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23 Jan 2021 02:28:40
A new team is going to sneak in and grab Dubois

To Columbus

To Colorado

Colorado saved 1.4 on the weird Ian Cole for Greg pateryn deal. A deal that wasn't needed. Or was it?

Colorado isn't tight against cap but has an internal cap they must stay within. Taking a guy who is not fit to play in nutivaara @2.5 is the differance between that 1.4 him and byram make. Coincidental I think not. Byram is the LHD needed to join Columbus. He might actually play with Jones so werenski can go back with savard making a deadly top 4. Byram wins Calder

Jost needs to be replaced by any of the taxi squad on Colorado so his cap hit is covered by them. He gives Colorado a center needed in Dubois leaving

Saad and Dubois make the same and saad is a player torts loves and wished never left. Saad had his best years under Tort.

Foudy joins his bro
Kaut is extra I sent to outbid other teams

This deal needs no 7-14 days to quarantine
This deal is a out of conference trade

With mackinnon out a few weeks it's best time to do deal

Colorado becomes Stanley cup favorites when everyone is healthy

Columbus gets rid of distraction while getting a top LHD prospect ready to play along with a Top 6 bluejacket style player and a depth C along with foudy bro and solid prospect. They also get rid of an unfit cap hit

It all just makes sense here

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23 Jan 2021 03:48:01
Nutivaara is on Florida, so unless I’m missing something this trade can’t be done.

23 Jan 2021 03:56:26
They will not be shipping Byram. And idk about you but that’s a huge overpayment. Also should do some research Nutivaara plays for Florida lmao so basically :

Saad, Byram, Jost, Foudy and Kaut for Dubois

Lmaoo i'm sorry but please do your research before posting another trade

23 Jan 2021 10:50:28
I’m sorry for sounding rude @craigger12 I wasn’t trying to

23 Jan 2021 11:43:24
Nutrivaara is definetly in flirida.

Lmfao I did a few Dubois trades last night then did a barkov trade needing Nut to make differance in cap with that trade. Then I did this trade and for some reason Nut was stuck in my head from previous trade. No rudeness. Kinda funny cause I’m all about research.

Sorry me bad

I still think that Ian Cole 1.4 savings is the start to something much bigger

Just a hunch.

23 Jan 2021 16:16:17
It’s all good brother. Sorry for sounding rude, good thinking tho. I like how much thought you put into it



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