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03 Apr 2021 12:15:43
Detroit Trades
Bernier (50% of Contract Retained)

Toronto Trades
Hirvonen (SHL)
Kokkonen (SHL)
1st Round Pick 2021

The reason Detroit makes this trade are obvious as it's a rebuild trade proposal with the 2 prospects plus the 1st round pick, and anyone saying it's not enough really look at what Detroit is getting in this deal.

For The Leafs adding Mantha only makes all the lines stronger as Hyman can slide to the third line with Mantha on the top line with Matthews and Marner, with Detroit having a lost season weather FAndersen plays anymore this season it doesn't matter to Detroit, for The Leafs they need another Goaltender that's healthy going into the playoffs.

Bernier's retention is needed to expand the 20 man roster to fit the cap and waiver issues dealing with only a 20 man roster and taxi squad.

Thoughts ?

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03 Apr 2021 19:18:52
One thought I have is that if post c.v., the divisions get switched back.

Detroit is not going to want to move Mantha to an eastern conference team.

If we move him, the goal would be western conference. That’s a reason, I just don’t see Mantha to Leafs as plausible.

03 Apr 2021 19:33:30
Evaluating this particular deal, should it be proposed regardless of realistic of Mantha being sent to Toronto.

From Detroit view, this seems like more quantity vs quality in terms of value.

Like I get Kerfoot is there for cap, yes we would want a first but the other 2 prospects don’t seem to fill needs we have.

Detroit is looking for Centre prospects or Defenseman. Based on Toronto’s prospect pool, I would ask for Sandin or Lilijgren. The forward group of prospects look a little underwhelming from my perspective.

Honestly the Bernier/ FAnderson add ins seem pointless for both sides.

Toronto can move FAndersen elsewhere for a pick or another goalie. Bernier can just get moved for a pick on his own.

Mantha for Kerfoot, 1st and Sandin/ Lilijgren would be my ask from Leafs (If it’s Lilijgren, there may need to be a small add but that is very what I would look for)

03 Apr 2021 19:37:55
@Datsyuk generally the not wanting to help teams in same conference only applies when teams are competitive. Rebuilding teams should and will usually just take best offer.

03 Apr 2021 19:44:08
@Daytsuk agree I like a Mantha for 1st, Kerfoot, Lilijgren and a late pick makes sense for both teams. Goalies look better on bad teams as you tend to get more shots (inflated stats), while good teams tend to allow less shots but still have a lot of breakaways and odd man rushes. Andersen is better than Bernier in my mind, and Bernier on the Leafs has already proven to not be the right goalie.

03 Apr 2021 21:17:59

That does make when it comes to taking the best offer. However, I am sure teams will definitely look to the opposite conference first to see what they can get.

I am just saying that it’s more common to look outside the conference when possible as an ideal situation.

Plus it’s been awhile since Detroit and Toronto made a trade. So not really expecting it to happen given limited trade history.

03 Apr 2021 21:22:04
@Webs, yeah that trade does make more sense. Honestly would be happy with Sandin + a 2nd + Kerfoot (cap)

Just imagining a Sandin-Seider pairing would be pretty cool

I agree Anderson is the better goalie and right now for Detroit we would look for Goalie prospects.

So for both sides, shipping the goalies to other teams make it better than a swap.

03 Apr 2021 21:23:33
I will admit I don’t know much about Hirovonen or Kokkonen.

If I have more insights into their projection and play style?
that might change my view on them and their value.

03 Apr 2021 21:42:24
Datsyuk_Fan13 and Websjac
There is also a Cap Problem with Mantha making 5.7m compared to Kerfoot and 3.5m, Bernier at 1.5m with 50% Contract Retained and Andersen and his 5m hit makes this trade proposal work to keep The Leafs under the cap, Detroit isn't retaining the rest of Mantha's contract with how much and how long they would have to eat half of that contract, so Bernier at only this season makes the most sense, you have to be inventive to keep under the cap and with Campbell playing like a #1 FAndersen is the player to improve the Leafs at forward.

04 Apr 2021 01:39:51
@Pinball, I understand that the Leafs would need more cap space to fit Mantha as you described.

Trading Andersen elsewhere for picks/ prospects would still allow his cap to be moved to make room for Mantha.

It does not need to move all cap in the same trade. I don’t see the Leafs being interested in bringing back Bernier either.

I see them targeting Raanta or another goalie they have not had before.

04 Apr 2021 04:00:32
Bernier wasn't the problem in Toronto neither was Reimer, they where just a terrible team in the 3yrs he was here, he had a good save% and GAA was very respectful.
Look up Bernier's stats while a Leaf, they where good, you can't blame Bernier or Reimer being on those Leaf Teams and again you can't blame him for being on that terrible Detroit Team this year, he would fit in here and he is healthy.



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