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13 Apr 2019 18:31:12
Canucks trade: Tanev, Leivo

Oilers trade: Benning, Lucic, 1st round pick (8th overall)

Canucks get #8 and #10

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13 Apr 2019 19:27:41
That’s interesting.

13 Apr 2019 19:36:26
Oilers don't include benning then or oilers do not make that.

13 Apr 2019 20:32:01
Honestly, that’s pretty good. The Canucks have enough top 6 defensemen though so maybe take out Benning and Leivo, make it just Tanev for Lucic and the 1st? Or maybe keep Leivo in, idk.

13 Apr 2019 21:12:35
I do not understand. Top 6 defensemen? But there are only six. How can there be a top 6 or a bottom 6?

13 Apr 2019 23:20:18
Top six as in the 3rd pairing, just as top four means the second pairing and top 2 refers to the first pairing. I don’t know why you’re on a hockey site if you don’t even understand basic terminology like that.

14 Apr 2019 02:16:13
Zamboni is English your first language.

14 Apr 2019 14:19:53
That’s not even enough to dump Lucic. Lucic carry’s the biggest negative value in the game.

15 Apr 2019 15:03:57
Vertius you don't have to be rude like that he was just asking a question maybe he sees he differently and that's fine. Try to keep it positive.

15 Apr 2019 14:59:57
It doesn’t not matter Mr. McSmartyPants if English is my first language. No. Saying Top 6 defenseman is like saying top 12 forward. It does not make sense. Top means the best, a few select players off the entire team. Saying top 6 means the best 6, which is all the defensemen on the team. Of course he is top 6. All defensemen playing on the team are top 6, yes. He does not make sense. I understand English very good.

15 Apr 2019 21:56:28
You understand very good yes.

16 Apr 2019 13:21:45
Veritus, I have been following hockey since 1970 and never have I heard of the defense being refered to as top 6.
Also as a long suffering Canucks, who are these "Top 6" defensemen that you say the Canucks have?

16 Apr 2019 15:40:02
I agree with Zamboni. never heard of the term top 6 when it comes to defensive lines. always referenced pairings. Also, English may not be his first language, but we understand everything he is discussing and it is a hell of a lot better than my second language. I believe he has mentioned he is in Europe but follows the NHL and primarily the Oilers.

16 Apr 2019 20:53:25
Just like you can understand what he’s saying, he can understand what he meant by top 6 D. Bit of a weird term but I’ve definitely heard it. Let it slide man.

16 Apr 2019 23:55:43
Jeez, should I draw a picture for you all?

D1-D2 = Top 2 defenseman/ pairing 1
D3-D4 = Top 4 defenseman/ pairing 2
D5-D6 = Top 6 Defenseman/ pairing 3

I mean come on, this really isn’t that hard. Instead of talking about ‘how long you’ve been following hockey’ for Renidrag or ‘how good your English is’ Zamboni - which I hate to break it to you, isn’t good at all - you both should try actually listening to some games cause clearly you don’t know as much as you think you do if you don’t even know basic terms like that.

17 Apr 2019 08:19:28
My 2 cents, you could say top 6 defenseman because that means he's in the lineup. He could of said 7th defenseman would mean watching from the press box most nights waiting for injuries.

13 Apr 2019 13:47:41
Edmonton Trades
6th Round Pick 2019

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019


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13 Apr 2019 16:29:32
Idk why you even post stuff like this. like stop.

13 Apr 2019 18:42:24
What's wrong with my post?

13 Apr 2019 19:38:51
Because how are oilers suppose to support Browns contract which is a little more than Benning's AND take on that bad one of zaitsev which oilers have absolutely no purpose for acquiring him or his contract and the fact he is even include din this trade that's why its dumb and you're literally the biggest idiot ever and you have not realized it like its embarassing your posts this one is horrible you homer.

13 Apr 2019 19:39:56
Notdeluaional don’t even bother explaining he’s still not going to understand why this is a brutal post.

13 Apr 2019 20:13:03
Jk too late hahaha.

13 Apr 2019 04:21:30
Montreal trades: Armia, Brook

Vancouver trades: Leivo, Hutton, 4th round pick 2019

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13 Apr 2019 05:09:24
No thanks from Vancouver.

13 Apr 2019 05:28:06
A huge no thanks from Montreal.

13 Apr 2019 16:13:32
No thanks. I'm think Armia Is going to be a solid player, as well Brook had top 4 potential.

13 Apr 2019 18:13:10
No thanks from Vancouver? Are you that biased? Vancouver runs with that and never looks back. Mtl says no. Even if you had Juolevi from Van mtl still says no.

13 Apr 2019 20:37:36
Biased? No. I just know a bad deal when I see it, Armia is a 3rd liner at best which is what Leivo already is, and Brook is a top6 defenseman at best, exactly what Hutton already is. No thanks.

13 Apr 2019 21:16:03
But all defensemen are top 6, yes? Where in the top 6 are these guys going to play? I believe is bad trade for Montreal. Armia and Brook are better players, yes.

13 Apr 2019 22:43:59
Zamboni, the defensemen are generally ranked
Top 2
Top 4
Top 6

So a top 6 is usually a bottom pairing defenseman.

14 Apr 2019 05:30:35
In zamboni defence I always called it top pair, 2nd pair and bottom pair when talking about defence men. Not top 6.

14 Apr 2019 16:10:34
Hopefully a team doesn't dress 7 Dmen. or we have a real issue.

15 Apr 2019 03:44:40
Yes Sosa then they all become top 7 Dmenlol.

15 Apr 2019 15:05:25
Armia would be top 6 in Vancouver.

15 Apr 2019 15:08:11
Yes, Mr. Habby. You understand very good what I mean. Defensemen are list 1/ 2;3/ 4;5/ 6. Is top 2 is 1/ 2. Is top 4 is 1/ 2 and 3/ 4. Is top 6 is 1/ 2&3/ 4&5/ 6. Is all defensemen. Top 2 is only the first line. Top 6 is everyone. I do not understand Mr Vertius and his language. How can he use top 6 for only the bottom pairing? No. It does not make sense. It is not me. No. My English is very good, yes.

13 Apr 2019 01:41:53
Rangers Trade
1st Round Pick 2019

Leafs Trade
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Thoughts ?

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13 Apr 2019 03:09:23
Terrible for rangers. Rangers ask for Marner if they trade that pick.

13 Apr 2019 03:22:51
Which rangers 1st pick? I sure hope it’s not the high one lol.

13 Apr 2019 04:51:34
Classic pinball.

13 Apr 2019 01:40:02
I have a blow the doors type of Draft Day Trade Proposal.

Rangers Trade
1st Round Pick 2019
6th Round Pick 2019

Leafs Trade
Borgman (AHL)
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Thoughts ?

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13 Apr 2019 03:13:19
It blows alright.

13 Apr 2019 18:58:19
I don't understand what the rangers are getting. Do they want Kadri? They're in a rebuild, and want the young guys to get playing time. Also, why give up a first to help leafs shed contacts?

13 Apr 2019 01:39:53
Carolina Trades
6th Round Pick 2019 (Flames Pick)

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

This is the type of Trade both Teams will be looking at on Draft Day, Salary when Kapanen is resigned will be about even for both Teams, in my view it's pretty fair as Kapanen will step into the Top Line and DHamilton is a Top Defenceman that had an off year this season, Sparks is still going to be a solid backup and Carolina needs some youth back there.

Thoughts ?

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13 Apr 2019 04:58:16
You know what like honestly interesting post. 👍🏻.

13 Apr 2019 05:12:04
I don’t think it’s enough from Toronto. We were just shown that they have no faith in Sparks by getting another Goalie, that means he has next to no value, and I don’t think Kap gets Dougie straight up.

13 Apr 2019 14:00:52
Kapanen has 1 solid season in the nhl but Dougie has 3 fantastic ones and a couple solid ones so I don't with only 2 years difference so I don't see how this is fair game.

13 Apr 2019 01:37:31
Canucks trade: 1st rounder 2019, Baertschi, Leivo, Juolevi, Goldobin, 2nd round pick 2020

Devils trade: 1st overall 2019, Coleman

Anything for Hughes Pettersson Boeser line

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13 Apr 2019 03:10:25
Not even close it’s be Horvat/ Boeser And the 1st+.

13 Apr 2019 03:13:16
Aren't all three of those guys natural centers? Anyway no way the top 2 picks get traded. They should be franchise players. Think youd have to start with 2 1st roundersand add from there.

13 Apr 2019 01:36:54
Ottawa Senators -
• (RW) Bobby Ryan (25% Salary Retention)
• (2020) 2nd-Round Pick
New Jersey Devils -
• (2019) 6th-Round Pick

(Bobby Ryan get's to play really close to his home, Devils add more scoring touch and Senators start their rebuild)

Ottawa Senators -
• (LW) Mikkel Boedker
Edmonton Oilers -
• (2019) 2nd-Round Pick

(Oilers add more scoring touch and acquire another winger who has 4m x 1yr remaining, Senators acquire another draft pick)

Ottawa Senators -
• (C) Chris Tierney
Calgary Flames -
• (2019) 2nd-Round Pick
• (LHD) Oliver Kylington

(Flames add a bottom six center to add to their scoring depth to possibly slot beside Sam Bennett making Mark Jankowski expandable, Senators add what could turn into a Top 4 LHD and a draft pick)

Ottawa Senators -
• (LW) Zack Smith (50% Salary Retention)
Arizona Coyotes -
• (2019) 4th-Round Pick

(Coyotes get another veteran on a cheap contract due to salary retention to play with the young guys and guide them to the playoffs and add a more scoring touch if he can stay healthy, senators add a draft pick)

Ottawa Senators -
• (RHD) Christian Jaros
• (2020) 4th-Round Pick
Toronto Maple Leafs -
• (RW) Connor Brown

(Senators adds a bottom 6 winger and toronto adds another top 6 rhd)

Ottawa Senators -
• (LHD) Mark Boroweicki
New York Islanders -
• (LW) Andrew Ladd
• (2019) 1st-Round Pick
• (C) Blade Jenkins

(Senators adds some veteran depth but taking on the contract for some future assets and islanders get some breathing room and add a top 6 physical lhd)

Free Agent Signings:
- Jordan Eberle (4.25M x 3YR)
- Jake Gardiner (5M x 3YR)
- Jordan Weal (1.75M x 2YR)
- Andrej Sustr (1.25M x 2YR)

Ottawa Senators Lines -

Brady Tkachuk - Colin White - Drake Batherson
Alex Formenton - Jean Pageau - Jordan Eberle
Andrew Ladd - Jordan Weal - Connor Brown
Brian Gibbons - Oscar Lindberg - Max Veronneau

Thomas Chabot - Dylan Demelo
Jake Gardiner - Cody Ceci
Oliver Kylington - Andrej Sustr

Quick rebuild and already look like a decent team.

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13 Apr 2019 03:17:53
Flames already have c depth. like 8 0f there 12 forwards are natural centers and would think theyd want to keep kylington for cost controlled players that can legit play nhl.

15 Apr 2019 15:13:58
Gardiner will sign for more that $5M for sure.

12 Apr 2019 18:10:14
8th overall

2nd round pick 2019

Edmonton has enough cap space to take on Zucker with the Wild taking on Russell who the Wild could flip for a mid to late round pick and the Wild seem to be in a re-set mode moving big pieces for younger assest and they almost sent Zucker to Calgary at the trade deadline apparently.

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12 Apr 2019 18:27:58
Change Russell to Lucic maybe? I think Minny needs to do a small rebuild, especially if they’re trading Zucker after also dumping Granlund. So they should be able to take that contract for the remaining years.

12 Apr 2019 19:17:34
This is fricken horrible for oilers wtf.

11 Apr 2019 17:39:43
8th overall
Brodziak (1.15m cap for one season)


Edmonton gets its speedy winger

Jets get good pick and cap relief for Laine, Trouba signings

Edm can make this work cap wise if they can move brodziak

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11 Apr 2019 18:17:19
No from the Jets as Ehlers is a young, very talented player that is signed long term on a very reasonable contract. The 8th pick would be good but the player selected would not be ready to step into the Jets lineup for 2/ 3 years and this team is built to win now.

11 Apr 2019 18:29:01
No thanks. There is no reason to trade Ehlers for cap relief. We have other guys that can move before him to clear cap.

11 Apr 2019 19:37:10
besides the fact winnipeg declines, oilers do not have the cap space.

11 Apr 2019 19:51:39
Honestly just can’t work for either team, Winnipeg is in win now mode and oilers don’t have the cap space.

13 Apr 2019 13:49:08
Ehlers took a step back this year because of injuries so his value can't be high atm.


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