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24 Apr 2018 14:20:08
Just thinking back to a post a cpl days ago when someone had proposed:

Draistal, Bear, 2nd


Pastrnak, Mcavoy

Oilers fans had said both teams say no.
Honestly speaking, would you not be batter served having pastrnak to be that legit scoring winger to play with mcdavid, RNH playing second line centre like he can and earn his $6 mill, add mcavoy to your blue line and save $2mill in the deal?! How is this a no from oilers?! There’s no age gap to speak of between Leon and pasta, both on 8 year deals, pasta at 6.6 and Leon at 8.5 and you’re getting a 20 year old RHD who can play top pair already. What am I missing?

Unbiased Jim



26 Feb 2018 22:44:25
In off season

Edmonton - Kailer Yamamoto, Caleb Jones, 2019 1st round pick.

Carolina - Jeff Skinner

Gives oilers a top line winger that can keep up with Mcdavid skating and can score goals with the best of them.

Oilers pay a hefty price but with skinners numbers, contract and the fact he’s only 25, I think it’s something they would be smart to consider. I could see a guy like skinner wanting to re sign for a chance to play along side mcdavid for years too.

If Kane, Nash, Statsny all got a 1st, prospect and 4th as rentals, I think a player who is younger, better and has term left has to be worth a first, a really good prospect and a good prospect.

Unbiased Jim

1.) 27 Feb 2018 00:34:17
Not enough imo.

2.) 27 Feb 2018 01:44:33
It's a good idea Jim, just think it may be a little much for Skinner. I do see the Oilers improving nezt year and not being a lottery team, however, also thought they were fav to come our of the West this year. or at least battle Preds for that, so . for me the 2019 1st is the big question.

3.) 27 Feb 2018 04:41:20
Maybe 2019 1st, this year wouldn't wanna give a top 5-6 pick a hope they rebound next year.

4.) 27 Feb 2018 05:04:44
Holy rubbish no thanks from Edmonton.

5.) 27 Feb 2018 05:05:11
I also really like skinner but Edmonton does not do that bro.

6.) 27 Feb 2018 14:06:27
No from Canes Jones isn't anything good probably will be a third pairing guy. Then we got Yamamoto who could be a top 6 winger or could be an AHLer. We don't know so not worth it to trade a young 25 top line winger with good contract and leadership for a possible th if pairing and possible middle 6 winger maybe top 6 but nobody knows. And a top 15 maybe 10 pick.

7.) 27 Feb 2018 15:07:34
Sorry, no go on this one.
Edmonton can't take on Skinner's salary unless an equal amount of salary goes back.

Sekera or Russel straight for Skinner who is in essence a rental player with only 1 year left on his contract before bolting as a UFA is about the only choice.

Pretending for a minute that Edm did have the cap space, a 1st round pick and maaaaybe Jones is all Skinner's worth for 1 year of service.

Sorry Carolina fans. Not getting much more unless Skinner's contract is extended as a part of the deal.

8.) 27 Feb 2018 16:03:29
#1 it does say 2019 1st rounder. So you assume they can be a better team next year and it’s not a top 5 pick.

#2 same oilers fans who thought pat maroon was worth a 1st rounder a week ago think a first and a really good prospect and decent prospect for 25 year old skinner is ‘Rubbish’ lol

I can handle if you don’t like my idea and make a good argument back but just saying it’s trash because you think everyone your team has is god is ridiculous. You clearly don’t have a clue on value anyway because that first for maroon is actually a late 3rd.

At 25 skinner may have his 4th 30+ goal season, high of 37 goals last year, 20+ twice (including a season he missed 20 games) and 13 in the short season. If those numbers were on an oilers player at that age and someone offered this same package you would be offended too. There’s no winning with 2 clowns.

9.) 27 Feb 2018 16:31:40
Also sekera or Russell straight up? Lol just because Chiarelli gives top line wingers straight up for Larson (who is better than both those other D) doesn’t mean anyone else is dumb enough to. Oilers management for years overvalued those players they drafted high (hall, eberle, RNH, yakupov, Pajarvi) and instead of making decisions on them and picking the cpl you wanted to move forward with while trading the others for good pieces (like a skinner) they kept them all until their value was at its lowest and moved them out at a loss. I felt bad for oilers fans, because their management was depriving them of a good team. Now I see that you guys are on the same page as them. Never think a bad thing about a player in orange, assume they’re all great and no amount of them can be traded for a massive upgrade. Then we can have this talk again in 3 years when you’re trading Yamamoto for mid round picks and on the outside looking in AGAIN lol.

10.) 27 Feb 2018 17:39:41
Why are you getting mad.

11.) 27 Feb 2018 18:16:06
I’m not getting mad. I think it’s funny. We as leaf fans had to endure years of criticism and told we were crap and we were. However ownership and management was happy to just be good enough to compete for a playoff spot, sometimes make it, sometimes not. Never be good enough to win, but never bad enough to draft high enough to turn it around. But that wasn’t the fans. The fans wanted that rebuild that we finally got for a decade or more! However the oilers fans are apparently so egotistical that they will say that what’s going on isn’t just acceptable, but right lol you will defend every player and every trade and every decision like it was your own, rather than see that there is a chance to get better. No one in Edmonton, player or gm can be bad at their job, until they leave for nothing, or next to it (3rd round picks) . Then you’re glad they’re gone because they were garbage lol pat Chiarelli on the back again, he’s done a great job!

12.) 27 Feb 2018 18:48:25
Oh god chiarelli is garbage yup can agree with that really sucks having him lmao.

13.) 27 Feb 2018 19:09:43
The only thing he hasn’t screwed up in 2 years is mcdavid. And he gets no credit for mcdavid because a blind cricket coach would have drafted mcdavid and given him a blank check. But from Draisaitl to eberle/ strome to Brazal to lucid contract he has mos managed everything.

14.) 27 Feb 2018 20:21:07
Basically, why would you put your faith in Chiarellis draft picks for your team, both past and future (Yamamoto, Jones, and 2019 1st) to pan out rather than a 25 year old proven star in a position of dire need for your team, when everything else the guy has touched he has misjudged, misplayed and mismanaged. How do you have faith in the players he’s picked to be good when he has been wrong on just about everything else since he got there?

15.) 27 Feb 2018 22:28:57
My reasoning is Edmonton has barely any prospects who have a chance at cracking the oilers roster so why give away 3 potential ones. And then oilers can’t have skinners cap we’re already way too crunched, and third I said I like skinner I really do earlier I proposed Nuge for Skinner (makes more sense for both teams) and I just don’t think Edmonton should again clean out every prospect since we already have none lol. That’s all.

16.) 27 Feb 2018 23:39:41
Well oilers D is still young with Larson, nurse, klefbom in that top 4 and obviously Bear is above jones because of how high you guys seem to be on him plus a few others below him. Up front there’s puljiarvi, benson among others plus whoever they take with a high pick in 2018. And I get wanting prospects but you have the best player in the world and a core on prime age. I would hate to be a fan watching them waste seasons of this to make sure they’re decent in 3 more years. Skinner would make them far better today, Yamamoto might make the team down the road.

17.) 28 Feb 2018 20:41:09
Yeah agree with Jim. Oil should be done with prospects and be ready for impact players. But I mean obviously high end prospects are still really valuable to a team. And too comment on the Maroon thing I thought a team trading down from a late first to an early third was reasonable and still kinda do considering what other prospects got. I just think Chiarelli sucks. Lol also don’t tell me Oil fans over valued Hall. Now that he’s not an Oiler I’m not biased in saying he has crazy high value just once again Chiarelli sucks.

18.) 28 Feb 2018 22:52:48
@ Ebs, Hall was always good, in a bad situation. I don’t mean it as a shot at any of the players, they’re all good and trying their best. It was a shot at management. All they had was young talented forwards and should have made a decision on a cpl of them way before they did.

Swapped some for D when they had high value rather than waiting and selling low on hall, eberle, yakupov, pajarvi. I remember leading up to the 2012 draft, oilers won the first pick again and already had eberle, Gagner, hall, RNH and pajarvi up front and rumours were that leafs and islanders both made offers for the yakupov pick. Leafs was RFA D Cody Franson and the 5th pick (Morgan Rielly) and Islanders was a D also, might have been DeHaan but not certain anymore, and the 4th pick (griffin Reinhart) .

How much further ahead would that team have been with Franson and rielly than yakupov? But they valued all their players so high and waited too long to make a decision on who was the real core, Then sold them for pennies on the dollar. Now the reverse argument is with rielly and Franson over yakupov you might not have mcdavid, but still hate to see oilers miss another opportunity by being afraid to move prospects for good players now, because despite being called a hater on here, I’ve always liked Edmonton. Have family there and used to go see games quite a bit. Grew up idolizing Ryan Smyth when I played too.



22 Feb 2018 19:07:48
Tor - Ryan McDonough (1 year 4.7mill)

NYR - D Timothy Liljegren (ELC) F Zach Hyman (3 years @ 2.25mill) 1st round 2018

Leafs get a good, prime aged RHD on a team friendly cap hit that they could resign in July.

Rangers get a Good D prospect on a ELC that’s probably a year or 2 aw, a very useful middle six winger on a greatcontract and a 1st round pick to start building for the future.

Unbiased Jim

1.) 22 Feb 2018 19:20:52
pretty fair imo. problek is, for me at least, is ryan is a LHD. we have gards dermott and morgan on the left. thatz y i'm not huge on mcdonagh.

2.) 22 Feb 2018 19:58:49
Yeah, I read an article from NY saying he’s very comfortable on both sides which is one of his strengths. Also Rielly has played well on either side. So they could try to see what side for each guy makes them the strongest pair. Then keep Gardiner and zaitsev together and have dermott with hainsey. Polak and carrick for depth.

3.) 22 Feb 2018 20:00:05
And just realized I wrote RHD in the original proposal. He’s obviously LH. My bad.

4.) 22 Feb 2018 20:21:51
I hope they go for a lower tiered defenseman for this year. See what they can offer Doughty next year.

5.) 22 Feb 2018 21:25:07
Yeah. I get where you’re coming from Leafs17. I’m kinda in the same boat. But to get doughty would cost far more in a trade, and far more to sign him to an extension or as a UFA, which may cut into all the forwards money for the future. And you will be bidding against so many teams for his services. Ideally, doughty is a leaf for me as well. But I think this is a far easier and more likely scenario.

6.) 22 Feb 2018 22:00:42
IMO it's close to fair but I would think a few other teams would offer a better package.

7.) 22 Feb 2018 22:48:00
Doughty would have to be a UFA signing Jim. I can’t believe teams are even entertaining trading for Karlsson. Unless a team is certain Karlsson or Doughty will resign, I think teams are hurting their future. I’m hoping Tampa doesn’t get Karlsson though, him and Hedman would terrify me. The leafs would have to get Doughty and McDonagh just to compete, lol.

8.) 23 Feb 2018 00:12:46
Well if you’re so sure doughty is a UFA deal then this won’t hurt that anyway. You can use McDonough and if he isn’t the guy you want, his deal runs out the same day you can sign doughty. Wouldn’t need these assets to get doughty anyway.

9.) 23 Feb 2018 04:19:18
I’m not sure of anything Jim. I just don’t like trading assets for a guy that could walk in a year. I really want to see Liljegren before they trade him.



02 Jan 2018 20:29:59
Tor: Gudbranson

Van: Rychel and 2nd rounder

Gudbranson has been linked to the leafs and although he’s not the stud D we really want, he would be a help at a pretty reasonable cost. He was traded for McCann last time and I find it hard to believe his value isn’t quite a bit lower since the trade.

Canucks get a 2nd round pick to get another young player for their build and Rychel, although has very little value on his own, could be a bit of a surprise as a ‘throw in bonus’ With some playing time, he may become an NHLer in some capacity but probably never live up to his first round hype.

Although the leafs keep saying they like the Dmen they have, with one injury to a top 4.

Unbiased Jim

1.) 02 Jan 2018 20:36:27
I do like this. I'd prefer to keep Rychel and trade away like Piccinich and a5th or sumtin. Idk, i just wanna keep the Marlies stacked, lol. I wouldn't be suprised if this went thriught though.

2.) 02 Jan 2018 20:39:06
Cont’d. with one injury to a top 4 like zaitsev and we really see how thin it is back there. A guy like Gudbranson could just be a stabilizing guy as a cheap rental and could be extended for a cpl years if he seems to fit in. Could also add in another pick if needed, maybe a 4th rounder as an extra incentive to get it done.

3.) 02 Jan 2018 20:49:31
I was looking to see similar trades that went through in the last year or two at this time for rental D in the 3-6 range. 2 came to mind. Leafs traded Polak and spaling to SJ for 2 2nds but had to take Torres contract back for the remainder of the season. And last year Brendan smith was sent from the wings to rangers for a 2nd and a 3rd. I feel like smith has more offense to offer, Gudbranson might be a little more old school and tougher, but don’t feel like there’s a massive gap between them. A 2nd and a half decent prospect and maybe a 4th or 5th I think could do it.

4.) 02 Jan 2018 21:26:53

Idk if the Polak deal is the best comparasion cause in full it was:

Reimer, Polak, Spaling and Morin for Smith, Stalock, Torres, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd.

Cause realistically Polak never gets more than a 2nd and a cap dump, and Reimer brings in the other 2nd and 3rd.

I think the above deal works, don't really think the addition of more is needed.

5.) 03 Jan 2018 00:32:49
Well the Reimer deal was a seperate one. You can combine them all of you want, but they weren’t in the same deal. I think Gudbranson is better than Polak, and close to smith, I think that’s where I had his value in this deal.



13 Dec 2017 14:18:57
If sens are committed to tearing it down, they should have done it 6 weeks ago obviously before the Duchene trade. But if he is available, like it’s been suggested, what about

Edmonton - Hoffman
Ottawa- Yamamoto.

Unbiased Jim

1.) 13 Dec 2017 15:30:45
I hit send accidentally. Don’t know if 1 for 1 would do it for either team. But I think it gives oilers a real scoring threat on the wing for today, and gives the sens a kid with a ton of potential to add to white and Chabot and brown as their next core. Obviously this only happens if Sens are blowing it up. If they’re serious about trading the core, imagine those 4 prospects, plus what they would get for Karlsson/ Brassard/ Stone etc.

2.) 13 Dec 2017 17:25:05
Good base.

Dont know how the Oil will be able to afford Hoff with Lucic, Russell and Sekeras huge contracts + McD and Drais. Maybe they send some cap in some way back.

Imo though, Oil add to Hoff for Moto. Cause Hoff is a proven player with 50 point years to his name. But definetky not a bad base.

3.) 13 Dec 2017 18:22:39
Yeah, no way Ottawa does this lol. Hoffman is a sniper, probably one of the best shots in the nhl.

4.) 13 Dec 2017 19:22:57
Would love Hoffman on Edmonton but he’s 28 and Yama is 19. No I would not do that one for one age difference is way too much.

5.) 13 Dec 2017 20:59:46
I get the age gap is tough for Edmonton to take, but if oilers want a proven sniper like they have been Apparently looking for, they’re going to have to give someone significantly younger. No one is trading a 25-30 year old top 6 for a similar age or older guy. Defeats the purpose of moving Hoffman or anyone like him. What would oilers want to trade for Hoffman, patches, JVR type players? Maroon, Lucic, strome, Kassian, Russell, Sekera isn’t getting it done. So it’s either good young players that aren’t on the roster now, or some of your better core players which makes no sense. Don’t see them getting a guy that can score 30 goals for them if 1 late first rounder prospect is too steep lol.

6.) 13 Dec 2017 22:30:13
As much as i loved Yamomoto at the draft, i'm not sure we need another RW. and for the price that were giving up (a 27/ 29/ 25 goal scorer) I certainly hope that Kailer has the potential to be a 1st line RW/ C.

7.) 14 Dec 2017 00:06:50
Hoff, that makes sense. I was going to put a small add on oilers side with Yamamoto but then left it to see what people thought. But apparently I should be adding picks with Hoffman to get a late first from the oilers lol everyone else’s top line wingers are worth nothing to Edmonton anyway, so doesn’t matter haha.




Unbiased Jim's talk posts with other poster's replies to Unbiased Jim's talk posts


05 Apr 2018 01:43:43
Since the midway point of the season, I have been of the opinion that if Colorado’s made the playoffs, Mackinnon would be my choice for the Hart.
Lots of people have made good cases for about 5-7 players that are deserving. But last night I saw that Taylor Hall had 93 pts including 39 goals. He has 42 points more than next closest on his team (Hieschier 51pts) while playing 5 less games. If you took his 39 goals off his stat line, he would still lead his team in scoring with a 3 pt cushion lol if that's not “most valuable to his own team” as the Hart is defined, I’ve never seen it.

Unbiased Jim

1.) 05 Apr 2018 05:54:03
Really hope he wins it, he’s going to be top 3 for sure! Never thought I’d be rooting for New Jersey in the playoffs but thanks to Hall I am. Lol.

2.) 05 Apr 2018 13:05:07
I hate the a player is a Hart winner if he makes the playoffs by a point not considered if they miss by a point stuff. Playoffs or not MacKinnon Hall and McDavid are the top 3 choices. Your team doesn't have to make the playoffs for you to provide value and a 2 point in standings difference shouldn't hold that much weight in the voting.

3.) 05 Apr 2018 14:16:58
I agree there’s situations where it wouldn’t matter if a team didn’t make the playoffs, I’ve never seen a situation, maybe there has been, where a player has been so much better than every other player on his team.
With the mcdavid one, I have no problem with him being in the conversation, but when a team is going to miss the playoffs by 20+ pts, he can’t be the Hart trophy winner in my eyes. He could win the TedLindasay as most outstanding.
Also for a Hart argument, mcdavid is repeating (slightly better) than last season, Draisaitl is slightly behind pace of last season, Talbot is the massive variable. The difference in the oilers making the playoffs last year, and missing by 20 points this year is talbot, not mcdavid. If they got subpar goaltending all year and mcdavid blew his numbers from last year out of the water and dragged the team to within inches of playoffs, I’d give it to him.

4.) 06 Apr 2018 21:22:47
Honestly, as good as mcdavid is he shouldn’t even make too 5 for hart. The hart is “most valuable to his team” and take Mcdavid out of Edmonton and they would be still around the same position. I think the 3 finalist should be Hall, Mackinnon and Kopitar. All of them have dragged their team all year and are all going to the playoffs unless Colorado falls out.

5.) 07 Apr 2018 00:22:11
I know he has no chance at winning but staal for Minnesota has done the same! And no Mcdavid had a great year but should not be in the top 3 I personally think hall should win without question.

6.) 07 Apr 2018 08:32:17
Edmonton without McDavid is extremely worse off than Edmonton with McDavid. The fact that the rest of his team is awful shouldn't detract from what he's accomplished in spite of them. Why award mediocrity by just picking the best player on a team that squeaks into the playoffs because if they didn't make it they don't deserve it and if they did handily they have too much support? Also i saw some analysis in the past 50 years its been mainly to playoff teams but before that it was roughly 50/ 50 and the change happened had more to do with dominant players on dominant teams than it did that a player had to be on a winner until that became some kind of narrative. McDavid putting up the season he did despite the roster around him should really make him a slam dunk.

7.) 07 Apr 2018 18:34:02
@jbs 50 years ago there was 12 teams, 52 years ago there was 6 teams. Playoff teams vs non playoff teams was a little different than in a 31 team league lol

And no one is saying mcdavid isn’t important to the oilers, he clearly is. And I’m not saying it absolutely has to be a playoff team. If the devils didn’t make the playoffs, but they picked first last year, were projected a bottom 5 team again and Taylor hall almost doubled the next closest scorer on his team to drag them to this point in the season and they didn’t sneak in, I’d still say he was more valuable to his team than any other single player was to theirs.

But mcdavid didn’t go so far beyond what was expected of him this year, the bar is set so high for him as it is. But in my opinion, I don’t wanna see the mvp going to guys that miss the playoffs by 20 points. That’s just not in the spirit of things. Todd mcclellan saying “imagine where we would be without Connor? ”, well imagine where the sabres would be without Eichel? does that mean that a 31st place team can have the Hart trophy winner? I sure hope not.

8.) 08 Apr 2018 09:50:40
Mcdavid ppg is really not much different then a few other guys in the top 10 in scoring plus he plays about 2 mins more a game then most of them. i'd be interested to see how he compares in the points per 60 mins category. I'm guessing he probably isn't tops in the league. his team dídnt make the playoffs or even come close so for me to consider him a hart trophy nominee he would have to be so much more effective and dominant then the other guys like hall mackinnon or even malkin and he has not been. Maybe if he had 130 points then he might be in the conversation.

9.) 09 Apr 2018 03:10:46
Yeah, if you’re missing the playoffs by that much, you better be blowing away everyone in every individual category, and I just don’t see it either.



29 Mar 2018 13:34:56
Laine is clearly in the mold of ovechkin and poised to be the leagues next great goal scorer with that crazy release on the rush and his office on the left circle on the PP.

However last night I saw a stat that I found impressive. Since the day laine and Matthews came in to the NHL, Matthews and mcdavid are tied for the most even strength goals in the league at 60. Mcdavid has done it in 157 games and Matthews in 137. Mcdavid clearly has far far more assists to go along with them.

How do you guys view a players ability to score 5-on-5? I see nothing wrong with guys getting their points on the PP, because all season long it’s a special teams game, but when playoffs get tighter and penalties aren’t called as often, I think that ability to score at even strength is a huge bonus.

Unbiased Jim

1.) 29 Mar 2018 16:29:51
So laine has 51 ev goals so it's not like he can't score 5 on 5. I'd rather have the guy that can score in all situations. When you have a weapon like laine on the power play it affects the way opposing teams play you defensively ( less aggressive) especially In tight games.

2.) 29 Mar 2018 17:44:31
I agree. This wasn’t a shot at Laine lol but should have assumed it opens up the door for you to make me look like I’m picking on him. Laine is .53 goals per game, Matthews is .50 goals per game for their career. Matthews is on the second PP unit because marner and JVR are the top one. It’s not saying Matthews can’t score on the PP or that laine can only score on the PP but I don’t think it’s a secret that even strength goals are harder to come by generally speaking than PP goals. It’s called a man ADVANTAGE for a reason, right? It was brought up to show that some guys that aren’t looked at as pure goal scorers are putting up numbers in that category with the best of them. Not to put down other players or have you start a stupid fight. Concede.

3.) 29 Mar 2018 19:50:11
Lainey had trouble adjusting to his extra weight and little was not clicking with him and ehlers. Which is why his 5on5 is lower.

4.) 29 Mar 2018 20:56:01
Well it’s over 2 years, but I get that it’s not the end all stat. Laine is 28g/ 82 games at even strength and Matthews is 34/ 82. I just thought it was an impressive stat. Anyone that can score like that 5v5 should be able to do equal damage when given PP time, and not necessarily the other way around. Again, not a shot at Laine. I think he’s an unbelievable talent and would love him on my team. I’d cheer for jets in the west for sure this year.

5.) 29 Mar 2018 21:54:42
I may be biased, but I think that the 5v5 goal stat does matter. To score at 5v5 is harder to do than on PP tbh, should go without saying, and its also easier to become a better player on the PP than a better player at even strength.

Both Laine and Matthews are really good tho. Just in case anyone thinks I'm hating on Laine, i'm not.

6.) 30 Mar 2018 00:39:25
McDavid has the most even strength points in a season since one of the Sedins in 2009/ 2010. Pretty cool.
And look at his power play points. He has 18. While the other five guys behind him have 30-38 or so. Imagine he had a other 10 power play points.

7.) 30 Mar 2018 01:20:48
@Yup, yeah mcdavids numbers are insane. And I said Matthews and Mcdavid are tied in even strength goals and yet the response I get is, ’I’d take laine because he scores in all situations’ lol like he’s honestly trying to say he would take laine over mcdavid too? I get that a guy like laine scares teams into not taking penalties, but you know what’s scarier? A guy that can score 85 of his 105 pts when you don’t even take any penalties against them! Lol.

8.) 30 Mar 2018 05:26:27
Hahaha. Ya. Well McDavid is above all, that's a fact.
And in my opinion, Liane and Mathews are tied, and it's personal biased and team needs. Winnipeg has centers so liane fits perfectly. Toronto needs a top center so Mathews fits. i tbink they are so close. And I just personally really really like Liane so I would choose him
Imagine him with McDavid. Lol.

9.) 30 Mar 2018 05:39:00
matthews has averaged almost 2 mins more per game this year and is almost a year older. All of this is still in Laine's favour too.

10.) 30 Mar 2018 05:41:47
I didn't say I'd rather laine over mcdavid but I will go on record as saying I would take him over matthews.

11.) 30 Mar 2018 14:10:58
Taking Laine over Mathews is like taking Ovie over a Non injury prone Malkin. On a champion ship team a Center is more important. IMO I feel like it’d be much easier to contain Laine then Mathews in the playoffs due to his lack of elite creativity and hockey IQ. I’ll take Malkin over Ovie and Mathews over Laine.

12.) 30 Mar 2018 14:52:00
Laine was the best player out of the 2016 nhl draft. Leaf probably still pick Matthews because of center need but Laine is just on another level imo. Matthews seems like he thinks he's better then everyone and I've never seen an "Elite player" cherry pick so much. i'd bench him if he was on my team.

13.) 30 Mar 2018 15:10:18
Vbbbvvbb, it's not really like that because neither Laine or Matthews are as good as Ovechkin Or Malkin. At least not yet. i like Laine because he's playing better at 19 then Matthews is at 20. Plus I wouldn't exactly call Matthews non injury prone.

14.) 30 Mar 2018 15:40:08

Then what would you call Laine, who got injured a lot last season?

Both players have had one 40 goal season and one 30 goal season. Both players are remarkable talents.

15.) 30 Mar 2018 16:29:34
Bringing McDavid into this conversation with Laine and Mathews is not needed. he's clearly the best offensive player the game has seen since the Gretzky/ Lemuiex days. sorry Sid
As for Laine/ Matthews. uggh. it pains me to say, cause I like Laine better. but, Mathews will be the better player. 200 foot game. as for goal scorer. it will be Laine., but Mathews won't be far behind. give he points edge to Mathews.

16.) 30 Mar 2018 16:55:22
“Matthews seems like he thinks he’s better then everyone? ” Where does that even come from? Everyone talks about Matthews 200 foot game so I really don’t think he cherry picks either. Colt you are clueless and just look to stir people up in here. I haven’t seen many Jets games, just a lot of Laine highlights. He is definitely the next Ovechkin. Looking forward to seeing both Matthews and Laine leading the only Canadian teams into the playoffs.

17.) 31 Mar 2018 13:53:39
Centres over wingers. Centre is the premier position in hockey. That's why I would always take a centre. Crosby over Ovie. Matthews over Laine. Remember we are talking about elite players here. They will all be in the HOF.



21 Mar 2018 15:37:17
Kinda for leaf fans, but anyone else is obviously welcome to throw their thoughts in. Big topic on all the sports radio and TV the last week or so is if you had your pick, would you rather leafs play Boston or Tampa in the first round.

I can make and have heard good arguements for each. Just wondering what others thought is Best for our chances of moving on.

Unbiased Jim

1.) 21 Mar 2018 17:10:35
I would like Boston tbh. they'll be a tough team, probably more physically imposing than Tampa, but i have reasons:

- Tampa is considered by far to be the Stanley Cup favorite: don't wanna really play them.

- Tampa plays Torontos run and gun style: problem is, i'd argue their offence can trump ours on many nights. And their defencive gameplan is better than ours for sure, as evidenced w their 'never say die' attitude last night.

2.) 21 Mar 2018 17:30:34
On paper I think tampa has the better team but I also think rask is the better option in goal mainly because of his playoff experience. its a tough call I don't think the leafs stack up well against either team but anything can happen I guess.

3.) 21 Mar 2018 18:08:24
Isn't Boston still dealing with a lot of injuries?
If looking to advance to the next round, play Boston.
If you think the cup is possible - play Tampa. If you take them out, it would be a huge confidence boost. If you loose, you lost to the best in this conference and possibly cup champs and didn't get knocked out by a heavy division rival.

4.) 21 Mar 2018 18:15:43
And I meant to say that this assuming the teams are healthy. Andersen is back now and Matthews, zaitsev and komarov are expected back very soon. So assume Bergeron amd chars and backers etc play as well.

5.) 21 Mar 2018 19:40:28
Bruins best players being great at both ends of the ice worried me before, and their size and physicality worried me more than Tampa’s skill that I think the leafs can compete with. But then someone made a great point on tSN radio this morning that a year ago, the senators didn’t just get past the bruins, but actually dominated them a lot of that series with their speed advantage and sens are not as fast and mobile as the leafs are. So that got me thinking the other way lol

Both are great teams, so there’s no easy choice but at the same time I don’t feel overly intimidated by either. I think leafs stand a good shot against either. They have played great and dominated at times this season against both teams and have looked outmatched at times too.

6.) 21 Mar 2018 20:16:02
Montreal beat the bruins a couple years ago with pacioretty as there best player.

7.) 21 Mar 2018 20:30:32

8.) 21 Mar 2018 20:48:46
But he was tied for 3rd in points on the team behind subban and Eller, tied with Rene Bourque and Gallagher, and one point up on markov and Vanek. 3 goals behind bourque. Sounds like pretty average company to me haha.

9.) 21 Mar 2018 21:01:38
I’d rather the leafs play Tampa. I think they match up better against teams that play the run and gun style. Both teams have better defense than Toronto but the goaltending is close and Toronto can bring the offence just as good as anyone in the league.

10.) 21 Mar 2018 23:14:47
As a neutral fan, I’d rather see leafs vs Bruins because we’ll all know leafs have unfinished business (2013 game 7 collapse) and it seems they have somewhat of a rivalry. Tampa and leafs as far as it seems they don’t have a rivalry so leafs bruins would be more fun to watch.

11.) 22 Mar 2018 02:11:11
Yeah, for nestalgia reasons I’d say bruins for sure, just an easier series to sell storylines on. But like I said, I got back and forth on who.



25 Feb 2018 14:43:02
Official Trade

Boston- Rick Nash 50% retained

NYR - 1st round pick
F Ryan Spooner
D Ryan Lindgren
F Matt Belesky
7th Round Pick.

Unbiased Jim

1.) 25 Feb 2018 18:36:18
Boston got fleeced.

2.) 26 Feb 2018 13:36:56
Not really they know what they did. They wanted a Nash as Nash who was one of the best w/ o gets in the league. They see him that way and they paid the price. I'm sure another team would of done so too. They won and lost at the same time.



25 Jan 2018 07:05:19
@Oilers fans

Just wondering where you guys place the blame for the seasons n they’re having? Is it on the player? On the coach? Management? Or just a bad luck year?

Listening to TSN radio today and they had some guys on discussing oilers as a whole, but a lot of focus was on the special teams. Saying ideally coaches want their PP and PK% to add up to 100 to be called effective. Oilers are around 85 and no one else in the league is below 90%. Also that their home pK% is the worst in NHL history.

No doubt some of these are outlier numbers, but there has to be something behind a lot of it.

I know when things got bad in Toronto, there was calls for coaches, gms, trades. Just wondering what the temperature with that kinda stuff is there.

Unbiased Jim

1.) 25 Jan 2018 16:05:16
I've been blaming special teams for over a month or more now. Everyone rolling for coach or GM to be fired when I know that's probably not happening but we need some kind of shake up or firing. Our special teams suck and the assistant coaches run those. I've wanted new assistant coaches since before his season started.

I'm pretty sure Todd needed his own guys with him to come to Edmonton so I'm not sure if that's in contract that he stays they stay, he goes they go. But they need to fire them and bring in their own assistants. That's where I put most the blame.
Other is GM not making a trade for a D man like a Colin Miller or so at the start of the season when knew Sekera would be out for 35 games. Miler was probably available before Vegas even played a game and he become one of their best D men.

once they know Pul had a bad training camp and Moto was sent down around the 15 game mark, he needed to trade for a top 6 winger instead of having such a carousel all year long with Drai as top.

Line winger, then second line center then third line center then winger again. The carousel strategy is crap. Nuge maybe traded this off season so next year McDavid Drai can just play 1-2 center day in day out. Some stability there. Also needed to trade for a back up like.

Montoya about a month before he did. Some key I jury's early in the season and a little bad luck and it all adds up to a bad season.

2.) 26 Jan 2018 00:11:27
Yeah. I personally think Chiarelli has been terrible there. I’ve always had a soft spot for the oilers, they were my second favourite team for a long time. Even have a smyth jersey lol and went to a few games when I was out west. And being a leafs fan, I had a close up view of Chiarellis success in Boston. Liked what he did there and the team he built. When they hired him in Edmonton I was happy for hem because I thought finally they had a manager to drag them out of the mactavish/ Lowe disaster. But he’s been really dissapointing when I look at the moves he has made. Obviously I’m not invested in that team like you guys are so I was really just curious what the general feeling was.

Also I feel like the oilers players have kind of developed an undeserved ego. And it comes naturally with the success they had last year. I’m sure after the season the leafs had, they have it too, however them being in a playoff spot now, you don’t notice it the same because it feels more deserved, even tho they haven’t won a thing either. But the other night when lucic was talking down to the sabres, it’s like, as a team in 26th place with the best player in the world, why are you talking down to another team? Because they’re in 30th? Lol the players don’t seem to wanna take responsibility other than mcdavid. That’s why I was curious if there was any heat on them too.

3.) 26 Jan 2018 11:20:04
Why so quick to divert the attention to Montreal’s season? Jim was simply pointing out what has been a big topic as of late. You are usually the first to bring up things you see or hear about, when it’s about the leafs or habs. It was simply put that McDavid is on his own and that he wanted to play for TO, ouch! He took it like a professional and is trying to carry this team. Button said there is no talent besides McDavid, then corrected himself and said very little talent. You talk about trades they should’ve made but it would create other holes. Trade Larsson for a winger was an idea that was laughed about. You were also very high on Broissoit as you are every Oiler. I personally think they will be back in the playoffs next year, assuming they address the need for speed. I will worry about my own team now, they are far from perfect as I’m sure you’ll tell me. 😏.

4.) 26 Jan 2018 17:42:12
What? I didn't say anything about Montreal in my reply. This post didn't disappear or anything. Are your feeling hurt somehow? 🤔🤔. I don't get it
Jim said something about the special teams being crap, and I highly agree and have been thinking the same thing for a while. He didn't say anything about McDavid going to TO or The team having no other skill. Button is an idiot tho. Lol. To say there is no other talent on the team is hilarious. I've been very critical about how Brossiot was used, not his skill. I'm still a fan of his. I'm Not night on every Oiler, I dislike a few. We suck, I'd make a lot of changes.

5.) 26 Jan 2018 17:59:05
And you do notice I post actual rumors a lot, And it's coincidence it's majority Montreal or Toronto. If I hear news on other teams, I have posted it as well. Lots of Mon and Tor fans on here to discuss things tho. I really haven't heard much Van, Cal, Win, Edm, Ott stuff nearly as much as Tor or Mon. But do you worry my little bro, I post about them as well.

6.) 26 Jan 2018 23:44:44
You asked Montreal fans about their season 53 seconds after you replied to Jim. The times are right above your post. Talk about hurt feelings eh? That seems to be your only come back. My team is doing ok and they weren’t even supposed to be cup contenders. I’m really not hurt at all.

It was said that McDavid wanted to play in TO. Of course Button is an idiot, lol. Anyone who doesn’t think Larsson/ Hall or Eberle/ Strome deals were good for the team are idiots, bro.

7.) 27 Jan 2018 03:22:08
Even when I criticize my team and GM, it's not good enough for you hey? I didn't do it the right way or your way or what?
its been a thing since before he was drafted, it's nothing new.

8.) 27 Jan 2018 06:52:29
53 seconds later chirp. You weren’t just a little on the defense? Had you not turned it to Hab fans like a child, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

9.) 27 Jan 2018 12:59:48
The Hall trade I give Chiarelli a pass on because there was a story by Elliott Friedman, who is usually pretty careful with making sure he’s correct, saying thatvoilers management had identified that hall wasn’t willing to give the team to mcdavid and kinda felt like it should still be built around him. He’s a really good player, but you have a centreman with generational talent show up, you get in line. Chiarelli also got a good young RHD with a good contract in exchange which was a big need for them.

Trading eberle at the lowest value of his career I will never understand or agree with. Especially when he only got a worse version of eberle in return and they didn’t really need to cut payroll till the following year. Should have played eberle with mcdavid for 40 games straight and on the PP this year then dealt him. Would never be worth less than he was when they did the strome deal.

The Lucic contract is awful. I know Yup disagrees, I won’t go too far into it except that he’s not earning that wage today, and he’s going to earn less of it each year for the next 5. At least if he’s getting paid like a top line winger but playing like a 2nd line winger he could be a leader use his Stanley cup pedigree to help. Instead he takes shots in the media at the teams below them while massively underachieving themselves. That would never be tolerated in Boston when he was there but thinks he can do it there?

And the worst of all is the picks that islanders use to get beauvillier AND Barzal for griffin Reinhart. Griffin couldn’t make the team, was then given to Vegas, who has waived him. And Barzal is Calder favourite. And oilers looking for skilled forwards. That’s awful. But even worse is that Chiarelli inherited 2012 1st overall pick Yakupov who was playing in the nhl but not living up to the hype at all, so he traded him and could only get a weak prospect and a third round pick. then goes to NYI and sees there player who wasn’t even in the NHL, and was struggling to even make the jump, picked 4 picks after yakupov and gives up a 1st and a 2nd for him?!?! Terrible asset management and prospect assessment.

10.) 27 Jan 2018 17:31:59
Damn. I got to worry about you studying the timing when I post now. You need to get a life and stop worrying about me all the time.

11.) 27 Jan 2018 21:11:33
Sorry yup, I just notice when people are being a douche. It just so happens I never have to call anyone else out.

12.) 27 Jan 2018 21:28:56
Lol. Starting another conversation is being a douche now? Wow. You really need to get over your hard on for me. That's messed up.
Next time I comment on two things at roughly the same time I'll ask your permission.

13.) 28 Jan 2018 02:01:08
Stop pretending you weren’t pissed off and trying to turn it to Montreal fans. ROUGHLY the same time you were starting another identical conversation not about the oilers, lol? 😂.




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23 Apr 2018 16:45:36
You know Beleskey isn’t in Boston anymore, right? He’s a ranger?

Unbiased Jim



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21 Apr 2018 23:40:59
Not the worst, but Babcock loves browns game and they just locked him up on a cheap deal. Don’t think they trade brown for Bennett, but doubt even more they add a pick to do it.

Unbiased Jim



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21 Apr 2018 23:02:13
@MTL4LIFE Kling might only be 2 years younger than Karlsson and not quite as good, but Karlsson has one year left at 7.5 mill before he leaves or you pay him 12.5 mill. Klingberg is in a tier not very far below the best Dmen in the league and has 4 more years at $4.25 million.

So if his great contract and the cap space it leaves Ottawa in the trade isn’t a great asset in your eyes, then why do you feel the habs deserve a ton more to take on bobby Ryans contract? In your response, Cap space isn’t an asset when talking about the sens trade, and then very next paragraph when it pertains to the habs it’s all of a sudden an asset that can’t be bought cheap lol can’t have it both ways.

Unbiased Jim



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21 Apr 2018 19:45:13
Brock, He was picked 13th overall 7 years ago, so that means he is worth a 1st?! haha rediculous. You know what, Jamie Oleksiak was picked the very next pick, so he’s worth a 1st still too, right? But wait, penguins just got him for a conditional 4th rounder. Does that mean that jim Rutherford just made the greatest trade in NHL history?!

Unbiased Jim



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21 Apr 2018 19:39:26
Edmonton would say no, but I’ve said it before, that Drasaitl contract could be a rough one down the road. In comparison to the lucic one, taking age, position and potential into account, it looks like a steal. But comparing him to elite players his own age with great production who have also got long term contracts, it’s really high.

Unbiased Jim




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