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08 Jan 2020 05:55:38
Oilers: 2nd rd + Gagner (for cap reasons)
Blue Jackets: Jenner

Jenner won’t cost a 2nd, but jacket take on ganger’s salary for this season.
Jackets need picks after they gave up a lot of last season’s playoff push.

Oilers need a centreman. He would be great on 3rd line.

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08 Jan 2020 13:46:42
Jenner is worth more than that.

08 Jan 2020 15:46:32
Jenner would be perfect fit for Edm. But I think he may coast more than this. Maybe add Puljujarvic Their Finnish GM may have interest in him.
What’s Jenner’s contract like, how many years left at what $$?
Jenner and Anderson are two of my favorite third line players tho, we’ll they played third line mostly last year for CLB when they were a little more stacked anyways. Haha.

08 Jan 2020 16:17:29
That Finnish GM had a chance to draft Puli but chose Dubois.

08 Jan 2020 18:00:17
Jenner is signed at a cap hit of $3.75M/ year until the 21/ 22 season which i think is a fair contract. Defensive minded 2 way center. I think it would cost more than a 2nd and Gagner that makes the same amount and is a UFA at the end of the year.

08 Jan 2020 19:44:33
The GM won’t want Puljujarvi. He skipped over him in the draft.
Now, I like Jenner, but he isn’t more than 3rd line Centre. He averages 35 pts per season. Plus, he has 2 more seasons after this one at $3.75 m. I think a 2nd (add ganger for cap space) is more than enough.

08 Jan 2020 20:19:16
Ok that’s kinda irrelevant when they wanted/ needed a centre at that draft Donscherry. absolutely irrelevant to him possibly being interested in him now. Good talk.

08 Jan 2020 21:31:58
The GM took the glaring need of who he thought the better player in the draft was. (He was right) doesn't mean he doesn't want puljujarvi. Also Jenner is a great 3rd liner, who got 35 points on CBj without great minutes. Worth more than a2nd, and gagner for cap reasons isn't cbj problem, need to add another pick like 4th.

08 Jan 2020 22:04:52
Just because he thought Dubois is better doesn’t mean he wouldn’t want Puljujarvi. Also Jenner I think wears an A so maybe he means more to the team than a 2nd. I’m thinking it’s not enough.

08 Jan 2020 23:26:59
So he would want him because he is Finnish? That makes your point irrelevant.

09 Jan 2020 03:29:07
Thats not at all all I meant man, lol. Read between the lines.
Small reason I pointed out, that’s all. Read between the lines man.
Just because they needed a center and took a player for team needs doesn’t mean he wouldn’t possibly be interested in this player. Come on now.

10 Jan 2020 12:23:28
Jenner is proven. Puljujarvi is not. If anything Puljujarvi is a proven bust. He gets one last shot at the nhl but it won’t cost a very good player like Jenner to get him. More like a mid round pick if Edmonton is lucky.

10 Jan 2020 18:06:14
He’s a proven bust? Even though he’s been a great player in every league he’s played in except his stints in the NHL when he was a teenager?

11 Jan 2020 08:26:54
That’s right. He can do great in all the beer leagues I. The world. If he can’t play nhl then he’s a bust. And if I remember correctly virtually everyone on this site has called him that at some point not just me.

11 Jan 2020 20:37:01
He’s 21 and hasn’t been a star in the NHL so he’s a bust? He also hadn’t been given that much of an opportunity in North America.



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