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07 Aug 2019 05:09:45
Edm Puljarrvi

Van unprotected 1st

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07 Aug 2019 06:45:17
Pulj has said that if he doesn’t get traded, he isn’t playing. No way IN HELL he gets a first, and definitely not from Van.

07 Aug 2019 07:16:22
What is this.

07 Aug 2019 09:38:35
Send him to OTT for Pageau or DET for Cholowski

07 Aug 2019 12:00:46
Vertius nah bc they have away their first to tampa for free.

07 Aug 2019 13:00:17
Jesse p has hip issues, hasn't olperformed and is bichin about not playing. Worth a 3rd at best.

07 Aug 2019 15:01:53
Lol so many things wrong with this. Nucks trades their 1st to Tampa and this trade is potentially Alex Lafranier who is the best QMJHL prospect since Crosby for a probable bust.

07 Aug 2019 22:54:57
There is a big assumption here as mentioned . His hips. He needs to play in Europe to prove he can still play before any trade is even talked about. If he struggles due to his hips, THEN cue 3rd round pick rumors.

Assuming he is 100% he won't be traded for 4th liner no namers / 3rd rounder. In order for the trade to go. It has to be a similar player ( singular, not 3 no names) who has potential for top 6 that's struggling (eg Drouin) or an unprotected first with a team that is almost guaranteed to be in the draft lotto so as to at least have a small % chance to pick in the top 3 - 4.

Silly trades involving non 1st round picks, handful of AHL hopefuls won't be considered by that new GM Edm has as he's made up his mind that he can go play in Europe and no bargain basement liquidations will happen.

Van is the ideal place, Almost guaranteed a lotto pick. Already Has a borderline busted Finn who needs a fellow Finn buddy to chum with. Van likes their Euro's.

07 Aug 2019 23:27:51
Why would Detroit trade Cholowski for him? Cholowski is a much better prospect.

08 Aug 2019 02:52:14
Pulj has no value not because of his hip, but because of the ultimatum he gave EDM. He told them that unless he was traded, he was going back to Finland, all the GM’s in the league know this, so no Gm in the league is going to pay up for Pulj when they know EDM isn’t going to have him either if he isn’t traded.

And, to show how little you really know. Van can’t trade this years or next years 1st to EDM because of the Miller trade. Until we decide which first TB is getting, both of them are essentially frozen. So no, Vancouver isn’t the ‘ideal’ location, not unless Holland is willing to take a first 3 years from now which we all know he ain’t.

08 Aug 2019 08:23:12
@VB: 100% wrong. There is no chance TB gets a shot at Lafreniere with VANs pick. Condition is, if it's a 2020 lottery pick, VAN keeps it. If at all, TB could potentially get a shot at whoever gets picked first in 2021 (albeit highly unlikely) .

08 Aug 2019 14:42:23
What are you talking about I said this trade is? Not the Tampa Trade please read.

09 Aug 2019 06:28:47
"Nucks trades their 1st to Tampa and this trade is potentially Alex Lafranier"

"this" can be read and interpreted both ways. You should be more clear and precise with your language ;)

09 Aug 2019 11:59:33
Yah I’ll give you that since English isn’t your 1st language.

10 Aug 2019 06:26:41
Um, you were the one that wasn't precise with his language, even though it's your first language - so nothing you "could give me" here.

Use sentences that are clear and cannot be interpreted two ways and things like this won't happen. 100% on you, pal.



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