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11 Jan 2021 23:11:22
Minnesota: Matt Dumba


Winnipeg: Patrick Laine

A couple overrated players being shopped by their respective teams with absurd asks change places.

Winnipeg gets the right shot D they want and Minnesota gets a goal scoring forward they can use.

Both are on expiring contracts (RFAs after this year) with salaries in the same ballpark.

The only problem is both teams will like want more in return.

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12 Jan 2021 03:43:20
I made a mistake about Dumba's contract, he actually has 3 years left and becomes a UFA when it's over.

12 Jan 2021 04:31:13
Easy no from Winnipeg and very poor knowledge of player values shown by the poster. Not surprisingly.

12 Jan 2021 05:36:49
Give it a rest with the insults Marcus. Every player in Winnipeg isn't a superstar no matter how much you keep insisting they are.

12 Jan 2021 13:49:01
Laine has high trade value whether you like it or not. He's actually pretty good and I'm not a Jets fan.

12 Jan 2021 14:01:15
Laine only wants to go to socal. He isn't interested in winning a up just getting paid and being on the coast.

12 Jan 2021 14:33:09
This is a trade proposal that the Jets would never do.

12 Jan 2021 18:09:27
Hopefully the Jets hang on to Laine. he's what a 22 year old kid? He's not mentally mature, but that will come, but seriously he's a kid. once he matures as a person, look out. sky is the limit.

12 Jan 2021 21:56:53
Laine for dumba and Fiala is closer.

13 Jan 2021 18:58:36

If Laine was signed to a longer term contract with a reasonable cap hit sure. But he isn't and if he was the Jets wouldn't be shopping him.



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