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21 Sep 2019 17:00:19
“According to sourced from the Jets, the team has received a substantial offer from the Buffalo sabres for winger Patrik Liane.

The offer included RHD Ristolainen, winger connor Sheary and two first-round picks. The deal would obviously be contingent on an extension which Liane continues to skate in Switzerland waiting to receive”

Not my words. Enjoy.

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21 Sep 2019 17:17:09
Interesting, though I’ll remain skeptical until one of the major guys report on it. As for the trade itself? It would certainly help both teams, and EichelLaine would be nasty.

21 Sep 2019 17:21:48
Not likely true if it was supposedly leaked from the Jets. Nothing. Ever. Leaks. From. TNSE.

21 Sep 2019 18:12:45
I'm interested to see if this plays out as a real trade, considering its worse than most proposals I've seen posted lately lol.

21 Sep 2019 19:28:35
- *hears something he doesn’t like. - *crosses arms and cries “NOT TRUE, nothing. Ever. Leaks. From. My. Team! ” Lmao. Too good.

This just shows the value a team believes to be of Liane. NJ and Buffalo are going after Liane with offers.
This offer is even worse than any Risto/ Reinhart deal you guys have cried to not being close. Man I hope Liane is trades. You guys make me hate the Jets. And I’ve always liked and kinda cheered them on in a way.

21 Sep 2019 20:28:45
Don't get your panties in a knot yupp. I'm simply stating that if the rumour supposedly came from Winnipeg, then you can 100% put it down as fake.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is EVER leaked from Winnipeg. Buffalo might be leaking it to see if it garners any interest but it wasn't leaked by Winnipeg. I'm sorry facts upset you so much. If you knew anything about the Jets, you would already know this.

21 Sep 2019 20:53:29
Hahaha. Lmfao. ✌️✌️.

21 Sep 2019 21:33:44
FYI Marcus, When I said “enjoy” at the end of that post it was for the rest of the people on this site because I knew you would provide some entertaining remarks. You did not disappoint. I appreciate you.

21 Sep 2019 22:44:57
It’s funny how memarkusjoe’s ‘local’ rumors are credible, but when someone else posts a WPG runout it’s can't be trusted at all.

This dude is a clown.

21 Sep 2019 23:03:36
After Laine through some team mates under the bus, I'm guessing they won't want him back as a team mate. Basically said he had a bad year last year cause his linemates. Guys a selfish lazy player. don't care how skilled he is, locker room cancer. Any team would be fools to give up more than a 1st and top 4 de.

21 Sep 2019 23:19:07
Does marcus work security in Winnipeg's head office and monitors all employees phone calls? Just don't know how he knows everything that goes on there? Wonder if they know he's on a website letting everyone know their inner workings and who they're looking at trading. Only cause things he says are facts, not just his regular fan opinion.

21 Sep 2019 23:54:11
I agree with typo. It’s one thing to love your team, but open your eyes to reality. Between the Jets fans, the Leaf fans, and the one Blues guy on this site, no one has any respect here. You all need to grow up.

22 Sep 2019 03:38:24
So all the rumours with Laine came from the other 4 or 5 teams? But 100% not from winnpeg? Seems fishy.

22 Sep 2019 11:43:44
"Nothing, absolutely nothing, is EVER leaked from Winnipeg. "

*google search for the Evander Kane locker room drama from 2015* =

There's reportedly more to the Evander Kane saga than some inappropriate attire.

According to multiple reports, including CBC News, the Winnipeg forward failed to show up for the Jets' game in Vancouver this week following an incident involving teammate Dustin Byfuglien.

It was reported that Kane missed a pre-game meeting, and that he couldn't be reached until approximately an hour before the start of the game, when Kane answered his cellphone and said he wouldn’t be playing against the Canucks.

A few hours after the reports surfaced, the Jets placed Kane on the injured-reserve list. Kane, who has been playing injured for most of the season, will miss at least the next two games.

The report also said that, earlier in the day, Kane showed up to the arena wearing a track suit instead of a suit — a violation of the team's dress code — and that Byfuglien later threw those clothes into the shower.

The Winnipeg Free Press had reported that Kane was scratched because of the dress-code violation.

^^ The Winnipeg Free Press.

22 Sep 2019 12:56:22
If the leafs had the cap I’d give

Nylander, Lilijgren, 1st 2020, 1st 2021 and 1st 2022



He’d be putting up 60+ goal seasons on a line with Tavares and Marner.

22 Sep 2019 15:54:43
Hahahaha Dave. That HAS. TO. BE. WRONG. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is EVER leaked from Winnipeg.
Lmfao. I really really hope Liane is traded.

22 Sep 2019 16:04:52
The 3 firsts would be nice vbbb, but an overpaid winger and a bust prospect would need to be replaced with something better.

22 Sep 2019 16:20:07
@Drw Dave, you're funny. You realize there is a difference between the Winnipeg Free Press which is a newspaper in case you don't know and TNSE which is the group that actually owns the Jets right?

The info could have come from a 1000 different sources. Just none from TNSE. I'm disappointed in you. Lame effort.

22 Sep 2019 16:57:15
How is Liljegren a bust prospect? Lol. I hate the Leafs and even I know he’s a good D prospect.

22 Sep 2019 17:45:57
‘Im disappointed in you’

Who asked for your seal of approval lmfao.

22 Sep 2019 17:54:17
Lmao. It’s because he’s not a Jet Vertius. Just ANOTHER example of how much a huge homer he is. It’s absolutely hysterical. Super entertaining. If Liljegren was a Jet he would be a slam dunk top pairing D prospect, because he’s not, he’s a bust.

22 Sep 2019 19:04:25
@Memarcus Now I'm concerned you might be trying to tell me that the Winnipeg Free Press is involved in fake news. If you recall this story, it was 100% true and there was multiple sources reporting the same thing.

The fact that the organization would want to keep it tight-lopped and handle it internally doesn't mean nothing is ever leaked.

I admire your unyielding loyalty to your favorite franchise, but you come across as a 10 year old hockey fan whose favorite player can't be matched statistically by anyone. "Laine's better" only works once. Its virtually impossible to debate with you on here. Its not that you overvalue Jets players, its that you extremely undervalue other teams players in comparison.

22 Sep 2019 19:29:04
Actually it's hard to debate with you Dave. When we say that a player is to old, or doesn't fit our needs, or just isn't good enough, we have every right to. You're asking for our player, that we have no reason to trade, why shouldn't we be picky?

Laine has done more before he turned 21 than all but a handful of players in hockey history. But we're just supposed to accept your evaluation that Laine is nothing special and every single prospect offered for Laine easily passes him in ability even though many are the same age or older and have done less.

But you've deemed them as fair value, so we're not allowed to disagree with you because we're obviously homers.

If Laine is so worthless why are there 10 proposals a day begging for Laine? Especially when according to you the Jets are anyways getting the better player? Could it be that you know they're lowball offers and you're doing your best to justify them to other similarly biased posters, so you can whine about how unreasonable Jets fans are?

22 Sep 2019 20:31:24
I’ve never seen a single post on here ‘begging’ for Laine. It’s just people posting things for fun.

See, the issue with you memarcusjoe (asides from your incredible bias and hypocrisy) is that you take things too seriously. You see someone talking about a Jets player and instantly go full tilt because they aren’t being referred to as gods, then you start spewing out false facts and insult other teams players and prospects in a wild and sorry attempt at justifying your own players.

And then, when called out on your stupidity, you immediately call all of us delusional, biased etc. when in reality you just can’t swallow your ego and admit you are wrong. The very fact that it’s always ALL OF US and never YOU that is wrong is telling enough.

Your a head case and a clown.

22 Sep 2019 22:05:00
Yah saying he’s a bust is very ignorant he’s definitely proven to not have the offensive potential he’s thought to have but he has a solid defensive ability very few defensive deffensman can skate like he can. I could see him developing into something like Anton Stralman.



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