26 Mar 2021 13:40:45
Arizona Trades
3rd Round Pick 2022

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2021

Arizona I believe are looking to make a few changes for this season and in the future, getting that forfeited 1st Round Pick back is the main part of this deal, Kerfoot and Engvall for Dvorak is a 2 for 1 deal which gives The Coyotes more depth, Raanta for FAndersen where both are UFAs after this season is pretty even in the big picture, but I feel The Leafs since FAndersen was traded to The Leafs are looking for a change in net.

Toronto get Marners Junior linemate back in Dvorak and I believe they will gel right away, so I see a better fit than Kerfoot has given in the big picture, again also I feel Toronto is looking to change up FAndersen for someone that will share the net with JCampbell where FAndersen is more a #1 and wants to play a lot more games than JCampbell, keeping both JCampbell and Raanta around the same for playing time keeps both sharp.

Thoughts ?

1.) 26 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021 19:55:34
My thoughts are, your trades always miraculously not only give the Leafs the better players, but they include less cap going to the Leafs.
I really doubt the GM's in the league are out to do favours for the Leafs.

2.) 27 Mar 2021
27 Mar 2021 01:29:49
Arizona is getting 3 NHL Players plus a 1st Round Pick.
I don't understand what you mean?
The only player who you could put at the bottom of the roster is Engvall.
Kerfoot has been good and Andersen is there #1 Goaltender.
Arizona is getting a good package in my proposal, you aren't valuing these Leaf Players by that post of yours.

3.) 27 Mar 2021
27 Mar 2021 17:13:47
If kerfoot is "good" in your eyes pinball, why not keep him?

4.) 28 Mar 2021
27 Mar 2021 20:53:53
Because Dvorak fits better alongside Marner.