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31 Aug 2018 05:11:02
to Montreal

to Dallas

Dallas can afford to get rid of spezza as they have 4 capable centers (Seguin, Faksa, Hanzal and Smith) and could call up someone like Jason Dickinson as an extra center. Pacioretty would replace Shore as a wing upgrade, and the 2nd makes the value add up.

plus dallas should sign rick nash to play with pacioretty on the second line.

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31 Aug 2018 15:06:50
Habs don't need anything in that package.

31 Aug 2018 15:35:28
Doesn’t help habs with a rebuild really. Obviously a 2nd isn’t useless in a build, but they need to win a paccioretty trade because there other 2 best players are a lot harder to trade.

31 Aug 2018 20:16:30
Why don’t Montreal throw in gallagher and Kotkaniemi while their at it? Maybe their next 10 firsts as well since clearly none of their players hold any value if that’s all you think Paches is worth.

31 Aug 2018 23:27:37
looks fair to me.

01 Sep 2018 02:35:56
pacioretty WILL leave as a free agent and is coming off the worse season he's had in a long time. plus I feel like people forget what a 2nd rounder can be worth sometimes. His value isn't that high and habs fans that think differently are setting themselves up to be mad at bergevin for getting a poor return when they should be mad at bergevin for not trading him sooner.

01 Sep 2018 08:57:40
If Spezza though media pressure in Ottawa was bad.

30 Aug 2018 13:29:36
NJ: Karlsson (extended)
OTT: Palmieri, Smith, 1st 2019

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30 Aug 2018 18:07:16
Ywp. your delusional.

06 Sep 2018 17:00:02
Not a chance.

30 Aug 2018 13:25:35
Oiler nurse rng

Jets connor little

PERREAULT sheifle wheeler
Ehlers rnh laine
Vesalainen Roslovic copp

Morrissey trouba
Nurse buff
Niku myers

Connor mcdavid little
Reider drias jesse.p
Lucic strome caigula

Kelfbom larson
Russel benning
Auvitu bouchard

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30 Aug 2018 14:28:39
Lol. Conner would be a good winger for Edm. But not as that price of giving up Nuge and Nurse. Jeeze.
Auvitu is in the KHL I believe. You're thinking or Sekera (injured), Gravol, Jerabek or Garrison (PTO) battling for that spot as of now.

30 Aug 2018 15:40:22
This seems to be a fair trade for both sides. I think this trade would hurt the Oilers as they don't have the depth on defense to give up Nurse and not receive a proven d-man in return.

30 Aug 2018 15:55:33
Value wise I agree with Islandjet, this is fairly close. However, I also agree that the Oilers can't afford to lose Nurse and shouldn't be looking to get older. On the Jets side, they don't need Nurse and his new contract would hurt. Same with RNH, the Jets just can't afford his contract with the other signings they have to make.

30 Aug 2018 16:33:46
Yaaaaa this isn't close you Jet homers.
Of course you're saying it's fair because you win the trade and you know it.

30 Aug 2018 18:15:11
I don't see how this is fair at all, edm gets pwned. Nurse alone woulda been 2nd in points and tied for best +/ - on Winnipeg and play for a much weaker team, connor is a good piece but but wouldn't trade nuge for little, it's not even close and young de are way more valuable than young wingers so Winnipeg wins this trade.

30 Aug 2018 18:50:14
Hahaha as if this is a fair trade what a joke oilers get hosed.

30 Aug 2018 19:58:24
Haha so we finally see the Jets homers approve a trade.

Go figure it's an absolute steal for Winnipeg.

30 Aug 2018 21:12:28
Winnipeg’s finest at it again.

31 Aug 2018 23:14:07
I feel like they would want a d, like Myers or niku.

30 Aug 2018 13:23:19
Oilers; Nylander

TO; Larsson

Oilers; Faulk

Hurricanes; Caggiula, prospect (Mantha or Lagesson), 2019 3rdp, conditional 2020 2rdp (if he does not re-sign then its a 2020 5rdp)

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30 Aug 2018 15:46:34
The Nylander for Larson trade would sure help the Leafs pathetic defense big time, but the Oilers defense is equally poor so this trade is a no go. I can't see the Hurricanes doing the Faulk trade.

30 Aug 2018 16:26:45
That “Pathetic” defense is better then the 2 time Stanley cup winning champions Pittsburgh Penguins they proved offense/ Goltending>>>Defense when the crushed Nashville. I’d personally hold onto Nylander as if I were trading him for a dman he’d need to have atleast a iittle bit of offensive flair.

30 Aug 2018 19:04:24
Not trading Nylander for Larson lol He’s a good Dman and the type of guy we need, but I wouldn’t give up that kind of high end offensive potential for him. That already happened once, and obviously I don’t expect nylander to ever win the Hart, but oilers would undo that trade a thousand times in a row if they could.

30 Aug 2018 21:17:20
Islandjet must be 12 years old who just watched his first NHL season with daddy. I happen to be a bit older and remember Winnipeg being a pathetic team for years. You guys think your sh*t doesn’t stink.

31 Aug 2018 23:21:24
Even if those moves were to happen, Which they wouldn't. Oilers don't have the cap room.
Nylander will be making more than Larsson and Faulk is making more than Drake.
Oilers have about $5M in cap docs right now to sign RFA Nurse to a bridge deal still.
I believe there's a bunch of D in the same position as Nurse all awaiting to see similar deals signed first, Morrisey, Hanifin, Theodore and Nurse.

31 Aug 2018 23:31:06
I am pretty sure tor wouldn't trade nylander for larsson.

31 Aug 2018 23:32:14
A defenseman like Larsson would be a pretty good return for Nylander. But, the Oilers aren't deep enough on D that they can afford to make this swap.

31 Aug 2018 23:33:38
Larsson would be a good return for Nylander on the Leafs side. However, I don't think the Oilers can afford to give up Larsson.

31 Aug 2018 23:34:53
Larsson would actually be pretty good value for Nylander. However, I don't think the Oilers could afford to lose Larsson.

31 Aug 2018 23:41:24
Lol just because Chia was stupid enough to trade Hall for Larsson does not mean Dubas is going to trade Nylander for him. Larsson is pretty meh IMO.

01 Sep 2018 00:21:31
Lol is Menarcusjoe trying to make it look like 3 people are trying to make others believe 3 people are sharing the same bias opinion.

01 Sep 2018 13:11:53
I agree that Larsson is meh, I just meant that if Tor wanted to trade Nylander for a defenseman, 1 for 1. Larsson would be the about the level they would be looking at.

02 Sep 2018 11:19:50
Larsson was best D in WC when he played with OEL, oilers just don't use him right.

02 Sep 2018 16:16:52
I definitely wouldn’t say he was the “ best deffensman in the WC “.

30 Aug 2018 01:16:39
Dallas : Seguin honka


Ottawa : Karlsson smith.

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06 Sep 2018 17:00:34
Not bad.

30 Aug 2018 01:06:47

New Jersey:
Zacha, 2019 2nd

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30 Aug 2018 16:27:44
Really don’t see why NJ makes this trade.

30 Aug 2018 21:40:53
The only position that NJ couldn’t possibly upgrade is LW (Taylor Hall) and that’s what you suggest they spend assets on?

31 Aug 2018 02:44:20
Hockey is more than a 1 line game. There depth at LW drops off quite a bit after hall.

31 Aug 2018 02:56:43
Like honestly that is such a dumb thing to say. The Penguins have Crosby so they shouldn't spend money on malkin. The lightning have Herman so they shouldn't trade for karlsson. The leafs had Matthews so they shouldn't have signed Tavares. need I go on. This is basically what you are saying.

31 Aug 2018 15:32:12
What he’s trying to say @Pittsburghs finnest is that it isn’t smart to spend assets on a strong point in your roster when you have multiple glaring needs. Useally teams upgrade strong points internally unless if freak situations like Tavares and RHD is probably Tampa’s biggest position of need tbh. If Malkin and Karlsson hit the trade market a team like Edmonton isn’t going to give up a lot of their assets for Malkin when they already have Drais and RNH and they desperately need defense.

31 Aug 2018 15:41:05
Jerseys other best two young players after Hiescher is Jesper Bratt and Miles Wood. Both left shot LW. They are far from a perfect team, but LW is the least of their concern. It’s not that dumb of a thing to say. Centre, Defense and Goalie are a little different than wingers lol Patches wanted 8 years $8 mill apparently, even if that’s not true and wants $7 mill, why have him behind hall?! Hall is going to be the go to guy on LW in all situations. If you have Centre depth, they can go to a wing for PP or goalie out late in game situations. Patches is a LW, nothing else.

31 Aug 2018 15:44:45
And from your examples.

Pens drafted Crosby and Malkin. Didn’t trade assets in a build for them

Leafs drafted Matthews and signed JT as a UFA, did t trade assets during a build for them

Hedman is a LD, Karlsson is a RD. That makes a lethal top pair, not in each other’s way. That makes my point exactly, why not get an elite RW to play with hall and Hiescher?

31 Aug 2018 23:24:10
Hall outscored the second highest scoring player on the team by 41 pts. That player is a 19 year old C who has also played left wing. The other two surprising youngsters were Jesper Bratt and Miles Wood. Both Left shot LWs! Lol Spend assets to give the team some diverse players and give Hall someone to play with. Not Create an expensive block for 2 cheap young players making good strides.

29 Aug 2018 22:17:23
Dallas: Seguin


Montreal: Kotkaniemi, Lehkonen, 2019 1st


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29 Aug 2018 22:54:51
That's a big package unless he's agreeing to an extension.

30 Aug 2018 01:13:42
Tbh if seguin signed an extension that’s not a good offer for Dallas to accept lol.

30 Aug 2018 01:26:59
Habs shouldn't part with any first round picks for a few years. even with Seguin, this won be a contending team for awhile .

30 Aug 2018 04:31:04
No thanks even with an extension.

30 Aug 2018 14:32:06
Ya as nice as Seguin would be, I don't think Montreal should trade their 2019 1st.

01 Sep 2018 00:23:45
Are you asking who’d win in a fight because a 3 v 1 isn’t fair at all.

29 Aug 2018 19:15:25
to New Jersey

to Ottawa

I feel that the addition of Ryan will reduce the expected return, but New Jersey is both his home as well as a team that can certainly afford him, as well as EK.

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29 Aug 2018 20:48:00
Zacha's a bust.

30 Aug 2018 02:36:39
Would not say Zacha is a bust but he was certainly a reach good future 2 way 2c.

06 Sep 2018 17:03:04
Leave for a month and come back to more trashing Ottawa trades got to love it. it'll take far more than a b prospect a bust and 2 late in their round picks to land the worlds best defenceman si keep dreaming.

29 Aug 2018 17:00:17
to edm: matt duchene and kirk karlsson

to ott: leon draisaitl and oscar klefbom

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29 Aug 2018 17:11:54
Duchene and Draisaitl are pretty close, implying Karlsson~Klefbom. Not even close. EDM needs to add.

29 Aug 2018 17:46:24
Don’t think Edmonton would be interested in that Kirk Karlsson guy.

29 Aug 2018 17:47:04
Ah yes, Kirk Karlsson. Erik's lesser known half brother.

29 Aug 2018 18:49:42
Duchene is also not close to Drat imo he's dropped off.

29 Aug 2018 20:31:07
Draisatl definitely has the edge on Duchene. Although he has a big contract, atleast it’s cost certainty because Duchene is up in July. However the gap between them doesn’t close the gap between Klefbom and Karlsson. Oilers add quite a bit.

29 Aug 2018 21:38:59
Draisaitl >> Duchene

29 Aug 2018 23:53:32

30 Aug 2018 05:59:29
Lol not going to try again.

29 Aug 2018 16:43:44
VAN: Karlsson, Smith
OTT: Virtanen, Julolevi, Demko, 2019 2nd, 2020 2nd, 2021 3rd

Vancouver able to keep Peterson and Hughes and their 1st. Will recoup one of the picks when they trade Smith at the deadline to some team that needs experienced playoff grit.

Ottawa set in net for years to come with Gustavsson and Demko. 2nd round picks will be fairly high.

Stone Duchene White
Dzingel Brown Boeddker
Virtanen Pageau Tkachuk
Ryan Chlapik Paajarvi

Chabot Ceci
Julolevi Boro
Wolanin Wideman

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29 Aug 2018 17:05:51
So your name threw me off wish I didn’t even attempt to read this seriously.

29 Aug 2018 17:47:15
Doubt Vancouver considers moving Demko.

29 Aug 2018 17:48:17
So Vancouver gets Karlsson for next to nothing? I wonder who you cheer for.

29 Aug 2018 19:55:13
Wow, big no from Vancouver. Karlsson is NOT what we need. Especially if it means giving up Demko.


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