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02 May 2021 09:35:36

Mtl:Toffoli,2rd 2021

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02 May 2021 12:27:38
No from Montreal. Monahan is a floater, Toffoli can actually score goals.

02 May 2021 16:55:07
Make it Gaudreau instead of Monahan.

02 May 2021 17:50:28
Adding to that.

If the Flames were to trade Monahan they'd need to get a center in return. Backlund can go back to centering the 2nd line but they'd need another center too, preferably a young one with potential to take over as 2C in a few years.

On the Canadians that'd be Kotkaniemi. Danault is a decent 3C but he's never going to be a 2C and he's a UFA this summer anyhow. Whichever team is willing to pay him the most likely winds up with him next year.

The Flames would probably consider Toffoli + Kotkaniemi for Monahan but the Habs have such high hopes for him they'd almost certainly balk at trading him.

02 May 2021 19:13:21
Kotekneimi was drafted 3rd overall 2 years ago. The habs aren’t trading him for anyone on the flames outside of Tkachuk and MAYBE Lindholm.

03 May 2021 00:17:32
I think I said this on the last post, but trading an emerging player who has great chemistry with your young players (specifically Suzuki who has looked amazing) is exactly how you lose your job as a GM. Toffoli will 100% be a Hab next year no matter how tempting it may be to sell high.

03 May 2021 17:01:15
@Websjac Who said anything about Suzuki?

04 May 2021 02:19:59
MoxNix, Suzuki has had a career year playing on a line with Toffoli. I’m saying Toffoli has made Suzuki a better player.

04 May 2021 15:48:48
I got it shortly after typing that. I have to say they did look good together on that goal last night.

04 May 2021 16:30:41
Can't read too much into it but according to Twitter Habs practice this morning had these lines:

Anderson – Danault – Caufield
Toffoli – Suzuki – Armia
Frolik – Staal – Perry
Kotkaniemi – Evans — Lehkonen

Danault centering the first line, Suzuki the second and Kotkaniemi playing wing on the fourth line.

04 May 2021 18:11:26
Id say the 4th line you have listed is actually the 3rd., but who knows.
I haven't been impressed with Staal this year, but maybe In the playoffs he will be better, he doesn't have the speed and skill anymore to keep up IMO. Perry might be slow, but he is still crafty with the puck, and his net front presence is very valuable.
And I was really liking Evans with Caufield.
Hopefully when some of the injured players come back, they keep Toffoli, Suzuki and Armia together. Armia has looked really good with those 2 .

Not sure why KK would be demoted, I thought he was playing a good physical game .

04 May 2021 19:54:18
These are the lines that I see listed.

Anderson - Danault - Caufield
Toffoli - Suzuki - Armia
Lehkonen - Kotkaniemi - Evans
Frolik - Staal - Perry

Edmundson - Petry
Kulak - Chiarot
Romanov - Merrill


04 May 2021 21:22:22
@Thunder_Turkey I saw that too in one place, but most places are listing the lineup I posted.

I'd guess they tried both lineups at different times during the practice. Like I said in the first place we can't read too much into it yet.

@sosahabs regarding which is 3rd/ 4th line I was thinking the same thing. I just cut and pasted what I found on Twitter, TSN and a couple other placese.



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