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23 Jun 2021 01:46:11
My Sens Rebuild:
-Resign Batherson, Dzingel, Amadio and Tkachuk, Mete
-Draft McTavish at 10
-Trade with Calgary. Gets a 2C
Ottawa: Monahan
Calgary: Logan Brown, Chris Tierney, Tampa 2nd, Ottawa 2nd
-Lose Daccord to Seattle in expansion draft
-Sign Sanderson
2021 roster of:



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23 Jun 2021 03:33:49
That doesn't get you Monahan.

Trades have to work for both teams not just one. Calgary isn't going to downgrade by trading Monahan for a 3rd/ 4th line center, a prospect who can't even crack the Senators roster at center and a pair of 2nd round picks.

Change Logan Brown to Connor Brown who actually fills a need for Calgary (right shot RW) and Calgary probably does it.

Tierney wouldn't even be necessary though if Ottawa needs him included for cap reasons it would be useful to have him around to center the 3rd line for a year. Adam Ruzika will likely be filling that role in another year or two and Connor Zary (the Flames best prospect at center) should be ready for the NHL by then too.

23 Jun 2021 03:54:58
Monahan has declined the last 2 years. Sens take a chance on him to return to form despite significant drops in production and ability 2 years ago and the year before. He also makes over 6M, which if you’re going to call Nylander overpaid then he is way overpaid.
My friend who’s a Calgary fan said this was actually too much for Monahan so got to disagree with y’a there MoxNix.

23 Jun 2021 03:56:55
@Moxnix I’d like to know what you think Calgary is getting for Monahan tho because you’re definitely the most delusional on the site.

23 Jun 2021 08:30:39
Monahan had back to back 30 goal seasons 2 and 3 seasons ago. He wasn’t bad last year, he was still a 48pt player. This season was obviously a really bad season for him but Calgary as a whole was really bad. I think if the sens offered their 10th Overall Selection this year straight up for Monahan then it would be more than fair.

Sens : 10th Overall
Flames : Sean Monahan

It’s more than a fair price, he’s also a C and signed for another 2 years which is very valuable. Monahan is also relatively young at 26 years old. He went through 2 coaches and played through injuries this year like you got to take that in consideration to why he wasn’t the greatest.

23 Jun 2021 08:34:44
MoxNix is right though. Flames have no use for Logan Brown or Chris Tierney. They will have those positions filled, more than enough centers. Monahan, Lindholm, Backlund, Dube, Ruzicka, Gawdin. They have a bunch of players that can or have played C. Those 2 second round picks wouldn’t hold much value to acquire an established player like Monahan. Don’t overlook him cause of one bad season when the whole team was dog sh**.

23 Jun 2021 08:35:44
Adding above ^^ Calgary has trouble scoring as it is so I don’t see them parting with one of their best goal scorers for two 3rd Liners. Not trying to sound rude, they’re still good players.

23 Jun 2021 11:04:08
If we’re shipping the 10th overall I’d rather get Reinhart.

23 Jun 2021 11:45:16
Monahan is overrated there’s a reason why the flames haven’t done much they haven’t had a legit number one center.

23 Jun 2021 13:06:08
Monahan isn’t worth the 10th overall. Even in this draft.

23 Jun 2021 13:11:16
@hockeyfan1994 Elite 2C/ Fringe 1C imo you do realize Monahan is ranked #3 in his draft class in points right? Ahead of Drouin, Lindholm, Horvat, Domi, Mantha and is barely behind Barkov by 26 points. He may not be a legit 1C but he’s a very valuable and good player.

23 Jun 2021 14:09:07
Domi sucks, Drouin is a bust, Horvat is a shut down centre who is barely behind Monahan, Mantha played on a dumpster fire Detroit and Lindholm was a late Bloomer.

23 Jun 2021 16:40:07
Yea sorry to burst your bubble but there is nothing elite about him 37 year old Spezza put up better numbers this year he had one good year and it was off the back of Gaudreau who put up 99pts.

24 Jun 2021 05:28:37
Hate to burst your bubble but Monahan scored 22 goals in his rookie season without Gaudreau.

The team was pretty bad that year too. Hudler, Giordano and Backlund were their best players and Camallari was 3rd in points.

IIRC the top line that year was Camallari Backlund Hudler. Monahan 5th in scoring behind those 4 didn't have much to work with.

24 Jun 2021 07:12:59

I missed your comment earlier about if Nylander is overpaid then Monahan is way overpaid.

Nylander scored 31 goals once, Monahan did it twice and had a 34 goal season too. Monahan has averaged over 25 goals per year over 8 years (including this year when he was playing injured) . Nylander has barely averaged 17 goals per year over 6 years (including the first where he only played 22 games) .

The most points Nylander ever had in a year was 61 which he did twice. Monahan has beaten that 4 times, including an 82 point year.

Monahan scores more goals, more points and everyone knows centers are more valuable than wingers. So who (if anyone) is overpaid again?

Myself, I say if Willy continues to play like he did in the playoffs this year he's worth his salary.

24 Jun 2021 11:02:10
@Moxnix I love how you’re using career stats not recent ones. That’s like me arguing that Karlsson is more valuable then Fox, McAvoy etc because he has more career points and has scored more points in years prior.

Based on Monahans recent play, he isn’t worth his contract and has lost significant value. If he continues to take a step back, which he has every year, then he won’t have any value next year.

24 Jun 2021 12:58:31
Yeah right, Monahan won't have any value next year.

That must be why you're willing to "take a chance on him to return to form" but aren't asking for any salary retention.

The Flames aren't "taking a chance" on Monny returning to form they're counting on it!

24 Jun 2021 14:31:43
Ottawa doesn’t need salary retention, the whole point for Calgary would be they free up cap space.
If Calgary is confident that he’s going to be his old self next year then keep him, this offer was only made because I’m not sure they are confident in him and they may want to get something for him instead of nothing.



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