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02 Sep 2019 09:57:31
Detroit Trades
2nd Round Pick 2020

Toronto Trades

I would say this is about right value wise for each Team.
Detroit has a ton of Cap once Zetterberg and Franzen are put on LTIR and for the Leafs they get a Player that is a little below Marner but still a good young Player plus Cap Space for the up coming season to add if need be.

Thoughts ?

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02 Sep 2019 10:53:03
Personally, Larkin @6 million is worth more then Marner at 11+.

02 Sep 2019 12:39:49
You’re also a biased Canadians fan.

02 Sep 2019 15:38:36
While I can agree Marner may be the better player slightly. From a positional perspective, I rather keep our Center over a Winger. We have lots of Wingers in our system coming up and our needs are C and D.

So this is going to be a no from me dog.

02 Sep 2019 16:13:44
Centers are worth more than wingers. No from Detroit.

02 Sep 2019 17:00:44
Yah centers are worth more then wingers so how about Faska For Laine?

02 Sep 2019 17:15:44
And because of contract I would say no from Det too.

02 Sep 2019 17:23:31
Centers aren't worth more than some wingers but with Toronto paying Tavares and Matthews $11.5 per their best player in Marner wants what they are getting, and rightfully so. Marner is only worth at most $10 mil per but the Leafs set a precedent of paying the other two crazy money and Marner deserves his time at the Leaf trough.

02 Sep 2019 18:12:50
Not a good example vbbb. Larkin is better at being a center than Marner is at being a winger. Does that clear it up for you?

Larkin produces with nothing to help him. Marner needs a top end center to produce.

02 Sep 2019 19:42:25
Larkin, a 70 point C making 6.1 has more value then Marner straight up I’d argue. I know Leafs fans would want to deny it, but a half price center easily makes up for a 20 point difference.

02 Sep 2019 23:18:03
Kadri for Marchand?
Centres are not always better as nobody would make that trade.
Detroit is one of the few Teams that could make this move even though Marner will make more, Larkin will never be in the Crosby, McDavid, Matthews class, but Marner is at the Top for Star Wingers what every Team needs to have, the Leafs are blessed having so many Top end Forwards that they can make this Trade for the overall better of the Team.
It's a move I believe makes both Teams better.



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