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09 Aug 2019 11:06:34
Matthews and Marner are easily the most overrated players in the league hands down. The toronto media likes to hype them up so much and its very annoying. a lot of Leafs fans on HF think the same. They get really tired of constantly hearing about them

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09 Aug 2019 12:14:02
Well Toronto is the biggest NHL market and both players are undisputedly the 2 best players in leafs history what do you expect. IMO Marner will be a top 10 player in history.

09 Aug 2019 13:21:43
vbb you have to be kidding. He has 1 PPG season in his career so far, while Matthews hasn't even played a full season or reached 80 points yet.

09 Aug 2019 13:44:40
Vb. how can you call them the 2 best players in Leafs history?
What about Keon, and Sittler, Sundin. Gilmour did more for the Leafs than those 2 have even thought of . And there are others. Wendell Clark. Rick Vaive, Goeorge Armstrong, Tim Horton, ect ect.

Both Mathews and Marner have the opportunity to be the best ever Leafs. , and I'm sure as long as they stay with the team, they will be, or at least top 5 .
But. its a discredit to some of the Leaf legends to call 2 kids who have only 3 years of service the best ever on a storied Franchise like the Leafs.

09 Aug 2019 14:01:52
Leafs aren’t like the Canadians none of those players are like Morez, Lafleur, Beliveau, Richard etc I think Marner will be up there with those players and possibly Mathews if he stays healthy.

09 Aug 2019 21:17:05
Vb. this has nothing to do with the Canadiens. . this is all about the Leafs.

09 Aug 2019 23:37:58
The leafs organization has been a joke since the late 60s it’s not a big deal to be the best player in there history.

10 Aug 2019 03:36:46
They obviously suffered through the Harlold Ballard days., however, I still think some of the legends deserve a lil more respect and credit.

10 Aug 2019 04:25:47
VB how can you make a statement like Marner and Mathews will go down amongst the best of all time, 3 years into their careers, and then also claim you aren’t biased? You don’t see anyone saying that about players on their teams here. And if I said Point was, despite being a center putting up similar offensive numbers to Marner while being relied on much more heavily defensively, youd lose your mind. Mathews is a worse Stamkos to this point in his career. Too early to say they won’t be legend status, but WAY to early to claim they will, a lot of Leaf media pumping them up to think that.

11 Aug 2019 05:02:03
Jbs explained it very well

09 Aug 2019 06:12:20
Who would you take on your team, Sean Couturier or Auston Matthews?
Closer than most of you think.

Couturier is 6'4 215lbs and his cap hit is 4.3M for the next 2 years.

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09 Aug 2019 11:02:14
Couturier easily

09 Aug 2019 12:11:44
You can either look at stuff like this and try to argue or shake your head and laugh at the stupidity.

09 Aug 2019 13:46:15
I see what your saying Tyba, but I'll have to take Mathews. ( unfortunately)

18 Aug 2019 21:20:03
I like the guy less then Sosa does but Austin Matthews is superior then Couturier in every level of the game except defensively and on the pk.

08 Aug 2019 20:23:27
You guys read what Leafs legend Ozhiganov has to say about his time in the Leafs locker room and their players?

“It’s so different overseas, when you get to that locker room it seems all the players are a$$ lickers that just wait for coach to come to lick his a$$. They run to him, laugh at all his jokes, make up to him, in Russia nobody would talk to such a player”

Hurricanes are a bunch of Jerks and Leafs are a bunch of a$$ lickers. Should turn that into a shirt and run with it Leafs fans. Pretend to lick a$$ at games and stuff, could be profitable.

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08 Aug 2019 21:08:53
I doubt it really means anything tbh. Ozhiganov was displeased with the coaching staff because he was benched for the entirety of February and had an ATOI of like 13 minutes.

Just another playing running his mouth about an organization because he felt he was somehow wronged by them when he was simply not good enough to be in the lineup.

08 Aug 2019 22:02:31
That makes me feel good it shows Babcock really has control of the locker room.

08 Aug 2019 19:55:21
Yupp brought up an interesting point.

Let's have a discussion.
Draisaitl or Marner? Who has more value?

Let's compare.

Draisaitl: 23 years old, 8.5M AAV with another 5 years left on his deal.
6'2'', 210lbs.

15/16: 72GP 19G 32A 51P
16/17: 82GP 29G 48A 77P
17/18: 78GP 25G 45A 70P
18/19: 82GP 50G 55A 105P

International Stats (Team Germany)
53GP 19G 35A 54P
WC Stats (Team Germany)
33GP 9G 18A 27P

Most Notable Achievements/Awards
- 2nd in Rocket Richard
- WHL Playoff MVP
- DNL Player of the Year
-4th in the NHL in Points for the 18/19 season

Mitch Marner: 22 years old, RFA (presumed to sign for more than 10.5M AAV), 5'11'', 170lbs.

16/17: 77GP 19G 42A 61P
17/18: 82GP 22G 47A 69P
18/19: 82GP 26G 68A 94P

International Stats:
WJC U20: 5GP 4G 2A 6TP
WC Stats: 10GP 4G 8A 12TP

Most Notable Awards/Achievements
- OHL Playoffs Most Points for 15/16 (44)
- 11th in the NHL in points for the 18/19 season

Marner: (0.93)
Draisaitl: (0.89)

*Note to ED
If possible, please add a poll.

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08 Aug 2019 20:12:05
Well what we do know is Tavares is garbage and Marner will be battling Mcdavid for league lead in scoring for years to come. Dubas better get him locked up for max 8 years at like $13M per then! What’s taking so long?

08 Aug 2019 21:10:25
I’d say Draisaitl at the moment. I also prefer the power forward but I think a team needs a good balance of size, skill and grit. Both players will probably be in the top 10 in scoring for years to come.

08 Aug 2019 22:05:06
Draistle has a whole 42 points in his career that McDavid didn’t score/ Assist end of discussion.

08 Aug 2019 23:35:56

Oh yeah for sure.
Draisaitl does have like a 1 year and 10 months head start on Marner too.

09 Aug 2019 06:30:20

09 Aug 2019 11:03:54
Vbb you do realize what you said kinda backfires. Marner was a 60 point player before slotted beside Tavares *facepalm

09 Aug 2019 12:15:28
Tavares is a 3C on a good NHL team 1 Marner=100 Tavares.

09 Aug 2019 12:16:46
And 60 points is still more then what Drais got.

09 Aug 2019 15:07:45
VB - Tavares a 3C on a good team? SMH You must hate Dubas for paying him so much and playing him on your top line. His line was ranked in the top 5 in the NHL.
I'll take Drais, both are good but i prefer his style of play.

18 Aug 2019 21:24:40
Draisailt and those 2 should not even be in the same discussion. Even if Marner was signed for 7 years @ 6 million, Draisailt>>>Marner.

08 Aug 2019 14:09:47
Who do you guys think would win? U26 All world vs all world 26+.








Note: as you can see defence takes a lot longer to develop may be common knowledge for some but this is proof.

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08 Aug 2019 15:03:37
I love how you won't shut up about Marner but put him in the third line behind Rantanen.

08 Aug 2019 16:41:17
It’s a chemistry thing. If you knew anything about coaching you build lines around centres so McDavid being the best would get the player he has the most chemistry with (Drais) even tho Marner, Guadreau, Pasta, Barkov, Eichel etc are all better. Rantanen Is on the 2nd line because he has experience playing Mackinnon Great chemistry and Switching Marner to LW on the line over Guadreau would be redundant as the both have similar styles and offensive impact even tho Marner may be better he’s dropped to the 3rd line to play with Mathews and be able to feed the second to best shot in the game in Laine. The 2nd,3rd And 4th line are about equal imo they’d get the same amount of playing time you could make a strong argument for the 4th line being better then the 2nd.

08 Aug 2019 16:43:55
What’s also scary is there is only 5 Canadians on the U26 team.

08 Aug 2019 18:51:47
Marner points last three seasons. 61/ 69/ 95.
Driasitl points last three seasons. 77/ 70/ 105.
Both play with very good line mates. Sorry, who’s better? Drai $8.5M locked up longest term possible. Marner wanting a lot more for less term, to go through this all again soon? Marner and Mathews are the two most overrated, over hyped players I’ve maybe ever seen. Add Subban to those two. And when Marner isn’t 1st or 2nd (to Mcdavid) in league scoring this summer will you admit that you’re a clueless biased homer?

08 Aug 2019 18:58:48
I’ll never say I’m biased what other player on the leafs do I overvalue? Marner is a year younger then Drais and played with garbage linemates Tavares and Hyman are both garbage compared to him. Drais is a product of McDavid.

08 Aug 2019 18:59:35
Also the two years prior was an development curve for him.

08 Aug 2019 19:08:44
Lmao. Tavares is garbage? Tavares is better than Marner to a ton of people. Wow. You really are delusional. And Drai is a beast, Mcdavid helps but you can’t deny how unreal a talent he has. Marner is very very very good, I’ve watched him a lot, but man, right now, Drai is better and it’s not even a question. Marner can surpass him this season, sure. But right now, No. Hats just your biased opinion and projections. The stats and facts and points point to Drai. Right now.

Oh and I would take the top young group. I like a lot of those players. Mcdavid, Drai, McKinnon, Pasta, Barkov, Rantanen.

08 Aug 2019 19:35:48
Tavares is not garbage. And Drais also brings in a lot more of a physical element compared to Marner.

08 Aug 2019 21:16:20
This is a direct quote from VB.

''24 Apr 2019 18:33:18
I’m not sure anyone implied that leafs players have much value.

Mathews and Tavares top 10 Cs- Facts undebatable''

If you would all like to verify, go to mememarcus' account and look at the talk post he made about the Leafs and the Panthers.

08 Aug 2019 22:10:30
Well are they not top 10Cs? And yes Tavares is garbage compared to Marner everyone in the leafs organization is compared to him. Sure Drais is more Physical and is the better power forward no doubt yes stats show that he had 10 more points they also show he gets much, much more offensive opportunity and has better linemates then Marner. Well visit this discussion after next season.

09 Aug 2019 05:22:47
vbb’s you’ve lost it eh? Nobody is saying Marner is not good, but everyone else in the organization is garbage compared to him? That’s pretty funny.

09 Aug 2019 06:06:27
Matthews finished 23 among centres in total points and he is on a stacked team.
Centres like Brayden Point (7th) Elias Lindholm (17th) and Sean Couturier (19th) finished ahead of him.

So. how is Matthews a top 10 centre?

09 Aug 2019 14:03:03
He was injured lol he was like 3rd in PPG.

07 Aug 2019 06:18:36
Perhaps it's just me, but the Toronto media needs to settle down.
Whenever talks of a new contract begins, the Leafs media and fans begin to borderline harass the players/management involved.

Look what happened with Kawhi.

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07 Aug 2019 07:20:12
100%. Leafs Media is also a main reason why and how Matthews got 11.6M a year while he barely should be in double digits, if at all. Leafs Media hyping him as the second coming of Gretzky has account for AT LEAST 1 extra M in AAV, probably more.

07 Aug 2019 10:29:56
Mathews got double digest cause eichel did and Mathews is a more valuable and better all around hockey player then eichel.

07 Aug 2019 15:35:09
Eichel signed for 8 years tho — if Matthews had done the same his contract would look a lot better.

If you compare Matthews deal to the 5 year deals that Crosby, Stamkos and Toews signed coming off their ELC’s it’s in the same ballpark as a % of the salary cap at the
time, but it’s hard not to look at Barkov’s 5-year deal and not think Dubas overpaid.

07 Aug 2019 16:29:40
kahwi was never going to stay. that was common knowledge.

08 Aug 2019 09:22:14
Eichel, Price, Towes And Paniran all got over 10million and Mathews is better then all he’s the 2nd to best U23 Center on the planet. *in before Vertius says Pettersson is more valuable. Also wait until Point gets over 10 million.

08 Aug 2019 15:07:30
Auston Matthews is not better then Eichel. Matthews has not even hit PPG status yet with talent being all around him meanwhile Eichel already hit it with a smaller amount of talent around him and a much worse team.

Eichel> Matthews.
Panarin >/ = Matthews.

Just check Panarin's stats and then check Matthews'. Panarin scored 320 points in 322 NHL games.

08 Aug 2019 16:13:16
Too much Hype. That’s why they get overpaid and overrated. Add a new young GM who’s getting pushed around and giving in to overpaying players sitting out and giving shorter term to “superstars”. Recipe for this Marner debacle.

08 Aug 2019 18:04:58
lol ya. if only they could have the Oilers elite management LMAO

biggest joke of the last decade throwing stones lol

how many first overalls u guys need to make the playoffs?

nice chirpin ya YUP. enjoy having you around till mid-december when edmonton is eliminated from the playoffs and you ghost.

08 Aug 2019 18:55:51
Hahahahahaha. Only time I’ve ever ghosted this site in the last like 5-7 years is this past Christmas for about 3 months. Because I couldn’t handle to delusional Bs and biased hurt feelings anymore. Needed a break. God damn entertaining being back and nothing changed For the record. Edm and Tor have the same amount on 1st overalls. And not all 1st OA will be a Kane, Stamkos, Crosby, Tavares, Mcdavid, Ovi, Mathews, etc. and yes my teams Management in the past has been a complete joke! Absolutely hated Eakins and Lowe and MacT and at the end Chia and Todd. Brutal coaches and managers you’re right!

08 Aug 2019 18:57:38
Dubas is going to cause a lockout with him giving into and overpaying and giving these superstars shorter term contracts to have this circus cr@p happening every summer now. Dubas is a joke! I love it tho! And I told ya guys all along years ago when you thought Drai was a bad signing. Just wait for Mathews and Marner just wait! Hahahahaha. It’s Efin hilarious!

08 Aug 2019 19:03:30
Mathews did hit PPG status 2 years in a row tho. I like Eichel a lot but you’re insane if you would take Eichel over him.

Yup this proves you know nothing about the leafs Shannahan runs the show not Dubas.

08 Aug 2019 19:04:05
Also I’ll assume Paniran over Mathews is a joke.

09 Aug 2019 06:34:04
The boner you have for the Leafs' star players is really amazing, VB.

07 Aug 2019 04:14:14
Leafs should trade Marner at this point. The kid is an absolute headache. He wants a 10mil x 3yr bridge deal. Fricking horrible

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07 Aug 2019 05:37:07
What can you expect? If I was in Marner's shoes I'd ask for the same.
Hockey is a business.

07 Aug 2019 07:21:25
Why fault the player? No one forces TOR to pay it. Everyone would do the same if they were Marner.
Players have quite few rights in the NA pro sports system anyways, so don't fault them for using the few possibilites they have to get the best deal for them and their families.

07 Aug 2019 09:49:48
Im speaking from managements perspective. Spread out their depth and acquire multiple cheaper assets than building up all your money into one player whos being stubborn to a team desperate for cap space

07 Aug 2019 15:23:09
So you think Paniran deserves more then Marner?

07 Aug 2019 18:45:27
@vbb not at all. Panarin is overpaid haha. I just think Marners asking for a little too much when his stats with boosted due to playing with Tavares. Need to take who he played with on his line and the pp into consideration.

08 Aug 2019 13:44:44
But Marner is better then Tavares he’d probably still get around the same point totals without Tavares ( would probably have JVR on his line still ) . Keep in mind Marner out produced Tavares and Tavares set career highs if anything they complimented each other. I’d definitely say he’s worth more then Mathews but maybe not league wide as Center is the is the more valuable position.

08 Aug 2019 18:58:48
Dumbas should have traded Nylander about two weeks before the season started when that cr@p was going on. Instead he gave in and overpaid, Gave Mathews shorter term, now Marner knows he can push Dumbas around. It’s hilarious.

06 Aug 2019 16:27:57
TyBa's Top 25 Prospects in the NHL

1. Jack Hughes
2. Kappo Kaakko
3. Cale Makar
4. Cody Glass
5. Vitali Kravstov
6. Quinn Hughes
7. Kiril Kaprizov
8. Erik Brannstrom
9. Bowen Byram
10. Filip Zadina
11. Martin Necas
12. Morgan Frost
13. Alex Turcotte
14. Trevor Zegras
15. Evan Bouchard
16. Adam Boqvist
17. Kirby Dach
18. Vasiliy Podkolzin
19. Noah Dobson
20. Joe Veleno
21. Rasmus Sandin
22. Adam Fox
23. Ilya Sorokin
24. K'Andre Miller
25. Aleksi Heponiemi

*Adam Boqvist and Evan Bouchard are interchangeable.

Size, age, point production were the biggest factors.

Let the arguments begin.

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06 Aug 2019 18:17:22
. Noah Dobson, Necas is to high, Turcotte should be higher, and Totally not considering any goalie prospects. Hughes over Makar,

06 Aug 2019 22:13:56
A year ago Necas was like top 5 in 9/ 10 prospect lists.
Turcotte has lots of talent, and i'd be very glad to move him up the rankings once he isn't on a stacked team.
What do you mean not considering any goalie prospects? Which goalie would you have on there and where?

07 Aug 2019 01:33:52
This is a decent list I think cole caufield needs to be on this list in my opinion and maybe sorokin.

07 Aug 2019 01:41:45
I just feel like Spencer Knight needs to be in there because when is the last time a goalie was drafted 13th overall I’d take Knight over Sorkin all day even Ilya Samsonov even tho he struggled in the AHL I believe it was a mental thing.

Noah Dobson should be a top 10 prospect very similar to Seth Jones atleast close to top 10.

I’ll take Barrett Hayton and Oliver Wahlstrom over Frost, Necas and the prospects you rated from 21-25.

07 Aug 2019 04:25:16
Bouchard and Fox should be higher. Fox is going to be really good this year ill put money on it

07 Aug 2019 04:28:41
Sorokin is on that list.
Man, I almost put Caufield at around 15ish but the fact that he's 5'7 and 160lbs scares me.
Spencer Knight literally had a .903 save % in the USHL this past season.
It's hard to compare stats with goalies who are so far apart in age and play across the world.
It's your opinion so I'm not going to really argue.

07 Aug 2019 05:40:46
I think it's hard to tell with NCAA players.
Justin Schultz had a good NCAA career and only had one season above 50 points. Look at how Jimmy Vesey worked out for New York. Fringe 30 point forward.

07 Aug 2019 07:24:24
Not a bad list at all. Switching certain players up or down a couple spots is always just personal preference, I guess.

I agree Wahlstrom should probably be in there. I wouldn't mind Turcotte a bit higher (what stacked team, btw? He's on LA, they suck) . There's a fair case to make for Caufield, too, I guess. Wouldn't necessarily need Miller or Sandin on that list, imo.

07 Aug 2019 09:51:18
@tyba agreed

07 Aug 2019 15:25:34
Barrett Hayton was a top 5 pick last year why no love yes he was injured but he was money in the playoffs.

07 Aug 2019 23:33:56
I don't know, Wahlstrom seemed like he had a tough year. Committed to the NCAA, struggled (8G 19P in 36GP) and then dropped out.
I meant Turcotte's USDP team. He made his presence known, and was not really carried by anybody which is why he's in the top 15, but I'd like to see him play on a mediocre team for him to be ranked higher.
Sandin got on the list because of his AHL playoffs (10A in 13GP) and WJC.
K'Andre Miller had more points than Wahlstrom and in fewer NCAA games. For a kid that's 6'3 and 210lbs, he sure can put up them points.

07 Aug 2019 23:36:19
Where he is selected means almost nothing. Hayton was projected by most to fall out of the top 10, and Arizona reached. Hayton will get the chance to prove he is a top prospect next year because Morgan Frost will head to the AHL/ NHL.

08 Aug 2019 13:47:34
Well obviously it means something as the organization seen something in him others didn’t I’d trade Sandin for him all day although I do truly believe he’ll be a top 4 dman once Muzzin goes.

06 Aug 2019 05:02:36
Tampa Bay Rangers?

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06 Aug 2019 12:00:06
They currently have what, 2 former Rangers on the team? I get it, it’s just an old joke and they’ve never had more than 5, just over 20% of the team and almost all complimentary players. Rangers have more former lightning now than Tampa has former Rangers with Namestnikov, Howden, Hajek and DeAngelo.

05 Aug 2019 19:28:05
Congrats to Tampa on signing Shattenkirk on such a cheap deal.
Don't even think it hits 2M AAV.
Potential to be a very big steal.

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06 Aug 2019 06:48:24
1.75M it is.

06 Aug 2019 14:32:05
I’m sure the Tampa Bay Lightning organization appreciates your congratulations.

06 Aug 2019 22:47:22
They needed the Barrie stamp of approval before they could proceed with the signing.

07 Aug 2019 07:25:05
Funny how I state a fact and someone apparently disagreed with it lol.

07 Aug 2019 09:52:27
Triplets loooool happens to me too, kids are moody on this site


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