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20 Feb 2021 13:06:31
I’m going to attempt a Jack Eichel to CGY Trade. Obviously it’s probably highly unlikely he’d ever come here.. I wouldn’t ever do it from the Flames though, would be an expensive trade. This would mean that most likely Backlund and Lucic go to clear cap

To Calgary : Jack Eichel

To Buffalo : (2021) First-Round Pick, (2021) Second-Round Pick, Juuso Valimaki, Dustin Wolf, Jakob Pelletier and Sam Bennett

G Dustin Wolf, 19
46GP | 34-10-2 | 1.88 GAA

LHD Juuso Valimaki, 22
17GP | 0G 6A | 6Pts

RW Jakob Pelletier, 19
WJC - 7Pts in 7GP
16GP | 6G 18A | 24Pts

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20 Feb 2021 15:58:23
Not enough for Eichel but the Flames don't need this me first coach killer.

20 Feb 2021 16:13:41
I think you've got decent value there, although goalies don't usually carry much value, but I'm pretty sure Buffalo would want one of the players that you don't want to give up. At least one of Tkachuk, Lindholm, Dube or Andersson would need to be included, IMO.

20 Feb 2021 17:15:02
I think any trade for Eichel would have to include Monahan or Gaudreau. If the Flames have Lindholm and Eichel, it'd make more sense to keep Backlund and either trade Monahan or convert him to wing anyhow.

And Lucic isn't going anywhere he doesn't want to with that NTC. He'll waive for the expansion draft and probably would for Vancouver too but that's about it.

Eichel is overrated but he's still worth Monahan or Gaudreau plus adds. The question is what would the adds need to be?

20 Feb 2021 20:22:48
Is Guadreau or Monahan in there as a cap dump because there is absolutely no reason that a rebuilding team would want either.

20 Feb 2021 20:26:10
LMAO eichel is overrated? I’m a leafs fan and I will say Eichel=Mathews. Monahan is not even a top 45C in the NHL and Eichel is a borderline top 10 player in the nhl. Guadreau isn’t bad but players like him and Hall aren’t who you build around. He’s a great supporting winger to a 1C which Calgary does not have.

20 Feb 2021 23:58:17
@Nylander Don't be ridiculous. I didn't say Eichel isn't a first line center or isn't one of the better first line centers around. All I said was that he's overrated. To be clear he's very good but he's not elite like many believe.

I also said it would take Monny or Johnny plus adds (plural since you don't seen to have noticed) . If that doesn't tell you I rate Eichel quite a bit higher than either Monny or Johnny I don't know what to say. In fact it might take Monny AND Johnny.

I agree you don't build around the Gaudreaus and Halls, they're complementary players.

Monahan isn't one of the better 1st line centers but he is an adequate one. I'd rank him towards the bottom of first line centers and Lindholm at least a few spots ahead of that. Before you bring it up, yes a few teams have better centers playing on the 2nd line. For that matter, Monahan himself is now the defacto 2nd line center in Calgary.

21 Feb 2021 15:22:51
Not sure what you define as elite but if Eichel isn’t elite Mathews and Crosby aren’t either. Eichel> Prime Jarome Iginla.

21 Feb 2021 15:27:21
Monahan and Guadreau for Eichel don’t even get the conversation started. Monahan isn’t a 1c Kadri>>Monahan as all around player he’s to old for Buffalo to want to build around and as per Guadreau the Sabres they have Skinner being payed 9 million for the next 7 seasons and Hall who is going to demand a pretty penny as well. They do not need or want either players. I’m sure they’d take both and retrade them but that just doesn’t happen.

21 Feb 2021 15:28:50
A fair trade for Mathews/ Eichel would be-

Mathew Tkachuk
Rasmus Anderson
Sam Bennet
1st 2021
2nd 2022.

22 Feb 2021 01:48:41
You lost me at Kadri >> monahan

I'll agree he's not a 1c, but Kadri is not above him.

22 Feb 2021 03:58:07
You think Eichel = Matthews and Kadri > Monahan? That's where you're wrong.

Matthews > Eichel
Monahan > Kadri

Eichel I'd rate somewhere around 10th to 15th best center in the league. Dailyfaceoff rates him as the #9 center but as I said earlier I think he's a little overrated.

Matthews is rated #6 there but that's going to rise if he keeps playing the way he has been lately. For that matter McDavid is only rated #5 and Draisaitl #1.

Hall will likely go to whatever good team offers him the most next year and there's a good chance he'll wind up being a playoff rental this year for the team of his choice.



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