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11 Oct 2019 22:26:23


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11 Oct 2019 23:59:21
No thanks, that is way too much coming from Winnipeg. As I've said in the past the Jets have no interest in Ristolainen. If we traded someone like Ehlers it would be for a young, top 4D/ 2C or prospect with to 4D/ 2C potential.
However, since none of those are available, the Jets won't be trading Ehlers.

12 Oct 2019 00:21:45
Rosslovic and ehlers are not available at this time. Yes, beat islandjet to it!

12 Oct 2019 00:31:50
Winnipeg and buffalo are perfect trade partners. Buffalo needs secondary scoring and has an extra rhd while winnipeg has extra secondary scoring but need a rhd.

The problem is winnipeg will miss ehlers more than risto is missed by buffalo. Reason, buffalo has 4 rhd right now while winnipeg only has limited secondary scorers. Therefore, ehlers value in this deal is more than ristolainens

Take out roslovic for winnipeg and add someone like tag thompson or rasmus aslund . something up that ally and i think this deal might actually be a go.

Good trade proposal DetroitMantha.

12 Oct 2019 02:39:13
Man that's a one sided deal lol Risto isn't worth both those guys by a long shot.

12 Oct 2019 02:45:55
Buffalo knows Risto is low end of second line defensemen. His offensive capabilities are not enough to cover his defensive gaffes. That’s why they are trying to dump him. Ehler’s is looking like his old self again. He’s far more valuable to Jets than Risto is.

12 Oct 2019 03:22:32
There was a proposal below for Nylander for Risto. Does this mean you think Nylander is better than Ehlers?

12 Oct 2019 04:03:55
Memarcusjoe incoming with his Jets insider knowledge. Risto is trash, Ehlers is an 80 point player and Roslovic is the next McDavid, calling it.

12 Oct 2019 13:22:56
Why not make this easier. buffalo doesn't need a roster D back and winnipeg does
Buffalo also doesn't need a roster forward back. make it a typical prospect driven trade

To buff
Luke Green, Dyan samberg and david gustafsson

To winn

Thats 2 3rds and a 2nd round worth of prospects for a debatable top 4 D


12 Oct 2019 14:43:07
I hope the Jets wouldn't want to trade anything for a -50 so called top 4 d-man. With Risto in the lineup mo wonder the Sabres haven't made the playoffs. The Jets won't make that stupid trade.

12 Oct 2019 16:49:43
Craigger, you're trade is still way too much coming from Winnipeg. Samberg and Gustafsson could be with the Jets as early as next year and Green might be close as well. So, that would be 3 roster players for a 5D. Simply not worth it for Winnipeg. Ristolainen isn't a difference maker in a positive way to a team.

If we assumed for this discussion that the Jets were interested in Risto for whatever reason, the most I would give would be a C/ D prospect and a mid-round pick. If that's not enough, then we somehow muddle through without Risto.

12 Oct 2019 18:15:55
C/ D as in letter grade, not position.

12 Oct 2019 19:53:14
Damn, Memarcusjoe is getting even crazier with his troll values. Idk if homerjoe caught Risto boning his mom or something, but his hate for him is awfully petty and sort of pathetic.

13 Oct 2019 00:13:01
so mamarcusjoe you aren't willing to get a guarenteed top 4 with the Jets right now for 3 guys who may make the team by next year as bottom pairing players at best. ok. fair enough.

13 Oct 2019 05:38:20
Craigger, if Risto was a top 4D there might be something to talk about, but unfortunately he isn't.

13 Oct 2019 17:34:20
I wrote fair enough. i still mean it.



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