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28 Jun 2021 14:00:51
Thought out a huge 3 Team Proposal that isn't bias and would help all 3 Teams in the big picture, again would probably never happen because of so many players involved but for fun this would be the biggest trade ever if it happened, here it is.

Arizona Trades
Crouse (Tor)
Dvorak (Tor)
Kessel (Cgy)
Garland (Tor)

Calgary Trades
MTkachuk (Tor)
Monahan (Arz)
RAndersson (Tor)
1st Round Pick 2021 (Arz)
3rd Round Pick 2021 (Arz)

Toronto Trades
Matthews (Cgy)
WNylander (Arz)
Engvall (Arz)

Trade Breakdown.

1st Round Pick 2021/2nd Round Pick 2021

1st Round Pick 2021/3rd Round Pick 2021


Thoughts ?

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28 Jun 2021 15:09:31
I think Tkachuk is either being overvalued here or Mathews is being undervalued. Buddy has like 2 points in 20 playoff games or something like that.

28 Jun 2021 15:43:05
Honestly good work on the values; it’s pretty close.
I just don’t see it being realistic:
-You don’t trade Top 5 players in the league (Matthews) for any offer
-Calgary gives up 3 solid players to fill one roster space. I don’t see Kessel really playing a factor. If they were add say Hall and A strong D through Free agency then sure they do it.

Arizona prolly does it tho.

28 Jun 2021 16:31:06
Huge no from Calgary.

Kessel is overpaid and lazy. With that contract he has negative value in a trade. He's UFA in a year anyhow.

No way Calgary gives up all that for Matthews alone far less take on Kessel too.

News flash people, Calgary is not rebuilding, nor will they be trading their best players away just to help other teams out. Tkachuk is not being shopped. If you want Tkachuk, Lindholm or Andersson it's going to cost a lot more than you think it will.

28 Jun 2021 20:42:28
MoxNix I never seen you make one good take man Kessel has positive value he has 1 year left and is clutch in the playoffs. He’ll get a 1st at deadline with 50% retained. I’d love him on the leafs to play 3rd line.

28 Jun 2021 20:47:51
Thats a whole bunch of thinking Pinball. I don't think your values are off to much., maybe Calgary loses to much depth,
However, I think its just way to much. way to complicated., I can't see anything like this ever working.

28 Jun 2021 21:01:12
@Moxnix that’s exactly what I said lol. Even though Calgary gets the best player, you don’t give up 3 roster guys to fill one. They would have to replace Tkachuk and Andersson, which I don’t see as realistic.

28 Jun 2021 22:58:48

28 Jun 2021 23:09:20
While I am not really sure on the values here because of all the players involved. So it’s one to dig through and lots of moving pieces.

That being said is I’m surprised through all this, no one’s questioning how Matthews ends up in Calgary instead of going home to Arizona in this deal?

Just a fun nuance to share.

30 Jun 2021 15:51:09
Ethan bear trade made me smile.

30 Jun 2021 16:57:06
Brutal. Calgary hangs up and reports as scammers.

13 Jul 2021 17:17:03
Your trade ideas continue to get even less realistic.



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