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01 Jun 2018 15:12:30
MTRL pacioretty + galchyuk
EDMN pullyarvi + nurse + 10th draft.


1.) 01 Jun 2018 16:59:57
Still so bad for Edmonton holy rubbish stop.

2.) 02 Jun 2018 11:43:08
No from mtl.



01 Jun 2018 13:20:47
MTRL Gallagher + 2rd + scmelko
EDMN Draisatell + nurse
Team fixes easy and Fire bergevin.


1.) 01 Jun 2018 13:40:40
Your blatant homerism is showing.

2.) 01 Jun 2018 13:43:31
Just brutal for edm.

3.) 01 Jun 2018 14:17:30
Ok. i'm a MTL fan, but this would never happen. But, if it did, you couldn't fire MB, you would build a statue of him at the Bell center if he could pull of this trade.

4.) 01 Jun 2018 14:33:27
Gallagher is great but he is not at all a first line men, like 70 pts like Draisaitl.

5.) 01 Jun 2018 15:08:39
Gallagher better then draisaell. He hits lots and blocked shots and young.

6.) 01 Jun 2018 16:57:05
Blocking shots is nice but it leads to injuries (look at Gallaghers injury history) and if you're blocking shots you don't have the puck. Girardi and Russell block tons of shots they aren't particularly good players. Hits are fine but if you go for the hit too much it can leave you out of position. Both those stats are things where there's a balance you don't really wanna lead the league in either. Gallagher is good and young but not Drais good or young.

7.) 01 Jun 2018 17:01:37
Habs4cup go back to your doctor please they don’t know you’ve escaped your room.

8.) 01 Jun 2018 19:29:16
And the dumbest quote of the year award goes to hubs4cup

Gallagher better then drais lmao.

9.) 02 Jun 2018 11:36:10
He hit lots block shots and young.
Drai is younger than Gallagher.

10.) 02 Jun 2018 16:08:08
Honestly he just sounds like a kid.



01 Jun 2018 13:15:46
MTRL price
WASH holtoby 1 rnd, 3 rnd, 1rnd
MTRL shaw 3rnd
VGS marchesoult = has to want play cause he French.
MTRL galchyuk + Alzner + 2rd pick
TOR Mariner + Riley.


1.) 01 Jun 2018 13:41:45
Are you Rambo's French cousin or something?

Stop trolling.

2.) 01 Jun 2018 13:45:39
Wow these are some delusional trades you got going.

3.) 01 Jun 2018 14:34:24
It is stupide to give price for holbty, and I think with the contract of price and the great contract of holbty the value is on the side of Washington.

4.) 01 Jun 2018 15:48:37
CTE at its finest.

5.) 02 Jun 2018 00:50:55
xxhabsxx did you really say it’s stupid to give up price for holtby, and just the contract makes holtby more valuable? What about age? Recent success? Or the 2 1st rounders and 3rd round pick in the trade? None of that closes the gap lol just the contract?

6.) 02 Jun 2018 11:37:58
Thanks to Montreal fans this site has gone to the trash.

7.) 02 Jun 2018 16:09:09
Chill with the Montreal hate @yup.



03 Mar 2018 04:04:57
Mon trades glacenyuk straight up for barkov
Or glacenyuk 2 rnd draft for Eichcel.


1.) 03 Mar 2018 09:47:45
No way Montreal trades Galchenyuk straight up for Barkov and it would definitely be Buffalo adding to Eichel for Galchenyuk, amirite.

2.) 03 Mar 2018 12:31:41
Montreal says no. Chucky is wayyyyy too valuable.

3.) 03 Mar 2018 16:02:46
Montreal should ask for McDavid! This is just plain cr@p. Remember Bergervin is your GM.

4.) 03 Mar 2018 16:48:57
Please tell me that was a troll post!

5.) 03 Mar 2018 19:13:27
No way that trade chucky patch for mcdavid nurse larson kelfbom the next 150 first rd picks and a 7 rd pick to even thing out.

6.) 03 Mar 2018 19:44:42
Chucky winger
Gp64.g15 a24 p39 -24

Alex barkov center
Gp61 g24 a38 p62 +4

Barkov is younger a center and better plAyer Chucky has only broken 50 points once barkov has twice almost three times.

Habs how are they comparable at all. I don't know why Florida would entertain trading him at all.

7.) 04 Mar 2018 10:29:04
Florida adds Ekblad.



23 Jan 2018 19:55:03
Jets sheifflye

Mon plekance. Byron. 2Rd 3Rd.


1.) 23 Jan 2018 20:02:01
Oh god.

2.) 23 Jan 2018 20:40:48
pst, your making us look bad : (.

3.) 23 Jan 2018 20:40:58
My goodness.

4.) 23 Jan 2018 20:47:29
Add 2 top prospects and 2 firsts and take plek out. Then jets won’t immediately hang up on you. As crazy as it sounds, scheifele is probably as valuable as mcdavid. I know I’ll be told I’m hating on the oilers for it, but he’s locked in till 2024 at 6.125 million while mcdavid is 12.5 and Matthews will be 11+. The difference between those players and scheifele is a lot close than 6 mill a season. That makes you able to add another top line forward or Dman.

5.) 23 Jan 2018 20:57:34
That's really bad spelling.
Oh and the proposal is terrible.

6.) 23 Jan 2018 21:07:53
Drouin and Galchenyuk for Enstrom, Matthias and a 6th?

7.) 23 Jan 2018 21:30:07
Jets winning with out him, now don't need scheiflye.

Mon should not trade 1Rd pick.

8.) 23 Jan 2018 21:45:25
IDK what's worse, his spelling or this trade idea...

9.) 23 Jan 2018 21:48:29

10.) 23 Jan 2018 22:41:45
This is getting kinda rediculous.

11.) 23 Jan 2018 23:37:16
Winning without someone doesn't mean you give them away for pennies on the dollar.

12.) 24 Jan 2018 00:22:35
Leafs should have traded Mathews when he was out for 5 games and they won without him then hey?

This Habs4Cup guy is so Efin delusional.
Are you actually MontrealsFinest?

13.) 24 Jan 2018 11:18:36
Huge no from Montreal they aren’t Trading a overpayed aging Franchise bottom 6 C, a average elite 3rd line winger and 2 potential draft steals for one of the best players in the NHL. Just terrible for Montreal Winnipeg adds Liane.




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31 May 2018 20:22:50
MTRL=Webber, lungdren
FLOR=Barkov + 2pick +3pick +3pick.


1.) 01 Jun 2018 00:40:03
Omg this is one of the worst trades i ever seen.

2.) 01 Jun 2018 05:33:03
I agree, I’ve been looking at this site for years and this may actually be the worse trade I’ve seen yet. I have no idea how you could think that panthers would make this trade. I’m speechless.

3.) 01 Jun 2018 08:30:35
MON does not have any piece of value that's even remotely close to Barkov. THis is horrendous.

4.) 01 Jun 2018 17:11:30
hmm top line young ppg center PLUS for old and broken weber. and who?

5.) 02 Jun 2018 11:34:40
MTRL adds 4 rnd pick.

6.) 02 Jun 2018 11:41:07
Lmao! So good.



05 Mar 2018 18:28:13
Price suck but so dose toews
Mon price
Hawk toews 1rnd draft 2 rnd draft sadd.


1.) 05 Mar 2018 18:48:42
Wowzer can you be the gm of montreal please lol?

2.) 05 Mar 2018 21:52:29
Jonathan Towes, Hibestroxa

Price,2rd pick 2018.

3.) 06 Mar 2018 03:25:44
I'm suprised us Habs fans haven't been banned. lol.

4.) 06 Mar 2018 04:11:32
This place would be boring without habs fans Sosa.

5.) 06 Mar 2018 20:34:44
Hahahahaha. True that Sosa.

6.) 07 Mar 2018 21:48:54
I'm surprise yup hasn't been banned.



03 Mar 2018 08:02:43
Mon traded Byron and glacenyuk and 4 and 5 rnd draft

Flyer trade geroux provorov.


1.) 03 Mar 2018 17:11:11
100% fair for both teams lol. May be add Patches and 2 first from mtl.



26 Feb 2018 15:25:26
oilers got patcheortty and Byron and Alzner and 3 rnd pick

Montreal got drisitel klebomb 2 rnd pick. Only chance for both teams to stilll makeplayoffs.


1.) 26 Feb 2018 16:32:28
Yore wright.

2.) 26 Feb 2018 17:48:37



22 Jan 2018 15:20:43
I feel habs gm worst in league

Who else is bad?

Coyotes? Oilers sabres?


1.) 22 Jan 2018 15:48:45
Sabers GM is new. so can't blame him. yet.
Lou in T. O? Shanny and Babcock I think run that team? Lol.

And yes. Bergevin has really crapped the bed in Montreal.

2.) 22 Jan 2018 16:13:39
I don’t get the Lou in Toronto being bad lol I just look at their tenure. Since a GM arrived, good moves vs bad. I think leafs have made a ton of good moves and none to minimal poor moves in the last 2-3 years.

I agree that buffalos gm is new, so since he arrived, hasn’t really done much either way to be judged. Give him this trade deadline and offseason to put his stamp.

I think Bergevin in Montreal and Chiarelli in Edmonton have both made a ton of moves to be Judged on and are obviously in hotter and more scrutinized markets, but I think their poor moves outweigh the good moves they have made in both cases. Clearly the expectations in those markets make bad moves seem much worse than in Arizona or somewhere like that, but my vote would be MB or PC.

3.) 22 Jan 2018 18:21:45
Montreal would be right there in a playoff spot again this year if not for injuries but what is edmontons excuse? Too many top draft picks?

4.) 22 Jan 2018 18:36:13
Yeah but it wasn’t asked what team is better. Oilers could have easily been in a playoff race if a few things went there way too. It’s just about the GM. Regardless of where the team ends up, you have to look at the moves. I could list a ton of bad moves by both those GMs in the past 3 seasons that make it a good battle to the bottom.

5.) 22 Jan 2018 18:41:31
Also Habby, current GM has only had the one top pick. Can’t blame former GMs in Edmonton or we can blame MB for the crappy return they got for Patrick Roy lol.

6.) 22 Jan 2018 23:58:56
No you can't jim cause bergevin didn't have his hands on any of the players the habs got in the trade for roy they were long gone. a gms success is based on the teams success and if the habs were in the playoffs there would be no talk of this it would be it was a good move to get drouin Paul byron was an excellent pickup deslariers for Redmond was a great move. see how it changes. Yzerman is the best thing since sliced bread on here but his team sucked last year. But there tops in the league now and it's not because sergachev and girardi have turned things around it's because they haven't had injuries this year.

7.) 23 Jan 2018 00:31:27

Bergevin poor moves:

Sergachev for drouin, this still has a lot of time to change, but early indication is sergachev is a better player in a more significant position. Habs still lack centre and if they were willing to trade sergachev, they should have been able to find one.

Subban for Weber: this trade is only good if habs win the cup in the next 3 years because it’s a serious win now move. It’s goi to hurt more and more as time goes on. Have to go all in once you do that trade. Problem is habs are further from a contender now than when they made the trade.

Radulov walks: he played chicken with radulov when his contract came up and then even tried to make him the villain saying he offered the same as dallas but radulov went to the stars. Radulovs agent then provided emails and phone record showing that Bergevin never offered that until a day after radulov had agreed with jim Nill in dallas.

Andrew Shaw contract: the guys a third-fourth liner and hits and has good character and energy for a locker room. Important things for a team. Problem is you don’t commit 6 years and 4 mill/ season for it. Those guys are on the open market every year willing to sign for a year, 2 or 3 for 1.5-2.5 mill

Defence transformation: when they traded subban for Weber, they were a good skating but soft group. they brought in a big strong solid defender who’s speed and mobility isn’t his strength but they had beaulieu, Markov, sergachev etc still to be the mobility. Then lost all of them and got Jordie Benn, Karl Alzner and schlemko. Now it’s complete opposite rather than a good mix. All Their mobility relies on a 19 year old.

That’s what comes to mind for the last 18 months. I’m sure there’s more in that time frame that I’m missing and he was in control for 5 years.

8.) 23 Jan 2018 00:32:41
I’m not saying it’s MB for sure. There’s a list that long, some much worse that Chiarelli has f’d up too.

9.) 23 Jan 2018 11:48:53
Like you said Jim drouin deal too early to call yet. Subban for weber looks bad now cause weber is injured. but I'd still do that trade. me or you don't know what happened in the radulov talks but I assume if he had really wanted to stay in montreal he would still be there. markov mobile?

Not at this point and beaulieu sucks and I'm glad he's gone. with regards to the shaw contract the same type of argument could be made for the zaitsev deal IMO. Big commitment to a guy who wasn't after showing much of anything.

10.) 23 Jan 2018 12:55:14
I don’t think zaitsev (top 4 RHD) and Andrew Shaw (bottom 6 forward) are the same lol. I didn’t say it was a bad signing of shaw because they didn’t have a big enough sample to judge like you’re accusing leafs of with zaitsev, they had a sample. He had been in the league for years and it was pretty obvious that he was a bottom 6 unless you could put him on the PP with toews and Kane on their prime, which obviously habs can’t.

11.) 23 Jan 2018 13:41:46
Not to mention the two 2nd round picks traded for Shaw’s rights before that contract was given. leafs got zaitsev for free, he’s found money. He’s a good 3rd to 4th d and pretty good on the PP at 25 years old. If he never gets any better, which is possible, he’s a fair deal at 4.5 mill.

If he adjusts a little more to the league and gets any better at all, he becomes a steal at that contract. And he doesn’t seem like the bad attitude, run when things don’t his way type of guy, but if he ever does, the contract is terminated and leafs own his North American rights as a trade asset in the future if he ever wants to return. Seems like a pretty low risk move for the team to me.

12.) 23 Jan 2018 16:07:31
If he improves the deal is fine if he doesn't it's worst then the shaw deal that's my point.

13.) 23 Jan 2018 16:13:51
But just to add Jim we could have signed matt martin to play 7 mins a game.

14.) 23 Jan 2018 16:19:02
Oh and he's got 6 less points in 6 less games played then your teams highest paid player. Sooooooooo stay grounded buddy leafs look ok don't get me wrong but there has been plenty of questionable moves made there too.

15.) 23 Jan 2018 16:41:14
I agree the Martin deal isn’t great but 2.5 for 4 years is a lot different than 4 mill for 6 years. Also the other questionable move leafs made is the third year for Marleau. Still to be seen what he will be in another year and a half but multiple teams were offering him that money with 2 years. They did that to separate themselves. Also the best players on the leafs aren’t getting paid a lot at all so it made sense to overpay Marleau a bit to be secondary scoring and a great leader. Habs best 3-4 players are making 5-10.5 million while shaw gets 4. There is a difference even if you don’t wanna admit it.

16.) 23 Jan 2018 16:44:35
It’s not that I’m not grounded. I can see the flaws in my favourite team, I can call out a poor job by a manager, I’ve seen lots of bad management in my days as a leafs fan. However This group has made many great moves for each even borderline questionable one. You can’t just give a MB a pass on the basis of injuries all the time. He’s been in control for 5 years and they’ve gotten worse. At some point you have to stop being a homer and see it.

17.) 23 Jan 2018 16:53:17
The fact that you call getting a 25 year old top 4 RHD with a 4.5 mill cap hit for free a bad move, when you look at what is needed by so many teams around the league tells me what I need to know lol.

18.) 23 Jan 2018 18:17:14
Ok maybe this will be for the habs a start of one of those 15 year rebuilds like the leafs and oilers have going. But mark my words jim I'll be back here in 15 years to rub it in your face lol. maybe buck Owens will be our gm then and everything will be awesome.

19.) 23 Jan 2018 19:32:58
I’ll give you an ‘agree’ on that because that’s funny lol but I could see a real bidding war for buckys services coming up in the next year or two. Better fire MB now and beat the rest to him.

20.) 23 Jan 2018 19:46:43
In all fairness to the oilers and leafs, no Canadian team has much to brag about in the past 20 years. Better than the leafs and oilers? Sure, a cpl teams had good runs to the finals like the Canucks and flames, but so did Edmonton. But those runs were short bursts sandwiched with a lot of mediocrity and worse. No Canadian team including the habs have really been a ‘top team’ in this league for a long long time.




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18 Jul 2018 22:25:21
Mtrl-petry Like same trade marner-truba.




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13 Jun 2018 16:13:48
MTRL galgher 1 rnd 2 rnd
OTTW Huffman karlson both teams get what need.




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01 Jun 2018 15:08:39
Gallagher better then draisaell. He hits lots and blocked shots and young.




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31 May 2018 17:23:37
MTRL=pacheortty + 3 rnd draft pick
ARZa= 1st Overall
Then mtrl get Dahlinn and trade Webber + Danault to star for Segin + pick
Defence and centre solves.




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23 Jan 2018 21:30:07
Jets winning with out him, now don't need scheiflye.

Mon should not trade 1Rd pick.





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