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17 May 2018 16:16:50
Leafs clearly need to try and upgrade the blue line. Hurricanes have a plethora of young talent on the back end which could make some available

Leafs - 2018 first round, Connor Brown, Garret Sparks

Canes - Faulk

Faulk could be one of the guys that is disposable and with new management maybe they will be willing to part with. Connor brown is a solid young winger, first isn't fantastic but still first in a deep draft and Sparks despite what anyone says about him is a good goalie, only improved every year and will win AHL goalie of the year and could help an organization that really has no goal tending depth.

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17 May 2018 18:13:06
That’s not going to do it.

17 May 2018 19:18:09
Don’t want Faulk at all he’s a right shot Jake Gardiner.

17 May 2018 21:05:41
Lol. Except Faulk > Gardiner.

18 May 2018 16:57:43
How is Gardiner worse obviously not offensively?

Gardiner: 82GP 5G 47A 52P TOI 20:05 PP/ G 2:06

Faulk: 76GP 8G 23A 31P TOI 22:16 PP/ G 2:56

So by these statistics you can see Faulk averages more time on the PP and still produced substantially less statistics.

Also he’s definitely not better defensively

Gardiner: + 9

Faulk: -16

To see the the favour towards Jake Gardiner In advanced statistics please
visit: hockey-reference.com/leagues/NHL_2018_skaters-advanced.html

Gardiner also possesses a size advantage of 2 inches

Gardiner is the superior deffensman by far.

Faulk will receive a late first + a small add he dosent bring much out side of a good right shot on the PP.

So Yup if you’re even willing to fail at an attempt to create an valid counter argument I’m sure it will be these. “Toronto is a much better team. “ “+/ - is a team stat “ “ advanced statistics are overrated “ “ Points aren’t everything “ but the reality is Statistics prove Gardiner is the superior player and if Gardiner was in his situation with top PP time and extremely sheltered minutes under a stud top pairing of Slavin and Pesce he’d put up even more points.

Let’s hear your argument.

17 May 2018 16:08:39
Toronto trades: Nylander, Carrick, 1st round pick 2018

Carolina trades: Faulk, teraveinen, Rask

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17 May 2018 18:07:05
Carolina gives up too much for this package. Take out Teravainen and Carrick then this trade is fairer for both teams.

17 May 2018 18:13:38
Need better player than Carrick.

17 May 2018 18:13:54
And a forward not another dman.

18 May 2018 00:20:31
Gardiner, Brown and Bozak for Aho and 1st 2019?

Also Terivinan is definitely better then Brown just don’t know who else to compare him to. I’ll take Aho over Nylander but the comparison is close enough.

18 May 2018 01:01:01
At this point Nylander and Teravainen are pretty much a wash. Easy no from Carolina IMO.

17 May 2018 15:03:19
Patch and 3rd pick
K. bellows
NYI 12ov pick.

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18 May 2018 01:02:02
Take out the first and it’s still a no from NYI.

18 May 2018 17:01:55
Lol i'm pretty sure if Ilses can get Patches and a third rd pick for just Kieffer Bellows they jump on that. Give the guy some credit he has value although nobody on this site seems to think so.

17 May 2018 04:11:50
OTT: 4th ovr pick
NYR: 9th ovr pick, 26th ovr pick

Sens draft

9th: Bouchard / Wahlstrom / Kotkaniemi / Dobson

22nd: Sandin / Kaut

26th: Bokk / Kratsov / Noel

Sens need Quantity.

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17 May 2018 05:58:56
Disagree, they need quality.

17 May 2018 07:36:05
Sens for sure need quality.

17 May 2018 11:20:49
Quality, a new owner and relocation haha.

17 May 2018 13:45:42
Sens need both, just like any other team, but Hoff68 is not wrong when he says that trading down would be a good strategy for them. Getting two quality players instead of one is probably what's best for them. For every Dylan Strome there's a Barzal or McAvoy.

17 May 2018 17:09:22
I would rather see the sens package their 1sts together and move up rather than trade down from 4th. That being said I think they should hold tight and use both their first round picks.

18 May 2018 01:04:03
I’ve heard the draft kinda looks like 1, 2-3, 4-9 skill wise so it probably wouldn’t be a bad strategy.

16 May 2018 22:00:56
Here is a move that I would be in favour of Toronto making this offseason:

Trade 1:
Connor Carrick (D - Restricted Free Agent) + Jeremy Bracco (RW - ELC) + 2018 1st Round Selection + 2018 3rd Round Selection to the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for Tyler Myers (D - 5.5 Million x 1 Year) + 2018 2nd Round Selection.

Why for Toronto?
- Fills a need on defence, a smart, physical right-shot dman who isn't going to put up a ton of points, but will be a strong force on the PP/ PK.

Why for Winnipeg?
- Acquires a decent prospect who turned it on in the second half of his rookie AHL season, and also shed valuable cap. Myers is currently Winnipeg's fourth best dman, and to pay him 5.5 Million is steep, and he will almost certainly be let go of after 2018/ 19. They acquire a stopgap #6 dman in replacement, and upgrade to a first round draft pick.

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16 May 2018 22:23:20
Good post.

16 May 2018 22:34:29
That isn't enough for Myers.
And a 2nd? Lol.

16 May 2018 23:09:33
Don’t think jets send a 2nd back. Either just Myers or if you think a pick is necessary, probably a later one. But not bad.

16 May 2018 23:21:17
Winnipeg is in the conference final and are a good defensive team and he’s part of it, I doubt Winnipeg would trade him without a roster replacement because Carrick isn’t going to make the jets roster especially when he can Barely even make the leafs roster who are desperate for right handed Dman, and Winnipeg is loaded at forwards so Bracco wouldn’t make the team so I see no value from Toronto to entice Winnipeg so Winnipeg says no.

17 May 2018 01:33:13
Really @yup?
So they’d keep Myers and probably lose him next summer for nothing? A 1st, a former 2nd Round Pick for a guy who is a #4 on his team at a pretty hefty contract for such a role? I mean, right now, he's the #5, behind even Toby Enstrom, and I’d assume Enstrom stays to play alongside Buff. So, their top six is Buff/ Enstrom, Trouba/ Morissey, and Myers/ Chiarot. ANd they have Poolman and Morrow, and if they get Carrick back, there's another extra dman. Myers obv, has more potential than such, but with a hefty contract and being deep down on the Jets depth chart, I don't think his value is as high as you think.

And @UBJ
Id agree, i was a bit pushy w the second, but i'd say a 4th or 5th may be more fair.

Idk. I feel as though Winnipeg would survive without Myers, especially considering they need more cap space to resign Wheeler and Laine to pretty hefty raises. Myers’ cap will be removed for that.

17 May 2018 13:07:00
Myers contract is already removed in time to resign Wheeler and Laine. You just stated why Carrick doesn't add value to them he doesn't crack their team. There are enough teams looking for RHD I think theyd be able to find a deal giving them legit prospects that fit their plan better. Knocking the 2nd down to a 5th would make it more enticing though.

17 May 2018 15:24:32
Myers contract isn’t terrible. But with how many good D they have, it’s expensive for where he is used. But I agree with JBS that Enough teams would be interested to drive up the price a bit.

17 May 2018 18:19:19
It would take more than this package to get Myers, who would be the Leafs second best d-man, from the Jets. Winnipeg wouldn't want or need Carrick or Bracco but the 1st rounder and a top prospect might swing a deal.

16 May 2018 21:01:32
-Apperently Carolina is open to trading everybody, except Aho.

-Bob McKenzie and the fourth period are saying that the Maple Leafs were intersted in trading for Faulk last year and suggests maybe revisiting those talks.

-Trouba has apperently informed his agent he wants to stay in Winnipeg and sign long term. Won't play out until summer. But the desire to and wish is to stay in Winnipeg.

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16 May 2018 22:36:09
And keep in mind Habs fans, If they are saying everyone is available then they probably done want to trade a younger player for older one year left on deal Pacioretty. I just don't think he's a fit currently in Carolina. So don't try to trade Weber/ Pacioretty for Hannifin/ skinner and delusional crap like that. But I expect it anyways.

17 May 2018 00:36:21
Crazy didn't he want out a few years ago. Funny how cup contention changes a persons.

17 May 2018 01:32:48
Trouba wanted out because of his lack of playing time/ playing his off side. He took that short term contract and played well he's top 4 on the side he likes.

17 May 2018 01:42:36
Yep, and now Trouba is getting top pairing role with Morrissey. Team success. He now apperently wants to stay.

17 May 2018 15:29:54
As a leaf fan I’d be interested in Faulk, but don’t know enough about his allround game to say if I’d pay the asking price. I know he has put up points, and was good on the PP but that’s not our problem. He’s a good skater, so hopefully that skill is enough to keep him in good position. Depending on price, I’d be interested but I’m still kinda hooked on the idea of Colin Miller being perused. I’ve never got to see Faulk in tough meaningful games, I’ve seem miller in these playoffs and he’s been impressive. Add the connections to leafs management and the fact he should come cheaper than Faulk, and I’d go with him.

16 May 2018 20:37:52
Oilers: Puljujarvi + Lucic
Canes: Lindholm + Williams

Canes reunite the Finns: Terv + Aho + Puly
Oilers get Lindholm as a two way player on 3rd line with Strome and JJ. Would love that line.
Puly has better potential than Lindholm, so that is where the Lucic and Williams come in.

Oilers: 10 OV 2018 + Russel
Islanders: Ho Sang + Poluck

Islanders get a great pick and Russel to help their defense. Oilers get RHD. Ho Sang has potential but has low value now, so won’t be expensive.

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16 May 2018 21:03:11
Again, for the tenth time, Lucic has a NTC and I highly doubt he would accept a trade to Carolina.
If you have Jujhar on third line wth Strome. Who is the fourth line center? Jujhar should be fourth line center.

16 May 2018 22:24:37
Islanders trade is interesting.

16 May 2018 23:03:00
Oilers will try to sign Derek Ryan for 4th line centre.
Of course that’s all if Lucic would accept a trade. I’m looking at fairness of trades.

17 May 2018 01:48:38
Highly doubt he accepts a trade to Carolina. I think he might accept to Bos, LAK or Van. Ties to all teams. That's only my opinion tho off the top of my head.

And if I'm sending Pul out to Carolina I want at least Faulk back. Faulk and a Winger. Not two forwards. Instead of Lucic (because he wouldn't waive NTC) maybe they would take Sekera back and maybe Sekera would accept to go back to where he's already played.
Puljujarvi, Sekera for Faulk and someone
Maybe add the 10th overall pic and get Faulk and Skinner back.
Reuniting Puljujarvi with Aho would be pretty nice for Carolina. With Svechnikov coming in. Hannifin, Slavin, Pesce. Things are looking up there possibly.

Nuge McDavid Anyone
Skinner Drai anyone
Lucic Strome anyone
Drake Jujhar Kassian

Nurse Faulk
Klefbon Larson
Russell bear / Benning

Huge Finn

Anyone = Rattie, Aberg, Yamamoto. Who ever has best chemistry for a fit.

Or just try and sign a winger for Drai where I have skinner and try trade for OEL around Klefbom and 10th overall. Lol.

17 May 2018 02:25:25
Pulj and the 10th and a cap dump doesn't get Faulk and Skinner. Replace Sekera w someone else and then there's a better trade. Especially for Carolina, whos loaded on ‘d’, Sekera is nothing more than a cap dump.

17 May 2018 15:39:18
Well IMO 10th OA = Skinner
And Pul > Faulk by a little bit so Sekera evens that out.
Keep in mind I'm thinking Carolina would love to add Pul to Aho as they are both young Finns. Pul would be so comfortable with Aho. And the Oilers would have trouble keeping this all under the cap even with Sekera going out. But him and his money have to go out in the deal in order to bring those two in. Russell is the other option but Sekera has Carolina ties already.

16 May 2018 20:07:17
Mtl) Weber + Pacioretty
Tbl) McDonagh + Johnson + Callahan + Mathieu Joseph


Mtl) Alzner
Win) Myers

Pacioretty Stamkos Miller
Palat Point Kucherov
Killorn Cirelli Gourde
Conacher Paquette Kunitz/ Erne

Hedman Dotchin
Sergachev Weber
Coburn Sustr

Drouin Johnson Gallagher
Galchenyuk Danault Lehkonen
Scherbak Joseph Zadina / Svechnikov
Byron Shaw Callahan / Deslauriers

McDonagh Juulsen
Mete Myers
Rielly Benn/ Lernout

This is just an idea and it's to insane to happen

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16 May 2018 21:10:15
It’s too insane because the values are way off.

16 May 2018 22:25:26
Alzner for Myers 😂😂😂😂😂.

16 May 2018 22:37:36
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. W. T. F?
Alzner for Myers? Holy Fuk.

17 May 2018 01:49:19
THIS kind of delusion is exactly why Habs fans have bad reputations on here. My god.

17 May 2018 09:22:20
Yeah TB sure going to take on that Weber contract lol. No thanks.

17 May 2018 09:23:12
Also, Dotchin and Sustr? Where are Stralman and Girardi?

17 May 2018 15:36:08
If Montreal wants Ryan McDonough, why don’t they just trade Scott Gomez for him lol oh wait.

17 May 2018 15:38:17
And above this was a debate if leafs sending a 1st and 3rd round pick and 2 prospects for Myers was enough or not and then here comes Keyhabs with a straight up swap for $5 mill 3rd pairing Karl Alzner. I get accused of hating on habs, but this is why! Lol sometimes you make it far too easy.

16 May 2018 05:12:34
Calgary - Mark Jankowski + Dougie Hamilton + Troy Brouwer (cap dump) + Adam Fox
Buffalo - Sam Reinhart + Ryan O'Rielly

J.Gaudreau - S.Monahan - S.Reinhart
M.Tkachuk - R.O'Rielly - M.Ferland
S.Bennett - M.Backlund - M.Frolik
C.Lazar - N.Shore - G.Hathaway

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16 May 2018 19:47:11
Wouldn TRade Hamilton alone for that
He is one of the most underated nhl dman.

16 May 2018 22:26:21
Lmao if calgary could get Reinhart and O’reilly they’d for sure trade Hamilton. They have enough dmen.

16 May 2018 04:47:29
Mtl Shea Weber 50% salary retained in exchange of Nash Nick Bonino + rights to Alex Emelin.

Montreal needs a center badly and emelin could help while younger defencemens develops.

Nahsville get a dencent defecement at a decent salary and they can a;ways sign or trade for a nother center that fits better than bonino...

Let me know if it makes sens value wise..

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16 May 2018 07:03:57
Lmao no this is beyond terrible value wise.

16 May 2018 07:04:25
Like I hope you’re kidding me.

16 May 2018 16:34:49
This is terrible for the habs.

16 May 2018 21:05:23
Emelin UFA now isn't he. Just sign him? If he liked it in Montreal he might come back.
And retaining %50 of Weber for the next how many years, Is just the worst decision to ever be proposed. So bad.

17 May 2018 16:16:26
Retaining $4 mill for the next 8 years. Woof.


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