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25 Apr 2021 05:07:16
Habs turn around

Mtl- ask price too waive for Seattle and give up 2 2nd pick 2021( Tampa Bay)for the pick up.

Trade Weber back too nashvile retain 1m for scissons and ekholm-

Mtl- drouin-suzuki-guhle-1st pick 2022

Buff- Eichel

Mtl offer 36 M 3year to Ovechkin

Price From Seatle area and a good superstar for ticket selling. Nsh take back Weber too have control on his contract because if he retired prematurely, they get an massive cap penalty so they can put him on ltir instead, I think mtl give good asset for eichel, Drouin for cap reason and he's a 40-45pts a year player




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25 Apr 2021 06:29:04
It'd take more than a pair of 2nd round picks for Seattle to agree to take on Price and his contract. A LOT more.

Nashville isn't shopping Ekholm anymore, they plan on resigning him now.

Eichel. I think teams will be waiting to see how he looks after recovering from surgery before talking about trading for him.

Ovechkin won't be leaving Washington except maybe after he retires. Not to mention 3 mil a year for a PPG player is a joke regardless of age, 31 other teams would offer more.

25 Apr 2021 14:40:16
Looks to me like they were saying 12m/ yr, not 3.and I agree though. Ovechkin will never leave Washington.

25 Apr 2021 14:43:18
First part I don’t mind. Similar thing happened with Fleury and it ended up looking good for Vegas. Prices contract is much worse but Seattle will probably need to hit cap floor so maybe they take it on.
Second one makes no sense for Nashville; Ekholm is better than Weber in pretty much every way: age, skill, etc. Hard pass from Nash.
I agree with MoxNix, I think teams will be hesitant on Eichel. It’s tough to give up a lot of valuable pieces for a guy that may end up making your team worse. Eichel is a proven loser who rarely shows any effort. Suzuki’s a hard worker and already meshes well with current core. Keep Suzuki and hope Guhle and the 1st pan out.
And I can’t see any way OV doesn’t end up back in Washington. No matter how much money you throw at him, Caps will always match.

25 Apr 2021 15:13:22
Lmao what a poor evaluation on Eichel clearly you have never seen him play he is hands down the most competitive players in the NHL on par with Hyman, Gallagher, etc he gives his all every game. He’s a player you build around but Buffalo has incompetent management much like the Oilers had for years.

25 Apr 2021 16:57:09
@Nylander why is it that Hall has more points playing with Krejci and Smith than he did playing with Eichel despite playing a fifth of the games.

25 Apr 2021 17:35:24
Mr. Extreme Hockey Knowledge, (Nylander) is not to be questioned.
He is the guru of all things hockey.

25 Apr 2021 18:12:48
@Renidrag I just don’t understand why he thinks Eichel is the best in the league. He’s stated he’d trade Matthews for Eichel. Each year with Eichel Buffalo has been one of the worst and everyone that has played with him has played better on other teams after leaving him.
I’m not saying Eichel is bad just that he’s slightly overrated as he’s never shown team success or the ability to play for wins.

25 Apr 2021 19:30:01
Nylander is again the most delusional guy on here period.

Bergevin said he would not trade price for a 40 goals scorer a few years ago, if Montreal trade for less then that they lose the trade.

I would trade
Nuge and Smith for a solid goalie like price! With price with the oilers we would beat the leafs in 4.

26 Apr 2021 16:06:36
Some players just don’t mesh well with others. Hall and Eichel both like to hold and carry the puck. They were a bad pair to start. Eichel is a player that should be doing all the work on the line and have a competent 2 way player or grinder to go with him.

Tkachuk-Eichel-Rienhart I think that’d be a great line off the top of my head.



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