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28 Mar 2021 13:00:00
Nashville Trades

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Idk if Nashville would be looking at a retool type of trade proposal like this or more of a seller type trade, but this is value for value very even.

Ekholm is solid but not in the same class as Rielly, but Kerfoot and Mikheyev are solid but not in the same class as Forsberg, Andersen for Rinne is a wash and both are UFAs after this season, but for The Leafs Rinne is healthy so that's why the Leafs add Mikheyev in the deal.

And yes with a 20 man roster The Leafs are just under the cap in this proposal.

Thoughts ?

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28 Mar 2021 14:32:58

28 Mar 2021 19:08:27
The Blue Jackets are rolling on the floor laughing over that.

28 Mar 2021 19:26:28
This is basically Reilly for Forsberg and Ekholm. firstly, that’s awful value for Preds and secondly if they’re going to blow it up they’ll want to get younger and get draft capital.

28 Mar 2021 19:59:27
Basically Rielly for Forsberg and Ekholm? What Kerfoot and Mikheyev aren't NHL Players?
See how The Leafs play without Kerfoot and Mikheyev they will be a weaker team.
What you said makes no sense.

28 Mar 2021 20:29:19
I agree with Websjac.

Mikeyev is useful, fast and good on the PK. He'd be a nice addition to the bottom 6 but it'll take more than Reilly and Mykayev to pry Forsberg alone out of Columbus.

Kerfoote. Put it this way, Kerfoote is the very first player Leafs fans try to dump in just about every single Leafs trade proposal here. That should tell you everything you need to know about his value.

And Anderson can't see Columbus having much interest in him. They'd just stick with Rinne.

28 Mar 2021 20:47:29
Kerfoot is in most proposals because salary has to go out to bring in a player, and he can play he isn't a 4th line player, so you need to look at the reality of The Salary Cap as this is why Kerfoot is in most proposals.

28 Mar 2021 20:54:58
My bad, Nashville, not Columbus.

28 Mar 2021 22:05:50
Why do you keep calling the preds Columbus?

28 Mar 2021 22:18:45
MoxNix is so out to lunch that he thinks Nashville is Columbus lol also Rielly>Forsburg a 1D is much harder to find the 1st line winger. Kerfoot is worth about what Andreas Johnsson is worth he’s is in every leafs trade because there roster composition. He’s expendable due to his cap hit.

29 Mar 2021 01:30:35
@Pinball sorry I should have clarified. Mikheyev and Kerfoot are good players but useless to a rebuilding teams.
I’ll put this trade in perspective of my sens: Andersen, Muzzin and Nylander (keep in my mind this would be less valuable than Forsberg, Ekholm and Forsberg) for Chabot (who’s more valuable than Reilly imo), Murray, Anisimov and Bishop.

29 Mar 2021 12:46:36
@Websjac - Forsberg, Ekholm and Forsberg? Lol

Between people not knowing what city we are talking about and others trading the same player twice in a single transaction, maybe everyone needs to take a second, breathe and actually read/ think before typing to attack the proposal

I don’t think it’s the right type of package for Nashville, but it’s not terrible value. Kerfoot is in proposals because just like Kapanen and Johnsson, they were the 3 top9 players that weren’t part of the core that also made $3M+. Just reality in a cap league. Leafs pay scale is top heavy and then filled in with cheap players. Middle class guys get squeezed out a bit. To bring in any player for top 6, $$$ has to leave

Wont be Matthews, Tavares or Marner. Makes no sense to trade Nylander for top 6 help. And after that, only guys that make more than $2.25M is Kerfoot and Dmen like Rielly, Muzzin and Brodie. It’s not rocket science why Kerfoot is in most Leafs proposals.

29 Mar 2021 15:44:03
Sampson is speaking facts.



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