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01 Feb 2020 21:07:41
How many people think the Habs should trade Price & Weber and start a rebuild.


NYI gets a goalie that could get them to another level. Habs get a younger already established player.
Or a 1st RD.

2 nd round pick.

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01 Feb 2020 21:51:53
I'm sure the Habs would love to trade them, but there is virtually zero chance Vegas or the Islanders go for these deals.

01 Feb 2020 22:15:26
I don't think they should. No other team really wants to take on Price's contract. and that's fine with me. and Weber, he's playing the best hockey he has played in probably last 5 years. because of there age and contracts, they are not going to get a good return, I would rather just keep them.

02 Feb 2020 01:14:58
There is zero chance the Habs would consider either of those trades.

02 Feb 2020 02:19:00
Here’s the thing, to actually trade Weber and Price they’re rebuild will take a hit as there’s no way teams will take either of them with some sort of pick/ prospect going back their way.

Weber’s contract is just simply too long, and teams are hesitant to trade for a 32 y/ o goalie with mediocre stats and a big contract.

02 Feb 2020 05:00:12
Here is the other thing. they are jus both to good to give up.

Tell me this. today. Game 7

Who you want in goal? I'll take Price
. Also game 7. maybe Hedman, but other than him, I'm taking Weber all day.
I don't want to hear about this and that. you all haters need to shut up. both Price and Weber are both top 5 in their position. so. all the hate, low balling of these stars. jus stop. its dumb. no Bergevin is not trading Price one on one for Beuveulier, or however you spell it.
Time to jus stop.
You all Canadian dumb effs tell me this. who ya want in net if we went against the World? Nuff said. And don't gimme no Holtbly, Fluery BS.

02 Feb 2020 06:21:32
However TB, both Weber and Price are top 5 in their position, and probably will be for the next 3 to 4 years.

03 Feb 2020 04:39:44
Wow Canadians homers at its finest right here lol.

06 Feb 2020 20:44:53
It s easy to say let's trade Price and Weber, but realistically who is going to take on those salaries for another 7 years each. in any trade habs will have to eat up at least 40% of the cap hit.



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