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03 Mar 2018 04:03:31
Off season

Stl) Steen
Any team) 2d or late 3rd

Ik that Stl is a good team but they really need to get Steen out and destroy the Steen clan

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03 Mar 2018 06:05:10
What’s with the steen clan?

03 Mar 2018 12:34:01
Steen wanted to be captain. Apperently STL is a divided room. Half Steen guys and half Petriangelo guys.
Besides that, I think with Stastny off the books end of this year. They should look to move Steen and Bouwmeester. That would make for a lot of cap room to grab someone else and they have some good young talent coming up.

03 Mar 2018 16:54:40
Petraingelo is one of my faves and he’s the future and has been of the blues. its not steens team it’s petros team, St. Louis should rid themselves of Steen clear up some cap room and make a serious push for taveres if he hits free agency!

03 Mar 2018 17:13:58
Pretty sure they'd get a Better return tho he's a good veteran not sure about contract tho. If he's under 5 million for let's day 2-4 more years Of say a late first would be probable.

03 Mar 2018 17:16:54
Stasny is off the book right now yup. He has been traded to Winipeg. And I'm the idiot?

03 Mar 2018 17:37:00
They retained money on him. Still have $3.5M of his on their cap.

03 Mar 2018 18:02:07
They retained half his salary colt. So he’s still on the blues books till July 1st. soooooooo lol yup is right and themat makes you the. I’ll let you figure that out.

03 Mar 2018 18:39:59
Sorry I meant late first or Secound.

02 Mar 2018 07:44:23
Devils trade: 1st round pick, gibbons

Canucks trade: Tanev, goldobin, 5th round pick

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02 Mar 2018 17:11:52
No from Vancouver. The only way we are trading Tanev is for a something huge, which isn’t going to happen. Management wants to keep him. Also, I don’t really want to give up on Goldy just yet, he’s been looking better after getting some NHL ice time.

02 Mar 2018 02:11:45
Couple offseason ideas

Fire Glen Gulutzan
Hire Lindy Ruff

Michael Stone + Curtis Lazar for Michael Del Zotto + 6th 2018

Troy Brouwer (50% Retained) + Hunter Shinkaruk for 3rd 2018 (NJD)

Sam Bennett + O. Kylington + 1st 2019/20 for M. Pacioretty + Conditional 3rd 2020
*Calgary can choose if pick is in 2019 or 2020
*If MTL resigns Bennett, CGY receives a 3rd otherwise a 5th

Gaudreau - Monahan - Pacioretty
Tkachuk - Backlund - Frolik
Ferland - Jankowski - Versteeg
Mangiapane - Shore - Hathaway

Giordano - Hamilton
Brodie - Hamonic
Del Zotto - Andersson


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02 Mar 2018 04:57:56
Nononono god no.

02 Mar 2018 05:17:04
Considering McDonagh got a very late first, an A prospect, B prospect and a 2nd I think this is a fair return for Pacioretty. They are of similar value, however the closer Pacioretty gets to his next contract, the more value he losses. Assuming this occurs in the offseason his value will have declined. Calgary’s 1st is almost equivalent to Tampa’s first and second seeing as usually it’s a late first and late second to move to a mid 1st. Howden carries a bit more value than Bennett (debatable but a topic for another day) and Kylington carries more value than Libek. I don’t think Pacioretty will get much more, if any more, than this.

02 Mar 2018 14:44:42
Patches plays LW.

03 Mar 2018 08:36:18
The price for Patches is first rd pick +A prospect.

02 Mar 2018 00:24:42
Mtl: Gallagher

Edm: 1rd 2018

Is Gallagher worth a top 10 protected pick? I thin so AN D Edm should do it to have a line like this


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02 Mar 2018 02:28:54
Lol were you actually dropped on your head.

02 Mar 2018 03:07:18
lol why would montreal do that if its protected.

02 Mar 2018 04:08:50
Obviously Gallagher not a top ten pick. you off your rocker?

02 Mar 2018 04:12:40
@mtl4life, Why would habs do that? Because Gallagher is a middle six winger and they’re trying to build on the fly and a first round pick starts that. My thinking is why would Edmonton do that? They want a legit scoring winger to play with mcdavid, like a Hoffman, patches, skinner etc. Not a middle six grinder. They’ve tried maroon and lucic, as much as they’re clearly bigger, they’re still guys known more for physicality and work ethic over skill just like Gallagher.

02 Mar 2018 04:58:48
Oilers blocks Habs number.

02 Mar 2018 05:05:14
Gallagher is on an amazing contract tho and he's a leader on ice and on top he's one of the hardest working players out there day in and out.

02 Mar 2018 12:37:59
He might be on a good contract but he’s not the type of player they’re looking for. If they want someone hard working who plays physical and is a fan favourite they can just re sign maroon in July, who said he would like to come back. And they could sign him for the same or maybe even less, and still have their 1st rounder. Easy no.

02 Mar 2018 12:38:59
If they’re giving up a first or a first plus, it’s got to be a real scoring upgrade. Gallagher I don’t think does that.

02 Mar 2018 15:49:16
Its a salary out = Salary in situation for Edmonton right now, So deal would have to go:

Strome and Yamamoto ( 3.4 Mill) for Gally (3.75M)


Russel or Sekera (4.1M - 5.5M) for Gally (3.75) + something pending player MTL wants.

That's the only way Edm can make this happen with the tight cap situation currently.

Both teams need their first round picks, but Edm needs it's first round pick worse than Montreal with the impending tight cap situation next year.

Doubtful MTL would take either trade, but that's what Edm has currently for the salary in = salary out situation they're in.

02 Mar 2018 19:48:13
That was fairly rational FT4A. I thought Yamamoto would’ve been worth Montreal’s 1st and Pacioretty in your eyes.

02 Mar 2018 19:48:55

01 Mar 2018 18:44:59
chicago: seabrook (25% retained) + 2020 2nd
montreal: mete.

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01 Mar 2018 18:49:19
Helll noooo.

01 Mar 2018 18:50:43
Seadbrook is a dump even at 50% keep him no one wants him.

01 Mar 2018 18:51:19
He has been scratched this season.

01 Mar 2018 18:53:44
Pacioretty has had more points than saad every single season since saad has been in the nhl and also more goals.

01 Mar 2018 19:35:16
enjoy him till he's 40 with that cap hit.

01 Mar 2018 20:01:07
Hahahaha Mete is untouchable
And even if he is. its going to be for an exceptional offer, not an aging Dmen with one of the worst conctract.

01 Mar 2018 21:10:41
How does this have 4 believable votes?
There is no way Habs should do this.

01 Mar 2018 21:43:52
Cuz some people are delusional @Thunder Turkey like PKane88.

01 Mar 2018 21:53:51
Terrible for habs obviously, but how does patches outscoring saad have anything to do with mete for seabrook? Lol.

02 Mar 2018 02:58:52
sorry unbiased jim meant to write it on the one below when pkane88 said that saad>pacioretty.

02 Mar 2018 04:13:19
Saw that after.

02 Mar 2018 22:12:42
I agree that this is a terrible proposal for the habs, they already have a dump in weber until he's 40. and is mete really an untouchable? I mean, they just traded sergachev less than a year ago. montreal has NO untouchables and rightfully so.

01 Mar 2018 18:09:50
At Draft

Montreal trades: Max pacioretty

Chicago trades: Saad

which team adds?

Montreal drafts: Tkachuk




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01 Mar 2018 18:16:33
CBJ add, imo.

01 Mar 2018 18:39:21
saad > patches.

01 Mar 2018 19:00:32
You mean chicago @the_triplets.

01 Mar 2018 20:01:54
Lol Saad has 27 points no from Mtl.

01 Mar 2018 21:57:17
Patches is also 4 years older, going to get a raise next year, only has two more goals, in the exact same games played and is a -14. Not so cut and dry that he’s the better player.

02 Mar 2018 02:59:51
-14 lolll pacioretty has pk time but saad doesn't and +- doesn't mean anything.

02 Mar 2018 04:14:34
Rather have saad, he's been consistent though the years and having a off year, but Chicago rebuilding does want to get older, trading saad probably would want younger cheaper players.

02 Mar 2018 04:31:01
Well you don’t register minus’s on a penalty kill so I don’t see what that has to do with anything either. Also patches kills penalties and saad doesn’t?

Patches ice time Per game
Total 19:06
PP 3:07
Pk: 1:43

Saad Ice time per game
Total 17:22
Pp 2:19
Pk 1:45

So patches plays more 5-on5 and more on the PP (been on the ice for almost 100 min more than saad this year) and has 2 more goals. Saad killed a fraction more penalty time. It’s really easy to find the information. They both kill penalties very similarly. Saad has similar goal production in less opportunity both even strength and power play. He’s younger and under contract 2 years longer for less than patches will make in those 2 years. Saad all day.

02 Mar 2018 16:49:40
Patch is the better player if Chicago wants out of that sadd contract they would have to add. Any unbiased person could see that lol.

02 Mar 2018 17:53:42
If Montreal wants to rebuild and trade patches then obviously a trade for saad doesn’t make sense for them. But player for player to say patches is better isn’t so cut and dry is what I said. And when the argument is that patches kills penalties and saad doesn’t, then you see that saad plays more every night on the hawks PK ranked 10th in the NHL and patches plays less on a 26th ranked Habs Pk, it’s foolish. Talk about biased and unreasonable.

02 Mar 2018 17:55:49
And again it goes back to my simmonds over patches point. Saad plays a physical game, goes to the net, has been 10-12 pts less a season over last 4 years and has 2 cups. That experience of being a champion and knowing what it takes plus the physical play makes up for those 10 points ten-fold.

02 Mar 2018 20:33:52
Physical play lol patch has more hits this year then sadd has the last 3 years combined. I know there is more things involved to be considered physical but I think that stat alone proves pacioretty is at least his equal in that department. add that to being the better scorer even with lesser line mates and your going to sit here and tell me saad is better. Change your name man it's making me sick. I told you before and I'll tell you again your one of the most biased on here.

02 Mar 2018 22:17:52
Still don’t get how I’m biased. I like a lot of players from every team in the league. Every team there's players I like and players I dislike. Because I said I like one player on the hawks (which is not my team), and think he’s a better player means I’m a biased hab hater? As a white guy, I better tell everyone that I’m friends with every single black person in the world or I must be a racist too lol you’re a goof. One habs fan on here already said he lost the job to Bergevin, another one says he played for the habs but spelt his name wrong and doesn’t know what year he was born, it’s only a matter of time before you’re Geoff Molson and Mtl4Life is Youppi the mascot anyway.

02 Mar 2018 22:28:31
I’ve never said a bad word about Weber besides that contract is going to be a tough one down the road (not just me, pretty common opinion) and I told habs fans they were nuts when people posted trades and proposals putting price on waivers when he was struggling at the beginning of the year rather than piling on. And I’ve called lots of ppls low offers for habs players out before. I’m not a fan of galchenyuk and think teams are better off not investing in him because he always seems to come up short of expectations and I find patches a very one dimensional player, which is fine in a supporting role, but don’t think he warrants the value you put on him. Wouldn’t be the best player on just about any other team in the league. That’s my opinion, you have yours. But that’s not hating on the habs. THose are 4 of the 5 most talked about/ criticized habs (drouin the other) and I’ve defended drouin too saying I like the player, think they should have spent sergachev on a natural centre, not a winger, but that’s not drouins fault.

02 Mar 2018 22:36:25
Habby. pretty sure saad isn't a cap dump, i would rather have a good young player with term than an older player that's nothing but rental.
I for one enjoy jims insight, aside from sharing his opinions and views like everyone else he brings a lot of cold hard facts to this page. I also find his comments very fair when it comes to proposals on his team, the leafs.
I also noticed that there has never been a pacioretty proposal on here that's been believable to habs fans, EVER. so who's being the real homers here?

03 Mar 2018 01:20:30
Yeah Jim that's fine but one thing I will say is when subban was with the habs you among many others and yes I remember you saying it. Had weber ranked as the better dman. But surprisingly when they switched teams subban was automatically better. Hmmmmmmm what does that tell you?

03 Mar 2018 01:52:19
Plus jim you tippy toed around the fact pacioretty hits more in a game then saad does in a month? What's up with that?

03 Mar 2018 02:21:04
I’ve never said subban is better than Weber. One for one in their prime I take weber all day. I liked the trade at the time for the habs. And I said if the habs didn’t win in the next few years it will look bad and then will look worse every season after and I still believe that.

03 Mar 2018 02:26:10
And thanks facelift, appreciate it.

03 Mar 2018 08:35:23
Have to backup buddy Gabby lol. Jim stop with the hate for mtl where not good enough to be hated lol. Not yet. Control your biased sir.

03 Mar 2018 16:55:47
Colt, I get your a habs supporter and throw your weight behind Habby, but you pretended to be an ex NHLer and messed up how old you were. You have no credibility. Having your support is like when the KKK came out supporting Trump. Some support you just don’t want!

04 Mar 2018 10:26:53
Ok bud. First off I don't appreciate how you mock my career I work really hard for it.

01 Mar 2018 14:01:38

Mtl:Petry(50 retain)

Mtl gets a good prospect Edm gets a really good top 4 D at 50retain for another 4 year. What a deal!!!

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01 Mar 2018 14:42:58
another winner from fake colt.

01 Mar 2018 15:59:48
Jesus lol.

01 Mar 2018 16:12:28

01 Mar 2018 18:39:57
why would edmonton want petry back for pulj?

01 Mar 2018 20:03:28
Damn I know Chiarelli is a destruction artist but Jeez.

02 Mar 2018 00:25:36
Why post this tho lol.

02 Mar 2018 14:48:48
Haha, just about every comment has one/ 2 dislikes. colt?

02 Mar 2018 22:37:37
Definitely a no from montreal, isn't petry an untouchable too?

01 Mar 2018 09:59:37
Canucks sven baertschi tanev 3 rd pick

Oiler 1 rd pick 2018 russel

baertschi mcdavid puljujärvi
draisaitl rnh Yamamoto
Lucic ellers GRABNER
? _____?________?

Oiller buy out Sekera
Kelfbom larson
Nurse tanev
Auvitu benning

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01 Mar 2018 12:10:35
Hahaha no from Edm.

01 Mar 2018 12:16:33
You do realise Ellers already signed an extension, right?

01 Mar 2018 15:35:07
No i didnt.

01 Mar 2018 18:41:16
1) where did ellers come from?
2) last i checked yam was a centre?

01 Mar 2018 22:26:37
Pkane, Yamamoto is a RW, but even if he was listed and played centre in junior, so do 80% of forwards drafted. He would almost guaranteed be a winger in the NHL. Marner, nylander both drafted as centres, but in the NHL, they’re wingers. Even kessel was a centre I believe at his draft.

01 Mar 2018 22:27:18
But yeah, where did Eller come from, and why are you telling Grabners name at us?

01 Mar 2018 22:27:30

02 Mar 2018 11:39:51


03 Mar 2018 06:05:35
I didn't no ellers got an a new deal if i was edm gm i would go after grabner and riley nash or jay beagle
If they made the trade ans sign thows 2 plays i think it would make them stanley cup contdenders again.

28 Feb 2018 19:54:27

San Jose:Hertl,Mueller

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28 Feb 2018 22:28:20
Gallagher is a decent player and a heart and soul guy. Fan favourite. But he just doesn’t have that kind of value to get two young offensive NHL roster players with size. He will probably be in Montreal until a team takes him in the final year or 2 of his deal for a pick and a decent prospect because he’s be a great addition to a playoff bound team. But moving him out is not going to allow you to remake a roster. Just not good enough.

28 Feb 2018 23:50:12
San Jose says no.

01 Mar 2018 05:54:30
Isn't mueller with New Jersey now?

01 Mar 2018 05:58:11
Idk Hertl isn't that spectacular of a player, he's been a 35-45 point guy these last 4 years. Hasn't looked the same since his rookie year in 2014.

01 Mar 2018 16:25:10
Yeah kings lover I think a couple hab haters jumped the gun on this one. Habs wouldn't do this even if mueller was still with the sharks.

01 Mar 2018 18:43:15
Him Mueller isn't an offensive player. And Hertl only counts for 1 player as far as I know.

01 Mar 2018 22:28:20
I read it as Meier, not mueller. Regardless, easy no from San jose.

02 Mar 2018 03:21:11
So jim hertl for gallahger is a easy no from San Jose? But let me guess the leafs could get him for Leivo or brown right. But they wouldn't want him because his contract is to high or he shoots the wrong way or his feet are too big or something along those lines.

02 Mar 2018 04:55:05
Habby, No, leafs couldn’t get hertl for that. And leafs don’t need wingers. And I don’t know when I’ve low balled an offer or over valued a leafs player.

My last posted proposal was hyman/ Brown (roster winger) liljegren (top prospect) and a 1st for McDonough which if you eliminate the second rounder and the lesser of the prospect (hajek) for jt Miller, that leaves Namestnikov (roster winger) Brett Howden (prospect) and a first for McDonough.

Say Namestnikov is better than brown/ hyman, liljegren a little higher value than Howden so call it close or even and leafs 1st will be a better pick than Tampa’s 1st rounder to help even it out. I’d say I was pretty close with my value.

Closer to the actual thing than you have ever been, so quit taking out your long summer blues on me. If you think Gallagher can get those two players, you keep believing it, and when he’s actually traded we can see how close you were.

02 Mar 2018 20:34:40
Namestikinov is way better then brown or hyman or both combined for that matter.

02 Mar 2018 22:45:15
Meier AND hertl for gallagher? Hahaha
Hard NO from san jose!

02 Mar 2018 23:04:13
He’s better than them as an individual, sure. WAY better than both combined? Sure thing lol it took till his 4th year in the NHL to get his first 20 goal season, brown did it as a rookie. Namestnikov has had a great year, how much is playing on one of the best lines in hockey with stammer and kucherov and how much is him breaking out? Time will tell, but sure Habby, he’s far better than both. I’ll agree with you to make your night complete. My point was my offer for McDonough was in the ball park of actual trade.

03 Mar 2018 01:23:31
But jim playing with good line mates don't matter look at phil kessel. See what I did there? Do you remember that argument when you were comparing simmonds and pacioretty? does that only work for leaf players? most people don't know who hyman is but if he wasn't playing with matthews nobody would.

03 Mar 2018 02:29:45
I said he may be breaking out. Time will tell. I said we don’t know yet if it’s his linemates or him. Same thing I said when I made that argument. I said putting patches with stars doesn’t GUARANTEE he fills the net more. But may. Remember that?!

03 Mar 2018 02:31:27
@facelift, it’s hertl and mueller (who isn’t in San Jose anymore) . I read it as Meier the first time too. Brain cramp I guess.

28 Feb 2018 17:09:14
In the off-season



Mtl gets a decent first line center good second line center. Buff gets they're top line winger

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28 Feb 2018 17:40:23
Not the worst. Habs take on a bigger contract at 7.5 over 4.5, but that’s what they will be paying patches after next year and still need a centre anyway. Get a younger more important player with term. Eichel is obviously their guy at center in buffalo, so i think it depends how they feel about Reinhart as a number 2 by the draft or next season.

28 Feb 2018 17:58:53
Just realized I looked at it all from habs view lol obviously buffalo isn’t one winger away from being a good team so they would want an extension to have him more than a year, or need something more coming back.

28 Feb 2018 19:08:09
Think buffalo rather have ORielly.

02 Mar 2018 22:49:01
I agree mcjesus, just waiting on the habs fans to break their silence on this one. i'm thinking they say 'not enough for patches' lol.


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