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21 May 2019 23:57:32
Toronto Trades

Ottawa Trades
ANilsson (UFA)
2nd Round Pick 2019 (Florida's Pick)

Ottawa then buys out Marleau and Marleau resigns in Toronto for a 1 million one year deal, similar trade Washington did Trading Orpik to Colorado and his buyout and resign in Washington.
Clears Cap Space for the Leafs and gives Ottawa some assets.
ANilsson would also be a perfect backup to FAndersen but they will need to resign him being a UFA.

Thoughts ?

22 May 2019 00:40:59
pretty sure they fixed that loophole after the orpik trade happened? and i'd imagine ottawa would just use marleau to get to cap floor and have him as mentor to the kids.

22 May 2019 02:01:27
The loophole has been fixed and Marleau won’t waive for Ottawa. He’ll 100% be a Leaf next year with his full salary counting against the cap.

22 May 2019 04:17:26
Marleau has a no mouvement clause he won't waive for ottawa.

22 May 2019 10:26:47
Lol, zaitsev is a huge dump on top you add Marleau. Hahaha. And want a second in return for that crap.

22 May 2019 18:26:09
Marleau will nix this trade.

21 May 2019 14:19:30
Carolina Trades
JGauthier (AHL)
6th Round Pick 2019

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Thoughts ?

21 May 2019 14:36:45
No matter how many times you post this or similar trades. I can't see Carolina having any interest in it.

21 May 2019 15:13:05
Kadri seems to be at the heart of every trade posted here to try and bilk teams out of a top d-man or prospect.

21 May 2019 15:48:27
Honestly you never should have gone for jake muzzin. he is LHD you need A RHD. There would have been plenty of good first round dmen available at the 17-23 pick. here is a list just from the mock drafts.
IMO you guys should have gone for Moritz He is big tall. I hope to god the blues can figure out how to get a 20-25 pick and get this guy. I would give up A really good set of prospects for this kid. He would fit nicely behind Parayko, petro.

Victor Soderstrom, rhd,
Ville Heinola, lhD
Moritz Seider, rhd 6"4 200 lbs
Cam York, LHD
Philip Broberg, LHD
Anttoni Honka, RHD.

21 May 2019 18:56:51
how do you disagree. Tor lost thier 1st have muzzin who is lhd and didn't fair well moving to rhd. Tor was booted out first round and on top of all that you still have a rhd issue. LOL yep disagree with me.

ON SIDE NOTE let's GO Bluessssssss.

21 May 2019 20:17:56
Muzzin brings a physical presence that’s absent on the leafs blue-line and is the best shut down guy on the team.

21 May 2019 21:43:55
Yeah that's actually pretty easy to disagree with Colt.

The Leafs needed better defense. Period. On both the right side and the left side (with Gardiner likely gone this summer) . Muzzin was a good add on a cheap contract and was traded for a non-exorbitant price, and he came with another year and cost certainty. You're suggesting that the Leafs would have been better off using that first to draft a RHD somewhere in the back half of the first round this year and then what, wait another 3 years for that player to be in the lineup? Their window is open now.

Yes the Leafs lost to Boston in the first round again. Boston is a good team. They disposed of Columbus and made mince meat of Carolina cruising to the Stanley Cup Finals. So far, the Leafs have given them the best run for their money, and without Kadri for most of the series. Maybe your Blues will be up to the task if they can finish off the Sharks, but I would not sleep on them.

20 May 2019 14:14:10
Toronto: Nazim Kadri

Calgary: Sam Bennet and Oliver Klyington


Toronto: Nazim Kadri And Kasperi Kappanen

Calgary: Sam Bennet and Rasmus Andersson

Trade #1 Sam Bennet is a hard working more physical younger 3 C with potential who brings an element the leafs desperately lack. Nazim Kadri is more suitable for a 2C role he plays the game hard and with passion. Before being demoted to a 3C role he was a consistent 30G man on a week Toronto maple leafs. Kadri pushes Backlund down to 3C on Calgary. Tkachuk-Kadri would be 2nd line teams would hate to play against. Oliver Kylington is NHL ready and would play on the bottom Pairing or on the right side of Rielly assuming Muzzin and Zaitsev are a pair.

Trade #2 Rasmus Andersson would instantly be pinned to Rielly on the top pairing. Right now there is currently only 1RHD In Toronto so Andersson fills a huge need. Bracco is called up to replace Kappanen. Kappanen is brought into take the RW position on the 2nd line in Calgary to make Tkachuk-Kadri-Kappanen

21 May 2019 15:36:28
Kadri has only scored 30 goals twice in 10 years so that's not being a consistent 30 goal scorer. It's not the purpose of the Flames, or any other team to do trades that will make the Leafs better while weakening their team.

21 May 2019 19:52:06
Trouba got 50 points once and he’s a 50 point dman according to you. Things have to go both ways, even when you’re a jets fan.

21 May 2019 20:21:10
The last two years prior to demotion he scored 30 + goals that trajectory shows he’s a 30 goal top 6 guy.

21 May 2019 23:32:50
kadri and kap are both better than bennett and andersson what's wrong with you.

21 May 2019 23:41:06
This makes absolutely no sense for Toronto downgrading like this.

21 May 2019 23:55:02
Good golly Leafs17, you should just admit that you're really a Jets fan. You talk about the Jets constantly. They're in your head!

22 May 2019 00:22:05
Fans of every base keep calling the jets girls out as they try to downgrade every leaf player. Bahaha!

22 May 2019 00:17:10
Andersson is the most valuable defender on the flames look at HfBoards they value him more then Girodano and Hanfin.

22 May 2019 02:41:31
I’m sorry biasjoe, do you not see how my comment about Trouba is directly related with your gf’s comment on Kadri?

22 May 2019 05:20:48
Its not even bad value tbh but Kadri and Giordano got some beef aha we already got a hated player in tkachuk, having 2 of them won't do us any well. Good value tho

22 May 2019 18:28:00
I could see this trade happening after July 8th when Marner accepts his RFA offer that the Leafs can't match.

22 May 2019 20:53:43
Ooh, vbbb opening himself up to his own type of criticism. No chance CGY trades Andersson. And he is worth more than either of the TO players- an up coming top pair D is worth more than a uncontrollable 3rd lone C ( that CGY doesn’t need btw) . And an inconsistent winger who had good flashes in 1 season only and is a RFA. Replace Andersson with Brodie and it’s possible.

20 May 2019 19:54:23
Leafs: Nylaned, Lilligren, 2nd

Wild: Dumba

Is this enough for dumba?

Too much or too little?

20 May 2019 20:54:41
Anyone in a Leafs uniform that can't put up points in the NHL or AHL still needs to be valued as "elite" in point production anyways. We hear it all the time from Leaf fans about Kadri, Nylander, etc. So, no way Toronto considers this.

20 May 2019 20:56:55
Seems like a little much but maybe I'm overvaluing Nylander.

20 May 2019 21:05:02
Toronto says no thanks.

20 May 2019 21:20:14
Not enough, Nylander has a lot to prove after this year and Liljegren hasn’t proven anything, Dumba on the other hand is a proven beast.

20 May 2019 22:28:38
Dumba has developed into a 1st pairing d-man so the Leafs would have to make a trade that would reflect this. An over paid, soft Nylander, a questionable prospect and 2nd wouldn't get this trade done, except in the minds of some Leaf fans.

20 May 2019 23:08:44
It’s sad how people say Nylander is overpayed he’s like 21 and already has 2 60 point seasons. He’s a star in the making. Looked better then Patrick Laine this season.

21 May 2019 01:22:47
You guys are crazy this is more than enough. Nylander had 2 60 point season at 6.9m. Liljegren is a good defence prospect and a 2nd? Yall seriously underrate these leaf players

21 May 2019 04:11:05
I think it's an overpayment.

21 May 2019 04:18:38
Not a chance nylander had a better season than liane. he had an off year and still had 30 goals. But on the bright side nylander may come close in wc points than he had with the leafs this season. It's a start.

21 May 2019 11:20:07
30 goals in way more games and he also didn’t begin playing mid season.

21 May 2019 13:08:02
mebiasedjoe your leafs envy buthurt is showing again.

19 May 2019 20:22:19
Not really a proposal but would this make both teams better? Columbus has STACKED defence and Toronto has stacked forwards.

Toronto: Austin Mathews, Timothy Lilijgren And Nikita Zaitsev

Columbus: Seth Jones, Josh Andersson And Brandon Dubinsky ( cap )

* works out cap wise
*Kappanen/Johnsson would then be on block for possible 3C

Toronto- Jones is one of the best young dman in the nhl And is on a great contract he would be insane with Rielly. Josh Andersson is a beast/ hard worker/ physical presence with a scoring touch. Brandon Dubinsky is a cap dump who can play 3C if not bought out.

Columbus- Mathews is one of the best young players in the game and Instantly transforms the forward group. Columbus can live with losing Jones because of their Defensive depth. Timothy Lilijgren provides a potential replacement down the road and zaitsev provides a current 3rd pairing plug.

19 May 2019 23:27:58
I think there are maybe 3 or 4 true untouchables in the game. except for the Vets like Crosby and Ovi.
McDavid, MacKinnon and I'd say Mathews are the 3 true untouchables.
Personally VB. I think it's a good trade. I just don't see Toronto trading Mathews.
However, I think for both teams this would be great.

20 May 2019 00:53:49
Ohh I 100% agree Mathews will be a leaf until he’s 30+ ( he’ll sign a huge extension) like I said it’s not really a proposal. It won’t happen but it’s a nice idea. Especially if the leafs could squeeze in abit extra like foligno instead of Dubinsky.

20 May 2019 04:03:53
I agree with sosa, its a pretty even trade but Jones & Matthews are probably untouchables to their teams

20 May 2019 14:14:00
Center>>defenceman no from Leafs.

20 May 2019 14:16:39
Why is Matthews untouchable.

21 May 2019 23:51:37
Why is Elias Pettersson untouchable?

19 May 2019 20:17:35
Buffalo Trades
6th Round Pick 2019 (Leafs Pick)

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Thoughts ?

19 May 2019 20:27:10
I’m not sure how I feel about this trade I know Montour is good but is he what the leafs need? A RHd that can play in shutdown role and play on the PK?

19 May 2019 23:34:31
Not bad Pinball.

20 May 2019 14:17:46
Huge no from buffalo, they just gave up a 1st round for Montour they aren’t trading him especially for that.

19 May 2019 19:01:45
A few offseason moves for the Leafs.


Eric Staal
Jared Spurgeon
2020 2nd Round Pick

Nazem Kadri
Kasperi Kapanen
Nikita Zaitsev
2020 1st Round Pick

Connor Brown

Colby Cave

*Re-sign Hainsey 1-year $1.5M*

New Lines:




19 May 2019 23:37:31
Dont trade Kappanen.

20 May 2019 04:08:06
I actually think these are pretty good

20 May 2019 22:14:26
Line combo's you have listed are incorrect. Marner's last game as a leaf was about a month ago as he takes his RFA offersheet bucks and leaves with a grin on his face. Lucky kid.

19 May 2019 15:38:08
S. Jones D
B. Jenner C
A. Texier RW

W. Nylander C
N. Kadri C
T. Liljegren D

19 May 2019 17:03:38
Columbus doesn’t do that for Jones alone.

20 May 2019 19:26:10
Maybe look at dumba in minny.

19 May 2019 15:35:26
Just a little idea:

Toronto Trades: Patrick Marleau (6.25M x 1 Year) + Connor Brown (2.1M x 1 Year) + Jeremy Bracco (AHL)

Arizona Trades: Conditional 1st Round Pick

Condition: If Marleau is bought out by Arizona, no pick is awarded to Toronto.

In essence, Arizona swallows 6M off of Marleaus salary for a top9 forward in Brown and a PPG guy in the AHL in Bracco. This is similar to Grubauer+Orpik for 2nd+3rd, however, the return with Marleau is less because Toronto doesn’t acquire anything in return. The Conditional 1st is there for one reason: to ensure that Marleau waives his NTC; Arizona won’t want to give up the 1st, so they can buy him out and he can return to Toronto, just like Orpik did.

Toronto does this to save 8M in cap, and we don’t disrupt the locker room as Marleau would return like Oprik on a team friendly 1 year deal. It isn’t considered cap circumvention, its just frowned upon.

19 May 2019 17:29:19
Zero chance Arizona would consider putting their first on the line for this and zero chance Marleau waives to go to Arizona. The league has also closed the Orpik loophole, so this would be cap circumvention.

19 May 2019 20:45:30
Marcus, i didn't realize that it isn't circumvention. And they really aren’t putting their first on the line because its literally just there to make sure Marleau gets bought out. And Marleau would waive to be bought out.

And I’m just curious, how did the league fix the Orpik-loophole?

19 May 2019 20:48:29
Cause I read from a Washington source that the move McLellan did was only considered ‘really good’. The NHL investigated and found nothinh that was wrong with it, cause the rule states that a team cannot buyout and then resign. Trading, being bought out and resigning is different, at least from the rules i’ve seen. Idk if they changed it.

19 May 2019 21:50:55
I guess they haven't really changed it, but they said they will monitor these situations closely. Apparently, the league was satisfied with the explanation that Washington had no intention of re-signing Orpik after Colorado originally bought him out since that would be cap circumvention.

So, with what you are planning, the league would easily discover the original intent and veto the deal. Which is why I can't see Marleau agreeing to it.

How does the first guarantee he is bought out? Why can't they just use their 7th or something worthless?

19 May 2019 22:12:20
maybe toronto can work something out with San jose.

20 May 2019 04:09:33
Pretty fair value wise but cap wise no and i don't think Marleau would waive either

20 May 2019 16:40:00
Oh @Marcus, the first was kinda included rather than future considerations that way Arizona knows that they have to buy him out, and Marleau too knows of this. So that way, he gets bought out and allows for himself to find the best possible solution, most likely back with Toronto by late summer.

And i do agree that the NHL will monitor this stuff, but since the buyout will be paid within the cap (not like Lecavalier when they tried to send him to Toronto for a buyout and it got vetoed) itll probably still work.

20 May 2019 22:15:43
Marleau envokes his NTC and says NOPE.

18 May 2019 20:06:09
to Toronto
Spurgeon (1.5M retained)

to Minnesota
1st 2020

Minnesota is in cap hell and also are not very good, nor do they have a very deep prospect pool so although spurgeon is on a reasonable contract it might be worth it to use him to bring in some good assets. Zaitsev is not very good but Toronto losing his contract is something the Leafs very much want so they would likely pay a lot to do it. Honestly I think the leafs might have to add even more to make it work but Liljegren is very good and could transform the team. I think retained salary is another way to make it worthwhile for Toronto.

18 May 2019 20:19:06
Leafs 100% take this if I were their GM. Liljgren might have more value then spurgen to Dubas but idk.

18 May 2019 20:37:53
Spurgeon is not what that much. Take out the 1st round pick and maybe a 6th round.

18 May 2019 20:45:26
Spurgeon is good. And even if you think he isn’t worth that, minny retaining 1.5 mill AND taking on Zaitsev probably makes up the difference. It’s mentioned that Minny doesn’t have cap space which makes it harder for me to make sense of this because they don’t have the space to retain and absorb a bad contract.

19 May 2019 00:37:49
I do not think Toronto would make this trade. It is not such a very good trade for them to lose so much players for only one year of Spurgeon. Is Spurgeon so much better than Muzzin? I do not think so.

17 May 2019 20:12:52
I will make suggestion for trade. Edmonton must make trades this summer or we will lose again. Edmonton must trade defense for forward. It is so very obvious.

To Edmonton Kasperi Kapanen
To Toronto Evan Bouchard + Alex Petrovic

Now is good trade for both teams. They are both getting good players they need, yes?

17 May 2019 20:19:01
No from Edmonton.

17 May 2019 21:49:25
Also pretty sure Petrovic is a UFA.

18 May 2019 10:34:49
Bouchard is oilers best prospect. why in hell would they trade him?

18 May 2019 13:03:27
Bouchard is the best prospect in Edmonton's system and has the potential to be a top pairing d-man in a couple of years. They would be foolish to trade him.

19 May 2019 20:14:19
zamboni, it is not a good trade. no no is not. Yes? no.

19 May 2019 20:19:56
You know a trade truly sucks for the team not named TOR if VB says the other team declines lol.

15 May 2019 19:07:55
to NY Islanders

to Toronto
Leddy (2 mil retained)

Brown will see an increased role in New York and a chance to shine on a significantly less offensively deep team, and Toronto gets a good defenseman. Salary retention helps Toronto pull off this deal as without it Leddy is worth too little due to his cap (5.5) and term.

15 May 2019 19:41:32
I can't see the Islanders being interested in this at all.

15 May 2019 20:17:59
NYI laugh. Not a chance.

15 May 2019 20:24:13
Lol what no from Islanders.

15 May 2019 21:05:30
leddy is good.

16 May 2019 01:16:51
Islanders don't even consider this. Even without retention its a definite no.

16 May 2019 03:32:20
Yup, leddy at 5.5mil is a steal. If nyi retain money, Toronto ++. One being a 1st round pick and another piece cause itd be a late first. It's not like brown is a star in the waiting.

17 May 2019 05:03:11
Leddy is good player, yes, but he is not so very good. He was -42 last year. And now he is play for Trotz, he will not get so many points this year. Toronto must needs still add. Brown is just not so good to get Leddy. But is small add, not big.

14 May 2019 21:29:41
2nd round pick


Toronto needs to shed salary to sign Marner and needs a right shot d-man, Carolina needs more forward depth and has a ton of cap space.
Kadri + 2nd = Pesce
Kapanen = taking on Zaitsev cap hit

14 May 2019 23:22:19
Kappanen is to much to give to take on Zaitsev he’s a good 4/ 5 dman just a million overpaid.

14 May 2019 23:43:24
A 3C that regressed badly this year and a second won't get you a top 4D. Kapenen is about right to get someone to take Zaitsev as a cap dump with his boat anchor contract.

14 May 2019 23:54:19
Maybe take the 2nd out, otherwise it’s good. Zaitsev is a lot more than a mil overpaid, Kap and Kadri would be good to cover the value of Pesce and Zaitsevs bad contract especially since Carolinas cap situation isn’t horrible.

15 May 2019 03:32:14
Pesce is an under-valued defenceman, but Toronto gives up way too much in this trade. Toronto is better off retaining like a million of Zaitsev's contract then giving up Kapanen.

15 May 2019 12:39:17
3 million for Zaitsev would be a steal almost every team would give up value for that.

14 May 2019 15:31:15
Calgary trades T.J Brodie, Elias Linholm

Toronto trades William Nylander

14 May 2019 15:58:55
Why would Calgary massively downgrade from Lindholm to Nylander with his bad contract and also give up Brodie to do it?

Pretty easy "take a hike" from Calgary.

14 May 2019 16:55:37
Not even close, I wouldn’t do Nylander straight up for Brodie OR Lindholm, let alone both together.

14 May 2019 20:16:06
Must be a troll post from one of the Jets other accounts. Maybe the Flames can try for Ehlers and his bad contract instead.

14 May 2019 20:34:25
Yes I know Lindholm just came of Great season and Nylander the ladder but saying Nylander is a downgrade is idiotic he was just as Valuable as Marner last season. Nylander will have a huge season next year he’ll out score Tavares mark my words ( pts not goals ) said Marner will lead the leafs in points an no one believed me. Everyone said I was crazy but who’s crazy now?

14 May 2019 20:54:55
I was waiting for the Leaf homers to show up to try and defend this disaster trade for Calgary. Lol.

An obvious tremendous downgrade for Calgary to a player with a terrible contract and the Leaf homers try to defend it!

14 May 2019 22:52:54
So terrible for Calgary! I don't get the people agreeing. Leafs fans say he's so great but all want to trade him. Woulda got lots before he signed that horrible contract. No teams going to take a guy who had 0.5 points per with that salary. Lindholm is the much better player at this point. Good faceoff guy, one of the better defensive forward and scored at nearly twice the rate of nylander.

14 May 2019 23:47:48
I’m definitely not defending the trade biasjoe. It’s not even close. You just use every chance you can to bash a leaf player. Are you going to say Ehlers is on a good contract with his performance? Considering Nylander had back to back 62 point seasons, I’m guessing he can bounce back. Do you think Ehlers will bounce back? Like I said a couple days ago, you and your homer bff sound like immature kids with every post.

15 May 2019 12:13:28
Nylander immediately Calgary's highest paid player but maybe 4-5 best player. laughable.

15 May 2019 14:08:18
So, pointing out facts "it's a massive downgrade for Calgary" and "Nylander has a bad contract" is bashing him?

Isn't it just stating the obvious?

15 May 2019 20:04:27
Why do you always deflect the question biasjoe? I’ll answer your question to show you how mature people respond. If Nylander continues to struggle then yes it is a bad contract. Do you think Ehlers has a good contract?

15 May 2019 21:09:36
Yes Ehlers has a good contract. He's a better player than Nylander and is signed to less. Pretty easy. See not like your immature "you hurt my feelings" responses. You do deflect a lot of questions about Leafs players though, by trying to drag anyone you can into the discussion instead of just dealing with the Leaf player.

16 May 2019 20:04:45
So both players have two good seasons followed by a terrible year and the .9 million cap difference makes Ehlers contract good and he’s a better player because? True homers looking to bash every teams players while thinking their players are gold, lol. You’ve got people thinking they should rename the site to flawed jets opinions, bahaha! Keep it up lad.

12 May 2019 01:25:40
Maple Leafs Trade:
Connor Brown (RW: 2.1 Million x 1 Year)
2020 4th Round Pick

Blues Trade:
Robby Fabbri (LW: RFA)

Fabbri hasn't had a good season or playoff this year, but has some solid potential. Brown is better right now, and potentially could stay that way, especially with Fabbris injury history, but its a worthwhile gamble for Toronto, especially since they need cap space. St. Louis gets a guy who could potentially replace Blais/ Steen/ Maroon next year as needed.

12 May 2019 07:32:29
Toronto must not make this trade, no. Fabbro has a broken body, he cannot play good hockey no more. Brown is worth so very much more than Fabbri. I think is bad trade.

12 May 2019 13:38:01
I’d do this from the leafs POV allows them to move Kappanen or Johnsson.

12 May 2019 16:24:00
I would rather have a working Kia than a broken Ferrari.

12 May 2019 17:54:40
Park the Ferrari in front of the house and makes a statement. It also has potential to get fixed.

13 May 2019 01:03:02
hahahaha good one!

13 May 2019 04:05:07
Yeah blues say no fabbri is making leaps Nd bound for missing two years. At 1 mil much needed player for blues his speed kills. We have players like brown.

11 May 2019 02:18:03
Calgary Trades

Toronto Trades
4th Round Pick 2019 (Blues Pick)

Don't see Lazar being in the plans of Calgary and Lazar fits into the Petan mold of getting young players a chance to start on the 4th line and establish themselves as they get more playing time.

Thoughts ?

11 May 2019 03:50:11
I'm not sure if Lazar has the value of a 4th round pick, but I like the idea of picking him up for cheap.

12 May 2019 00:37:54
Did not Toronto just sign a Russian to play 4th line? I watch Toronto too sometimes. I see they have so very many good players in Marlies too. They do not need trade for 4th liners. Is bad trade.

09 May 2019 19:54:06
Two options:

Tor: Kadri



Tor: Kadri

Dallas: Johns, 3rd round pick

Toronto gets their 2nd pairing right shot d-man either way and moves some salary

Kadri gets a new opportunity to purposely injury people in a different city.

09 May 2019 20:33:18
Yes from leafs on the 1st. Big no on the 2nd.

09 May 2019 20:54:40
Carolina wouldn't consider the first deal and I don't know much about Johns other than he looks like a bottom pairing guy, so that deal doesn't look too bad.

09 May 2019 21:17:50
So Kadri is worth a bottom pairing d man and a 3rd to you Joe? I know Kadri is no Bryan Little but he can fetch more than that.

09 May 2019 22:16:12

09 May 2019 22:29:15
I don't know much about Johns. he's a bottom pairing guy. looks good"

Lmao, stop hating man. Trouba's apperantly worth Sergachev+ or Reinhart+ but Kadri is worth a bottom pairing guy? Get lost, haha. Hell no from Toronto on the deal.

And on the first deal, before the playoffs, that's probably a win-win for both teams, but with the way Carolina has fared in the playoffs, they'd almost certainly rather keep that elite dcore together than trade one away, unless its for a young elite forward.

09 May 2019 22:06:28
Johns looks like a bottom 6 Defenceman so that deal doesn't look bad #memarcusjoe?
And here is the problem on this site and that reply confirms there are a bunch of Leaf haters on here.
No a Bottom 6 Defenceman and a 3rd Round Pick isn't even close to getting Kadri on a Cap friendly contract.

09 May 2019 23:29:39
Kadri really hurt his value this spring. Why would anyone want to take a chance on a guy that is a net negative in the playoffs?

10 May 2019 00:24:43
Come on pinball, pesce is worth a lot more then kadri. Ok he's on a good contract, so is pesce, younger and better. Not saying kadri is bad but no way gets you Pesce.

10 May 2019 00:46:23
Personally I don’t think Kadri is all that great but I will say if that was a 2nd and 3rd it would be a done deal, since after the playoffs Kadri is not looked as a great pickup. I know jones is a 4/ 5 D meaning he can be your #4 but is best as your #5.

10 May 2019 00:54:25
Yea i don't see why people on this site undervalue kadri so much smh

10 May 2019 02:55:18
I wish oilers had Kadri.

10 May 2019 04:25:03
Kadri’s antics are definitely an issue but he still holds value. Back to back 32 goal seasons playing #2 center and on a good contract. Everyone knew he wasn’t scoring 30 goals once Tavares was signed.

10 May 2019 05:27:07
I do not think Leafs would trade Kadri for Johns. I do not understand this trade. First Kadri is worth Pesce, but then second trade is only worth Johns? Is this post by mistake maybe? Yes. It must be mistake. Because or else I do not understand how is Kadri worth so much and not so much at the same time.

10 May 2019 06:49:04
Zamboni, that's what we've been discussing and I think most agree Kadri is much closer to Johns in value that he is to Pesce.

10 May 2019 08:47:19
Biasjoe it’s actually most who think neither deal is accurate. There’s even some non leaf fans who would want Kadri on their team or think he’s underated. You should try not being so judgemental of every player not playing for the jets. You and Islandjet make yourselves look like immature kids with every post.

10 May 2019 12:12:35
Honestly Kadri>Trouba And his 9 million asking price.

10 May 2019 12:19:21
Kadris not a net negative in the playoffs, tf? Even @MJ said he wouldn't mind if Edmonton had Kadri. Kadris drive is what makes him a good player. In a diminished role this year he still put up 45 points. Yes he hurt his value in the playoffs, but i'd rather keep him than trade him for Johns haha. Then apperantly Mathieu Perraulet is worth a 2nd+ or lLittles worth a 1st++ even tho they are well worse than Naz.

10 May 2019 16:06:50
I think MeMarcusJoe must needs change his name to MeMarcusJoke. Kadri is very good player, yes. He is much valuable than Johns. But MeMarcusJoke knows that. He only make trouble because of the Trouba.

10 May 2019 16:37:55
idk why people are disagreeing with vb's first comment, its 100% true. leafs would defs take the first trade and they would not make the second one.

09 May 2019 18:01:47
Oilers Trades.

EDM: Sutter, Leivo, 2019 1st rp (10th overall)
VAN: Lucic, ($1,500,000 retained)
Russell, 2019 1st rp (8th overall)

EDM: Boedker, 2019 1st rp (CBJ)
OTT: Manning, 2019 1st rp (VAN-10th overall)

EDM: Parayko
STL: Puljujärvi, Benning, Rattie, 2020 2nd rp

EDM: Kapanen, Brown, 2019 4th rp
TOR: Larsson, Khaira

EDM: Barrie
COL: Sekera, Bear, Gambardella

Then Sign;
McElhinney - 2yrs @ $2M per

09 May 2019 18:13:31
I missed additional info on the last trade;
EDM: Barrie
COL: Sekera, Bear, Gambardella,
** Conditional Pick (2020 1st rp if Barrie re-signs or it's a 2021 2nd rp if he doesn't)

09 May 2019 19:15:25
The three that stick out for me are 2,3 and 5. No way from Edmonton that pick has a lot of value. No from St. Louis and no from Colorado.

09 May 2019 20:35:44
Huge Edmonton fan eh? 1st deal is absolutely atrocious Lucic is is unmovable unless 50% retained. But honestly I don’t mind the leafs trade.

09 May 2019 22:33:34
I'd say Russell and Sutter are about even, that makes Lucic and 8 for Leivo and 10. Realistically, I'd think Lucic would drop you back to about 20 in the draft, so I'd think that's a no from Vancouver. Again, I think Eriksson-Lucic is a much closer deal between Van/ Edm.

The Ottawa deal is pretty brutal, dumping Manning isn't worth that, considering Boedker is pretty much a cap dump himself. Definite no from Edmonton.

I don't think that St. Louis deal happens. Its basically Pulj for Parayko. The rest are spares/ scraps, so its realistically a nodice at all from STL.

The Toronto one is intriguing as a Leaf fan, and I've seen rumors of Brown/ Khaira swaps and Kapanen/ Larsson swaps. I don't mind tbh.

The Barrie one is essentially a conditional pick and some pieces for Barrie, cause as much as Bear is solid, Sekera is a pretty big contract dump, so he'd negate a chunk of Bears value. So no from COL imo.

10 May 2019 02:55:56
I can’t even comment on this oh boy lol.

11 May 2019 02:14:24
So many very good trades. We must make all these trades. Except #4. #4 is not good trade for Edmonton. Larsson is very good player. Yes. He is so much worth more than Kapanen.

11 May 2019 18:25:39
Stl asks you politely to lose there number. God awefull trade prop. Bad hips pool party isn't worth parayko skates.

11 May 2019 19:53:56
ottawa gladly accepts! if manning doesn't Crack the top 6, put him on waivers. still would be a great deal for the sens lol.

09 May 2019 10:11:52
Tor: Marleau, Bracco, liljegren and 2019 second round pick

Van: Tanev

Toronto frees up almost 2 million in cap and upgrades their D core. Canucks take back Marleau to bring in veteran leadership for the young guys and does Toronto a favour with the cap and receive a draft pick and 2 good prospects for the rebuild.

09 May 2019 13:26:23
I think you could remove the pick, because dumping Marleau would cost Bracco and I think Tanevs closer to Lilly by himself.

My biggest issue here is, woukd Marleau waive his NMC to go to Vancouver? Highly doubtful. Unless he goes to SJ or does an Oprik-esque move, I think he's going to want to stay put.

10 May 2019 05:47:38
And then Leafs can send Mr Tanev to the Robidas Island? Because he is hurt always Tanev, yes. He did not play so very good this year. Maybe he is not so very good anymore? His broken body cannot play hockey now.

08 May 2019 18:48:18
Buffalo Trades
ANylander (AHL)

Toronto Trades
Hollowell (OHL)

Helps both Teams needs with Buffalo getting a 2nd Line Centre and Toronto getting a much needed RHanded Shooting Defenceman Anylander joins his Brother in Toronto and Buffalo gets a steal in the Draft last year in Hollowell.

Thoughts ?

08 May 2019 19:09:35
Montour is worth more IMO.

08 May 2019 19:33:27
That really doesn’t help both teams at all.

08 May 2019 22:29:28
Montour is worth just as much if not more than Kadri, and I don’t know who Hollowell is either but I can’t see him being valuable enough to make up the difference between Mont and Kadri AND getting you Alex as well.

09 May 2019 18:00:43
Ok #McJesusChrist who is the 2nd Line Centre on Buffalo and who do the Leafs have on the Right Defense?

09 May 2019 21:15:59
not a chance kadri gets Montour+, this trade doesn't help both teams. but it helps the leafs.

10 May 2019 06:07:57
Hollowell led OHL defensemen in points this year. He is very good player, yes. I do not think Leafs make this trade or they would have made it with Anaheim. They could have had Montour already and did not trade for him. They got Muzzin instead for almost the same price.

11 May 2019 02:12:15
Alex nylander going to toronto kills this deal. Kadri for montour is more fair.

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