yrs ( because someone will over pay Niskanen) I. e. a non-playoff team!






Yeah but georges can bring you leadership in a team with a lot of loose potential!

If you guys want Mantha it will cost you Galchenyuk and a good prospect.

How did you trade Franzen twice

Man that hasn't proven anything in the nhl. If you think Montreal would trade galchenyuk for mantha then you should watch some hockey.

Agreed with that galchenyuk is going to be an elite player in a few years

10 Jun 2014 05:05:48
No mantha will become a way better player then galchenyk

Galchenyuk hasn't done anything yet until he does enough with the " galchenyuk is great " talk.



09 Jun 2014 00:17:52
Ottawa Trades:

St. Louis Trades:
'14 1st round pick

Ottawa Trades:
'16 3rd round pick

Los Angeles Trades:

Sign: Moulson 4 years x 5 million
Macarthur Turris Ryan
Hoffman Richards Moulson
Lazar Zibanejad Stone
Greening Smith Neil

Methot Karlsson
Wiercioch Cowen
Phillips Ceci


Wheres Berglund?

Id want jaskin over paajarvi

Stl takes it and runs

I like the stl trade if its jaskin over paajarvi. Doubt if moulson comes to ottawa.

I'd want Sobotka over Berglund and Jaskin over Pajaarvi-Svensson. Also don't want Moulson. Go after Callahan instead.



04 Jun 2014 05:04:04
I just read a scoop for those who had requested that the Leaf get Mike Richards, that he may get buyout by the Kings after the post season is over and that the Leaf are very interested to get is service via a contract or a trade.

Heard a buyout is just about guaranteed. don't think leafs would touch that contract with a 10 foot pole

Why would Richards from the Kings get bought out? They are not true rumours. Brad Richards of the Rangers may get bought out though

^because he's playing on their 3rd/4th line and has like 7 more years of 5+ million


Both of them might get bought out.

If I were the Leafs I'd rather have Richards, a proven winner, leadership and can be the captain Leafs need. I would take his contract and leadership over Phaneuf's any day. He can play on the 3rd day on Leafs. why not.

I doubt Richards is bought out he will be traded for low value probably in the neighborhood of 2 2nd round picks but its a dump on LA's part.


Playing on the 3rd and 4th line because he is on a team that has Kopitar, Carter and Stoll. He is and can play on the second line and produce, but he's buying to sutter's system and being a team player. As for Brad Richards he has only had a bad playoffs last year. He's 4th in scoring on the rangers only 2 points from being 1st. Everything that is being said^ is complete non sense.

Leafs need a guy like richards on and off ice. Leafs need a captain/ leader.

I was not a surprise to hear Brad Richards name to be a candidate to be buy out this off season but Mike Richards I was surprised to hear is name in the list, maybe because he as strugle all season long and he not a factor on Kings succes this post season

If richards gets bought out, leafs can sign him to a new contract. But I doubt this will happen, some other team will provide him with a better contract.




03 Jun 2014 09:58:55
UFA Offseason predictions:

Vanek: Wild
Gaborik: Los Angeles
Stastny: Blues
D. Boyle: Senators
Iginla: Bruins
Hiller: Nucks
Zidlicky: Wings


Zidlicky just sigmed with the devils


Canucks don't have cap space for Hiller when Lack just as good. Notice Zadlicky stays put so those signings don't work although most make sense.



31 May 2014 19:56:23
From what I've heard I think the kings are most likely going to buyout mike Richards he's not the same dynamic player as he was and has a bad contract.

I expect ottawa is going to have a big off season and if Richards is bought out the SENS should jump all over it

My Sens offseason

Trade spezza gryba greening and a 3rd 2015 for ror

Sign d Boyle 1y 4mill
Sign mike Richards 4y 24mill
Sign d penner 2y 4mill
Sign oreily 6year 42mill

Mac Turris ryan
Oreilly Richards zbad
Penner smith Neil
Hoffman lazar condra

Method karlsson
Cowen Boyle
Phillips ceci


COL has no need for Spezza with MacK, Duchene and maybe Stastny


I like Mike Richards and all but, he is making on average per season 5. 75. IMO over paid for what his production has been the past two seasons. It made sense when he signed that contract because he was a nearly a point per game guy who scored 30 goals a season. If he is bought out why in gods name would Ottawa, who's owner is incredibly frugal with his money, spend $6. 0/year for a player who is now a third line center who's been averaging 35-40 pts a season. Makes no sense what so ever.

Buying out richards is just dumb.

there's a lot of teams who'd take him and be willing to give LA little to no cap back if that's what they're going for.



30 May 2014 23:15:28
To TBL: 8th overall

To TOR: 19th and 29th/30th (Via Rangers) overall picks


To TOR: Yandle

To PHX: 19th overall pick and Gunnarsson


To TOR: 24th overall pick and 3rd round pick 2015 (Via Edmonton)

To ANA: 29th/30th overall pick and 2nd 2105

Then Toronto drafts Rowland McKeown, Defencemen, Kingston (OHL)

If Yandle were that easy to get, Edm would use 3rd overall for Yandle and a forward player or prospect. No chance the leafs get Yandle for that.

TB has the Rangers pick in 2015 not 14

They have both rangers pick because the 2014 pick is given to tampa if nyr make the conference finals



29 May 2014 16:06:54
Flyers Offseason:

1. ) Trade Vincent Lecavailer to Nashville for a 2014 4th Rd Pick

Reasoning: While it's possible that Vinny is worth more, the contract he has, paired with his age is a bad combo. Laviolette was the one who went to bat and brought Vinny to Philly. I'm sure that Lavy would love to bring his veteran leadership to the Music City.

2. ) Extend Brayden Schenn- 4 Years, $16 Milion

Reasoning: Schenn is going to be a vital part of this teams future. He has the talent, and skills. He just has to polish them, and become more mature.

3. ) Draft Aaron Irving #17 (D/Edmonton Oil Kings)

Reasoning: Very solid two-way game. He has good puck moving skills and can make the pass, but also isn't afraid to lug the puck into the zone. Perhaps, his most attractive quality is his physicality/edge.

4. ) Sign Matt Niskanen- 6 Years, $33 Million

Reasoning: Niskanen is one of the rare, right-handed shooting defenders in the league. He has a good two-way game. He can be a stay at home defender, but isn't afraid to fire a rocket from the point. He's the exact type of defender that Philly needs. Physical, Quick, Good defensive skills, and Good offensive skills.

5. ) Sign Thomas Vanek- 6 Years, $43. 25 Million

Reasoning: The Flyers desperately need a top line left winger/scorer. While Vanek is pricey, he can back it up. He's a talented player, with an incredible motor and fantastic shot. It's entirely possible that he could wind up in Minny. But, that's only if they want him. I see Philly ending up with either Vanek or Moulson.

6. ) Sign Thomas Greiss- 2 Years, $1. 6 Million

Reasoning: Very solid backup.

7. ) Recall Scott Laughton/Nick Cousins

Reasoning: I personally feel that the OHL All-Star Laughton is the likely pick here. He is a big bodied center, with a good two-way game. It also helps that he's not afraid to get chippy on the ice. I thinks he ready to make the jump after two impressive seasons in the OHL.

8. ) Shayne Gostisbehere wins defensive job in training camp

Reasoning: He's not the Frozen Four MVP for nothing. Ghost has great hockey IQ and is wise beyond his experience. He played outstanding all year long for Union, and I believe he'll make an immediate jump after getting some experience with the Phantoms last year. Very similar player to Niskanen.

9. ) Place Pronger on LTIR once season starts

2014-15 Lineup:

Hartnell-B. Schenn-Simmonds

*L. Schenn*


Cap Space Left: Approximately $-3. 1 (Counting 10% over cap space & Pronger's LTIR)

Not saying this makes them an instant cup contender, but it does address some of the weak spots from last season.

Pretty sure pronger has been on the LTIR for a while now lol

Irving could be a major sleeper in this draft

Vanek has to be with the right linemates, guys who will get their noses dirty because Vanek won't. You can have him.

Like it; great job! Personally I would think PHI takes Moulson over Vanek but they have to fill that spot in a big way that´s right. Greiss and Niskanen are very good additions, but I do not think that he will return his numbers he made with the Pens this year (last year tons of Pens-fans saying he is to soft and not good enough at their own end). He will be overpaid for sure during the FA.

Anybody who signs these seven million dollar men will regret it soonest. Includes Gaborik, The (ageless) Iginla, That complete dud Dany Heatly. This list goes on.



29 May 2014 11:36:20
Toronto: Phaneuf and Kadri
LA Kings: Doughty

Toronto: Clarkson and Reimer
New Jersey: Steve Bernier and Henrique

Toronto: Ashton
Buffalo: 2nd rounder

LA adds Kopitar and QUick
NJ adds Schneider and Larsson
Buffalo adds 3 1sts

some of the dumbest trades I've seen in a while


24 yo, 47 NHL games, 3 NHL points, just does not seem to add to even a 5th round pick.

2012-Feb-27 Toronto Maple Leafs traded Keith Aulie (a 4th round pick) to Tampa Bay Lightning for Carter Ashton. Now two years later Ashton has has progress to the point he is worth a 2nd. You probably wonder why there are so many Leaf Haters out there who undervalue every Leaf player. (SBR 2017)

Each team would have to give the Leafs a first or there is no deal. Doughty Henrique and Bernier are not that good. Phaneuf is the best Dman in the league and Reimer is an all star goalie. Clarkson is almost as good as Gretzky

Toronto has to give more in each of those deals.

All three are laughable but Ashton for a second is just ridiculous. Try a fifth maybe.

Never in a million years. If you are watching the playoffs, then you should understand the difference between a true #1 D and phenuf. Phenuf is good, but no comparison to doughty.

Doughty to Toronto? Nor for the entire Leaf team. unless you threw in the team bank account of at least 200 million. Too much humidity in TO. People can't think

Ashton's whole zero career NHL goals and Sabres give a 2nd? Try buffalo is rebuilding and a guy like Ashton wouldn't be on their radar. nor any other teams unless you need a cheap plug for 18 skaters.

Okay chill, doughty is great but he's not a god. Get off his piece. Leafs won't trade for doughty cause it would involve a dece amount going to la. Look into a team like chicago who will have cap problems and won't highly evaluate their players like la will with doughty.


Hey, Phaneuf is merely OK. at $4. 5. Doughty made be best in NHL at his position

Nonis obviously thought Phaneuf was GOD only 5 months ago.



28 May 2014 17:51:16
Flyers Offseason:

1. ) Place Pronger on LTIR (Frees $5 Million Dollars)

Reasoning: Before all the commenters put "Pronger's already on LTIR", after the season ends. the player comes off of LTIR.

2. ) Trade Vincent Lecavailer to Nashville for a 2014 4th Rd Pick

Reasoning: While it's possible that Vinny is worth more, the contract he has, paired with his age is a bad combo. Laviolette was the one who went to bat and brought Vinny to Philly. I'm sure that Lavy would love to bring his veteran leadership to the Music City.

3. ) Extend Brayden Schenn- 4 Years, $16 Milion

Reasoning: Schenn is going to be a vital part of this teams future. He has the talent, and skills. He just has to polish them, and become more mature.

4. ) Draft Aaron Irving #17 (D/Edmonton Oil Kings)

Reasoning: Very solid two-way game. He has good puck moving skills and can make the pass, but also isn't afraid to lug the puck into the zone. Perhaps, his most attractive quality is his physicality/edge.

5. ) Sign Matt Niskanen- 6 Years, $33 Million

Reasoning: Niskanen is one of the rare, right-handed shooting defenders in the league. He has a good two-way game. He can be a stay at home defender, but isn't afraid to fire a rocket from the point. He's the exact type of defender that Philly needs. Physical, Quick, Good defensive skills, and Good offensive skills.

6. ) Sign Milan Michalek- 4 Years, $14. 25 Million

Reasoning: The Flyers desperately need a top line left winger. Vanek is not only too expensive, but likely to wind up in Minny. Moulson will likely price himself out of the Flyers range. That leaves Cammallari and Michalek. Cammallari is a good player, but likely to be too expensive. Michalek is a good athlete, with superstar potential that hasn't busted out of the shell yet.

7. ) Sign Thomas Greiss- 2 Years, $1. 6 Million

Reasoning: Very solid backup.

8. ) Recall Scott Laughton/Nick Cousins

Reasoning: I personally feel that the OHL All-Star Laughton is the likely pick here. He is a big bodied center, with a good two-way game. It also helps that he's not afraid to get chippy on the ice. I thinks he ready to make the jump after two impressive seasons in the OHL.

9. ) Shayne Gostisbehere wins defensive job in training camp

Reasoning: He's not the Frozen Four MVP for nothing. Ghost has great hockey IQ and is wise beyond his experience. He played outstanding all year long for Union, and I believe he'll make an immediate jump after getting some experience with the Phantoms last year. Very similar player to Niskanen.

2014-15 Lineup:

Hartnell-B. Schenn-Simmonds

*L. Schenn*


Cap Space Left: Approximately $440k

Not saying this makes them an instant cup contender, but it does address some of the weak spots from last season.

Only a couple things I do not fully agree with but still believable nonetheless. Vinny may leave Philly but they may have to eat a mediocre contract with a 4th rd pick. Griess is a reliable backup so I think he would recieve more money

Trust me when I say this and I am an Ottawa fan. Michalek is not the player you're looking for. He's one of the laziest, most unemotional player in the game today. I pray Ottawa doesn't resign him, he'd be lucky to be in the AHL next year

^He's totally correct. Also, I think you're uverestimating Michalek a bit, but the others might be too expensive, yea.
I think Laughton as a 4th line center is a bit of a waste. Rather keep him down and develop him another year and use a experienced 4thline center there


In the offseason you are allowed to go 10% over the cap and you can only put prongers contract on the LTIR once the season starts



27 May 2014 21:36:40
I'm not a Leafs fan but if I were playing Leafs GM,

IMO: Here's what I would do to improve the leafs in the off season.

1) Sign Center Paul Statsny 28 years of age. 6 year - 6. 75 to 7 Mil per season

Create a 1st line of:

JVR, Statsny and Clarkson

Clarkson appears to be untradeable at this time. He was injured part of last season. Showcase him doing what he does best on the 1st line. providing grit, going into corners, causing havoc in front of net and making room for Statsny and JVR to create. (Once value is increased, Clarkson again becomes a moveable part)

* Keep and develop Nazim Kadri.

To me, Kadri looks to be in the mold of a young Mike Riebero. Leafs Nation seem to impatient and need to coach this fellow up and give time to develop. Nuff said!

Pair him up on another line with Bozak and top 6 forward from whatever other trades bring back. (2nd line complete for now). IE: Tarasenko or someone of this potential.

*Trade Phil Kessel. Plenty of teams would love to have a player with his natural scoring ability. Could easily target a good YOUNG top 6 forward, solid YOUNG top 4 D-man and a 2015 1st. I believe that this is the best time to cash in on this asset. while the value is high. San Jose, Anaheim, Nashville, St Louis, Los Angeles just to mention a few, would love a sniper and would have plenty of value to offer in return. And with these teams, he moves west!

* Create, for the time being a solid core 4 of D-men:

Gardner - Phaneuf
Gunnarson - Reilly

* Bernier + somebody other than Reimer in net. There will be plenty of pickings to be had for a variety of reasons from other teams or through free agency for net minders this off season.

***Everybody else is available in the right trades***

***Right trades constitute YOUNG top 6 Forwards***YOUNG top 4 D-men*** Young and NHL proven #2 center if Bozak has to be moved in one of leafs deals. IE: Logan Couteur, Backes

If a solid YOUNG D-man comes back in one of the trades. then make available if Leafs so choose, one of Gardiner or Phaneuf. (They may have to be packaged as part of the right deal)

***Reilly is the only untouchable on "D" at this time***

*** Most importantly: Until the Leafs are a solid playoff team. DO NOT TRADE HIGH 1ST ROUND PICKS***

Just my thoughts.

You must not be concerned with the leafs often but, clarkson sucks, not 1st line material at all. Leafs won't trade vessel, he's the crosby of the leafs!


We're keeping phil. If he gets a number one C he'll plot 50 easy

1 Question:

*After last season, who will take on Clarkson's 7,000,000 yearly contract without a show of improvement and play on either 1st or 2nd lines?

IMO: only other way at present would be a very expensive buyout or the Leafs eating up to 1/2 of the remainder of Clarkson's total contract with any potential trade partner.

IMO: Lots could be had for Kessel and in return, potentially great player value in return while saving on cap space.

Kessel is a great sniper!

Phil is not crosby! He played with jvr and that's why he is so good!

IMO Clarkson isn't a first liner. He'd be a good third line maybe.

1. ) Pass. Stasney's PPG over the past three years is only 0. 02 better than Bozak's and he will cost almost double.
2. ) Clarkson should not be on the first line. He is a checker, and a second/third liner. He can probably re-establish some value, however, maybe not enough to justify his contract.
3. ) Kadri has the potential to be great. The problem seems to be that he doesn't play well in the Leafs system right now, if they can put him in a position to succeed, keep him. If they can't, trade him as part of a deal for a top center.
4. ) NO WAY to trading Phil. Most of the teams you mentioned have cap issues, and can't afford Phil's 8MM. Plus, he is the player the Leafs are building around.
5. ) Berns is our starter, sign a veteran as a backup (Nabokov?)
6. ) Keep Bozak
7. ) Yes, Reilly is NOT to be traded.
8. ) Yes, do NOT trade 1st rounders.

Points or Goals?



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