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01 Mar 2021 20:16:16

Rielly extension in place

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02 Mar 2021 01:13:41
Idek I love Dahlin but that seems like to much. Switch Robertson to a lesser prospect or take out Sandin and I’d probably pull the trigger but it would hurt.

02 Mar 2021 03:18:15
Easy no for Buffalo.

02 Mar 2021 13:38:37
Just curious what offer would it take the Jets to land Dahlin? Not that the Jets want Dahlin or willing to give up the pieces.

02 Mar 2021 19:04:48
Jets probable look at Morrissey, ehlers and Lowry?

02 Mar 2021 20:15:56
This is never going to happen, but if I had to say, it looks like it's probably a bit much from Toronto.

From the above Chabot/ Dahlin, Chabot is about the same as Dahlin, meaning that Rielly with an extension is less valuable than Dahlin, since the difference between Chabot and Rielly is really only age, both are superb offensive dmen on their respective teams. The 4 year difference likely is a difference of one of Sandin or Robertson, the 1st is probably too little.

With Olofsson and Nylander, the argument can be made for either player. 'oh Nylander is soft and overpaid' isn't an argument considering Nylander has 19 points in 23 points and is locked in for the next four years at 6.5 appx. which is honestly a solid contract for a guy of his production. Both were picked in 2014, so there's no age difference, and Olofsson may end up better than Nylander, but only time will tell. As of right now, Nylander has the better resume, so it's only fair to say that at least, Nylander=Olofsson.

So, I'd say adding Robertson AND Sandin is probably too much. One of them, Rielly and Nylander and even a 1st, since I'd say Dahlin>Chabot, so Dahlin>>Rielly, is probably the right package.

02 Mar 2021 22:42:34
Still don't see buffalo's motivation. You don't trade 20 (21 in a month) cornerstone D-men, without getting a great piece. Getting a 6 year older d-man that is not as good defensively seems really bad. I'm not sure the point of nylander and olofson in here, both are better where they're at.



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