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26 Jun 2021 20:11:20
Just a couple of ideas regarding three likely trade candidates that people aren't talking too much about:

Trade 1:

Edmonton Trades:
- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (UFA: Sign and Trade; 7M x 6 years)
- Phillip Broberg
- 2022 2nd Round Draft Pick

Columbus Trades:
- Patrik Laine (RFA: Sign and Trade: 6M x 4 years)
- Scott Harrington

RNH doesn't hold much value as a UFA, but would be a nice fit as the first line center in Columbus, so they acquire his early negotiation rights and get him as a sign and trade. Laine for Broberg and a pick is probably close; Laine is at an all time low and probably doesn't fit with Columbus for the next few years, Broberg would be a nice replacement for Jones next to Werenski in the next few years and a 2nd round pick is always a nice get. For Edmonton, they take a chance on one of the best shooters in the league who's fallen far from his original value. Honestly, putting Laine next to McDavid for at least the next four years may be the most lethal combination in the league (top10 shot in the league next to the best player/ passer in the league)

Trade 2:

Vegas Trades:
- Reilly Smith
- Cody Glass
- Nick Holden
- 2021 1st Round Draft Pick

Washington Trades:
- Evgeny Kuznetsov
- Daniel Sprong
- 2021 3rd Round Draft Pick

Another trade of a player who's probably at his lowest value all-time in Kuznetsov. Although a very good player, lots of rumors from Washington have painted him as a guy who doesn't buy into the teams systems and is lazy - essentially, the scapegoat for the team after losing in round 1 again. Vegas could use a true 1st line center (Stephenson is a better 3C), and bringing in a disgruntled Kuznetsov for a lower cost than normal may be well worth it. Reilly Smith had a very middling playoffs, and is essentially a salary cap filler (only 25 points in the RS too, not great) ; Holden's a complete cap dump, so Glass and a 1st essentially for Kuznetsov and a 3rd. Glass is a reclamation project and could be nice behind Backstrom and Eller in Washington, and moving up 2 rounds to make up for the Mantha pick is worth it imo.

Trade 3:

Arizona Trades:
Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Boston Trades:
Ondrej Kase
Jake DeBrusk
2021 1st Round Draft Pick
2022 3rd Round Draft Pick

OEL is a shell of his former self, but he's still a pretty reliable #2-3 dman in the league, and would fit well on a pairing with Brandon Carlo. Boston has a ton of cap-space, and DeBrusk hasn't performed well at all in the last two years. Kase has been injured, and would likely be exposed to Seattle, so he gets added too as a reclamation project for Arizona. They also pick up a 1st rounder - a pick which they had to forfeit this year because of the scouting scandals and whatnot. For an 8mill dman who's slightly past his prime, without any retention, I think this price is about right - it looks low, but I don't know that OEL goes for much more.

Been a while since I posted actual trades, am I rusty? Haha.

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27 Jun 2021 02:52:13
Not enough for Laine. Nuge holds zero value he will sign there for free.

27 Jun 2021 06:52:03
I do think that's a little light for Laine.
Also, I beleive the OEL one is to much of a price for the Bruins to pay.

Edmonton should try and make a play for DeBrusk.

27 Jun 2021 17:14:35
Laine isn't going to sign for less than he makes now. Nuge probably doesn't get 7 mil/ year either.

No way Vegas does that trade with Washington. There's a huge cap disparity, Vegas can't afford a contract like Kuznetsov's unless there's a similar contract going the other way.

Nobody wants OEL. Not with that contract anyhow unless there's heavy retention by Arizona and if they're going to do that they might as well just keep him.

27 Jun 2021 17:36:33
Broberg and the 2nd is at least as valuable as the 8th pick you proposed for Laine, Nylander.

27 Jun 2021 19:32:15
I was kinda on the same boat with OEL not having much value, but I feel like GMs may still like him as a player because of his name quality tho, and a team like Boston makes a lot of sense because of how much cap they open up with Rask, Halak, Krejci and Hall gone. I think maybe knocking the 1st to a 2nd may be closer, cause its essentially Debrusk and the 2nd with Kase as a complete unknown variable added cause he makes like 2.5mill.

For the Vegas one, I think the cap matches. Smith makes nearly 6, Holden makes 1.7 and Kuznetsov makes 7.5 or so. With Martinez walking too, the cap aligns pretty well. It may be too high for a depreciating Kuznetsov, but then I could see Washington upping to a 2nd instead of a 3rd.

And yeah for Laine, probably a little bit more needs to be added to Broberg, I’m not too close with Edmonton prospects but I’m pretty sure Ryan McLeod is a B prospect, so adding him or potentially someone like Jesse (or another 2nd, maybe? ) should make it closer. A Laine trade probably doesn’t happen, but I do think Laine’s value is at an all time low and Edmonton shouod be all over that type of opportunity to pair him with one of their two centers.

27 Jun 2021 23:21:14
I didn't realize Reilly Smith makes 5 mil/ yr, he's a little more productive than I thought he was too. But he's also older than I thought (a year older than Kuznetsov) and UFA in a year.

Laine I don't see Jarmo trading Laine now after what he gave up to get him. IMO he's more likely to trade Bjorkstrand than Laine.

Unless Columbus decides to blow it all up and rebuild from scratch, which they might do if they can't resign Laine and Jones. Then they trade Jones, Laine, Werenski and maybe Bjorkstrand too. Or they might keep Bjorkstrand since he's signed until 2026.

28 Jun 2021 01:10:05
I think a team would rather have the 8th overall pick and pick their own prospect but that’s a fair point.

29 Jun 2021 17:57:10
Nuge will be staying in Edmonton. He just signed for 8 years at 5.125 mil/ yr with a NMC.



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