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10 Jan 2021 04:35:58
To Ottawa Senators :
C - Pierre-Luc Dubois

To Columbus Blue Jackets :
(2021) 1ST Round Pick
C - Josh Norris
RD - Jacob Bernard-Docker
C - Artem Anisimov (35% Retained Salary)

B Tkachuk - P Dubois - E Dadonov
T Stuetzle - D Stepan - C Brown
A Galchenyuk - C White - D Batherson
L Brown - C Paquette - A Watson

T Chabot - E Gudbranson
E Brannstrom - J Brown
B Coburn - N Zaitsev

Who else is annoyed that there are 3 players with the last name Brown and neither of them are related lmao atleast I don’t think they are.

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10 Jan 2021 05:18:29
Just stop okay.

10 Jan 2021 05:36:38
If I'm Ottawa, I don't trade for him unless I can talk to him first. Make sure he wants to be there.

10 Jan 2021 13:35:45
@nylander literally the first Dubois trade I’ve made but ok, you can stop commenting if you’d like :)

10 Jan 2021 13:36:23
@monkeyful that seems reasonable I just kinda assumed he’d wanna play there cause it’s super close to home

10 Jan 2021 14:48:29
Hey a 1st time can also be a last time :)

10 Jan 2021 15:46:08
I read that he wanted out of Columbus cause he wants to play in for a big market team. While I think that they value going to Columbus is decent I don’t think Ottawa is a team Dubois would want to sign long term with. Unless Ottawa can come to a verbal agreement on a long term contract I don’t think they should trade all those assets for a player they know will walk after 2 years.

10 Jan 2021 16:51:00
@mertle Where did you read that?

My understanding was he just doesn't like it in Columbus. Doesn't like the system, coach, management or something like that.

10 Jan 2021 18:12:14
I agree. Seems like mertle is assuming Dubois doesn't want to go to Ottawa with nothing to back it up.

10 Jan 2021 18:33:41
There has been speculation that Dubois wants to play on a "bigger stage". Which is practically anywhere else.

Bigger stage doesn't necessarily mean a bigger city (which most NHL cities are) either, just a place where hockey gets more attention.

Considering he's from Quebec if he could choose his next team Montreal would likely be first choice and Ottawa might be number two.

10 Jan 2021 21:05:00
I've heard the rumor of a bigger stage, but not from dubois, his agent, or anyone who would know.

It could be that Columbus doesn't thrill him, he might not like torts (no surprise from a best forward there) or he doesn't believe he can win a cup there. Only a few people know for sure, so the only way I would trade for him is if I kind of think he'll help win now. But in no gm.

11 Jan 2021 01:16:40
Yeah he isn't getting traded for a bunch of poo.

11 Jan 2021 01:26:06
I read it from a TSN column, I realize that tsn isn’t the always the best source of hockey insight but it also wouldn’t surprise me. Growing up in a hockey crazy area like Quebec I could understand him wanting to play in a hockey crazy place. Is it the only reason, probably not, but it’s not that far fetched. Columbus isn’t exactly a booming hockey Mecca. It’s joy as bad as other places but it’s definatley not like Toronto or Montreal to name a couple. I didn’t say he didn’t want to go to Ottawa, but if I were GM of Ottawa I’d need to know that he’d want to stay if I’m giving up that much talent and potential.



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