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13 Jan 2021 16:46:13 is thought

To Florida: Perrault

To Winnipeg: Yandle

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13 Jan 2021 17:59:19
A thought, but a really bad one. Yandle fortunately won't waive for Winnipeg and the Jets aren't going to trade Perreault for a far worse cap dump.

13 Jan 2021 18:27:13
50 point Yandle, that just came off a couple of his best offensive seasons? Wouldn’t want him if it meant giving up Perrault either. Cap might be a problem for Winnipeg but can’t say it’s a cap dump.

13 Jan 2021 18:37:58
Sure you can. He's 34, plays LD, which isn't a need, is a disaster defensively and has a cap hit of $6.35 for 3 more years and his current team is trying to dump him. While Perreault's contract is done after this season. Yandle is absolutely a cap dump. Maybe the Oilers could use him. But not Winnipeg.

13 Jan 2021 18:44:35
Now if Florida was retaining and kicking in some extra sweetener, it could be a different story.

13 Jan 2021 20:31:20
The Jets don't need a 34 year old Yandle for 3 more years at a crazy $6.35 mil per. It makes more sense to keep Perreault for this year at a cap hit of $3.5 mil.

13 Jan 2021 20:44:40
Any team in the league including Edmonton could use a 50 point D. Age isn’t as much of an issue when he just came off his two best seasons offensively. Not every team would take him at his cap. Who’d he be competing with for PP time and on the depth chart in Winnipeg? He makes too much but considering there taking a cap dump back it’s not bad. Might have to retain for years 2 and 3 but then Winnipeg would be adding IMO.

13 Jan 2021 22:39:04
We have Pionk for the PP. If Yandle was even just slightly below average defensively and they retained on all 3 years maybe, but since he is non-existent defensively, he doesn't serve a purpose for Winnipeg. The Jets don't need help scoring, they need help stopping the other team from scoring.

At 34 it doesn't master that he is coming off of 2 good years, you still know that he's at the age where the wheels can suddenly fall off. Then you're stuck with a big, useless salary.

That's probably why Florida wants to dump him, they can see that the wheels are really starting to wobble now.

14 Jan 2021 04:00:22
Forgot about Pionk but I’m sure Yandle would still take most PP minutes. In one off season he went from a 50+ point guy to be healthied? got to be something else going on. And I think we can all agree that would be brutal if they ruined his iron man streak. Regardless he’d be an improvement on Perault and he’s worth more but I will agree years 2 and 3 might make it a no go from the Jets.

14 Jan 2021 14:33:58
I agree Yandle would be an improvement on Perreault but its his contract, term and age that makes it impossible for the Jets or most teams to want to acquire.

15 Jan 2021 00:13:38
Florida isn't trying to dump yandle for his play. They're just trying to save actual cash.



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