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15 Dec 2020 02:27:27
WPG: Pionk
MIN: Dumba

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15 Dec 2020 03:12:40
I would rather the Jets keep Pionk.

15 Dec 2020 03:35:11
Pionk at $3 mil is much cheaper and on the rise while Dumba at $6 mil is on the decline due to his injury that has seemed to slow him down. Also I wonder if Dumba's political stance will be a distraction during the season. Also the Jets would have to find a way to fit Dumba's extra $3 mil into their cap hit.

15 Dec 2020 08:09:45
Dumba is overpaid. The Jet's can't afford his salary either unless they trade Laine or Ehlers for him.

15 Dec 2020 13:40:33
Dude. Why would someone’s political views have absolutely anything to do with hockey. You say some very dumb things sometimes.

15 Dec 2020 14:20:43
I don't care about his views. I for see Dumba constantly being expected to deal with them in which would take time away from concentrating on just playing hockey. It becomes a lot for any player having to be seen as their teams representative for this or any cause.

15 Dec 2020 21:40:51
I actually agree with IslandJet on it. I honestly believe it will be a distraction. He will be followed for comment every game on things that happen across the continent that have nothing to do with hockey. If that’s what he wants to do and who he wants to be, good on him for using his platform. But that’s not what every owner, GM, coach and teammate wants to be thrusted in the middle of.

Alot of them, as selfish as you may find it, want to show up, focus on the game which is their job and nothing else. They just want to win games and not be forced into a rally or have their personal beliefs or views become the subject of reporting. They want the games to be what they’re judged on.

16 Dec 2020 05:35:37
So you’re basically saying you don’t want him on your team because he’s black? ( I’m assuming you’re talking about the BLM movement) . Wouldn’t call that a political view but rather a fight for equality. If you’re referring to USA politics then a reporter in Winnepeg obviously won’t ask about American politics.

16 Dec 2020 19:21:50
I never said anything about wanting or not wanting him because he’s black. I love the fact the leafs signed wayne Simmonds. Jarome Iginla is one of my all time favourite players. Don’t start throwing racist tags on people.

Fighting for equality is a great thing. However, if you watched Dumba in the bubble, when he made his stand, no teammates stood with him. Is that because they’re all racist? Or they saw through it as a political stance rather than a social justice one and didn’t want to be involved in it?

Canada and the US share many institutions based on the same principles, whether it be military, policing, education etc etc etc. When interviewed, Dumba, said he faced a lot of racism growing up and playing minor and junior hockey, all of which was done in Canada. He moved to the states as a 19 year old. However his big stance was to refuse to stand for the US anthem, but he did for the Canadian anthem. why?!

By doing that he says 1 of 2 things. He doesn’t believe there’s a problem with racism in Canada, which we all know there is. OR, it’s not about racism at all, it’s politically motivated which is why he’s okay to stand for the country with a current Liberal government but not the one with a current conservative in power.

Lots of people saw through that during those games and I did too. I don’t care what colour he is. If he makes a stance for the right reasons, I can get behind it. If someone disguises their motivation as something else to further a political agenda on either side, I won’t. Simple.

17 Dec 2020 01:03:40
A couple days later you see Ryan Reaves take a similar approach but actually kneels for both anthems. He also gets infront of a mic and talks about the real issue and guess what? The same guys that didn’t seem to have the will to get behind Dumbas shameless Political campaign ad go ahead and link arms with Reaves and support him. Why is that? Did they all of a sudden become not racist?! Or was it that they saw through Dumbas charade?

How can you claim you faced so much racism in Canada growing up, then kneel for the US anthem for equality, while playing in Canada, broadcast on Canadian national TV and not kneel for O Canada?! Makes zero sense.

18 Dec 2020 13:36:00
@Sampson Dumbass isn't a player, he's a GM in Toronto. The player is Dumbo. :)

18 Dec 2020 13:44:25
Dumba’s**. My bad

That point still stands. He was campaigning for a political party, not fighting for equality with his kneeling.

When Reavo did it the right way, it took a whole different shape.



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