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21 Jun 2017 05:35:40
Based on the premise Trouba doesn't want to remain in Winnipeg long term ... jets deal trouba, copp and 1st Rd pick (13) to Detroit for dekeyser, Larkin and 1st Rd pick (9). Jets then flip Larkin and 1st Rd pick (#9) to Colorado for Barrie and pickard

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21 Jun 2017 06:20:34
Trouba > Larkin seems fair. Considering what sergachev got. Larkin really isn't anything special.

21 Jun 2017 17:08:32
Sergachev got Drouin because Tampa were desperate to trade one of them because by they were going to lose an amazing player.

21 Jun 2017 20:33:54
Tampa wasnt desperate to trade Drouin they would have been fine. But i don't think Yzerman ever planned to keep him. He still held a grudge just waited for value to rebound before trading him.

21 Jun 2017 05:19:07
mtl buyout emelin

offer hudon and 2nd pick so vegas take plekanec

habs trade galchenyuk and a first to vegas for staal ouellet and marchessault

habs sign alzner 5year 30M
sign radulov 4 year 24M
sign markov 2 year 6 M



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21 Jun 2017 05:27:46
No thanks.

21 Jun 2017 05:57:57

21 Jun 2017 02:16:15
Well this is my first time on the NHL rumours site

So Montreal made a trade for them to hopefully get Carey price to re-sign in the future.

To HABS: DROUIN + conditional 6th

To LIGHTNING: SERGACHEV + conditional 2nd

My problem with this is that the HABS did not fix their centre problems, in my opinion they could've have went for Matt Duchene because he's a centre that they need and considering that the Avs need D , SERGACHEV could've been in a deal for Duchene. It would've fix HABS centre problem and getting the Avs a grade A d prospect they need. I like DROUIN but I don't think his attitude fits the team


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21 Jun 2017 02:38:58
Joe Salic was asking for like sergachev, 1st and beaulieu which is crazy tbh.

21 Jun 2017 02:51:23
Me too he's an amazing player but I'm pretty sure we aren't going to see some off ice issues.

21 Jun 2017 03:53:33
A little late durr.

21 Jun 2017 03:54:54
Duchene attitude is just as much a question mark as drouins.

21 Jun 2017 04:41:07
Drouins fine. Just a kid that got some bad advice. Players loved him. Fit in very well with the team and stellar once he stopped listening to his parents and came back. I don't think youll have any issues with him at all he's been all class since returning.

21 Jun 2017 15:21:26
Welcome to Armchair GM gong show.
I personally like the Drouin trade, over a trade for Duchene. I jus don't see Duchene as being all that great. I believe he is the most overrated on this site since last season when we were all talking about another Av, Tyson Barrie. and i'm not sold that Duchene is a center?

Sometimes he's a winger, sometimes a center, gets 41 points. anyway, He would however be an upgrade over what we have atm.
As for Drouins attitude, time will tell if that was jus a one time incident. I think in Montreal he could really flourish. he wanted to be the guy, well now he's going to get his chance.

There are a lot of expectations on this kid. not sure if totally fair, jus hope he can handle it . I seen one article that kinda compared him to Guy Lafleur. I had to laugh at that. us Habs fans are sometimes right out to lunch. lol

Hope ya enjoy the site. don't take to anything personal, and just have fun. Youll learn who is legit and who the trolls are really fast.

21 Jun 2017 01:57:44
MTL: Anisimov

CHI: 2nd 2017, 3rd 2017

Not sure of Anisimovs value but maybe they get him at a cheap cost since chicagos cap problems.

If Montreal can handle Hjalmarsson and Anisimovs contract and able to sign galchenyuk and radulov...

MTL: Hjalmarsson, Anisimov

CHI: 2nd 2017, 2nd 2018

Montreal does Chicago a favour and gets them out of the red.

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21 Jun 2017 02:24:21
Dont think that will be in compliance with the cap. Unless we can somehow get rid of Plekanec contract . Even then would be a stretch
I also feel like Habs should hokd on to a few picks. cupboard is really bare, especially with Sergachev gone now . All the prospects are C to C+ prospects at best.

21 Jun 2017 02:44:49
first of all montreal would have to lose emilin and plekanec to absorb those deals which is going to cost them, secondly I wouldn't want anisimov beacuse the main problem for Montreal last year was their faceoff % and anisimov is averaging 45% and that's the main reason they wanna trade him, third of all they are both pretty old and would much rather see Radulov stay and if anisimov comes in they won't be able to sign Radulov.

21 Jun 2017 15:18:33
2nd one is brutal Montreal adds A lot.

21 Jun 2017 01:00:17
What would it take to acquire Trouba from Peg without giving up Rielly,Gardiner,Mathews,Marner,Nylander,Kadri or Anderson?

Tor: Brown,Dermott,17th ovr and 2018 1st

Win: Trouba

Does peg do this? More then what Hamilton got.

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21 Jun 2017 02:09:51
Uhhhh is Trouba even worth that 🤔.

21 Jun 2017 02:14:36
Overpayment for him.

21 Jun 2017 02:45:05
No he's not.

21 Jun 2017 02:45:50
Calgary got Dougie Hamilton for a forst (#15) and 2 2nd and trouba isn't as good as Hamilton tbh.

21 Jun 2017 03:28:37
To much for Trouba.

21 Jun 2017 04:14:08
Without giving pretty much the whole team? Lol you got to give to get. Brown and Dermott are so overrated

21 Jun 2017 04:17:26
Good to hear I really wouldn't wanna trade the 2018 1st what if Toronto removed that?

21 Jun 2017 04:53:48
Remove 2017 first.

20 Jun 2017 19:52:51
This is a stretch and a bit ridiculous, however. Montreal is in win now mode but has very few prospects in the cupboard. So this all happens after the expansion draft.

Mtl - Carey price, 2017 first round pick

Vegas - MAF, 2017 first (6th) and the next two lowest first rounders that they have from the side deals, Matt dumba

Helps habs recoup. Get a top pairing defense and yes a goalie down grade but still a legit keeper.

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20 Jun 2017 19:59:32
MAF isn't worth a lot and if Montreal trades price they wouldn't want low draft picks they would want an elite 1st line center a high first and a future top 2 D prospect, Fleury, 2nd, 2nd.

20 Jun 2017 20:00:23
Also we don't need RHD.

20 Jun 2017 20:00:35
Why do knights do it?

20 Jun 2017 20:23:10
Ya if I'm Vegas honestly wouldn't do that.

20 Jun 2017 20:47:44
That's a lot for 1 year of Price from a team that's no where close to competing.

20 Jun 2017 21:44:13
Vegas needs the best goalie in the league over 3 first round picks?

20 Jun 2017 22:30:43
The thought of Price in a differnt uniform gives me panic attacks lol. Nope. not going to happen.

20 Jun 2017 22:36:06
Just so bad.

I get Minny will have a deal in place for Vegas to lay off Dumba or Scandella.
But this deal is just so bad.

20 Jun 2017 19:32:55
I know offer sheets don't happen often in today's NHL, but leafs are looking for a top 4 RHD. Apparently rumours are suggesting to find one on the trade market (vatanen, dumba, trouba) would take a first and a good prospect.

Colton parayko is a big guy, can play in all situations, can skate very well for his size and is an RFA. He also was Morgan Reilly's partner in the World Cup on the top pair after ekblad was hurt.

Compensation for a contract with an AAV between 5.88 and 7.85 mill is 2018 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick. As a leafs fan I would be far happier to see them part with those 3 picks for parayko than 2017 17th overall and Connor brown for one of those others.

Thinking like a 6 years x 6.75 mill.

Rielly Parayko
Gardiner Zaitsev
Top 4 for just under 20 mill all locked up Between 22 and 26 years old.

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20 Jun 2017 19:53:16
The problem with offer sheets is that no one really wants to overpay a player especially Maple leafs with huge contracts coming up and if u give a fair offer the respective team will match it most likely.

20 Jun 2017 20:09:30
Paryanko is on a different level then those 3. IMO Paryanko is the best U25 dman in the NHL.

20 Jun 2017 20:27:02
Ristolainen is better than parayko. But that's also your opinion not mine.

20 Jun 2017 20:32:35
Leafs don't have Their 2nd rnd pick or their third rnd pick in 2017 nor do they have a their 3rd rnd pick in 2018. So they will not be able to offer that amount of money. I would think the STL would match that any way. The only offer sheet toronto can offer is 4 first round picks. They require a third rnd pick in every situation above 4 mil a year.

20 Jun 2017 20:49:07
With that contract he isn't in your mentioned aav range. If you make an offer sheet the highest divisor for the aav is 5 (years) . So if you offer sheet 7x7 means that's an aav of 9.8 mil (49:5)

20 Jun 2017 23:47:11
Yah RIsto is not bad at all Same with Eklblad-Injurys. I'd say RIsto=Paryanko just a personal preference. I see Paryanko as a future shea Weber with speed.

20 Jun 2017 23:58:41
I like Parayko, however as an under 25 guy, ill take Ekblad and as McJesus says Risto. but it is close IMO between Risto and Parayko.

21 Jun 2017 02:11:11
Yeah just giving an example of something I think better. There's a lot of good dman under age 25 but parayko is defs up there.

21 Jun 2017 02:17:25
Yeah. Ekblad is the best one but he's obviously unattainable. The AAV I have him in would actually cost 2 1st rounders, a second and a third. 6x6.5 instead of 6.75 would keep it in the lower threshold meaning only 1 1st rounder. Again, doubt it would ever happen. Just an interesting thing to fill a RHD spot that most people are assuming will come via trade.

21 Jun 2017 03:29:01
parayko is sheltered behind peitrangelo on a very good defensive team. risto rielly and ekblad are all the top guys of their respective defensive units.

21 Jun 2017 04:40:50
What about patayko playing for team Canada and for team north America on top line was that sheltered too.

20 Jun 2017 18:35:13
With Montreal Trading Sergachev for Drouin and trading Beaulieu as well (both being LHD) I wonder if the Blues would Part with Jake Walman Something like

MON- Galchenyuk + 2nd 2018

STL -Walman + 1st 27OA.

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20 Jun 2017 18:52:42
I don't know anything about Walman.
Im going to say No, jus to the fact that this team is trying to win now and needs someone to step in immediately to help make this team a contender. i'm not even sure they make the playoffs at this point.

20 Jun 2017 19:01:49
However, there is a certain young Blues Dman we could negotiate a trade with involving Galchenyuk. maybe this will bring Tankie out of hiding. Lol.

20 Jun 2017 19:45:09
Montreal want more of an NHL ready defenceman and also galchenyuk is worth way more than a medium prospect and a really late 1st round on an horrible draft year.

20 Jun 2017 19:55:42
St. Louis trades: Vince dunn, tage Thompson, 1st

Montreal trades: galchenyuk, 2nd.

20 Jun 2017 20:44:34

Im sure STL will decline that counter proposal.

20 Jun 2017 20:52:47
Yeah you're right but Montreal will decline the first one.

20 Jun 2017 21:42:28
So who do you all think is on Montreal's radar. NHL ready, Top4 and available? Shattenkirk, ALZNER, ect.

20 Jun 2017 23:21:56
Im reading about Scandella. not sure what the price would be.
I hope not Shattenkirk. he's meh, not all that high on him. and will cost way to much.

21 Jun 2017 00:35:41
Scandella would be a good addition if Vegas picks him and we trade them like a 1st, 2nd for him and also make them pick Plekanec or something.

21 Jun 2017 02:12:52
Walman is young promising blue liner, real bright future for him. SHOuld be NHL ready, with all said he doesn't get Chucky yet. No from Habs.

20 Jun 2017 08:09:10
By the looks of it I think Vegas might have a crew of Dadanov, Shipachyov. Imagine if they signed Radulov and trade for Kovalchuk.

Trade #1
• 2017 1st round pick (not Vegas' 5th pick)

New Jersey:
• rights to Ilya Kovalchuk
• Expansion selection of their choice

Would be cool to get ovi but anyways

Kovalchuk - Shipachyov - Radulov
Dadonov - Marchassault - Neal
Ryan - Sheahan - Gaborik
Paajarvi - Grigorenko - Ward

Enstrom - Dumba
Emelin - Vatanen
Johnson - Sbisa


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20 Jun 2017 13:15:51
This team would be way over salary, even without Kovy.

20 Jun 2017 17:25:39
Radulovs signing in Montreal.

20 Jun 2017 18:12:01
Not sure if Montreal can afford him at what he is asking. Heard he priced himself out of the team.

20 Jun 2017 18:48:34
Been hearing lots of different things about the Radulov situation. Think it will be a big step backwards by Habs if they let him go.
Although I like the Drouin trade, kinda worried about this team for next season if Radulov is gone, the Galchenyuk situation, the slow aging D, and the most important issue, Prices upcoming contract.
Can't see Vegas doing the Habs the ultimate favor of taking Plekanec . but that would deffinetly be a good start to help with some of these issues.

20 Jun 2017 18:51:17
Without Kovy and Dadonov, the contracts equal approximately $68-$70 million dollars. Now, this would be under the cap - technically. Except that is the total of 17 roster spots, not to mention the other 30-33 contract spaces they would likely fill out (including 6 players on the active roster to make it to 23 before season starts) .

No way Vegas spends to the cap in their first year, that would just be poor management.

20 Jun 2017 21:12:18
Just saw that Jersey would get an expansion pick of their choice. so you would have to loose probably Dumba, Enstrom or Marchassault.
Not to mention i would be very surprised if they took Emelin from the habs without a payoff.

20 Jun 2017 06:46:54
Montreal trades: 2017 2nd/3rd, Nikita sherback

VGK: takes plekanec in draft

Montreal trades: 2018 1st, 2017 2nd , Charlie lindgren.

Minnesota trades: Marco scandella

Montreal trades: Alexi emilin

NJ trades: 2017 4th

Montreal signs
Radulov 4yrs/6.25mill
Markov 2yrs/4.25mill
Galchenyuk 6yrs/5.5mill
Montreal lineup



7th D -Davidson

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