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22 Feb 2021 21:20:11
Never going to happen, but a wild one:

SJS Acquire:
- Sergei Bobrovsky (10 M till 26/ 27)
- Keith Yandle (6M till 23/ 24)
- Brett Connoly (3M till 23/ 24)

FLA Acquires:
- Martin Jones (5.75 M till 24/ 25)
- Erik Karlsson (11.5 M till 27/ 28)
- Marcus Sorensen (1.5M till 21/ 22)

Cap Difference is minimal, it's basically a Bobrovsky for Karlsson swap, with Jones and Yandle included as replacements at their positions.

Florida does this to take a chance on EK, since Bob has essentially lost his starting job to Dreidger, and EK should be a huge upgrade on Yandle, even though he's been pretty brutal in SJ, playing alongside Ekblad, Stralman and Weegar should help. Getting out of Connoly's contract for Sorensen's UFA contract is also a plus, despite having to take on the extra year of Jones compared to Yandle, and the extra year of Karlsson compared to Bob.

SJ does this to take a chance on Bob, who's stunk in Florida, but may be able to turn it around (maybe not, but its equally as likely as Karlsson), and they also get a goalie who is somehow better than whatever Martin Jones provides. Yandle's a dropoff from Karlsson, but he's also a year less than Jones (as is Bob compared to EK), and the difference is taking on Connoly's contract, which may be flippable with retention for a pick or so.

Everyone who has an NMC/ NTC would likely waive here just because its going from a Sunny state to another Sunny state, and everyone could use a change of scenery.

Definitely not realistic at all, but could be a fun trade.

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22 Feb 2021 22:20:01
Holy cow, you really put a lot of thought into that trade! Well explained. As you said not likely, but you've come you with some good reasons to at least think about it.

22 Feb 2021 22:46:58
I think it’s a super cool idea

22 Feb 2021 23:56:04
TSS always has the most well thought out posts. hmm. this is really interesting, both Bob and EK could flourish on a new team. would maybe SJ need to add a pick, jus due to the extra year of Karlsson contract, over goalie Bobs I dunno.

Like always TSS well thought out.

23 Feb 2021 00:37:12
This is definitely an interesting trade well done.

Another point to consider is that the Florida players may reject the deal because of the Florida tax savings to earn more.

So they might just prefer Sunny and Tax free money than a change in scenery.

Overall an intriguing trade proposal.

23 Feb 2021 00:57:22
Florida adds Karlsson is still a top pairing guy the Sharks just suck. Bob on the other hand isn’t a NHL caliber player.

23 Feb 2021 03:19:22
Ayeeee, thank you all for the kind words, means a ton! I was just thinking of a way on how Florida may be able to upgrade their team for an even stronger playoff push, and altho Yandles playing well, everyone involved here is def. i. need of a change of scenery. And @datsyuk, i completely forgot about Floridas tax-free state stuff, I don’t think Cali has that, so yeah, Bob and co. may not be so willing to move.

Could def see a pick/ prospect to FLA to balance out the years as well @sosa, since were in a pretty dead cap, so maybe a 3rd or so? Still tho, something like this is so unlikely to happen, but i'm pretty sure this is the only way that guys like EK/ Bob/ Jeff Skinner get moved.

23 Feb 2021 15:38:22
Very cool idea, good job TSS

I know you said it’s unrealistic and just for fun, but I always think ‘why would the player want this’ after ‘why it makes sense for each team’ and Datsyuk kinda touched on it.

Karlsson makes $11.5M in one of the highest taxed states. For him to go from a nice climate, high tax on a bad team to a nice climate, low tax and better team is a no brainer.

But it was the worst kept secret that Bob was signing in Florida for a year prior. He wanted it, like a lot of Russian guys, for the Miami lifestyle. I see no way he would waive to leave the city he chose and take a massive hit to his bottom line of guaranteed money

But that’s looking deep into a scenario that you know is far fetched and unrealistic to begin with. Great read though and post more because yours are always good and thought provoking!

23 Feb 2021 22:46:39
Ya. TSS, I think a 3rd or 4th would be fair.
It probably wouldn't happen, like you say, but also like you say, only way to really deal with these outrageous contracts.



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