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02 Sep 2019 20:50:06
Canucks horvat sutter hughes

Tor Mathews

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02 Sep 2019 22:46:34
Yeah no.

03 Sep 2019 00:47:33
Big no from Van

03 Sep 2019 01:51:54
Get salaries have to somewhat match but isn't Sutter a cap dump at this point? So guessing vancouver would add considering Mathews has most goals per 60 mins by a wide margin last 3 years.

03 Sep 2019 02:39:35
Horvat is easily a 70 point winger now that he has some competent wingers, not to mention he only makes 5.5 mil. And knowing that you still think Hughes is the difference between him and Matthews? Get out of dreamland.

I hate to break it to you, but Toronto players aren’t gods despite what the delusional fans might tell you.

03 Sep 2019 10:19:58
Big no from Vancouver what do you mean? Just don’t want see Mathews destroying the flames. This would push Pettersson to the 2nd line.

03 Sep 2019 19:17:47
The only thing he destroyed is the RFA market

04 Sep 2019 19:39:32
Actually that was Eichel. Mathews signed to a lower percentage then Eichel Mathews took a big discount to stay with the leafs.

04 Sep 2019 21:12:59
Matthews took a "big discount" ?? Ahahahah vbb you're an actual clown

05 Sep 2019 05:30:53
Matthews took the worst possible contract for a hockey team. 5 years is terrible for the Leafs bcuz they're only eating 1 year of free agency. It would of made sense for Toronto to do a 5 year deal if he was taking any kind of a discount but at 10+ million they're is no discount with Matthews. I'll even argue that Eichel's deal is a great contract compare to Matthews. Eichel has given us a bigger sample, he's locked up long term at 10 million but he's almost never injured. He's a 80+ point center making 10 million wich is great and for comparable he's worth more then Marner who will be making 11+ million. I'll even debate that he's just as good as Austin Powers.

05 Sep 2019 05:42:29
Ya, Mathews didn't take a discount, and conveniently took a deal that takes him to exactly ufa. Which point he takes highest bidder or goes home to Arizona. Why not take 8 years if he loves Toronto so much? T. o. better win a few cups if they expect him to stay. And even then some guys still want to live in their home country is more important than winning.



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