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29 Mar 2021 13:40:05
Mtl:3rd pick 2021

Rangers:Deangelo(50% retain)

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29 Mar 2021 14:37:17
If he could be had for that price, it would be a good investment. My assumption is that the Rangers are asking far too much for him. If they thought his value was only a 3rd round pick, I would have to think the deal would have been done a long time ago and they could all move on

The fact he’s still there and they’re still paying him $5M to sit out tells me their ask is more like a 1st round pick or something similar which teams aren’t willing to pay.

29 Mar 2021 15:49:44
Don't think Montreal should/ would want to take on DeAngelo's issues, even if he's a decent enough offensive dman. Even with 50% retained, I doubt he gets a chance in the NHL again, especially on a contender like MTL.

29 Mar 2021 16:52:25
Sampson, I have no idea why you think Ranger wants too much for him, he was on waivers. He could of been had for free. The only reason why Mtl is giving them a third is because they are retaining him. The player doesn’t have much value because of his off ice issues and the fact he was on waivers.

29 Mar 2021 17:35:02
The Rangers put him on waivers to get him off their roster. They knew he wasn’t playing for them anymore and needed someone in his spot. They were probably pretty confident that at that moment, between the story being fresh and the full $5M cap hit, he would clear. Not many competing teams have $5M space. So they will take back a salary but will want good value for a 25 year old RHD who put up 50+ pts. He has value. It’s just a trickier trade to make.

29 Mar 2021 22:00:39
Slava Voynov is a great dman. Far better then DeAngelo as a all around player ( defensively he is elite ) . The same reason no one wants DeAngelo is the same reason no one wants Voynov. Bad PR.

30 Mar 2021 00:10:03
Sampson, your opinion is that he has value but what you think isn’t necessarily reality. In this case I believe he doesn’t have value at 5 million a year. Yes he had 50 +points but since he is soo hard to fit in a locker room, the fact that he is overpaid atm for what he produce this year when he did play is also keeping his value next to none. Sampson I think you need to realize that you don’t know a lot about hockey abs should read more instead of posting nonsense.

30 Mar 2021 04:21:37
Sampson made some good points IMO. 5M is irrelevant when you have him being traded at 50%. I think he’d have value at 2.5M but it’s hard to say because he hasn’t been moved yet. And Nylander, didn’t Voynov beat his wife and get deported? Just a little different.

30 Mar 2021 06:20:35
Both Voynov and DeAngelo give similar degrees of pad pr is the point Ebsolutley.

30 Mar 2021 12:00:21
@JAndersonBPF. I know you were trying to insult me but you made my exact point. You’re criticizing me for believing he still has value. Then you say he may have value but not at $5M a year. I agree and that's what I said when I said they will have to take money back or a contract to get a better return

Here’s the kicker, your proposal doesn’t have him at $5M. It’s your own proposal and you can’t keep it straight. Your explanation for giving them low value is he makes $5M yet you have him only making $2.4M. You don’t get both lol he’s worth more than a 3rd and if you want them to hold cap for you this year and next, he’s worth far more.

31 Mar 2021 00:06:11
HUGE no from MTL.



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