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08 Aug 2019 18:13:10
Mtl-drouin-juulsen-suzuki-1st pick 2021



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08 Aug 2019 18:18:03
No thanks. Start with Kotkaniemi and add.

08 Aug 2019 18:45:20
Laine has 50 goal potential, no question about that, but why ransack your team to get him?

The reason star or superstar players rarely get traded for is because you have to decimate your team to do it and it doesn’t make your team better because yeah you’ve got a star now, but you have no supporting cast.

08 Aug 2019 18:54:05
You telling me San Jose had no supporting cast after they acquired Karlsson.

08 Aug 2019 19:08:22
Too much for him I’d rather keep all those players then trade for a streaky scorer.

08 Aug 2019 19:45:02
San Jose doesn’t count cause they robbed Ottawa blind. That was Dorian’s own fault.

08 Aug 2019 20:01:51
No interest in the entitled Drouin, Juulsen is broken, so carries very little value, Suzuki and the first are nice.

Overall though the deal would need to be built around Kotkaniemi plus.

08 Aug 2019 20:40:18
Kotkaniemi plus? I've heard that joke before but can't quite remember it. it was something involving Trouba tho.

08 Aug 2019 20:52:09
Lol. I knew you didn't understand hockey very well unsportsmanlike, but you don't even know the difference between the Laine situation and Trouba. Wow.

08 Aug 2019 21:58:06
Joe Thornton, PK Subban, Phil Kessel, Jagar, Stone, Taylor Hall And Seguin.

09 Aug 2019 00:00:29
Everything aside I’d take Laine over Kotkaniemi all day. I like him but I like Laine more?

09 Aug 2019 00:47:57
Jesperi Kotkaniemi=Patrick Laine.

09 Aug 2019 02:17:56
Well history verified that I did understand the Trouba situation while you did not.

Intelligent people learn from their mistakes.

It would appear you have not.

09 Aug 2019 03:32:24
I'm not the one who doesn't understand the difference between the Trouba situation and the Laine situation, unsportsmanlike. You are. Lol. So I guess you're saying you haven't learned anything?

09 Aug 2019 06:59:17
Guys i actually think it would be Kotkaniemi + for Laine. But Drouin is a really good piece, Drouin, Suzuki & low pick would easily get the deal done but Laine is incosistent

09 Aug 2019 11:37:43
For Montreal, Kotka has more value then Laine.

09 Aug 2019 12:29:00
Habs and jets fans have the most entertaining and frustrating conversations. Narcissist comes to mind. Saying kotka has more value is very funny. A hawks fan was pissed at the return for belfour and roenick, you never get back trading a star for what you give in very rare situations. Iginla is one but can't think of many others.

09 Aug 2019 13:25:40
It’s always tough to trade a good young players. But comparing the young player in value is even harder. Kotkaniemi is a well rounded player and can develop into a Kopitar type center while, Laine is a pure goal scorer. It all comes down to team view and I think both teams would value what they have more then the piece coming back. So saying player + is a opinion that is valid but not necessarily true. There is always stuff we don’t know that gms do. Personally for a team that hasn’t had a star center in a long time I’d take Kotkaniemi over Laine. But both have high value to there own team.

09 Aug 2019 13:55:49
I would have to decline this trade.
As much as I like Laine., I jus can't stand the thought of depleting the team that much.
Obviously I'm being biased, however, I believe that Suzuki and Juulsen can become top 6, and a top 4 d, I also believe we haven't seen the best of Drouin yet.

As for KK vs Laine. well obviously Laine atm. he's going to win some Rocket trophies. however, at the e d of their careers , it is possible that KK was the better player. it's to early to tell, they are both still very young.
So for now. Laine is dynamic, however streaky., but he is a top 5 goal scorer in the league , KK. is very promising, however, that is all he has shown . Promise, and potential.

09 Aug 2019 17:37:10
If MTL adds Kotkaniemi, they're stoping right they're. At 900k/ year for another 2 years and the fact he's a center and has 70+ point potential is as valuable as a 21 year old winger who just had a 54 point season. Kotkaniemi has the potential to be just as good as Austin Matthews if not better.

09 Aug 2019 17:38:48
Unless you trade Hall for Larsson. No need to decimate your team.

11 Aug 2019 22:22:36
@VBisclueless09 I want to hear how good you can make Laine sound by pumping his tires as much as you pump KK's haha.

08 Aug 2019 15:23:14
Edmonton Oilers:

- Ivan Barbashev (RFA)

St.Louis Blues

- Matthew Cairns (D)

- 2020 3rd round pick

Edmonton Oilers get their 3rd line forward who is projected to sign from the 1.5-2M per year range.

Ivan Barbashev hasn't worked out for the Blues, so a fresh start would make sense for both.

Barbashev is currently an RFA, and with his right's being gone, the Blues can sign Pat Maroon to a deal.

Cairns is a solid but underwhelming prospect. At the draft, his potential was to be a Parayko type of player but recently began to drop. He was selected 84th overall in 2016.

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08 Aug 2019 16:19:05

Do you just make sheet up? Barbashev not working out in st. louis. LOL he is part of one of the best 4th lines in the nhl that was shutting out top lines in the playoffs and his physicality was needed to get through the west. LOL isn't working out. Please show me one article that states this.

08 Aug 2019 16:38:11

You just proved yourself wrong. ''He is part of the best 4th lines in the NHL. ''.
Barbashev is not a fourth line player. For his entire career, he was a scorer first.

When he was just 16 years old, he posted 62 points in 68 QMJHL games. Then surprised everybody that he fell to the 2nd round when he was projected to be a lock in first rounder.

Does that scream ''4th line hitter'' to you?

08 Aug 2019 18:24:34
Ryan Reaves scored 110 goals in pewee AA does that make him an elite scorer at the NHL? QMJHL stats mean just as much handicap in golf when comparing to the nhl for an example Jordan Schalmltz was a top offensive dman in his minor days now he plays a shutdown role in the AHL with top PK time.

08 Aug 2019 19:24:55
Oh my god. That might be the dumbest thing you have ever said VB.

08 Aug 2019 21:59:21
The point is player adapt and Barbeshev adapted to a 4th line checking role.

08 Aug 2019 22:30:40
Vb did you just agree with me. Wow he'll froze over. Lol. Seriously though vb makes a tremendous point. As players move up they tend to break out for points or take on roll playing. As for probing your point are you trying to suggest that he will score a ton moving up 1 line. the sheet you spew is just dumb.

09 Aug 2019 05:25:44
Redwing agrees with vbb’s when he praises a Blues player? Crazy!

09 Aug 2019 07:00:40
Fair trade

09 Aug 2019 16:19:03
Blues will not trade barbashev great bottom 6 center. Can and has swung up to play 2 line and is great PKr. So why on earth do blues downgrade LOL.

10 Aug 2019 20:11:36
Because they get LW/ RW depth with Maroon, as well as a 3rd round pick and a C level prospect.

Is the difference between Maroon and Barbashev a 3rd round pick and a C level prospect?
I think so. Considering you're calling Barbashev a bottom 6 centre.

08 Aug 2019 10:01:08
Toronto: Lilijegreen,Bracco

EDM: Puljujarvi

2 players who hasn't develop has hoped for soo far, but both still has loads of potential. Lilijegreen is younger and a defensemen so his development isn't as worry some as Pul so that's why Toronto only adds a meh prospect. Puljujarvi still has potential to be a 70+ point player but the clock is ticking

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08 Aug 2019 11:16:49
Liljgren has about the same value as Puljujarvi at the moment. I would rather keep the right handed defenceman who still has top 4 potential then trade him for a RW that we don’t need and who we will likely play on the fourth line behind Kappy, Nylander, and Marner.

Also Bracco is not just a “meh” prospect. The only reason he wasn’t called up last year is because of the amount of RW depth the leafs had. He is basically a top 6 forward in the NHL already, he just can’t prove it because he won’t get the opportunity.

08 Aug 2019 13:11:48
Bracco a top 6 player in the NHL already? Even if he would of had 100+ point last year in the AHL you cannot guarantee that will translate to the NHL. Atm you can't even say he's a lock at bottom 6 in the NHL bcuz he has not played 1 NHL game.

08 Aug 2019 13:37:53
By the way everyone this is MontrealFinests new account it has been confirmed in the fantasy league so there’s that.

As for trade I wouldn’t do Bracco straight up he’s been getting better every year and was one of the best players in the AHL last year only thing holding him back from making the NHL is being in one of the deepest organizations in the league not to mention he contributes no defence making him impossible to put in a bottom 6 role he has elite hockey sense/ passing vision but a weak shot. I believe he will be a top 6 NHL player someday but as long as the leafs have Marner and Nylander on the RW he will not make the leafs.

Side note (s) - Bracco would be a great fit on the 2nd line RW position in Calgary.

I’d also consider Lilijgren for Puljujarvi but the only thing is the leafs couldn’t give him anytime off the 4th line unless if he was moved to LW or Kappanen is traded. Also that’d be trading from a organizational need for a position the leafs has a surplus of.

08 Aug 2019 14:57:31
Jeremy Bracco is a talented scorer and a good prospect. But currently, that is all he is. There have been plenty of players who were PPG in the AHL but could not transition that to the NHL.
I'm sure that list is in the hundreds.

Also VB, the fact that you said ''he contributes no defence'' is the probably the main reason he isn't in the NHL. AHL is a league where forwards don't really need to back-check.
That's the main reason a player and one of the best AHL defencemen TJ Brennan couldn't crack the NHL. Excellent scorer, horrible defender.

Also, which ones is Finest's new account? None of them have his grammar.

08 Aug 2019 16:30:05
Vbisclules And Bracco isn’t a scorer he’s something like Mitch Marner play wise with the puck. He’s about as good defensively as Nylander better then Semin tho. Also you can’t compare a deffensman who can’t defend to a forward who can’t defend.

08 Aug 2019 19:26:33
Why not lol? Both failed to get to the NHL because of their defence skills. Lack of them.

And there are hundreds of other examples. You Leaf fans are disappointing. You make it hard to be a Canadian hockey fan.

08 Aug 2019 22:00:56
He’s 21 years old lol and has dominated the AHL level he just hasn’t had the opportunity to play there yet I guarantee he’d make the Flames middle 6.

09 Aug 2019 07:01:44
Liljegren for Puljujarvi is more than fair but i feel like Leafs need Liljegren more than Pully

09 Aug 2019 17:36:59
No thanks from Edm, if And when Paul is traded it should be for a decent roster player to plug in now, or a F prospect of equal projection possibly. Not a D prospect. I like Timothy but the Oilers are ok at D prospects with Broberg, Bouchard, Jones, Bear, Samorukov, Legasson, and Persson. Few more I forgot too. With young Klefbom, Larson and Nurse already playing. As much as I like Timothy I don’t want to trade for him for Pup at this time. I hope Pul plays in Europe. Screw him. Lol.

08 Aug 2019 09:23:10
Buffalo Trades
VOlofsson (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2020

Toronto Trades
Timashov (AHL)
2nd Round Pick 2021

I have tweaked my previous Proposals and feel this is as fair for both Teams as possible.
The main issue with the Leafs is Salary Cap and Top Player depth.
Sabres with a few moves will be under the Cap as well.
Even though these 2 Teams are division rivals I do see a fit for many reasons.

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08 Aug 2019 14:58:07
Sure, i'll just accept it so I can stop seeing the exact same proposal every other day.

07 Aug 2019 12:27:40
Buffalo: Ristolainen
Nashville: Turris + 2nd
Buffalo: ristolainen
NJD: Zacha
Buffalo: Ristolainen
Montreal: Danault + 3rd

Buffalo then signs Jake Gardiner.

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07 Aug 2019 14:59:25
1. Nobody should trade for Kyle Turris right now. The fact that he scored only 23P in 55 games and has 5 more years left at 6 AAV should scare teams away.
Buffalo loses the first trade. Also, where would Turris even play? Mittelstadt is pretty much locked for the 2nd line centre. Evan Rodriguez is a lock for the third line. The 2nd round pick doesn't help them whatsoever as they are trying to get good right now. If they trade for Turris, they would be 500k over the salary cap.

2. Buffalo loses the second trade by a lot. Say what you want, Pavel Zacha is a bust. Never played a full season and never scored more than 25 points. He is a solid third liner right now. Nothing more. Ristolainen for a 3rd liner? Come on now.

3. Don't see why Montreal does this tbh. Value might be close, but there is very little reason for Montreal. Their right side is locked up with Shea Weber (7.8x7yrs) and Jeff Petry (5.5x2yrs) .

Also, explain to me with what salary cap is Buffalo going to sign Jake Gardiner? As of right now, they literally have 0 in cap space left. Some of their players' bonuses will mean that they will need like 2M in cap space left over.

08 Aug 2019 00:12:28
As much as I like Danault, theyres no way he gets a stud RHD in his prime who has multiple 40 point s season already.

08 Aug 2019 02:58:21
Is it Turris, or is it the team and how they play him? Turris’s atoi is way down compared to what it was when he was in Ottawa. He’s not being used in nearly the same way. Number of face offs is way down, despite being over 50% win. He’s getting less offensive zone starts and power play time. Nashville didn’t use him as much as Ottawa did. And when they did use him, they didn’t use him in a way that would get the most out of him. On top of that, the whole injury thing didn’t help.

08 Aug 2019 15:01:45
Turris got his chance to play on the top 6 and in most of other situations early in the year. He failed to impress and then his ATOI started to fall. If he has any sort of good value, he would have made do with the time of ice he did have, and the only way to get more time on the ice is to score which he failed to do even though he was still on the PP.

Even though he didn't get used as much, he should have scored with the opportunities he was given. His injury has nothing to do with this as he failed to be relevant in the 50+ games he was healthy.

08 Aug 2019 18:43:33
I don’t think Buffalo even needs Gardiner. They have a lot of D signed. Bogo, Dahlin, Collin Miller, McCabe, Scandella, Montour, Hunwick, and Jokiharju and Risto. That’s 9 pretty capable NHL D men. They can trade Riso for F help if I was them. Or picks or something.

14 Aug 2019 14:55:43
Gardiner is usless in his own end .

07 Aug 2019 05:09:45
Edm Puljarrvi

Van unprotected 1st

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07 Aug 2019 06:45:17
Pulj has said that if he doesn’t get traded, he isn’t playing. No way IN HELL he gets a first, and definitely not from Van.

07 Aug 2019 07:16:22
What is this.

07 Aug 2019 09:38:35
Send him to OTT for Pageau or DET for Cholowski

07 Aug 2019 12:00:46
Vertius nah bc they have away their first to tampa for free.

07 Aug 2019 13:00:17
Jesse p has hip issues, hasn't olperformed and is bichin about not playing. Worth a 3rd at best.

07 Aug 2019 15:01:53
Lol so many things wrong with this. Nucks trades their 1st to Tampa and this trade is potentially Alex Lafranier who is the best QMJHL prospect since Crosby for a probable bust.

07 Aug 2019 22:54:57
There is a big assumption here as mentioned . His hips. He needs to play in Europe to prove he can still play before any trade is even talked about. If he struggles due to his hips, THEN cue 3rd round pick rumors.

Assuming he is 100% he won't be traded for 4th liner no namers / 3rd rounder. In order for the trade to go. It has to be a similar player ( singular, not 3 no names) who has potential for top 6 that's struggling (eg Drouin) or an unprotected first with a team that is almost guaranteed to be in the draft lotto so as to at least have a small % chance to pick in the top 3 - 4.

Silly trades involving non 1st round picks, handful of AHL hopefuls won't be considered by that new GM Edm has as he's made up his mind that he can go play in Europe and no bargain basement liquidations will happen.

Van is the ideal place, Almost guaranteed a lotto pick. Already Has a borderline busted Finn who needs a fellow Finn buddy to chum with. Van likes their Euro's.

07 Aug 2019 23:27:51
Why would Detroit trade Cholowski for him? Cholowski is a much better prospect.

08 Aug 2019 02:52:14
Pulj has no value not because of his hip, but because of the ultimatum he gave EDM. He told them that unless he was traded, he was going back to Finland, all the GM’s in the league know this, so no Gm in the league is going to pay up for Pulj when they know EDM isn’t going to have him either if he isn’t traded.

And, to show how little you really know. Van can’t trade this years or next years 1st to EDM because of the Miller trade. Until we decide which first TB is getting, both of them are essentially frozen. So no, Vancouver isn’t the ‘ideal’ location, not unless Holland is willing to take a first 3 years from now which we all know he ain’t.

08 Aug 2019 08:23:12
@VB: 100% wrong. There is no chance TB gets a shot at Lafreniere with VANs pick. Condition is, if it's a 2020 lottery pick, VAN keeps it. If at all, TB could potentially get a shot at whoever gets picked first in 2021 (albeit highly unlikely) .

08 Aug 2019 14:42:23
What are you talking about I said this trade is? Not the Tampa Trade please read.

09 Aug 2019 06:28:47
"Nucks trades their 1st to Tampa and this trade is potentially Alex Lafranier"

"this" can be read and interpreted both ways. You should be more clear and precise with your language ;)

09 Aug 2019 11:59:33
Yah I’ll give you that since English isn’t your 1st language.

10 Aug 2019 06:26:41
Um, you were the one that wasn't precise with his language, even though it's your first language - so nothing you "could give me" here.

Use sentences that are clear and cannot be interpreted two ways and things like this won't happen. 100% on you, pal.

06 Aug 2019 21:56:21
To Edm: Julius Honka and Mattias Janmark

To Dal: Jesse Puljujarvi

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06 Aug 2019 22:49:55
I wouldn't take it if I was Dallas.
Janmark is an important bottom 6 piece for Dallas and he doesn't complain when he doesn't play in the top 6.

07 Aug 2019 08:53:02
Considering Janmark is actually the best player in this deal (I can’t believe I justness said that), I would think Edmonton adds, not Dallas.

06 Aug 2019 21:45:55


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07 Aug 2019 00:21:44
Who is clueless? I think it’s more like VBisclueless is the clueless one. Hamilton has two years left on his contract and doesn’t know how to hit or play defense, Leafs won’t be trading three players, two who are long term assets, for him.

07 Aug 2019 04:16:40
Hockeyfinatic. Liljegren is dog sh**, ceci is dog sh** and Kapanen is decent. Hamilton is worth more than that pathetic excuse of quality

07 Aug 2019 04:42:50
Liljegren is dog****? I know there have been some overvaluations of Leaf players recently, but come on LOL.

07 Aug 2019 06:28:37
Where did you hear Liljegren is crap?
Because 1 or 2 Leaf fans says he is behind on his development?
, defencemen take much longer to develop than forwards.

07 Aug 2019 09:40:39
Liljegren isn't good, Sandin > Liljegren. I've watched him a quite bit. 7th dman in the nhl at best

07 Aug 2019 15:07:01
Riiiiiiight, because it's not like a 20 year old defenceman will improve and develop or anything. You really think if you watched him play when he was 19 means that you have the credibility to say that his potential is a 7th d-man?

Also, I LOVE how you said Sandin > Liljegren as if that proves Liljegren is bad or something. Sandin is one of the better defence prospects in the NHL. Sandin is better than a lot of prospects, saying he's better that Liljegren doesn't mean anything.

Smarten up, come on now.

07 Aug 2019 15:08:57
He’s definitely behind on his development but dog s*** is an overstatement he has elite skating and good defensive abilities he has top 4 potential i'd say he has similar value to Puljujarvi/ A Nylander that being said I wouldn’t lose sleep if seeing him traded and obviously Sandin is better he’s looking like a potential top pairing guy if he continues his development track will probably cap out as the 3rd dman behind Rielly.

As for Hamilton I’d personally wouldn’t want him on leafs unless It was Barrie straight up for him. He’d probably hurt the leafs more then help as they already have Rielly and Barrie as offensive dman.

06 Aug 2019 16:28:05
Still don't think leafs trade him, but

Toronto trades marner

Carolina trades slavin and svechnikov.

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06 Aug 2019 16:38:17
Carolina says no. Marner doesn’t have that kind of value.

06 Aug 2019 20:59:37
If you switch Slavin with Pesce, Carolina might go for it.

06 Aug 2019 21:23:09
Vertius. out of curiosity, what type of value do you think Marner has? Top 3-10 winger in the league.

06 Aug 2019 22:32:06
He’s an elite player for sure, one of the best wingers in the league, but at the end of the day, he’s a winger asking 11+, the value just isn’t there, especially when you look at what’s coming back.

What is Svechnikov? I think it’s fair to say he has a minimum of 70 point potential, right? And let's say Marner hits 90 again (because I’m sorry Vb, but no matter how many times you say it, he ain’t getting 130) that’s a difference of 20 points.

Are you really going to sit there and tell me Slavin is only worth a 20 point forward? Hell, even a 30 point player if Svech caps at 60 points. Your going to tell me Slavin is only worth a 3rd liner?

Get out of here. No player, no matter how ‘elite’ they are, will EVER get these stupid values that fans think they should get, especially not A WINGER ASKING 11+.

Get out of here.

07 Aug 2019 00:25:45
Is it really safe to assume Svechnikov is a 70 point player though? Sure didn’t look like it last year. I know he’s still he’s young, but Marner has double the points at the same age. Svechnikov has lots to prove before making an assumption like that. Right now I see Svechnikov is a 35 point player, which is about equal the difference between Marner and Slavin.

07 Aug 2019 02:06:26
Little defensive Vertius? I asked a simple question. I didn't say it was a fair trade did I?

07 Aug 2019 06:46:29
Defensive? I answered the question. not sure what your on about?

07 Aug 2019 07:18:25
@HockeyFanatic: I think so. Svechnikov had extremely good underlying numbers last year. Everything about those stats screams breakout in Year 2. And not like his rookie season was bad, he was around 30G, 40 pt, no?

07 Aug 2019 08:52:20
130-90 is 40 bud. pre school math dog. Svechnikov isn't proven yet to be a 70+ Point player so his value is based on what he could be rather than what he is. Marner is s proven 90 Point player with 100+ potential. I agree that adding Slavin may be too much from carolina but I don’t think it’s that far off. maybe TO adds a decent prospect like bracco or a pic.

07 Aug 2019 08:54:05
LOL most players don’t even play in the NHL at 22 and he already has a 95 point season behind his back and that’s the dumbest evaluation I’ve heard in my life you really think Arizona will Trade Kessel for Pettersson? Kessel had 80 points and Pettersson had 60 that’s a 20 point difference. And no way Pettersson scores 80 points next year in sorry to say vertius that’s a 20 point difference.

News flash Marner had 69 points 2 years ago 25 point difference. 94+25=119 points that’s just mathematical projection a mathematician would conclude the probability of breaking the 115 mark is inevitable in a linear function assuming his statistical development is indeed a true function while which is obviously an irrational way of thinking but it indeed helps credit my argument. As it is the only logical of predicting his projections unless it’s a blatant guess.

07 Aug 2019 09:41:25
With Marner wanting 10m x 3yr bridge deal i'd say that's a hard pass from canes

07 Aug 2019 10:14:50
Wow, ok vbb, Patrick kane had 110 points last year, 76 the year before, with your calculations he'll get 146 points next year? That's very smart. I wish I had your knowledge of math.

07 Aug 2019 14:35:36
lol! you had me at linear function!

07 Aug 2019 15:10:35
LOOOOOOL, Vb’s deduction is great, it is SO f’ing funny how salty he gets when Marner is involved. His reactions are pathetically hilarious.

07 Aug 2019 15:16:31
I love how in your ''functions'' and ''projections'' Marner will never stop developing. Using your very idiotic math, Marner will hit 200 points at one point.
I love how you called your little fact ''irrational'' and then say that it helps your argument. You called your own evidence irrational.
The only thing that backs up your claims is made-up math.
You can't apply the math you have used to a players' development.

07 Aug 2019 16:28:51
Vertius, read your response and tell me if it sounds like your angry because it does to me. If that is you answering a simple question then you have anger issues.

07 Aug 2019 17:27:05
Read my response and tell you if I sound angry? Uh. Or I could just tell you that I’m not since, you know, I’m the one who wrote it and I know how I’m feeling.

Just because you don’t like what I said doesn’t mean I’m somehow angry with the world. If anything, you’re the one who seems to have some issues here.

07 Aug 2019 22:30:48
I said it is an irrational way of thinking but Petterson will never be as good as Matts Sundin let alone Marner.

08 Aug 2019 03:23:41
That's funny same age of 20. Elias puts up 28goals and 38a tha ts 66 points in 71 games on a lesser team. Marner at 20 puts up 61 points in 77 games and only put up 19 goals. Marner is a winger Patterson is a center. So at this point to say Peterson will never be as good is a crap statement. Especially since Patterson is a center good luck arguing that.

08 Aug 2019 09:21:08
I’m just saying a function would suggest that not that it is accurate or even relevant the reality is it is almost certain Marner breaks 100 he’s young and he’s trending upwards. He’s going to make 10+ million because he’s a top 3RW in hockey and he deserves it. Pettersson will probably get 15 million on his next contract taking into account the increase in cap.

08 Aug 2019 09:25:15
Pettersson will never be as good as Sundin let alone Marner? LOL. You already have zero respect from anyone on this site Vb, but man, you just can’t help but dig that hole further.

I stand by what I said before. There is no chance Vb is anything but a troll. There is no way this dude doesn’t come onto this site looking to say stupid sh*t, he’s got to be fishing for reactions because no one can be this clueless.

09 Aug 2019 17:34:48
You can talk to me when Pettersson out produces Marner.

06 Aug 2019 15:41:14
Buffalo Trades
VOlofsson (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2020

Toronto Trades
2nd Round Pick 2021

Sabres move before or after this Proposal would be to package Sheary, Sobotka and CNelson for a 2nd Line Centre, Sabres after Bogosian is put on IR will have enough Cap money to sign Marner and if I am Buffalo I would truly go after Marner.
Leafs no matter how you cut it might have to trade Marner, the Cap once the season starts will weaken them as a whole, I still see them needing a LWinger, a Top RHanded Shooting Defenceman with Marner signed, this Trade Proposal gives them better depth overall, and even after Hyman and Dermott are back they will still have 1.3m extra in Cap Space.

Thoughts ?

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06 Aug 2019 16:01:14
Couple of things Pinball.
1. You can't make small tweaks a bunch of times and then expect the trade to work. Have you thought that maybe Marner just isn't a fit for the Sabres? On August 1st you posted almost the exact same trade. Difference being it's a 2nd and not a forth.

2. Also, If I'm Buffalo I wouldn't do this. Reinhart is finally coming into his own in Buffalo and fits perfect. Going to be cheaper than Marner too. I just think Buffalo is giving up too many roster pieces (3) and potentially 4 with that 1st round pick for 1 roster player.

06 Aug 2019 16:22:45
If it comes down to it if the leafs can’t sign Marner they should just buy out Tavares or Mathews. No way Marner should be traded for that.

06 Aug 2019 16:27:00
If buffalo does this, I'm not sure it makes their team better. They're not a superstar short, I think it's depth they need, and great coaching. They're not contenders, just need top make playoffs first.

I think it's same for Toronto. Doesn't make the team better, they have an abundance of forward depth, and scoring. Strong defensive defenseman and a replacement for marner is what they need.

06 Aug 2019 17:37:48
VB - Buy out Tavaras or Mathews? SMH.

06 Aug 2019 18:41:51
TyBa4 the best player in this Trade Proposal is Marner by far, Reinhart isn't that close really, Marner would make Eichel that much better, for the Leafs they have enough Star Players that this Proposal makes them better with added NHL Player depth, it's only my opinion that I post this Trade Proposal plus there is a Cap to think about and the Leafs are at the limit.

06 Aug 2019 22:13:47
Im not saying that Marner isn't the best player in the trade, I'm saying that Buffalo is giving up too many roster pieces.

Would you rather have Marner at like 11M+
Sam Reinhart (22G 43A 65P) {3.6AAV)
Rasmus Ristolainen 24 year old, 6'4 215lbs, right shot, 40+ point defenceman on a great deal (5.4M for 3 years)
Victor Olofsson (B) level prospect, PPG in the AHL and has the potential to be scoring top 6 winger
a 1st round pick which will most likely turn into a roster player (at least top 6 forward or top 4 D-man) for your franchise for many years.

I would personally take great scoring depth players (both played top line minutes respectively) than Marner.

07 Aug 2019 00:29:06
Take out Ristolainen and add Samuelson and it might be a little more closer. Of course, Montour would be the best option, but Leafs would need to add Dermott.

07 Aug 2019 08:51:47
For arguments sakes say Dahlin is a RFA wanting big bucks and he is an elite Defenceman in 3yrs TyBa4 and you are the Leafs, wouldn't you offer Kerfoot, Rielly, Bracco and a 1st Round Pick for Dahlin, SWilson and a 2nd Round Pick?
It's similar to what I Proposed.

07 Aug 2019 15:16:19
No because he’s biased and is against the leafs.


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