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23 Dec 2019 15:24:33
Ott : namestnikov, demelo, Paul, tychonic, 2021 3rd

Vancouver : 2020 1st (NOT lottery protected), erickson

Vancouver dumps erickson contract, Ottawa takes on cap to pay for a mid round pick that could go either way by season end.

Ott : pageau, boadker, jaros, vereaneau, a conditional 2nd or 3rd (Nashville pick becomes top 10 Ottawa adds the 2nd, if they miss playoffs but only become a top 11 - 17 Ottawa adds 3rd instead, if they make playoffs forget the pick altogether)

Nsh : 2020 1st (NOT lottery protected), Turris

Ottawa takes a chance on bring back the Turris contract but off loading boadker last year to get rid of lotto protection on pick recieved for pageau. Nashville adds a playoff performer for 3rd line and rental depth while getting a pick back if things for sour. Nashville has been known for deals like this to make pushes recently as well like the Hartman deal.

Hypothetically Ottawa picks

1st overall (via lottery win) - Alexis Lafreniere

5th overall (SJS) - Jamie Drysdale

11th overall (VAN) - Yaroslav Askarov

16th overall (NSH) - Dylan Holloway.

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23 Dec 2019 15:37:08
Oh yeah? Rebuild complete, order the confetti. nice work Rambo.

23 Dec 2019 16:46:08
This is just crazy. You’re trading the whole team away for a couple picks.

23 Dec 2019 16:54:08
Easy no from Vancouver. Yikes.

23 Dec 2019 20:15:49
Terrible Rambo. As per usual.

23 Dec 2019 21:19:14
HockeyFanatic how do you figure I'm trading the whole team away? Lol. Demelo and boadker are gone regardless come the offseason as the sens have quite a few dmen in the pipeline, as well as depth guys, might as well use them to get something as they still carrie value as a good shut down guy and depth forward. Tychonic, jaros, vereneau, and Paul are good prospects but we have about 2 teams worth of those waiting to make a jump and a handful more on the way after the summer that with likely out rank them.

The pick from sens are just to guarantee no lotto protection garbage ruining the trade for Ottawa. The only 2 who carry value for the NHL level are pageau and namestnikov. That's not a whole team bud. And it's not like every good prospect Ottawa has will make the team anyway, they have far too many and a few will waste away in the minors due to no room, why not use a few to get something? In a deep draft, 1st rounders are a luxury for a team that knows playoffs are not an option this year.

23 Dec 2019 21:21:52
Vertius, how is that an easy no for Vancouver? They still have a shot at playoffs, this trade not only gives them a 3rd, a top 9 forward who can play any role in any situation, a top 4 shut down dman, and 2 b level prospects, but it also allows them a chance to move a garbage contract without retaining any salary. It's going to cost a team quite a bit to get all of that out of it and a 1st not protected is a small price to pay.

As for pageau trade, he's currently the sens best player, if they are going to move him they need to take advantage, protection that guarantees he don't get more than a late 1st should not be an option considering what the receiving team is getting in pageau. Not to mention giving Nashville an out on a long term Turris contract again with no retention.

If you honestly think these deals are not fair both ways there is something seriously wrong in your heads. You can't really add much more on either side without 1 side fleecing the other. Ottawa shouldn't have to take a beating on every trade made to make every other team smell like roses.

23 Dec 2019 21:56:38
These trades look bad because there’s a few no namers thrown in and too many guys. But a first plus a bad contract to get an NHLer or two isn’t to bad of value.

23 Dec 2019 23:57:48
Your trade sucks and you know it. Quit trying to defend it. Talk about quantity for quality. What a joke.

24 Dec 2019 01:52:27
It’s actually not that bad. wow. Turris and Ericksson are two terrible contracts it’ll take a lot to dump them.

24 Dec 2019 02:12:18
Didn't Vancouver give their first to tb?

24 Dec 2019 12:34:13
They did@Monkeyful.

24 Dec 2019 19:20:03
It’s a bad trade because our team is already loaded with middle six/ bottom six forwards, we don’t need Ottawa’s scraps to add to our mix of all team. We also don’t need Ottawa’s scrap prospects. As nice as it would be to get rid of Eriksson, we aren’t giving up another first considering we moved one for Miller.

You talk about me having something wrong with my head? Take a look in the mirror, you’re a clown.

24 Dec 2019 19:13:52
Thank you vbbvbb at least you can be reasonable.

Monkeyful I didn't realise the Vancouver pick was gone already.

HockeyFanatic what quality are you talking bout on Vancouver side? Are you high? Erickson is washed up on a terrible contract. It costs assets to move those whether you like it or not. And the fact namesnikov has been great since he come to Ottawa, demelo is a good shut down dman, Paul is finally coming into his own, and tychonic is a future NHL dman (yes he will make it to the bigs), and they get a 3rd back as well. I literally don't even need to defend that as it defends itself.

As for the Nashville trade, pageau has already been determined the asking price is a 1st and a solid prospect, but obviously teams will negotiate to help themselves so end value if traded is likely a mid to late 1st straight up. Trading for Nashville's first gives Nashville a shot at making that a late 1st by making playoffs but also gives Ottawa a chance at a high 1st if the chemistry don't work out making it a risk for both teams. Ottawa should be willing to take the risk of no protection involved while Nashville would need a favour to take out the protection plus a little insurance.

The favour is taking on the full Turris contract, while the insurance is the conditional pick as well as a serviceable 3rd liner at the end of his contract in boadker, and a couple b level prospects with NHL experience.

24 Dec 2019 22:55:31
11th overall isn’t quality in the best draft in decades? Maybe you’re the one that’s high. I heard weed is legal now, but it looks like you already know that. If 11th overall wasn’t quality then why trade for it? I hear weed is legal now. Oh wait. You already know.

26 Dec 2019 20:32:12
11th overall is a prediction fool. It's NOT a guarantee that's where the pick ends up. It's a good case scenario for Ottawa. It's called risk it for the bisquit. Most of the time the team getting the players gets them to try to improve and make playoffs and both the teams here have shots at playoffs yet. Sure we could end up with somewhere around 11th overall but also could make it through a couple playoff rounds making it a bad 1st rounder as well. It's basically a fair trade when made that could drop to Ottawa's favour or rise to the other teams favour. Making it not protected gives both teams an equal chance to win the trade or have it fair both ways by not changing.

1 in 3 chance of losing the trade
1 in 3 chance of winning the trade 1 in 3 chance of an even trade

They call that a hockey trade in most circles. Any team would be stupid to take a trade they have no chance of winning a a large chance of losing. But a trade both teams have a equal chance of winning or losing is a trade most teams would gladly take.



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