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21 Dec 2019 20:41:42
Detroit Trades

Toronto Trades
Hollowell (ECHL)

For Detroit they do this for there rebuild adding 2 NHL Young Players plus a pretty good prospect in Defenceman Hollowell.

For the Leafs adding Mantha fits into what they need upfront a Top 6 Winger with size that can score.

Thoughts ?

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21 Dec 2019 21:02:46
Not trading Mantha except an overpayment.

To even get the conversation started, it would cost you Lilijgren as a min.

Chances are we would ask for Sandin but likely get a no. So it would at least cost Lilijgren +

We don’t need two young players who will be old by the time we compete (Kap and Johnsson) . We would be looking for players close to Zadina’s age if we’re trading Mantha.

We need prospects who are all NHL ready around the same time. Replacing current young player for two lesser ones is not what we need.

21 Dec 2019 23:31:09
Why would Leafs give up two players signed multiple years at decent cost and are still RFA after, for an injury prone, slower player that gets only about the same goals and point totals as either one of Johnsson or Kapanen does?

22 Dec 2019 00:03:08
That’s generous Datsyuk I don’t think Detroit moves for a deal around Lili unless the + was big. This trade is awful from a Detroit POV.

22 Dec 2019 15:43:43
Very cute trolling vb. Even you have enough brains to know this is heavily tilted to Detroit. Don’t you?

22 Dec 2019 16:43:54
Actually it’s not tilted to Detroit’s favour, we have Mantha who is a Top 6 Forward right now.

Kapanen and Johnsson are two Middle Sixers who haven’t shown capable of playing Top 6 minutes consistently. While they do have upside, it’s not certain they will make.

Detroit keeping Mantha is key to our top line line.

It’s like us offering Fabbri + Perlini for Marner, not fair value right?

Vb, was right with me being generous about Lilijgren +.

Plus we don’t need quantity for quality, we need an A prospect or high first round pick for Mantha if we do trade him but that’s an if.

22 Dec 2019 22:19:14
Mantha at his best is a 48 point player, split wvenly between goals and points. So he gets about the same as either one of Johnsson or Kapanen does. Kapanen also plays on both the penalty kill and on the power play. Mantha does not. He is seen on the power play regularly, but rarely on the penalty kill. Liljegren is an A-prospect and Hollowell is a b-prospect. Huge difference between the two. Johnssson and Kapanen and Mantha are all regular roster players and are worth far more than any of the prospects. Johnsson and Kapanen are worth far more than Mantha, who happens to be the same age as those guys, so suggesting age is a factor in the decision to not make this trade is irrelevant.

22 Dec 2019 23:00:05
Mantha also plays a more physical game than both, he’s a Power Forward. A top 6 power forward who can score and be a big physical presence is rare and we would much rather keep him. I’m not referring to age as the ultimate factor here but if we trade Mantha, it’s cause we’re looking to get younger not the same age (Hence we want a prospect) . Mantha also has Chemistry with Larkin, why would we trade him for two new guys. We have guys for the PK and PowerPlay that we can separate their ice time so they are more effective in their roles. We even have our own guys who can do both.

So to our group, Mantha is more of a need to what we want on our roster than Kap and Johnsson. Yes there is a difference between Hollowel and Lilijgren, which is why I’m mentioning the ask is Lilijgren as min. Honestly we would want Sandin or no deal but I’m willing to accept Lilijgren ++ from Leafs.

If anything you can see this as a positive that you could have Mantha, Kap and Johnsson on the team, if you give up a top prospect.

Bottom line, we are not trading Mantha. A division rival will also be paying more. If you don’t like the price than no deal because to us Mantha is untouchable barring an overpayment.

23 Dec 2019 02:20:30
Then keep him. Good for you Detroit guys I’m drafting him. He’s a great player and I wouldn’t expect you to give him up easily. Suggesting he’s worth both of Johnsson (who plays beside Matthew btw) and Kapan (who is actually on the third line for now, but filled in on both top lines when Nylander held out last year and Hyman was hurt this year, plus an A-prospect like Liljegren is ludicrous. He gets one of those guys and a throw in maybe. Not both+. And you know it.

23 Dec 2019 02:40:06
Mantha at his best is a48 point player? He did that 2 years ago in 80 games, then last year in 67.

This year he has 24 points in 29 games I believe. So he hit 48 in basically a full season, played a bit better the next season, and now is on pace for 30 goals 30 assists. He is worth more than Johnson or kapanen. I would rather keep him than take either of them back.

23 Dec 2019 12:15:42
He didn’t have 67 points last year Monkey. He played in 67 games last year. He’s doing good this year so far. Let’s see if he can keep it up. Even if he scores 60 points at 30 and 30, that doesn’t mean he’s consistently going to do that his entire career.

23 Dec 2019 13:37:38
He never said he got 67 points, he said he played in 67 (games) .

Lilljegren is not an A prospect, Johnsson and Kapanen are 3rd liners, regardless of where they are playerg in Leafs lineup.
I wouldn't trade Mantha for all 3 of those guys.

23 Dec 2019 16:52:42
Johnsson and Kapanen get 20 goals and 40 points a year. That’s as good as a lot of other teams top line players. They are very much above average hockey players and are not third line players. Kapanen is third line on the Leafs only because Marner and Nylander are ahead of him in the roster. Johnsson plays top line and is deserving of it. I don’t watch Leafs much, but when I do I am always impressed by Johnsson.

23 Dec 2019 18:25:54
40 points isn’t top line. Lol.

24 Dec 2019 03:55:13
If your top line players are getting 40 points, you are getting a lottery pick. Crazy hockeyfanatic likes to think he knows nhl but is clearly crazy as f.



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