04 Nov 2022 16:57:36

2025-3rd round pick

1.) 04 Nov 2022
04 Nov 2022 17:35:11
So, the Jets give up two young players, one that is really good for rental plugs and cap dumps, but yet somehow add a 3rd.

That is awful for Winnipeg.

2.) 04 Nov 2022
04 Nov 2022 17:53:27
Are the Jets really dumb enough to do this.

3.) 05 Nov 2022
05 Nov 2022 18:32:47
Stop with these trades that help only one team.

4.) 06 Nov 2022
06 Nov 2022 06:08:17
I only did this trade because it brings in more forward depth for the jets.

Heinola has been frustrated with the way jets have been treating him. Logan Stanley is injured and holden would he better for the jets defense. He has more experience and would really boost their defense up.
Stanley has the size but doesn't really use it that much.

Harkins would probably do better with ottawa. Ottawa is technically in the rebuild and having those three young players would really help them out.

Motte brings in good scoring chances to winnipeg and brassaed would be a good 4th line center or winger.

5.) 06 Nov 2022
06 Nov 2022 16:22:08
Thanks for thinking of the Jets and their need for 4th line players but they wouldn't give up these 3 players for what is being offered from Ottawa.

6.) 06 Nov 2022
06 Nov 2022 22:30:33
How about this.



7.) 07 Nov 2022
06 Nov 2022 23:23:45
Why would the Jets trade young players for rental plugs/ waiver fodder? Players of similar or better quality that the Ottawa players are available on waivers all the time.

Try and be slightly realistic if you want to have an actual conversation.

8.) 07 Nov 2022
07 Nov 2022 15:14:47
No chance. The Jets don't want that one sided trade of Ottawa's 4th line players.

9.) 07 Nov 2022
07 Nov 2022 19:00:39
7th round pick could probably land Motte and Holden.