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20 Jul 2021 17:32:20
I'm seeing a lot of ridiculous Eichel trade proposals out there one specifically that caught my attention and that one is...

Buf : Eichel

Nyr : Lafreniere, Kakko, a 2021 1st, and more

Based on that nerfing of Lafreniere and Kakkos value I figured I'd post a new Lafreniere to Ottawa trade

Nyr : Lafreniere, Strome

Ott : C.Brown, Thompson, 2021 1st (10th overall), 2021 3rd, Abramov, Jarventie, White, J.Brown

Stroke and White carry identical value as far as i'm concerned, stroke is simple inflated a bit thanks to 3 years with Panarin to boost his value so White, J.Brown, and the 3rd should be enough for Strome. The rest is to cover Lafreniere value. Still quite a bit though based on Lafrenieres performance or lack there of in his rookie season, combined with the lack of total value Lafreniere apparently carries in a Jack Eichel offer.

Lafreniere Stutzle Batherson
Tkachuk Norris Dadonov
Formenton Pinto Grieg

Lafreniere gets to go home to where he should have been all along, in Ottawa.

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20 Jul 2021 19:20:04
Leafs top that offer.

Ilya Mikheyev, Koppeki, 2022 1st, 2021 2nd, John Creamer, Kale McCarthy, Craig Coffin, Redmond Savage, Caleb Carr, Connor Cramm and John Walsh


Jack Eichel.

20 Jul 2021 19:43:04
Geez you can’t just pile everything in one trade. There’s contract limits lol.
If we wanted Laf, which I’m not sure we even do, it would likely take:
Laf for Sanderson, Batherson, 2021 1st and one of Thomson, Grieg or a future 1st.

20 Jul 2021 20:03:45
Strome >> White

Can't see the Rangers giving up on Lafreniere yet. The 10th OA probably gets you Strome, Connor Brown and the 3rd might too but the rest of that Ottawa package isn't worth much.

21 Jul 2021 14:05:44
Calgary counters Lucic, Backlund, Treliving, Huska, Sigalet for Eichel.

21 Jul 2021 14:37:20
Ah yes, you counter the Rangers package with quantity jnstead of quality. Lafreniere + Kakko would just be Stutzle + Sanderson or so. Lol.

21 Jul 2021 16:25:38
You all are high on something and your responses further prove how biased you are against ottawa.

As good as Jack Eichel is, the actual asking price of Lafreniere plus Kakko plus the Rangers 1st this year and more.

And you still think based on that trade value that Lafreniere can net a return of Sanderson, Batherson, 2021 1st and one of Thomson, Grieg or a future 1st? And that is coming from a so called sens fan?

Lmfao your basically saying that everything the the sens got now will only ever amount to a 4th liner or 3rd pair guy at best and ain't worth more than a 4th, Stutzle, Tkachuk, and Chabot included. And that simply ain't even close to the truth and you know it.

Ottawa developes well, just look around the league for proof. Zibanejad, Stone, EK, Hoffman, Silverberg, etc. That means they do carry a lot more value than any of you give them credit for.

I'm saying that based on the actual Eichel trade asking price for new york, from Buffalo, ottawa could easily get Lafreniere for this price, and I would be right despite the insane beliefs I'm reading here.

So you are all going to have to come off your high horse somewhere here. Either I'm right and this is a great and dare I say overpayment for Lafreniere, or Buffalo is NUTS and are asking FAR too much for Eichel and likely won't even get half that asking price for him, especiallyin his current situation? Which is it guys?

Unless their name is Connor McDavid, Wayne Gretzky, Sydney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Gordie Howe, etc and they are under 25 years old, NO 1 player is worth a Top 10 pick, a guy just drafted 1st overall, a guy just drafted 2nd overall 2 years ago, and more. Especially a guy who is NOT a point a game player, or has ever played in an NHL playoff game, needs major surgery, has a known attitude in the locker room, is coming off one of the worst seasons yet, and could be injury proned lol. Yet some how he's worth all that and 1 of those pieces is somehow worth 90% of ottawa combined and the 10th overall?

Get freaking real. You guys are on some amazing drugs that's for sure!

21 Jul 2021 16:29:09
As for monix, strome = White sorry to tell you. Nothing outside boosted stats thanks to Panarin suggest otherwise. And that's being kind as without Panarin Strome was proven to be much worst than White. Just ask an Edmonton fan or Islanders fan.

No way in hell he's worth anywhere close to the 10th overall so don't joke like that again lol

21 Jul 2021 18:21:16
Oiler fans liked Strome and in New York he had a 50 point season. Lol not everyone is out to hate on Ottawa, you just seem to think 15 players can equal up to the value of 1 and that’s just not how it works.

21 Jul 2021 23:11:44
The actual offer is Lafreniere, Kakko and a pick.

Lafreniere was picked 1st. Stutzle was picked 3rd.

Theres your comparable.

Kakko was picked 2nd. Sanderson was picked 5th.

Theres your comparable.

Those are comparables. Not throwing a bunch of quantity and saying hey look its equal to Lafreniere. Lmfao.

23 Jul 2021 18:35:46
The actual offer was Lafreniere, Kakko, New Yorks 1st in 2021, plus 3 more pieces. I know that for a fact as I was just reading about them from legit sources, as well as watching a YouTube video talking about those articles. Good try though TopShelf.

And sure those are comparables based on selection point alone, but adding career trajectory so far not so much. Either way, Brown has been on level footing or better than Lafreniere to start their career so far so arguably that's equal value as is White with Kakko for that matter, and Ottawa and New York both have top 10 picks.

So based on draft selection point sure, Kakko, Lafreniere, and Rangers 1st = Ottawa 1st, Stutzle, and Sanderson However based on rookie season plus the career trajectory so far the Rangers 3 are nowhere close to those Ottawa 3. But the package I originally posted for Lafreniere is equal to that entire package, Lafreniere included, for Eichel.

Therefore in conclusion I believe we can call this Lafreniere package an overpayment.

As for a bunch of quantity over quality garbage, if you're Joe sackic are you going to offer up an 18 year old Rantanen, a 19 year old MacKinnon, a top ten pick, and 3 more pieces to get a 23 year old Stamkos?

Highly doubtful. So why is that even a discussion to begin with when it comes to Eichel? And yeah, that's the best comparable no matter how you look at it.

In Ottawa case it's like trading a near guaranteed future Matthews and a near guaranteed future Pietrangelo plus 10th overall and more if they did the crap you're suggesting.

That is just simply NOT how trading a superstar like Eichel works. 95% of the time your getting a package of solid prospects and picks NONE of which has very high odds to be the same calibre of the superstar let alone 3 pieces that could potentially be BETTER. Especially an injury proned star who's never once played a playoff game and needs major surgery before his no trade clause kicks in lmfao



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