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27 Jul 2019 17:43:29
MTL: Hudon, 2rd2020

Buff: Rodrigues

MTL then signs Rodrigues for 6 years @ 3.7 million

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27 Jul 2019 18:41:05
Number 1 Rodrigues has already signed a new contract with Buffalo
Number 2 and this is a big one why would the habs give up a 2nd pick for Rodrigues and sign him to a major overpayment when they already just signed nick cousins who is just as good.

27 Jul 2019 14:47:13
WPG: Appleton
EDM: Puljujarvi

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27 Jul 2019 19:57:22
I like Pully but he isn't worth an A prospect like
Appleton. Pully wants a contract he hasn't earned or he will run back to Finland. After all even playing at times on a line with McD Pully was still useless. Unless Edmonton would accept a 3rd round pick they can keep him and be their headache.

27 Jul 2019 23:04:26
Islandjet is your goal to give everybody a headache?

But yeah, Appleton worth more than Puljujarvi.

28 Jul 2019 04:54:39
I actually don't see any reason why Appleton is worth more.

28 Jul 2019 09:05:51
No thanks from Winnipeg. I'd rather keep the player that has proven he can play in the NHL.

28 Jul 2019 15:49:34
Memarcus, so you in Edmontons side?

29 Jul 2019 06:46:53
So the guy that has played 36 games and was on a
22 point pace has proven he can play in the NHL? He’s 2 years older and done less in the NHL.

29 Jul 2019 19:05:51
Never mind.
I looked at Appleton’s stats and mistook his AHL stats for his NHL ones.
Thought he got 32P in 40GP.
My bad.

27 Jul 2019 14:46:06
WPG: Laine, Copp
CGY: Tkachuk, Bennett

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27 Jul 2019 16:38:22

27 Jul 2019 16:40:43
I don't like it, the point of trading one of these players is to try and save money. At the moment I think tkachuk is better, but laine has the 50 goal potential. I would say it's a wash, neither team agrees. Other players are a throw in.

27 Jul 2019 17:30:55
Both tkachuck and laine are are great players but very different styles, think calgary wants tkachuck and Bennetts grit so think they decline before Winnipeg. They don't have to much without those two.

28 Jul 2019 02:47:01
Laine will not be traded. They will work it out just like the Marner scenerio.

28 Jul 2019 09:06:50
No thanks from Winnipeg.

27 Jul 2019 03:29:15
Tor: Kasperi Kapanen for Mtl: Mike Reilley + 2nd 2020, 4th 2020

For a team like toronto who can outscore any given night. I think mike reilly has huge upside.

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27 Jul 2019 12:10:51
Reilly is already 26 and has probably hit his ceiling. The leafs won’t trade Kapanen at least until the Mitch Marner situation is resolved. He likely won’t be traded at all.

27 Jul 2019 14:27:35
I agree with tml33 . Would love to have Kappanen. but Reilly is nothing special. not good defensive at all.

27 Jul 2019 17:44:20
No from MTL, we need Reilly more then Toronto does.

27 Jul 2019 17:52:19
MTL should not trade Reilly, he's the best left handed defensemen in mtl atm.

27 Jul 2019 18:32:00
He is not the best left hand dman on Montreal but I will say this about him. Imo if he was put in a situation where he was allowed to play the game he wanted to and wasn't being forced to be a defensive dman like he has been in Montreal and to a slightly lesser extent when he was in minny he might surprise with his offensive production. He doesn't have a cannon for a shot or anything but the rest of his skill set is comparable to jake gardiner and Justin Shultz.

27 Jul 2019 00:54:46
To Flames :
Oliver Bjorkstrand

To Jackets :
Michael Frolik
2nd-Round Draft Pick

Basic trade but i like Bjorky.

Gaudreau - Monahan - Lindholm

Tkachuk - Backlund - Bjorkstrand

Lucic - Jankowski - Bennett

Mangiapane - Ryan - Czarnik

Giordano - Brodie

Hanifin - Hamonic

Valimaki - Andersson

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28 Jul 2019 02:48:25
Frolic not worth it. Columbus can’t be that dumb.

26 Jul 2019 20:45:57
I’m a Calgary fan we need to shed salary and Brodie seems to be the odd man out so why don’t we trade him to some team that the defence is weak my trades for tj brodie. Calgary trades :TJ Brodie To NYR for Vitali kravtov, rw. Or Ott for drake Batherson (rw) . Or Det for Joe Veleno ( c/ rw) . Or NYI for either Simon holmstrom or Oliver wahlstom. Or buff for victor olofsson and Rasmus asplund You could add pick in some trades if you like these are just young player I think you may get for Brodie Flames clear salary and get a young prospect back Please tell me your thoughts and if any of these deals make sense to you for the flames thanks.

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26 Jul 2019 21:12:58
Do you know who Vitali Kravstov is/ what the Rangers cap situation is/ why do they need another dman/ are they contending. Rangers never answer a call from Treliving again. As for the rest, you are trading a #4 dman for top prospects that won't work at all. None of the trades work. Terrible value.

26 Jul 2019 23:42:51
Bf32 you're undervaluing brodie

27 Jul 2019 01:25:20
High 30 point dman, who is 2-way. Solid defensively. On an expiring deal @ 29 years old. Top prospects rarely get traded for rentals even if he were to come with an extension he is not worth any of the prospects listed. All of those guys are top 5 prospects to their respected clubs. You would more likely see Brodie traded for two 2nd's.

27 Jul 2019 02:20:55
Kravtsov is the 3rd best prospect rated ahead of Makar and Byram according by the most recent submitted list this guy has potential to be elite no way Rangers Trade him not even close.

27 Jul 2019 02:30:53
Just cause Brodie is 4th best on one of the deepest team defences in the league doesn't mean he's a 4th defenceman. Had 34 points and +29 last year. That's pretty good for a guy for 3.9 mil. Not saying he deserves a top de prospect but he has good value. And shown he can be a top line de.

27 Jul 2019 07:12:41
i'd do that trade from ottawa. it'd be hard to let go of batherson as he's a good prospect but you don't get a d-man like brodie every day.

27 Jul 2019 08:56:43
Shootsmcgee and Pkane88 are the only reasonable ones. Rangers say no but brodie does have decent value

27 Jul 2019 14:04:23
Sean Monyhands you can't seriously think Bodie has close value to Bodie. I’d say Kravtsov has more value then Tavares he has ridicules upside. It’d probably take Hanfin+ to get him.

27 Jul 2019 16:03:02
All I’m saying is a prospect is only prospect until he makes it brodie is a good 2 way defencemen and on these teams he could play on their 1 or 2 pairings easy.

27 Jul 2019 22:40:04
Is vbb drunk again? Bodie close value to bodie? Hanfin? More value than tavares? Ridicules. Either your auto correct on the fritz or you should sleep it off bud.

26 Jul 2019 21:50:43
Edmonton- Patrick Hornqvist

Pittsburgh- James Neal ( 1 million retained ), Jesse Puljujarvi and 2nd 2020

Edmonton- gets rid of a cap dump and brings in an effective player in Hornqvist.

Pittsburgh- takes a flyer on Neal hoping reunited chemistry Sparks his play and also get two prospects to help with their poor prospect group.

*maybe Pittsburgh adds a conditional pick based on Puljujarvi's performance.

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26 Jul 2019 23:50:31
This is so bad man.
Sorry Leafs17, didn’t mean to hurt your feeling.

Can you believe the Oilers got Neal for Lucic!? Didn’t even have to give a 1st away with him like Dubas had to do with a bad contract.
The Oilers are keeping Neal and he’ll bounce back with at least 20 goals. Make my words. I’ll eat them if he bombs, and if he does, his contract is insanely better to buy out than Lucic. Great gamble. Great trade. This pprooosed trade by you is garbage. Lol.

27 Jul 2019 01:52:12
Well Dubas did not have to take James Neal’s contract back in the deal either.

I think Holland did well in this deal and agree Neal could bounce back, but that’s still a boat anchor of a contract at this point. He traded what was most certainly crap for different crap that may or may not be less crappy.

I agree this proposed deal stinks though and Edmonton is way better off just keeping Neal and giving him every chance to succeed (lots of PP/ McDavid time) .

27 Jul 2019 02:23:59
Yupp no matter how you look at it Neal is still garbage not Lucic garbage because no one is but he has negative value Hornqvist is still very good. No ones denying he won’t score 20 but aside from that he contributes nothing.

27 Jul 2019 04:11:49
Pittsburgh traded neal away to get hornqvist.

Their prospect pool is thin, but they're still in win mode, not time to tear down yet.

27 Jul 2019 07:15:11
i'd do it from edmonton perspective, but i'd think they'd give neal a chance to play with mcdavid/ drais/ rnh before trading him right away, they just got neal.

27 Jul 2019 13:16:07
I didn’t make the post but thanks for thinking of me. It must suck obsessing over a complete stranger.

26 Jul 2019 21:22:21
To Rangers :
Kris Russell (2 years/ 4M AAV)
2nd-Round Draft Pick in 2020

To Oilers :
Vladislav Namestnikov (1 year/ 4M AAV)

To Devils :
Jesse Puljujarvi (RFA)
Matt Benning (1 year/ 1.9M AAV)
3rd-Round Draft Pick in 2020

To Oilers :
Damon Severson (4 years/ 4.16M AAV)

Draisaitl - McDavid - Neal

Namestnikov - Nugent-Hopkins - Chiasson

Nygard - Granlund - Khaira

Jurco - Gagner - Archibald

Klefbom - Larsson

Nurse - Severson

Bear - Persson.

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26 Jul 2019 20:15:55
Edmonton Oilers:

- Brendan Perlini (RFA)

Chicago Blackhawks:

- Jesse Puljujarvi (RFA)

- Kyle Brodziak

Chicago Blackhawks get one of the best prospects on the trade market right now. A player who was once projected to be a top line winger struggled with the Edmonton Oilers. The Blackhawks could get insane value out of this trade if they could pull over another Dylan Strome turn around.

Perlini struggled throughout his career to put up points. Oilers still need wingers and he is pretty much a lock for the 1st/2nd line.

Since Puljujarvi's ceiling is much, much higher than Perlini's the Blackhawks take Brodziak's contract. (1.1M for 1yr)

Oilers sign Perlini to a 1yr 2M deal with potential bonuses to be up to an extra 1M if he scores 20+ goals.

Blackhawks sign Puljujarvi to a 2yr 2M deal.

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26 Jul 2019 20:27:40
I like it.

26 Jul 2019 23:43:46
Gagner instead of Brodziak

27 Jul 2019 01:19:05
Perllini is a guy like caligula. Stone and debrincat could do their thing because he went in the corners and do the tough work. His points didn't show through but he was important to that line. I was hoping blackhawks could get him signed but I'd take this trade as a hawks fan.

27 Jul 2019 02:32:39
Strome, noticed got auto corrected to stone.

26 Jul 2019 08:25:36
Toronto: Marner, Lilijegreen

Vancouver: Elias P. , Erikson, Juolevi, Tanev

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26 Jul 2019 13:05:49
Yeah I would rather keep Peterson he is a center and IMO is the better goal scorer. He is also on ELC for 2 more years.

26 Jul 2019 15:15:02
No from Vancouver.

26 Jul 2019 18:41:23
Tanev signed a 6 year contract with Pittsburgh so he will not be included in your trade.

26 Jul 2019 18:48:40
@Rjh: there are 2 Tanev’s.

26 Jul 2019 20:10:18
Not worth trading Marner for Petterson if it means taking on Ericsson. Petterson, Juolevi, Tanev are all injury prone anyway. Better off with Super Marner.

26 Jul 2019 21:22:53
I actually don’t mind it not sure how Pettersson would do on the wing but I wouldn’t take back Tanev and Erickson in the same deal. With Pettersson on the ELC and trading Marner the leafs can afford to take back Erickson but it’d take a lot to dump his contract.

26 Jul 2019 21:36:26
Also it’s a fact Marner has more value right now then Pettersson unlike keyboard GMs real professionals know Marner will be battling McDavid for scoring titles.

26 Jul 2019 21:03:15
Take out Erickson and it’s close to fair. Juoleve has no value.

26 Jul 2019 21:54:31
Mcdavid is a center marner is a winger how can they battle literally play two very different position.

26 Jul 2019 23:51:58
Hahaha, Man this is great entertainment.

27 Jul 2019 02:25:32
What are you talking about Redwing what does position have to do with scoring totals.

27 Jul 2019 16:40:21
The fact the Vb thinks Marner is on the same level as McDavid is telling enough lmao.

27 Jul 2019 19:37:05
A center scoring 90 pts and a winger scoring 90 pts are two very different things. You can't compare the two.

31 Jul 2019 03:21:06
Vancouver says a hard no.

05 Aug 2019 04:42:43
Huge no from vancouver.... totally delusional. Jim Benning would laugh hang up and block that number.


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