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14 Aug 2019 05:00:06
Toronto- marner, jake muzzin 2020 6th, 2021 4th

Philly- provorov, justin braun, tyler pitlick, 2021 1st.

14 Aug 2019 06:27:16
Why do the Flyers do this?
Provorov is their building block d-man and stud defenceman.
Flyers are also stacked on forward depth.
They don't need Marner whatsoever.

Also, value wise, Toronto loses this.
Marner>/ =Provorov
Muzzin >> Braun
4th = Pitlick
1st > 6th

Just bad all around man.

14 Aug 2019 14:01:12
Yet Marner is “overrated”.

14 Aug 2019 16:16:03
Marner is defiantly overated by leaf fans. Could you imagine the haul if he was a center and put up 70 80 pts.

14 Aug 2019 21:10:25
Love all the overated talk. redwing you are famously one of the worst. Marner is a top 5-10 winger in the game with room to grow.

14 Aug 2019 22:30:50
He is not when I get home i will post. I think he is like 14th.

15 Aug 2019 01:20:47
How many wingers got 94 points last year, plays penalty kill rather well and plays the full length of the ice. Far better than the player you have so much love for Tarasenko.

15 Aug 2019 01:29:16
NHL. com has him rated at #5. And I know it's more for fantasy purposes but dobber has him rated the 8th best skater in the league.

15 Aug 2019 03:33:13
That’s Tarasenko they have at 14 colt. Marner is 5. All this bickering over these young players worth is getting comical. I forgot how petty people get in the off season. Most of the top players in the game could move up or down that list in a few months. Tarasenko won the cup at least, that’s more than most of these players can say. I didn’t mean to pump your tires Colt, we know you can do that on your own.

15 Aug 2019 11:42:47
Hey at least tarasenko gets goals 35-40 when marner hits 35 let me know. Fyi marner has a lot of secondary assists. Also Toronto media is even saying he is overated.

15 Aug 2019 13:47:41
Holy crap tankie. I was praising Tarasenko and you’re still going to bash Marner? I understand that every leaf player is overrated and they don’t become stars until they leave the blue and white. I bet Bozak is the best 3c in the game now right? I’m sure we’ll be hearing how good Borgman is before long.

15 Aug 2019 14:08:48
Toronto media started calling him overrated once he demanded a big contract lmao.

15 Aug 2019 14:38:08
Bozak is a pretty sick 3C I’ll give the blues that. But jeez let me know when Taresanko ever cracks 75 points Nylander has similar production to Taresanko lol.

15 Aug 2019 16:09:57
That's your argument Colt. really. they are saying he's overrated based on the reported contract demand. If you would rather a one dimensional player over a player who is good at any point in any situation then so be it. There is no argument to Tarasenko being better. Give me a guy who gets more points, plays PK and is very responsible at every point in a game any day.

15 Aug 2019 16:15:29
I never said he was better. I like marner a lot. I prefer to have tarasenko. He has a deadly shot. Wouldn't be surprised if he hits 40+ this year. Also vb he has hit 75 points. Lol

73, 74, 75 point seasons and those where with lehtera as his center. He had a big injury 17-18 towards end and into 18-19 still got 65+ points 30+ goals. This. Year I think he will hit 40+ goals 80+ points with schenn and Schwartz.

Also if I'm correct doesn't tarasenko have most goals in playoffs over last 5-10 years. I will look that up not sure. Think I saw it posted by NBC stats.

15 Aug 2019 16:56:51
Vbbvvbv dude seriously nylander has similar tha ts the dumbest thing i have heard in a while nylander has never had more than 22 goals or 61 points let's do tarasenko last 5 years

18/ 19
33g 35a 68p 76gp
17/ 18
33g 33a 66p 80gp
16/ 17
39g 36a 75p 82gp
15/ 16
40g 34a 74p 80gp
14/ 15
37g 36a 73p 77gp

In 70 playoff games he has the following

33g 16a 49pts 70gp

When nylander hits that let me know.

15 Aug 2019 16:59:12
So a kid who gets 68 assists some secondary and 26 goals is not one sided.

Fyi tarasenko plays the 200 ft game scores just slightly more than he assists. I would trade him and his 7.5 for marner and his 11m.

15 Aug 2019 17:27:07
That is so obviously Colt.
Only Colt can say Tarasenko is better than Marner and truly believe he is right and everybody else is wrong.
The dude didn't even crack 70 points in the last two seasons while being on a Stanley Cup winning roster.
Also, I don't understand what you expect Schenn to do for Tarasenko. Schenn is a 55-60 point centre. That's what he has been for his entire career. One season doesn't change that.

15 Aug 2019 17:35:50
**Not to mention he thinks Joel Edmundson is a top pairing defenceman.
The dude never even hit 70 games played in one season and his highest point total is 17 points lol.
I mean, even Jim Vandermeer played 70 games once and hit 20 points in a season, something Edmundson still hasn't accomplished.

15 Aug 2019 19:07:33
I meant to say wouldn't trade him.

Joel Edmonds DoD play top pairing D with petro. Last year he did half of season. I said he is top 4.

Also rating a Dman on points alone is dumb. Parayko got 33 and was one of the best dmen in the playoffs. But I guess he isn't top pairing either.

15 Aug 2019 19:18:33
''They get top pairing Physical LHD can play top pairing minutes. ''
33 is fine for somebody of Parayko's stature. Also, 33 is 1 short of being DOUBLE than the points Edmundson scored.
I'm sure most of us can agree Parayko is a top pairing defenceman.

15 Aug 2019 20:20:21
You said it. He is still a kid. Tarasenko is what he is. A heck of a winger who can get upwards of 40 goals. Marner is a kid who got 94 points. Players don't get goals without someone feeding them the puck most of the time.

15 Aug 2019 20:48:10
Has he played the #1lhd for blues for the majority of the Last 3 years with petro. yes so does that mean he got top pairing minutes. yes.

15 Aug 2019 20:50:06
I've been enjoying reading everything here, been a blast. Was trying to stay out of it, but I couldn't for 2 things.

Bozak is a great 3rd line centre, the leafs wanted him to be a #1 or#2. He was still good, but I believe as 3c he's a perfect fit.

Also, just because edmundson played 1st pair with petro, that doesn't mean very much. With Petro on D and o'Reilly playing C, you can probably have a banana peel as your other D and still it'll look good defensively.

15 Aug 2019 20:50:41
We all agree Parayko is a top pairing D-man. But why are we arguing about Blues players. Colt is a redwings fan now.
Larkin is a cool contract to think about!

15 Aug 2019 21:56:11
I love Bozak. My comment was directed towards a guy that bashed players when they were on the leafs, but would love them on the blues. Borgman will be the next top pair defensemen we hear about. Don’t kid yourself about Lehtera tank, some us were around when you told us he was one of the best set up guys in the league.

16 Aug 2019 00:06:46
I don't bash leaf players specifically just try to bring leaf fans back to reality. To a leafs fan every player prospect is the goat.

16 Aug 2019 04:11:41
Leafs17 I can remember that comment too lol.

16 Aug 2019 04:51:21
LOL @17 i rmbr him saying Lehtera/ Tarasenko would be some next deadly set up and sniper duo, oh boy.

16 Aug 2019 05:51:34
I can’t believe you’re still fighting me on this colt. Which name do you prefer to go by? You were ran off this site by people sick of you running your mouth about every player in the blues organization.

16 Aug 2019 13:02:37
Do you remember the "Shattenkirk Vacation" we got! It was glorious.

17 Aug 2019 17:47:33
Provo is a good dman, but I think the leafs would get better value in the long run by just letting him sign his RFA offer and banking those 4 first rounders.

23 Jul 2019 01:49:54
To TOR - Dougie Hamilton
To CAR - Jake Muzzin

To TOR - Shayne Gostisphere
To PHI - Kasperi Kapanen, Rasmus Sandin & 1st-Round Pick

I really wanna make fair and good trades on this site, I've tested these trades on the other sites and social media.
Majority Philly fans and Canes fans think these are FAIR & ACCURATE. Philly fans really like Sandin and Kapanen, Canes fans don't really like Hamilton but imo he's a big solid defencemen, kinda soft but under babcock i feel he would strive and he has a nice offensive touch.

But what do you guys think?

Hyman - Tavares - Marner

Johnsson - Matthews - Nylander

Moore - Kerfoot - Bracco

Petan - Spezza - Shore

Rielly - Barrie

Gostisphere - Hamilton

Dermott - Ceci

23 Jul 2019 05:23:21
Leafs better add Kappy and Lilijegreen to Muzzin for Hamilton. Rest is fine.

23 Jul 2019 05:52:53
Kapanen, Liljegren & Muzzin for Dougie???? Are you high Mantha??

23 Jul 2019 07:24:01
Wouldn't know why CAR would rather take the older, worse and soon to be UFA D over Hamilton? Makes no sense for them.

23 Jul 2019 11:51:44
Leafs can’t afford those to make those trades, they are brining in too much cap.

23 Jul 2019 12:23:22
And how is Muzzin worse then Hamilton? Have you’ve seen Hamilton’s Defensive stats? He’s Tyler Myers 2.0.

23 Jul 2019 12:37:15
The guy who says Marner is overrated on this site seriously overrates Hamilton. He is one of the most overrated players on this site.

23 Jul 2019 13:07:29
No room for Marner after those trades.

23 Jul 2019 13:56:21
How do these trades improve the leafs?

24 Jul 2019 00:06:16
Leafs have enough offensive demen . muzzin a guy they pretty much need. #2 2 seems a bit much to get gohst.

06 Jul 2019 20:23:18
How about a deal of RFAs?

Marner and a prospect like Bracco to Philly for Provorov and Konecny?

Philly is already pretty solid on defense and Marner gives them two solid lines.

Leafs have a defense of

Reilly Barrie
Provorov Muzzin
Dermott Ceci.

06 Jul 2019 20:26:23
That's not bad actually.

06 Jul 2019 21:46:58
Oof if Provonov was a RHD I’d probably take that I believe leafs decline.

07 Jul 2019 02:21:29

07 Jul 2019 08:03:41
The Leafs certainly don't decline this, VB, c'mon. A #1 D is moooore than enough to make up for the difference between Konecny and Marner.

07 Jul 2019 11:23:45
I think that's ok, maybe philly adds a draft pick.

07 Jul 2019 14:51:41
Konecny has minimal value compared to a top 15 player in the NHL. Would you do this trade for Kucherov?

07 Jul 2019 16:32:46
In no world does Provorov have more value than Marner. I get the position importance but Marner is a top winger in the league. Provorov is a good young dman who is not a number 1 yet or may never be.

07 Jul 2019 17:24:04
Mariner has more value then provorov but konecky has way more value then bracco on top of that the leafs could probably sign both of those players for the price of marner.

07 Jul 2019 17:47:44
Vb it’s not Konecny for Marner one for one so your Kucherov comment is immediately disregarded. You’re ignoring the fact that there’s a franchise defenceman going back the other way.

07 Jul 2019 22:13:36
Franchise dman is a huge overstatement he’d be a number 2/ 3 on almost all playoff teams.

08 Jul 2019 10:21:49
He's still very young tho. Provorov is easily seen as a future #1 if he isn't one yet.

Also, Kucherov is worth more than Marner, esp considering he's signed at like 2M less than what Marner going to get and that's for 8 more years. Not even mentioning he had 128 pts last year.

08 Jul 2019 12:59:38
You don’t think Marner can score a 128 points next season?

08 Jul 2019 17:58:39
Provorov and Konecny aren’t signed either. I can see the two combined making more than Marner. Can Leafs afford this?

09 Jul 2019 08:28:49
VB, I said this earlier: talk to me about this once he's done it.
He hasn't even cracked a 100 yet, so maybe don't talk about 130, eh?

26 Jun 2019 02:41:06
I understand these two teams are huge rivals but wouldn't this make sense?

Philadelphia- Travis Konecny ( RFA )

Pittsburgh- Phil Kessel ( 6.8 mil )

Philadelphia- Reunites JVR And Kessel together to form a Dangerous line with Kessel being a big upgrade on Konecny

Pittsburgh- Gets a top 6 cheap young replacement to make their team younger.

26 Jun 2019 05:58:35
PHI cap space isn't infinite either.

26 Jun 2019 11:03:04
Philly has just over 15 million in space after this trade with just Provonov to sign.

26 Jun 2019 19:41:02
They would have between 8 and 9 mil after this trade with provorov and Laughton to sign.

26 Jun 2019 22:52:04
You’re right I didn’t factor in the Sanhiem deal.

27 Jun 2019 06:27:18
They'd have around 8.3m left with Provorov and 3 depth F to sign. On a long term deal, I think Provorov gets 6-7m easily. Which is already big trouble cap wise for the depth Fs then. So tell me how this would work?

27 Jun 2019 15:35:37

Sign Provonov to a 3 year bridge deal of 5mil per the Flyers don’t need to sign anyone else. They have so many talented prospects in the system at all positions Carter Hart will be one of the Better goalies in the NHL next year.




Sanheim-Philip Myers

Carter Hart
Brian Elliott

I’ll take this lineup over the cup winning Blues any day.

28 Jun 2019 01:51:08
Robert hagg should be in there.

28 Jun 2019 07:14:01
Yeah, but you're also not very smart, VB. So keep that in mind.
And there is no way Provorov signs for 5m, imo.
Also that leaves them with minimal cap flexibility which every team is trying to prevent.

23 Jun 2019 03:38:42
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins C
Jesse Puljujarvi LW
Zack Kassian RW

Jakub Voracek RW
Shayne Gostisbehere D

William Nylander C
Jeremy Bracco RW

John Klingberg D
Ben Gleason D

24 Jun 2019 04:52:01
Philly says no I think. They have centers, and that downgrades their rw and d. (Kassian not worth anything) basically trading 2 string roster players, for centre and prospect demanding a trade.

Then I think klingberg had more value than nylander.

20 Jun 2019 02:17:34
TBL 19/20


DET gets: F Ryan Callahan, F Alexei Lipanov, 2020 3rd rd pick
TBL gets: 2021 5th rd pick

Yzerman likes Callahan, he's overpaid obv but can still be a good 4th liner and mentor for the young F on DET. Wings pick up a solid C prospect and a 3rd rd pick in the process.

PHI gets: F Tyler Johnson, 2020 3rd rd pick (DET)
TBL gets: 2019 1st rd pick

Fletcher is aggressively turning the Flyers around, acquiring a skilled F who is on a fair contract. TB needs a shake-up after last years disappointment, saves some $ and gets the chance to draft late in the lottery.


CAR gets: F Tyler Johnson
TBL gets: 2019 2nd rd pick (BUF), 2019 2nd rd pick (NYR)


CAR gets: F Tyler Johnson, 2019 1st rd pick
TBL gets: D Dougie Hamilton, 2020 3rd rd pick (BUF)

CAR has long been rumored to be interested in skilled Fs. They get one in Johnson. Hamilton has been rumored to be on the move again as well. TB adds a 1st there. If Hamilton isn' in the deal, TB trades Johnson for 2 2nd rd picks to shake things up and move out some $.


VAN gets: F Ondrej Palat
TB gets: 2019 2nd rd pick, 2020 3rd rd pick

VAN adds a 2nd line W with strong defensive play, which is sth they could desperately use. TB - same as above - loses some $ and shakes the team up while gaining a couple mid picks.


C Brayden Point
- 3 years: 6.25M AAV OR
- 5 years: 8M AAV OR
- 7-8 years: 9M AAV

W Adam Erne
- 1 year: 1M

F Danick Martel
- 1 year: 750k

D Anton Stralman
- 1 year: 3M

RW Justin Williams
- 1 year: 3.5M

Lineup (assuming Callahan -> DET, Johnson -> CAR w/out Hamilton, Point -> 5 year deal)

Miller (5.25M) - Stamkos (8.5M) - Williams (3.5M)
Palat (5.3M) - Point (8M) - Kucherov (9.5M)
Killorn (4.45M) - Cirelli (0.73M) - Gourde (5.17M)
Erne (1M) - Stephens (0.83M) - Joseph (0.73M)
extra: Martel (0.75M)

Hedman (7.88M) - Sergachev (0.89M)
McDonagh (6.75M) - Cernak (0.7M)
Coburn (1.7M) - Stralman (3M)
extra: Rutta (1.3M)

Vasilevskiy (3.5M)
Domingue (1.15M)

F: 53.71M
D: 22.13M
G: 4.65M
Total: 80.49M
Projected Cap: 82M
Cap Space left: 1.51M

Leaves TB with enough room to make 2 call-ups during the season or a trade later in the year.

Constructive feedback welcome, thanks for reading.

20 Jun 2019 02:52:46
No from Philadelphia and Carolina the rest seem good.

20 Jun 2019 13:59:18
Why would a rebuilding team (Vancouver) trade picks away. not very well thought out IMO.

21 Jun 2019 00:27:23
It's "only" 2nd rounders and it's not forbidden for what you label rebuilding teams to trade a pick here and there to acquire an asset they could use very well. Seems like you're not following the NHL real closely. That was one very minor part of my entire proposal anyways lol.

19 Jun 2019 16:21:27
PHI: N. Patrick, S. Gostisbehere, S. Morin, P. Laberge.


MTL: R. Poehling, P. Byron, N. Juulsen, A. Romanov.

19 Jun 2019 17:47:47
Flyers laugh. Wouldn’t trade Patrick alone for that.

19 Jun 2019 18:53:13
They would be crazy not to at least think about it though vbbb. In all honesty I don't think the habs trade poehling straight up for Patrick at the moment.

19 Jun 2019 19:29:47
Poehling scored at a 246 goal pace in his rookie season.

19 Jun 2019 20:07:33
I would say that philly would say no to this based on value but, habs shouldn’t try to do this because I don’t think Patrik will become the star he was thought to be.

19 Jun 2019 21:40:07
246 - lol! only playing one game and putting up at hatty has inflated his value. I'm curious what he can be but i think philly says no on this one.
What would it take to get Gostisbehere to the Habs?

19 Jun 2019 22:45:29
Well I mean after that 3 goal game they definitely want to see what he turns into but if they get offered Patrick for him they take it and run.

18 Jun 2019 20:47:55
WPG: 20th Overall 2019, Perreault
PHI: 11th Overall 2019

18 Jun 2019 21:56:16
I can't see Philly having any interest in that.

18 Jun 2019 22:03:42
Philly wouldn't do this trade.

18 Jun 2019 22:28:16
Its a capdump for jets? How do they move up? Haha.

19 Jun 2019 00:58:41
Philly just traded for Hayes rights from Winnipeg, he is there target.

14 Jun 2019 14:57:52



11TH Overall
3rd rounder

13th overall


14 Jun 2019 17:19:35
Ghost is another lefty. thought it would take more than that to get him but i think Toronto would target someone for the right hand side.

13 Jun 2019 23:08:20
WPG: Trouba, Ehlers
PHI: 11th Overall Pick 2019, Patrick, Gostisbehere

14 Jun 2019 03:05:35
Too much from Winnipeg.

14 Jun 2019 04:00:07
I don't think Patrick is getting traded. They want to see what they have in him first.

14 Jun 2019 05:19:31
I like this trade but I don't think Chevy would do it as Ghost is very inconsistent and would spend a lot of time in Maurice's doghouse.

14 Jun 2019 13:32:03
Too much from philly.

15 Jun 2019 02:15:08
Peg adds Roslivic.

13 Jun 2019 19:54:21
Flyers: Gostisbehere

Jets: Trouba, Kulikov

Flyers upgrade and get right shot in trouba who wants to play in the states, jets get good defencemen in return and cap dump kulikov

13 Jun 2019 22:11:23
No from Philly, lol. Not a chance.

13 Jun 2019 23:48:57
No need for Kulikov in the offer. Other than that this would be close although there would need to be an add from Philly.

14 Jun 2019 00:08:30
Ghost > Trouba

Almost anything > Kulikov.

14 Jun 2019 03:59:30
Kulikov in the offer is the philly add, according to poster.

Trouba for ghost and a 2nd 2019 might work. But I feel like philly loves ghost to much too trade him.

14 Jun 2019 05:26:50
Ghost is an inconsistent player that still hasn't played as well as he did in his rookie season. The Jets would never trade Trouba straight up for him.

14 Jun 2019 12:19:20
Islandjet we all forgot Trouba is a franchise defencemen definitely can get more than a younger cheaper and better offensive defencemen. What are you even saying? You overvalue trouba way too much. can't wait for the underwhelming return you get for him so you stop valuing him like a top 5 defencemen

12 Jun 2019 17:27:25
WPG: Trouba
PHI: 11th Overall 2019, Myers

12 Jun 2019 18:16:36
I think that would be in the ballpark to get discussions started.

12 Jun 2019 18:17:03
The Jets would be crazy to down grade their defense for a 5/ 6 player, if he even makes the Jets and a draft pick that won't be ready for 3 years. Trouba is worth more than this.

13 Jun 2019 03:37:44
Future islandjet. 11th pick could be your best player in 3 years. Lose trouba and end up like the Blackhawks and maybe never win a cup. Trouba will get a good not great prospect and a 1st. Or a bunch of maybes. No team is trading straight across top 4 defenseman for top 4 defenseman at same age. he's not known as a superstar except in Winnipeg.

13 Jun 2019 12:14:49
Shoots watch on both of our national sports networks and see how the hockey pun-dents refer to Trouba as a RH shot d-man who is entering his prime and a top pairing beast that all teams covet. I think most intelligent hockey fans would believe them over posters here that may only see Trouba play 4 or 5 times a year. The team you support would love to have him, but they won't get him for a collection of 3/ 4 liners, 5/ 6 d-man, "B" prospects, mid level 1st round picks and players with baggage.

02 Jun 2019 17:27:37
WPG: Trouba, Perreault
PHI: Patrick, 11th Overall Pick


WPG: Trouba, Perreault
PHI: Gostisbehere, 11th Overall

02 Jun 2019 18:33:09
Take Perreault out of both deals and add another pick or prospect to Patrick and you're close on both.

02 Jun 2019 19:29:24
The 1st one us a trade I think would make both teams happy.

02 Jun 2019 21:13:51
It’d be Patrick for Trouba plus not the other way around.

04 Jun 2019 04:11:03
Is the Trouba really so very good? He is $7M player son. That is top 50, but not too 25. No, I do not think Trouba is so good as some people on here do think.

04 Jun 2019 04:23:00
this is a really good deal plus hayes is with them so i think the manitoban patrick might be coming home. plus philly need D.

29 May 2019 18:10:33
Oilers: 1st round pick (8th) and a 2nd round pick

Philadelphia 1st round pick (11th) and Morgan frost

Oilers move down in draft and draft spencer knight at 11th

29 May 2019 19:49:20
Moving up three spots is not worth trading Morgan Frost.

29 May 2019 21:07:43
The forward they get at 8 this draft Will be better than frost.

29 May 2019 21:33:02
Sure but they are also giving up whoever they would have gotten at 11.

29 May 2019 21:35:41
Frost will be better the anyone in the Draft besides Kakko, Hughes and Maybe Podkolzin.

29 May 2019 23:47:51
so we move down to draft a goalie that will be useless until about 3-5 years, but we do get a really good prospect. hmmm, so why would philly ever consider this like it makes absolutely no sense for them to make this lol like 0 sense for philly.

26 May 2019 17:18:53
To Philly

Trouba (resigned)

To Winnipeg

26 May 2019 18:16:30
Take out Perreault and add a pick (s) or prospect (s) to Ghost and you're close.

26 May 2019 18:55:21
Ghost and Rubstov for Trouba would help both teams.

26 May 2019 19:38:26
Philly would definitely have to add either a #1 pick or a "A" prospect or Patrick to get any chance at getting Trouba and Perreault. The Flyers are sour on Ghost, who would be the Jets #2 LHD man, and his poor play in his own end (-20) so they would look at him as an expendable player that they would like to get rid of.

26 May 2019 22:53:19
Ghost for Trouba straight up would be fine, similar age, Ghost will probably have a cheaper contract than Trouba when all said and done.

28 May 2019 17:42:24
So philly takes a cap dump to get trouba for an equal player?

25 May 2019 22:19:48
To Winnipeg Jets :
• C Nolan Patrick (from Manitoba)
• D Shayne Gostisphere

To Philadelphia Flyers :
• D Jacob Trouba (resigned)

To Winnipeg Jets :
• D T.J. Brodie
• LW Austin Czarnik 

To Calgary Flames :
• LW Nikolaj Ehlers


Kyle Connor - Mark Scheifele - Blake Wheeler
Mathieu Perreault - Nolan Patrick - Patrik Laine
Austin Czarnik - Bryan Little - Jack Roslovic
Andrew Copp - Adam Lowry - Brandon Tanev

Josh Morrissey - Dustin Byfuglien
Shayne Gostisphere - T.J. Brodie
Ben Chiarot - Tyler Myers

25 May 2019 23:12:47
I doubt the Flyers would move Patrick, but Ghost and picks/ prospects, depending on who and where could work.

For the second trade, the Jets won't give up Ehlers for a UFA defenseman.

25 May 2019 23:13:42
That’s a FAT no from Philly.

26 May 2019 00:14:18
I think Mr. Islandjet will like your 1st trade proposal.

26 May 2019 01:44:51
Are you drunk? That's way too much for elhers and trouba.

26 May 2019 13:33:28
Finally an offer for Trouba that makes sense. The 1st trade is good and Philly is looking to move the Ghost but the Jets would have to add, possibly Copp or Perreault. The 2nd trade would be a no because of the UFA.

29 May 2019 06:17:52
Trouba is overall the better Defensemen but Ghost is on a great contract and Trouba will want a huge raise. I'd 1 for 1 them and trade talent for money, Maybe a 2nd or 3rd ti balance it out.

23 May 2019 17:01:24
WPG: Trouba, Ehlers, Perreault
PHI: Couturier, Myers, 11th Overall 2019

Basically it's a Trouba for Couturier plus all the additional adds. Jets get a solid #2 C, a RHD prospect plus a high 1st Round Pick this year. This also saves them cap space to resign Myers. Flyers get a #1 RHD, a top 6 LW and a veteran mid 6 W. Both build on their weaknesses and get better.


Connor - Schiefele - Wheeler
Vesalainen - Couturier - Laine
Copp - Lowry - Appleton
Dano - Little - Roslovic

Morrissey - Byfuglien
Niku - Myers
Beauleu - Poolman

Ehlers - Giroux - Vorachek
JVR - Patrick - Koneckny
Perreault - Laughton - Hartman
Lindblom - Knight - Morin

Provorov - Trouba
Gostibehere - Sandheim
Hagg - Gudas

23 May 2019 17:27:22
Are Perreault and Ehlers worth an 11th overall pick?

23 May 2019 18:45:38
Couturier is the best piece in the deal so no from Philly. He’s their 1C.

23 May 2019 18:48:33
Philly won't trade their 1C. They have no one to take his place.

23 May 2019 20:32:53
Well I mean Giroux can take his place?

23 May 2019 22:00:57
Don’t forget philly doesn’t make the trade because Trouba wants big $, Ehlers is a question mark and Perrault is a cap dump.

23 May 2019 22:32:42
Very bad for Philly. Heavily favours WPG.

24 May 2019 16:08:42
Myres who would be a 6/ 7 d-man on the Jets and an 11th over all are not enough for Ehlers and Perreault even with the 1st part of the trade taken into consideration.

19 May 2019 00:38:04
IMO from what I've been reading on this Mika Zibanajad is one of the most underrated figures in sports history he is a franchise player and a 1 man show similar to McDavid by carrying a terrible team on his back ( Rangers are much worse then Edmonton) Zibanajad is a 90 point player in the right situation with real line mates. Why I believe the Rangers should trade him?This is because he's 26 and by the time the rangers are good he'll be leaving his Prime. Anyway that's my rant this is my proposal.

Philly: Nolan Patrick

New York: Mika Zibanajad

Rangers - Nolan Patrick is posed to become a 2 way 1C ( hopefully a sad-mans Towes ). While Zibanajad is the much better player and Patrick May never be as good but he'll be entering his prime when Rangers are starting to compete.

Philly: Philly is starting to compete now. They have a very solid roster and Zibanajad/Coutorier as 1/2 Cs would be huge. Zibanajad would be Great between Vorchek and JVR.

19 May 2019 07:33:42
Rumour forgetting 1 important detail and that is not every team takes 10 years to do a rebuild. The Rangers can and will spend to the cap and depending on who they add and which of their prospects step into the line up this year they could easily be a playoff team next season.

19 May 2019 07:41:31
Your love for zibanajad is on the same scale as your hate for lucic lol in the sense where neither is as good or bad as you say.

19 May 2019 14:42:37
I disagree habby just look at what he produced this year compared to the rest of the team. Zib really stands out on the Rangers. Also I’m not sayings he’s even comparable to McDavid talent wise I’m saying the way he carry’s the team is similar. Also what you’re saying may be true about the rebuild to some extent but I hope we can both agree there should definitely be atleast a two year window of being a bottom 5 team Lundqvist and Staal need to go. Also they need one or two more elite pieces like Kakko/ Hughes.

19 May 2019 15:37:46
He's been a 40 or 50 point guy all his career and hit 70 last year sounds a lot like max Domi to me.

19 May 2019 15:49:57
Well VB if we are judging off of one year then fine. But in his career he’s been a good player but a franchise centre that’s funny. He has never been a point per game player in the NHL he just had a career year with 74 in 82. ( just to put in perspective Domi had 72 in 82). And this was the first year in his career he played all 82 games. He’s a good top line center but franchise is pushing your luck.

19 May 2019 17:26:09
I’m judging this as a break out year yes also Domi was playing with more talent Montreal is a better team. I don’t think Zib is as good as players like Tavares, Stamkos, Giroux, Hall, Schifele, Malkin, Mathews among others but he’s a tier below imo

He’s in the Same tier as
Benn, Monahan, Paniran, Larkin, Forsburg, Kuznetzkov

If you don’t watch the rangers a lot you may not agree but a few more 70+ point seasons will make this more commonly known.

19 May 2019 20:20:51
Zibanejad is worth a lot more than Patrick right now.
And the Rangers could be good very fast. Sign Panarin and/ or Karlsson, get Kaako/ Hughes in the draft. And they were already somewhat decent last year. Additional player development from their young guys. And they have a ton of picks. Rangers did it right, great rebuild.
This trade would be very bad for them.

22 May 2019 06:22:12
It's difficult sometimes to read things from fans that make it impossible to avoid being a little antagonistic and insulting. So I apologize. But you're lost. This is the type of perfect example of a fan that isn't aware of recent history, or what a good player is or how prospects develop etc. That's why when the GM says "rebuild" people get so confused that they don't realize the rebuild is over. They will develop young players. But the Rangers after winning the 2nd pick and trading for Fox now need to add a TOP top FA (Panarin is the only option for many reasons. But he's perfect) Has the OP planned out the depth chart and tried to figure out where the team is now. In one offseason before you even hopefully add Panarin, and hopefully trade for a legit defenseman, the team is bringing in Kakko, Kravstov, Fox, Rykov, Shestyorkin. Plus the college fas they signed. That's it. Rebuild is done. Growth is constant but they have the roster filled with every guy we want to go forward with aside from Miller and we will see who else. And the first line center was the best player and is a legit candidate for a point a game with 2 wings who can get him there. No to this. no to kreider. These are GOOD players. PRIME is not 27 to 29. It's 24-31.

07 May 2019 21:19:50
Oilers- Hampus Lindholm

Ducks- Oscar Klefbom
38 Overall pick

Sign Doonskoi
Sign Dzingle

Sens- Ethan Bear

Oilers- JG Pageau

Oilers- Matt Benning

Leafs- Connor Brown

Draft Turcotte 8th Overall

Oilers- Larsson

Flyers- Konecny

Oilers- Puljujärvi 2020 3rd

Wild- Spurgeon

07 May 2019 22:28:59
Wild and Ducks trades are terrible.

08 May 2019 18:44:36
I think flyers say no. Larsson is good, but not a big enough upgrade to give up Konecny. Also I keep bear over pageau.

01 May 2019 15:51:30
Montreal offseason plan:

MTL: Drouin + 3rd round pick
Philly: Gostisbehere

MTL: Ylonen + 2nd round pick + Armia
NYR: Kreider

Free agent signings:
- Brock Nelson 5 years for 5 - 5.5 million
- Brian Elliott 1 year for 1.5 - 2 million

Kreider Domi Nelson
Tatar Danault Gally
Byron KK Shaw
Lehk Thompson Weal
Suzuki Poehling Weise

Ghost Weber
Mete Petry
Kulak Benn
Folin Juulsen


01 May 2019 19:32:30
Not enough for Kreids.

01 May 2019 19:40:52
Gallagher to the sens for a 3rd?

01 May 2019 20:44:20
Dosent come close to kriender.

01 May 2019 21:04:41
Kreider is still an enemy to Habs.
eff that guy. Lol.

02 May 2019 13:18:17
Lol no to all from both teams. why sell low on Drouin. No interest on kreider specially for that price lol. No interest in brock nelson.

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