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08 Mar 2021 12:48:02
Nashville Trades
Forsberg (50% of Contract Retained)
6th Round Pick 2021

Toronto Trades
Sandin (AHL)
1st Round Pick 2021
2nd Round Pick 2021

Nashville at the start of a retool/rebuild, in this trade proposal gives them both NHL Players now and in the future, yes there Top Player right now but to make a dent on what they would be looking at Forsberg and Ekholm are the only 2 players that give them the most in any trade.

Toronto as everyone knows are all in to try and win this year, this might be an overpayment but it would be worth getting Forsberg to round out there Top 6, losing Mikheyev and Engvall hurts some yes but once Simmonds returns from IR, and with Vesey playing better and Boyd showing he is also proving to be a very good Bottom 6 Centre, losing Mikheyev and Engvall doesn't weaken them to bad with there good depth.

Thoughts ?

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08 Mar 2021 15:13:13
Look at what Mark Stone got and use that as a comparible.

08 Mar 2021 16:24:44
I honestly think the Leafs should look at minor tweaks, not look for the home run. this is a good team.

08 Mar 2021 16:28:57
They should try and find a Kassian type. if your an opposing team, and have to deal with the top 2 lines , then have a Kassian type crazy lunatic playing on the bottom 6. would be a nightmare to play against. Your either getting scored on or getting beat up.

08 Mar 2021 16:36:31
@Nylander yeah Stone trade is a good benchmark. Brannstrom > Sandin, Evengal and Mikheyev > Lindbergh and 2nd round pick. I guess first would be for retention and the extra years on contract (Stone was UFA) . So I think it’s a pretty reasonable trade.

08 Mar 2021 17:12:59
Woah I don’t see how Brannstrom>Sandin. Sandin has NHL experience and has looked like the leafs best dman at times. The leafs are just so deep on the left side that they don’t have the minutes to give to a 20 year old dman. Lilijgren is a better comparible to Brannstrom. I’d put Sandin in the Bouchard/ Broberg region of value just below Sinder/ Dobson/ Boqvist.

08 Mar 2021 18:22:20
Look at there numbers Nylander, there very close. Brannstrom was valued really high at the time of the trade though.

08 Mar 2021 19:52:46
I agree with Sosa. If Simmonds is healthy they have someone that will fight at least. I’d be happy with Bennett or a UFA in Foligno. Not a big fighter but will fight anyone to stand up for his team. Kassian would be nice too Sosa but I wouldn’t want to give up someone of value. I’m sure Edmonton would like a potential top 6 forward for him.

08 Mar 2021 21:44:29
I think kassian is too much of a loose cannon. He gets caught up in side show garbage too much. I want a guy that plays like him but is mentally strong enough to not get pulled into taking penalties.

I loved the way Kadri played at times but then he would go too far and really hurt us. Simmonds this year was perfect. He played physical, chipped in offense, the team played a bit bigger when he’s out there but he doesn’t take bad penalties

I haven’t noticed kassian doing it in the games I’ve watched this year, so maybe he’s got better but over the last cpl years I saw him get so frustrated and then take a dumb penalty away from the play at a brutal time in the game multiple times.

09 Mar 2021 01:15:00
I didn't mean Kassian himself. I meant someone like him, however, I can't really think of anyone quite like him lol. someone along those lines though.

09 Mar 2021 18:52:11
Yeah. He’s kinda a rare breed these days.



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