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11 Mar 2021 12:05:33
Detroit Trades
6th Round Pick 2021

Toronto Trades
1st Round Pick 2021
2nd Round Pick 2021

With Detroit in full rebuild and this season lost this is a trade for the future, Hyman and Ryan are UFAs after this season so these 2 players don't come into play long term as they can sign anywhere after this season, so in the big picture it's Mantha and a 6th Rounder for Kerfoot and a 1st and 2nd Rounder a rebuild type of trade.

Now to Trade Hyman probably wouldn't sit well with most Leaf fans but in the big picture are they better with Mantha and Ryan or Hyman and Kerfoot ? I believe Mantha and Ryan gives them a better overall Team, once Simmonds comes back he replaces the grit of Hyman, also to get Mantha without retaining any Contract Hyman's contract has to go.

Thoughts ?

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11 Mar 2021 13:21:37
Austin Mathews will be moved before Hyman. Marner and Mathews are very important to the leafs but not as important as Hyman.

11 Mar 2021 13:51:03
1. Mantha likely isn't going to be traded unless Yzerman receives an offer that's astounding enough to let go of a Top 6 forward signed for the next 3 years for a team friendly salary. You would need to offer up more than just 2 pending UFAs and a late 1st and 2nd rounder.

2. Hyman has a modified no trade clause which gives him the option to submit a list of 10 teams he WONT let them trade him to, I'm 1000% sure the Red Wings would make that list as he doesn't want to go from a playoff team to a rebuilder for 3 months.

3. If Toronto traded for Mantha they'd be handicapped for team salary next season. Toronto still needs to look at their goaltending situation and figure out if they re-sign Andersen or look on the market for another option.

11 Mar 2021 14:01:02
Remember Hyman is a UFA after this season, I agree if he is signed long term to not trade him, but this is about giving The Leafs the best shot at winning The Cup this year, and I still feel personally that Mantha and Ryan give them an overall better chance than Hyman and Kerfoot do this season, also remember that Simmonds gives the Leafs sandpaper in the bottom 6 just like Hyman does, plus Mantha is a beast on the wing on a Top 6, with Ryan adding more scoring, speed and size as well, if Hyman wants to resign this off season with The Leafs that's there to long term.
The next move will truly be one of the most important move The Leafs do or don't do to give them the best shot of winning The Cup.

11 Mar 2021 14:22:26
First off Detroit is rebuilding and Mantha hasn't been the problem agreed but he isn't the answer either with Detroit buried in last place.
Mantha isn't a point a game player so to put him up there with that type of player in trading him doesn't add up.
Second the only UFA is Hyman not Kerfoot he is signed 2yrs after this season at 3.5m a year.
If you think Yzerman will sit back and not look to improve the future team you are wrong, you build through the Draft and Yzerman knows that, so yes this trade proposal does just that.
The Leafs next year will be adding young roster players which are on cheap contracts, players like.
Robertson, Brooks, Joey Anderson, Sandin, Liljegren, possibly Hallander and maybe more will become NHLers so Mantha's contract won't hurt them like you think.

11 Mar 2021 14:23:56
You just gave your reasons why it benefits Toronto but how does it benefit Detroit. Detroit isn’t a playoff team so acquiring an expiring Hyman and a 26 year old 3C isn’t worth much to them. The 1st would likely be 20-32 overall. They can easily get a better package than this for Mantha

11 Mar 2021 14:24:37
Hyman will be resigned long term and if 1 player will take a discount it is Hyman his family’s is worth a few shades under a billion dollars and Toronto is his hometown. Worst case the leafs will trade Nylander to make room he is that crucial to the team.

11 Mar 2021 19:00:37
I agree hyman will give up money for long term. Money has never been as important to him as other players because yes, he came from extreme wealth. He only wanted to play for the leafs originally which is why he wouldn’t sign with FLa and they traded him here. He will stay. I wouldn’t be shocked if he has a “deal in principle” and not sign till after the expansion draft to help the leafs with the protection list.

I will never understand any proposal trying to improve the leafs for a playoff run while shipping Hyman out. He’s never taken a shift off in 5 years and makes every line he plays on better. PP, Pk 1st to 3rd line. Leafs need another guy like him, not less of him.

11 Mar 2021 19:45:53
As a Red Wings fan, yes I do know Yzerman is looking to improve the team for the future and build through the draft. Assuming Toronto makes the playoffs, and goes deeper than the 1st round, that 1st and 2nd round pick will be late in the draft.

As for Kerfoot, if Detroit trades Mantha and gets him back as a piece, he automatically becomes the most likely player to be taken by Seattle since he's not NTC protected, is only 26 and signed for low cost. If he's a value piece to this trade, he wouldn't be of value to Detroit for very long.

I don't see this trade being of any more value to Detroit than what Mantha already brings in value. A 6 foot 5 234 pound 26 year old power forward whose proven he can score 20-30 goals per year, signed for less than $6mill until he's 29.

I'll counter you with Mantha for Nylander straight up because the 1.3 million Toronto saves in cap will come in handy if needed to extend either Hyman or Andersen.

17 Mar 2021 14:19:09
I agree Stevie moves Mantha for another top fwd like a Nylander calibre but Mantha does not get moved to Toronto as Nylander isn't a Stevie kind of player. Unless Toronto wants to move Sandin or Liljigren in a package.



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