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07 Jan 2020 23:55:27


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08 Jan 2020 01:05:25
No thanks. Been there done that. I really like Lehkonen.

08 Jan 2020 01:13:52
Hahahahaha good one. alex G will be traded for a late round pick or part of a package.

08 Jan 2020 01:14:51
Why would not want chunky back.

08 Jan 2020 03:47:42
Why would Montreal consider this?

08 Jan 2020 03:56:03
The other day a bird flew over my house. A blue car drove up the street. It snowed last night. I hope you wasted as much time reading my response as I wasted reading your nonsense proposal. No chance mtl makes this trade and you know it.

10 Jan 2020 00:18:37
So your telling me it’s soo crazy to think that Marc Bergevin would give a 24 year old winger who’s never gotten 30 points but does bring a lot to the team and plays on the pk, for a guy who has scored 30 goals and 56 points in a season with his team and he’s just 1 year older. I think it’s more then fair for both sides.

10 Jan 2020 14:57:16
MajicMarc There is more to a players game than just points.



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