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18 Feb 2021 04:26:02
Sam Bennett C

Pierre Engvall LW
Calle Rosen D
Martin Marincin D
5th 2022

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18 Feb 2021 06:11:34
Not getting Bennett for a bunch of bums lol, Engvall yes but Rosen and Marincin... barf, nobody is going to do the leafs any favours, if Bennett is officially made available they’ll get way better offers

18 Feb 2021 08:36:24
Sam Bennett I’d not that far from being a bum himself imo. He’s good as a fourth line center but that’s about it.

18 Feb 2021 11:49:57

- 24 years old
- Can play C or W
- Contibutes Physically
- 38pts in 30 Playoff Games

He isn’t too good in the regular season because every coach the Flames hire buries him in the Bottom 6 Role. I’d take him any day over Rosen, Marincin and Engvall lmaoo

18 Feb 2021 13:15:04
NotACasual, if he was as good as you claim he is he wouldn’t be buried in a bottom 6 role. He’s plays in the bottom 6 because he is a fourth line center. And there is no way he is over a PPG in the playoffs. Without actually knowing his playoffs stats I can tell you that you made that stat up. Because if he was a ppg player in the playoffs he would at least produce at a quarter of that pace in the regular season. Prove me wrong.

18 Feb 2021 13:19:04
I just looked it up and Sam Bennett has 19 points in 30 playoffs game. The fact that you have to make up stats to prove your point says your point is invalid.

18 Feb 2021 15:02:24
Didn’t “make up” stats. I actually read them wrong, that’s my bad. I got PIM and Points mixed up cause I didn’t have my glasses oops, nice assumption tho

18 Feb 2021 15:06:46
I feel dumb af now but I still stand by my opinion. 3 AHL’ers aren’t going to get you a 3C, cause that’s exactly what Bennett is. 19Pts in 30 Games is impressive idk why you’re acting like any player can do it. Auston Matthews has 19Pts in 25GP in the playoffs. If it makes no sense I’ll reply later, I haven’t slept and it’s 8am

18 Feb 2021 15:34:10
38 points in 30 playoff games how do you look at that and not think somethings wrong lmao. He’s a 4th liner who got lucky in the playoffs. Matt Murray won 2 cups. Do you see him getting praised as a star?

18 Feb 2021 15:47:15
I have to agree with N A C on this one. no way Calgary would accept that package .
I personally don't really think about Bennetts playoff point totals, they are a really nice bonus, however I don't believe its sustainable, but what is, is his grit. ya need those sandpaper guys to win. He would be a nice addition to any team going for a run.
Also, I don't know the whole story about his demand, is it possible he wants ( wanted) out because he believes he could spark his offensive skills on a different team? Toronto is stacked offensively. ad we all know.

18 Feb 2021 20:05:36
Calgary would want some kind of talent in return. I think Bennett would do just fine in Toronto’s top 6, big Joe can be 3C.
Matthews/ Marner/ Hyman
Tavares/ Nylander/ Bennett
Thornton/ Kerfoot/ Mikheyev
Spezza/ Simmonds/ Vesey
Something like that anyways. Replace whoever they trade for Bennett with Robertson. I personally think they should put Tavares/ Marner/ Hyman back together. Tavares scored 47 playing with Marner. Matthews will score no matter who you put him with. Thornton at 3C would help with depth scoring. Thornton and Simmonds play top PP minutes.

19 Feb 2021 08:59:28
NotACasual, that’s almost worst. If you read that Sam Bennett had 38 points in 30 games, when he never played at a pace remotely closed to half of that, and didn’t question it before posting, proves that you have no solid hockey knowledge whatsoever.

20 Feb 2021 20:15:02
Give NotACadualFan a break
This person was obviously lacking sleep
Everyone throws out false stats once in a while. I respect the fact this person debated by using stats instead of just mere opinion. It’s a huge step in the right direction in comparing players properly. So the stats were a bit off and the wrong stat line was read. So what. This person owned up to there mistake now move on

30 gms 19pts 38pim thst is a good stat line. Tells us he is physically engaged when playoffs role around.



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