03 Oct 2020 14:30:34
To Ottawa
Zach senyshyn
Jakob zboril
Jeremy Lauzon

To Boston
Colin White

Eugene melnyk gets out of Colin whites long contract. Eugene signed him based on potential so it could still work out but with Tierney overtaking white playing time, white becomes expandable.With Tierney, brown and Duclair being Ottawa's 2nd line and all being RFAs Whites 4.5 can be used to help sign each as they will all get 3-4 million.

Great trade getting Brown from Florida for a 4th. Great defensive D partner for chabot. Then Lauzon becomes chabots offensive D partner when needing offence. Gives them more options with Chabot

Zborbil and senyshyn with Debrusk was the Bruins big mid teens draft picks all in same draft to start future of bruins after Bergeron,Marchand and Chara age and retire. Too bad only Debrusk seems to be working.

Zborbil and senyshyn are still young enough to turn things around but for now they seem like busts. Maybe changing teams and playing year full time on Ottawa nhl roster could change their career paths. Worth the risk for a rebuilding Ottawa team

Boston gets a Boston boy to platoon with coyote as 3rd line C with Ritchie as their LWer. Solid 3rd line. Then when krejci contract is up white moves up to 2nd line. He gets to learn from a great vet leadership in Boston and possibly moods into player deserving the money he gets. Long term gain for bruins. If white never plays into his contract no biggy as Boston won't be hurt if his play does. Huge reward if it works down the road. Perfect project for future of the bruins


1.) 04 Oct 2020
04 Oct 2020 12:33:09
Nah ottawa needs whites contract to help hit the cap floor.