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24 Jun 2021 13:57:33
L. Brown
10th overall


TB 2nd
OTT 3rd







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24 Jun 2021 14:27:14
We’re definitely not giving up enough for both Tkachuk and Mangiapane.
I like the idea of Henrique and tbh I think that’s enough for Anaheim, maybe if we add a late round prospect and then they can use the 2nd, 3rd and prospect in their package for Eichel (it’s rumoured Henrique is in their package, but I think Buffalo would prefer picks) .
I’d rather keep Mete and Formenton, they’re both hard workers and round out the roster. Also for cap and expansion reasons I think Tampa’s better to keep one guy instead of two.

24 Jun 2021 17:06:16
In your dreams maybe but in reality. Not a chance!

25 Jun 2021 04:57:40
Not a chance, you’re not getting Tkachuk unless Batherson involved and you want Mang on top of that? Yikes.

25 Jun 2021 17:45:22
That's an easy no from Ottawa on all 3, especially Tkachuk one, what too much unless that other guy is just as good as Tkachuk or close to it?

Mark Stone just a couple years older than Tkachuk when traded got a 2nd, Branstrom, and a nobody Lindberg, and stone was a better around player and leader in the same contract situation, why would ottawa give up that much more for Tkachuk? Makes the Dumb Zibanejad trade look great for God sakes. Don't ever post garbage like that again please, despite what some of these knuckleheads say

26 Jun 2021 05:18:59
@Sens_Able you're insane. That offer wouldn't get Tkachuk alone.

Let's flip it around with his brother coming to Calgary for a similar package.

Ottawa trades:
Brady Tkachuk
Conner Brown

Calgary Trades:
Oliver Kylington
Glenn Gawdin
Adam Ruzicka
12th overall
Ilya Nikolayev

Mangy is better than Connor Brown (I was tempted to put Batherson there instead) . Gawdin and Ruzicka are both better than Brown and Grieg. Nikolayev and Sokolov it's hard to say which has more potential they're both centers but completely different types. Probably pretty close in potential and value.

26 Jun 2021 05:58:02
Oh and before Sens fans jump in with "But Brady better, he's untouchable, Matthew isn't. "

Brady: 36 points -17

Matthew: 43 points +6

That's the worst year of Matthew's entire career in a 56 game season. Brady's first 2 years were 45 and 44 points, he played 71 games in each of those seasons. Matthew had similar but slightly better production and much better +/ - in his first 2 years.

I'm not saying Matthew is better, in fact I say it's too close to say which is better at this time. What I am saying is it's a fallacy that Brady is better.

26 Jun 2021 06:56:39
Mark stone was headed to ufa, on a team tearing down. Tkachuk is rfa on a team looking to win. Those are not the same situations.

And don't the sens usually lose trades? Isn't that their thing?

26 Jun 2021 17:12:11
Brannstrom > Kylington
Greig >> Ruzicka
Brown > Gadwin
10th > 12th

IMO it’s not actually that bad for Tkachuk especially considering he needs to be paid 9M or he walks to free agency. Brannstrom has 2/ 3 D potential and Greig was a 1st rounder in a deep draft.

26 Jun 2021 23:01:45
And Matthew will be paid 9 million, the Flames still have 2 more years of team control too. If and that's a really big if they decide to trade it's going to be because someone makes them offer that's so good it simply can't be refused.

They for sure aren't going to take a lowball offer of failed drafts picks and 4th line / bottom pairing players.

Yes they're failed drafts picks. It doesn't matter how high Grieg or Logan Brown were picked, they can't even crack the Sens roster in spite of how weak they are at center. Gawdin nearly made much stronger at center Flames roster last year. This year one of him, Ruzika or possibly even Zary almost certainly will make the roster.

Brannstrom. In a nutshell he's way too small and not near skilled enough to make up for his lack of size. Kylington is bigger and more skilled, he just not very good defensively.

Kylington needs to learn to play better defense and until then needs to be paired with a partner who's good enough defensively to cover for him. Calgary mostly has offensive defensemen who can't cover for that and two way guys who's offense would be hobbled if forced to cover for that.

26 Jun 2021 23:16:59
@Moxnix I agree I don’t think it’s enough but a more accurate portrayal is
Tkachuk and Brown for Hanifin (similar points to Brannstrom, similar draft position, Brann is a bit younger tho), Zary (similar draft position to Grieg, very similar WHL stats), Valimaki (pretty close to as disappointing as Brown, makes up for jump in 2 spots and Sokolov) and 12OA

It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t do it, just as you wouldn’t accept the one above.

The Tkachuks are very similar point-wise, I’d personally only take Brady because I think he’s a bit tougher than Matt. Matt’s kinda a pretty boy. They both hit but Matt doesn’t back up his play. Brady has many more fights and wins a lot more of his fights.

27 Jun 2021 00:55:23
Brannstrom > Kylington
Ruzicka > Greig
Gawdin > Brown
10th > 12th.

27 Jun 2021 03:50:14
@NotaCasual Grieg is better than Ruzicka. And brown is better than Gawdin.

27 Jun 2021 17:28:50
@Websjac 100% agree with your 26 June commment. Hanifin and Zary would be a deal breaker for the Flames. One of them maybe but not both. And actually considering it's Treliving in charge, Valimaki might be a deal breaker too.

I don't agree with your later comment, @NotACasual got it right.

Personally I wouldn't want Brannstrom or Kylington playing for the Flames.

27 Jun 2021 17:47:43
In the end it doesn't really matter who's better out of Ruzika, Gawdin, Greig and Logan Brown. It's very unlikely any of them becomes a top 6 or even a good middle 6 player. Most of them probably won't ever play in the NHL for a full year and the ones that do probably wind up as 4th line centers or bottom 6 wingers.

The point I was originally making is none of those players is going to make much of a difference in a trade for either Tkachuk.

27 Jun 2021 18:50:24
Greig is 18 he obviously wasn’t expected to make the team. Brannstrom is 21 and he’s a point per game in the AHL and a 35 point pace this year in the NHL.

27 Jun 2021 23:44:06
@Websjac you said: "Tkachuk and Brown for Hanifin (similar points to Brannstrom, similar draft position, Brann is a bit younger tho), Zary (similar draft position to Grieg, very similar WHL stats), Valimaki (pretty close to as disappointing as Brown, makes up for jump in 2 spots and Sokolov) and 12OA"

If you meant Connor Brown that's not bad though it's a bit of an overpay for Calgary. Instead of Zary and 12 OA make it Zary and Calgary's 2nd round pick or Gawdin and 12 OA. Or make it Batherson instead of Connor Brown.

If you meant Logan then it'd be a big overpay on Calgary's part. Logan Brown has no value in Calgary.

But I have no doubt Ottawa feels the same way about Brady as Calgary does about Matthew. Neither one is getting traded for a deal that makes sense for both teams. The only way either one gets moved now is if the other team overpays.

29 Jun 2021 22:34:19
Monitor go get bent dude. Those trades are nowhere even close to the same thing and you know it. May as well be comparing a trade back in the day of Alfredson Spezza Hossa and Chara to Lombardi Suprikin Gelinas and Leaopold. You're Lombardi of sens values is frankly insulting to say the least.

Again I'm going to tell you

Mark Stone > Matthew Tkachuk in every aspect of the game and in same situation contractually in a sign and trade got Erik Brannstrom and virtually 2 other pieces that mean NOTHING to Ottawa. Yet some how Tkachuk is worth not just a more ready and mature Brannstrom but also Sokolov who is virtually same value as that 2nd now based on how well he's doing, L.Brown who even if he is a bust is still better than Lindberg was, he does still have top 6 potential BTW just not getting the opportunity in Ottawa, Grieg who was not only draft in the 1st round of a very deep draft and draws comparisons to a JG Pageau, Brendan Gallagher, or a Brad Marchand, and on top of all that a 10th overall pick, I'll be it in a weak draft class, but even still where anyone in the top 16 of that weak draft class can make an argument to go 1st overall.

Not a chance in hell Tkachuk is worth more that Stone was let alone that insane amount more. Go eat some tide pods!



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