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08 Jul 2021 17:10:43
A three way trade between Calgary, Montreal and Columbus.

Calgary trades: Sean Monahan, 2021 2nd round pick
Calgary gets : Josh Anderson

Columbus Trades: Patrick Laine
Columbus gets : Sean Monahan, two 2021 2nd round picks

Montreal trades: Josh Anderson 2021 2nd round pick
Montreal gets : Patrick Laine

Calgary gets a physical top 6 right shot RW
Montreal gets an elite sniper
Columbus gets a good center and two 2nd round picks


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08 Jul 2021 17:37:48
Undervaluing Laine just a bit. I doubt Columbus GM will trade Laine, he’s a huge fan of him. Good post tho.

08 Jul 2021 17:42:04
Doubt Columbus has any interest in Monahan.

08 Jul 2021 17:46:50
Habs lose Anderson and a 2nd for a RFA without a contract? I'm also not a fan of Laine, so I hope Habs say no. That is my own Biased opinion.

08 Jul 2021 19:27:55
Laine could fetch more. Anderson is alright but probably not worth his contract. Same goes for Monahan.

08 Jul 2021 22:50:12

I intended to have "with a prearranged agreement to resign with Montreal" in there. It actually was at first but I rewrote the whole thing and forgot to put that part in.

And yeah I'm not a fain of Laine either but everyone else seems to be. AFAIC Monahan and 2 seconds is a bit of an overpay, but Calgary gets a player that fits their needs and the coach's style perfectly while a lot of Montreal fans seem to think they need a player like Laine.

@Nylander give it a rest. According to you everyone on the Flames is trash and your precious Eichel is the greatest player to ever play the game.

08 Jul 2021 23:46:54
Monahan is garbage and there's no way I'd give up Anderson to get Laine.
I usually laugh when I see this guy post.

09 Jul 2021 06:02:55
Sure you do @Nylander you aren't fooling anyone with yet another alias account made to make just one post.

09 Jul 2021 06:13:38
Anderson it's not going anywhere imo.

09 Jul 2021 14:00:24
That’s not my account but anyone over 23 should hold negative value to the blue jackets unless if they come in cheap to help the youth.

11 Jul 2021 14:14:55
I love how you said under evaluating Laine. The guy is lazy and a one trick pony. Btw it was known clb had interest in Monahan



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