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11 Oct 2019 14:31:58
Toronto - Nylander

Buffalo - Ristolainen

Toronto does this because they have gone all in this year and with the 4 overpay contracts he gave out, Dumbass has slammed the Leafs window shut at the end of this year.   Yet the Leafs defense is still abysmal.   This would give Toronto a player that would be their best defensive defenseman and they would be unloading deadweight.

Buffalo does this because they want to move a defenseman for a forward and Risto has requested a trade.   They get a winger that may be able to turn his career around with a change of scenery.

Toronto May need to retain to make salaries work.

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11 Oct 2019 14:58:04
Memarcus I know what your doing. lol If, as some posters write, Risto is worth Ehlers then he is worth Nylander. They both have 5 points so far this season. The only difference is that the Leafs supporters believe that they don't need defensive help and wouldn't want to trade Nylander as they believe he will be a 60 point player this season. Risto isn't worth either Nylander or Ehlers.

11 Oct 2019 14:58:30
Is this suppose to be a troll? Lol because I don’t think it’s that bad. I think last year it would’ve been a good trade. Buffalo would probably have to add a little. But the Leafs D looks pretty good does it not? Reilly - Ceci, Muzzin - Barrie as the top 4 is really solid.

11 Oct 2019 14:59:16
Buffalo wouldn't do this trade even if Toronto added a good prospect. Nylander just dosnt have a ton of value to get a defensmen of Ristolainen's caliber.

11 Oct 2019 15:27:28
Seems to me Marcus that wpg needs a dman more so than tor. So I think you should post about that. I don't think buff is coming back.

11 Oct 2019 15:35:25
I agree with DetroitMantha. i don't think Buffalo does this deal either. i mean they really didn't like Alex so why go for William.

I think Risto would be a good addition for the leafs. Fits their style more than Ceci does but nylander isn't the answer for Risto.

On the flip side I can't see management doing something so dramatic to get a RHD. They upgraded with Barrie. Leafs management has given way too much money to nylander to just let him go for a position not as in much need. Take away nylander and the drop off in talent for Matthews really decreases more than the upgrade in defence by adding Ristolainen.

Good proposal though as given. as Ebsolutely put it given a differant circumstance (like summer of 18) and this deal probably could of happened.

11 Oct 2019 15:50:07
No Ebbs, it's not a troll, I'm just trying to have a discussion. The Leafs aren't competitive with the real contenders due to lack of defense. This gives them something they need for something they don't.

Redwing1, yet the Jets have given up less goals while having a tougher schedule with more injuries to their D than Toronto to start the year.

I agree though about Buff, I think he has made his mind up that he is retiring.

11 Oct 2019 16:12:07
$20.3 million dollars out of $45 million owed has already been given to nylander. can't see toronto dealing him unless the return is for a top Defencemen. Risto in my opinion is a top 4 guy but Toronto would want a top2 guy due to fact the team getting him gets him for a bargain money actually owed wise.

comparing leafs and jets so early in the season is pointless. start comparing at the 20-30 game point.

Stamkos calls out team, point returns and it didn't matter who played tampa it was going to be a blowout. that's hockey folks. peaks and valleys.

11 Oct 2019 16:17:59
why was another team (winnipeg), not involved in this deal, even brought up in this discussion?

makes no sense.

11 Oct 2019 16:24:53
Now that I agree with Craigger. It's too early in the season to start panicking. Which is exactly why I don't want the Jets to flip out after 5 games and make a panic trade.

11 Oct 2019 16:33:46
Craigger, you'd have to ask Redwing1 why he brought up the Jets. I think he wants to control who posts on what.

11 Oct 2019 16:34:36
Its only a panic move if the deal is lopsided. When a trade actually upgrades for a true need long term its never a panic trade. The Jets GM didn't do anything panic wise with trouba last year so i'm sure he will hold on to his jets (sorry bad pun) before really assessing his team. that said what's fun coming on these sites without being involved in a rumor.

again why is this back to Jets. lol.

11 Oct 2019 16:43:16
Lol Nylander is a PPG player this year and people are saying he doesn't have value

Leafs don't need Risto, he's a great defenceman, but not the one we need. We need a defensive guy to play with Reilly. A trade I can see happening when Hyman comes back is Kapanen+Ceci+Bracco for a top 2-way RHD depending on Kapanen's play up to that point.

11 Oct 2019 17:41:21
When dealing Nylander its not just about his skill or value on the ice. Much like Marner, Tavares and Matthews any team aquiring them this season only needs to pay them roughly 700K. although their cap hit is what it is their actual money owed for this season is next to nothing. everything has already been paid to them in bonuses for this year. taking that into account any of these guys value in a trade would demand a kings ransom.

imagine a struggling team finacially that has cap space. if they aquired a free player for a whole year that is a stud theyd give that team trading this kind of player a boat load back. its economics

all 4 guys once their bonus is paid in july 1st every year their value for that year is massive. just sayin.

11 Oct 2019 17:58:38
redwing1 is just stirrin the pot. no worries. lol.

11 Oct 2019 19:34:06
Craigger comparing William Nylander to Alex Nylander is beyond stupidity two completely different caliber players with different playing styles. Alex is a playmaker where as William has a much better scoring ability. Not to mention Alex isn’t even a nhl player.

11 Oct 2019 20:21:55

Not once did i compare the two. I simply wrote that buffalo didn't like dealing with alex so they may be hesitant dealing with william. By dealing i mean negotiations as michael is a handful to deal with.

If whàt i wrote many many posts ago made you think i was comparing the two as the same ability sorry about that.

Also, who knows why buffalo didn't want alex. sometimes after a team let's go of a player they tend not to go after family members in a trade or future signings. Of course i could be way off with this perseption as william may be the player buffalo wants.

Guess in the end anything is plausible i just don't see a trade between nylander and ristolainen happening at this moment for éverything that has been written throughout this topic.

11 Oct 2019 22:04:26

You also need to consider playing styles. Tor plays a fast and loose offensive style. Where as dog plays a more central focus on team 200 ft game. Only team that does it better is the blues. So far.

12 Oct 2019 02:44:00
A guy I know around here calls people "Homers" a lot when they post something dumb. I'm shocked he didn't say that this time lol. Nylander had one bad year and isn't on the worst contract at 6.9. He will do well this year and is worth more than Risto lol.

12 Oct 2019 02:55:13
I don’t think the Leafs liked dealing with Nylander either.



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